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An actual picture of this specimen. As you can see, they are a very """excellent""" cook.


Real name: Maxwell not Roth
Age: Slightly older than Malcolm Turnbull
Gender: The capital of Maldives
Nationality: Indonesian
Ethnicity: Part Javanese, part Balinese, a little Chinese
Occupation: Part-time artist, full-time college student and chronic procrastinator

The elusive Homo Liberocaputius resides in the depths of numerous TV Tropes Discord servers, but can be found lurking in the forums of TV Tropes. Another specimen of this rare species can be found elsewhere.

This species has been described as similar to Damien Bloodmarch, M Gustave H and Ichimatsu.

These are the origins of their name.

They can also be seen working on two novels, My Classmates Are Different and Reincarn 8. You are recommended to read it when it has been published.

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  • Doritos
  • Maher Zain[[/labelnote]]
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