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Troper Wall / Fdiaperhead

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    • So you have.
  • So did I. So young, so ripe... ~ Arcada188
  • Expecting vandalism? Too bad, WALUIGI TIME! -DrNoPuma
  • [witty comment] [hilarious pop culture reference] [another witty comment] - Cailleach
  • Hello fellow Indonesian! -anza_sb
    • Eh ya, halo juga!
  • YOU DIED - Mhazard
    • Aw nuts.
  • Imma vandalize da Hell outta this page! xD Also, I too deal with High-functioning ADD. ~Nega King Kix
  • I'M BAK. -That guy
  • If I created a time machine for the sole purpose of kicking the fucksmackers out of Thomas Edison, would you join me? ~ BaconZorp
  • Greetings, fellow komodo! Pake bahasa Indo di sini nggak apa-apa kan? - Armored Fury
    • Monggo, vroh.
  • helo hueman. This other Indonesian persondude has vandalized this page. Muahahahaha. -Actual Beatrice
  • Oh please, everything is a better love story than {{"Literature"/Twilight}}! Except 50 Shades of Smut. That one's arguably worse.- Revaryk
  • Hey, hey, so, how was the Roman Empire cut in half? -Cailleach
  • I am here to vandalize! And also help beat up Thomas Edison, and quote history. also Kaiser Wilhelm is bestu and anyone who says Tsar Nicholas was better can eat my fist R.W~
  • So, you like history? You know, any salad can be a Caesar salad. If you stab it enough. - Totally Not An Alien
  • This wall was not vandalized by a kobold.

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