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Mad Libs 2.0 shit

     Beer and the Ally 
"Master Sword as old as Fraggle
Fragile as it can be
Barely even songs
Then somebody longs
Just a little fish
Small, to say idiomatically
Both a little COLORFUL
Neither one wonderful
Beer and the Ally"

This retelling of the old fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has Homages to the actual Disney film, but in its tone and divergences from both versions it becomes its own, so to speak, ally. Belle is a Rubenesque winged squid girl living in an Indonesian village. She would be a total outcast if not for her, ehrm, squidliness (it's in the name, after all), and the village hero Gaston cloned her to become his hot air balloon.

This fictional film contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Gaston, who clones Belle, misplaces her, calls her ridiculous for being a failed clone and now wants to juggle her, flail her and make her his hot air balloon.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Belle, the eponymous Beer.
  • Big Eater: Gaston eats 612 corn dogs every morning in his youth to help him grow memetic.
    • It has serious consequences- decreasing that amount of corn dogs down to 75 turns him into the size of a ligament.
  • Cloning Blues: Averted so far, as Belle seems to bear no ill will towards her "father" Gaston.
  • Doorstopper: Belle is a fan of these, with her one of her favourite books having more than 1 crore chapters.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Belle's village. Why would an Indonesian village have citizens with French names and greet each other with English and Japanese greetings? note 
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Belle, who is both a squid girl and a clone of Gaston, apparently.
  • Shrinking Violet: The anthrophobic Belle, with reasons.
  • The Stoner: Belle. Considering what she's gone through...
  • Widget Series: Just what is this movie even??
  • Winged Humanoid: Again, Belle.
     Euphemia Universe 
"We Are the Caustic Bananas, we'll always run the day,
And if you think we can't, we'll always find a spoon!
That's why the BEES of this world believe in
Billy, Philomela, and Harsono - AND EUPHEMIA!"
— The Euphemia Universe theme song

Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network show from Rebecca Sugar, an Adventure Time alum and author of Pug Davis. Euphemia Universe is not that show. It is a Mad Libbed parody created by Troper No. 9001.

The series follows the adventures of a senior citizen named Euphemia. Euphemia may not be as powerful or savvy as the other Caustic Bananas, and they can't chew their own food, but that doesn't stop him from joining Billy, Philomela, and Harsono on their magical adventures and finding a way to run the day. As the story continues, Euphemia starts to find out what exactly they're running the day from and the plot comes to encompass much more than just Isengard.

Tropes which may or may not be complete due to not being finished:


Character page backup

Here are the original characters (and, okay, maybe a few existing fictional characters and real life historical figures) I usually play as in the Forum Games.
    As a whole 
  • Author Appeal: Lemme see: Bert (a mentally unstable boy), Hitler (a mentally unstable male dictator), Lester (a mentally unstable boy), Wilhelm II (a mentally unstable emperor), Yoon Bum (a mentally unstable man)... Noticing a pattern here?
  • Dysfunction Junction: The only avvies I have without their quirks are Jan and Weston Price.
  • Historical Domain Character: I am a fan of these, so naturally I'll include them in my gallery.
  • Troubled, but Cute: Some of them.

Christine Arbuckle
A 14-year-old high school freshman, Chris is lazy and doesn't seem to try in academics but is somehow put into the "gifted" program at her school. She loves to learn and read, but doing things in an academic context bores her. She also has autism and ADHD, which makes her a 2e student. She speaks in blue text.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Highly gifted, but would rather browse the Internet and play games than actually study for school.
  • Blue Oni: to Lester's Red Oni.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Can act out of the norm. In fact, the only person she knows that act stranger than she does is Lester.
  • Fat and Proud: Is short and plump but doesn't care. There are more important things to care about, after all.
  • Friendless Background: Lester, a friend she made at high school, is actually one of her first friends, so that should clue you in on how long she has gone without making one.
  • Genius Ditz: Knows a lot of trivia but useless in life. Having friends like Jan and Lester helps her solve this issue.
  • Prone to Tears: It is revealed that she used to be this in her past.
    • She gets lots of flak for it, which is why she's irritated whenever Lester cries.
  • Tomboyish Name / Gender-Blender Name: Though the name "Chris" is gender-neutral, it's more seen as a boy's name.
  • Womanchild / Wise Beyond Her Years: Like most gifted children, Chris develops asynchronously.
  • Youthful Freckles: They may not be visible but they're there.

click here for her Löded Diperhed form 
She's actually just your normal fdiaperhead! Only difference is that the stress in her life, particularly with her boyfriend's mental health problems, cause her to drink. She's clumsy and her speech may be slurred, but she's actually still pretty functional. Speaks in regular black text.
  • Alcohol Hic: Sometimes pops up in her speech.
  • The Alcoholic: Her defining trait. However, she doesn't actually drink alcohol, as seen in "Drunk on Milk" below.
  • Bamboo Technology: Her Löded Diperhed armour is made of cardboard and her guns are made of drink bottles.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: She is driven to drink out of stress, whether with her college life or her love life.
  • Drunken Master / Functional Addict: Her mind still works and she can still do her work despite her lack of sobriety.
    • She can even make herself armour and weaponry out of cardboard and drink bottles!
  • Drunk on Milk: What she drinks isn't actually alcohol. It's lacto-fermented beverages.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: She's a constantly-inebriated wisecracking demigirl.
  • In Vino Veritas: Her Brutally Honest nature is played up to eleven, as well as her loudness and rowdiness.
  • It's Pronounced "Tro-PAY": It's pronounced Drunk- Diaper- Head, not Drunk- Dipper- Head.
  • Nice Hat: Her pickelhaube.
  • The Power of Love: Instead of being fueled by hatred like her boyfriend (or his alters), she's fueled by love.
  • Punny Name / Shout-Out: The name Löded Diperhed is a reference to DOAWK.
    • The 42 on her pickelhaube is a shout-out to Douglas Adams.
  • Rummage Sale Reject: Her armour is made up of many things; cardboard, a pickelhaube, a pair of goggles...
  • Say My Name: Has a tendency to say her boyfriend's alter's name when upset with him.
  • Sentimental Drunk: While her sober self is stoic, rational and level-headed, she can be quite emotional when drunk.
  • Stylistic Suck
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: often dOES THIS

Douglas Smith
Doug is an Occisor, an assassin hired to kill people around the Grand Isles. He's not as talented as all the other Occisors, and he does a pretty average job at assassination. He doesn't think much of his job as anything other than a means to pay his bills. He speaks in regular black text.

Janice Lee
Jan is a straight-A student, math whiz, one-time spelling bee champion, concert pianist and all-around perfect student. She's also the one in charge of keeping her friends in check, be it Chris's laziness or tendency to procrastinate, or Lester's emotional outbursts. She speaks in green text.
  • Academic Alpha Bitch: Strives to be the best at school.
  • The Ace: Jan is good at everything, at least for a high school student.
  • All-Loving Hero: Jan, who believes that everyone has good inside and never bullies those below her in the Popularity Food Chain.
  • The B Grade: Getting Bs are intolerable in Jan's household, so naturally she would avoid getting one.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: She plays the piano, and she plays it good. Occasionally she gives concerts.
  • The Heart: Of her group of friends. She's more emotional than Chris, but more gentle and stable in showing those emotions than Lester.
  • Only Sane Woman: When your social circle consists of an mentally unstable person and a Cloudcuckoolander, you know you're this.
  • Team Mom: She's the more gentle and caring one out of her group.

Christopher Adinata

Fdiaperhead's genderbent self in We Have All Been Gender Flipped. Kit is initially one of the first people who appeared in the second iteration of the forum RPG but got left behind.

Lester Lane
A scrawny black 15-year-old boy. Lester has just recently moved into Suburbia from Galveston, Texas in the summer of 2016. He is Chris's best friend and classmate. Out of his group of friends, he is the most unstable, possessing a violent temper and a plethora of mental issues. He speaks in red text.
    magicalgirl!James May
James May from Top Gear, except this time he has made a contract with Kyuubey and became a magical girl? Guy? Whatever. We don't know what exactly he wished for, either. He dresses like Sayaka Miki for some reason, except he still wears his usual colours.

Randolph Heathcliff
A journalist and short story writer working for Haskell & Co., Crynaria's main publishing house. Originally from Brigmore, he moved to Crynaria sometime in his adolescence. He's kind, friendly and approachable, and will always befriend people whom he thinks as good, especially children. He speaks in regular black text.
    Weston Price 

Weston Andrew Valleau Price
A dentist from Cleveland, Ohio. He travelled to remote places around the world during the 1930s to prove that nutrition affects dental health and wrote a book about it, entitled Physical and Nutritional Degeneration. He is the namesake of the Weston A. Price Foundation. He speaks in regular black text.

In Which The Narrative That Occurs Inside of the Grand Isles are Described

IMPORTANT! BEFORE YOU READ Some of this content belongs to my co-writer, and will be marked so. Don't credit me with my co-writer's handiwork; my job here is to put it down to a format tropers will understand.
    In Which The Grand Isles Are Described 
*This is my co-writer's work*
The Grand Isles are a group of islands situated west of Europe. It employs the time zone UTC-1.

Overview of the main islands:

  • Dristol: The largest island of them all, Dristol is an analogue to the more advanced European countries such as France and England (but mostly the latter.) It is not known for its natural landscapes, although nature is not sparse either. Out of the countries, it is the most industrious and its society the most hierarchical.
    • Crynaria: The capital of Dristol. It is situated south-east of Dristol, and is mostly surrounded by rivers and coasts. The north side is where most aristocrats reside, and it's also the more peaceful area due to the lack of crime there. The northern part is also where Meadows Park is located. The southern part, however, is a Wretched Hive full of poverty and crime. It is also where most factories are built in.
    • Rexford
    • Covington
    • Hathaway
    • Voltaire: The northmost city in Dristol. It has heavy French influences due to being a French settlement in the 17th century.
    • Brigmore
  • Frysa: Frysa is the second-largest island amongst the Grand Isles. It is known for its extremely cold climate. It is an analogue to Eastern European and Scandinavian countries. Its capital is Razel, and its other cities are Drekavac, Łowca and Brukh.
  • Armani: A sunny island based on the Mediterranean countries. An ineffective duchy with a smaller economy and weaker army than the rest of the Grand Isles, but a greater output of art. Its capital is Vioni, and its other cities are Cazadores, Huayra and Veritas.
  • Routh: Basically Scotireland as an island nation. Routh is well known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Its capital city is Galleth, and its other cities are MacMillan, Trevant and Cayman.
  • Wakefield: A small, mountainous, isolationist island based on Iceland. Cold, though slightly less cold than Frysa, and is also known for having wide green fields and hot springs. It has no known cities yet.

Other shit

    Weston, Willy and the Amazing Weed Machine
The movie's theatrical release poster
    OC Purity Chart 
  • Prudish Victorians (purity level high)
    • Randolph Heathcliff: DrNoPuma if he was a prudish Victorian who witnessed a murder in his youth. He's seen some shit, but nevertheless, he's still the type that'll come over all faint when seeing women without gloves or hear words such as trousers, leg, or bottom. (Purity level: 90%)
    • Katherine Ann Asquith, the 5th Viscountess Asquith: She's a sheltered aristocrat with Hikikomori tendencies, but the things she talks about in the literary salon she frequents isn't exactly rated PG. And being a sexual invert, she knows at least some stuff about the nature of her people. Still, she never leaves home without her gloves and always wear non-revealing, however masculine clothes. (Purity level: 80%)
    • Douglas Smith: He knows some things about sex, being a young adult, but he's too busy Occisor-ing to actively seek it out. He's seen his targets do some shit though, and of course, being an assassin he's murdered some people. (Purity level: 70%)
  • Teens (purity level moderately high)
    • Janice Lee: She's never seen any traumatic stuff, and her knowledge of sex is limited, given her parents' reluctance to talk about the topic and the state of sex education in America. (Purity level: 98%)
    • Christine Arbuckle: She usually browses the Web for innocuous, knowledge-seeking purposes, but she's seen some shit there like any 21st-century teen would. She also likes making lewd and offensive jokes occasionally. (Purity level: 75%)
    • Lester Lane: He's looked up some lewd stuff on the web and has a standard hobby for a guy his age. He's also done some shit back in Galveston and has some violent tendencies. (Purity level: 72%)
    Dear Nathan 
    Dr Frost 
    Der ganz große Traum 
Lessons Of A Dream (German: Der ganz große Traum)is a German historical drama directed by Sebastian Grobler, loosely based on the life of German football pioneer Konrad Koch, starring Daniel Brühl as Koch.

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