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People who are Only Known by Their Nickname in comic books.

  • James Buchanan Barnes is almost always referred to as Bucky, or Bucky-Cap (when serving as Captain America). Only his girlfriend Black Widow refers to him by his first name. He returns the favor, being one of the very few characters to call her Natalia.
  • Archie Comics:
    • Jughead Jones' real name is Forsythe Pendleton Jones III.
    • Similarly, his sister Jellybean Jones. Real name is Forsythia.
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    • Pretty much everyone in the comics goes by a nickname, which usually are just shortened versions of their names (Archie is named Archibald, Betty is named Elizabeth, Moose is named Marmaduke, etc) Only Veronica gets called by her name often, and even then you'll see it as "Ronnie" or "Ron" just as much.
  • In Death: The Time of Your Life, Foxglove's assistant goes by Boris, but Death calls him by his given name, Endymion. ("I really do prefer Boris, if you don't mind," he tells her.)
    • Foxglove herself: she's rareley called by her real name, Donna Cavanagh. Even closest people call her Foxglove, or Fox.
  • El Marvo: 8-Ball is Sokrates' second-in-command. No one know what his real name is.
  • Katchoo of Strangers in Paradise. Her real name is Katina Choovanski, but those close to her only call her that when they're angry with her or in a very serious mood.
    • Not just Katchoo: her two half-sisters, the Baker twins, are called Tambi and Bambi, and they're never referred to as anything else. It's not until the two sisters are together on-panel for the first time (many, many issues in) that we find out their real names: Mary Beth and Sara, respectively.
  • In most Batman stories, regardless of medium, The Joker's given name is unknown, even in most stories expounding or referencing his secret origin. One of the few exceptions is in the 1989 Tim Burton film, and a subsequent episode of Batman: The Animated Series, his pre-accident name is Jack Napier; in the more recent comic book arcs "Hush Returns" and "Lovers and Madmen", only the first name "Jack" appears.
    • In one story his autistic cousin Melvin refers to him as Cousin Ja... but he is interrupted and the Joker tells him "That's not my name anymore, call me Cousin Joker."
    • Melvin's last name is Reipan, Napier spelled backwards.
    • Richard Grayson, the first Robin, only goes by Dick. If someone actually calls him Richard there's something seriously wrong, unless it's Damian who sometimes calls him Richard when he drops his Last-Name Basis habit.
    • Timothy Drake, the third Robin, goes by Tim.
  • The Frenchman and The Female of the Species in The Boys. The former is an insane Unreliable Narrator, while the latter was kidnapped and experimented on as a child and likely doesn't remember. To their teammates they're just "Frenchie and The Female".
  • In Transmetropolitan, the first president in the series is known only as The Beast. Even his kids call him that. There's also the ever-lovable Bill Chimpfucker. He only did it once, though.
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  • The first time we see Apollo and the Midnighter of The Authority, it is as their civilian names and identities are being erased. (How literally and to what extent this erasure works has been interpreted very differently by different writers: under one writer the Midnighter refers to something his father 'used to say', under another he has no memory of anything before he became a post-human.) When the Midnighter, in his own series, uncovers his old name, it turns out to be fake. He keeps it anyway.
  • Pretty much every member of GI Joe and Cobra alike in G.I. Joe, to the point that even after Grunt had left the service to go to college he was uncomfortable being called by his real name and self-identified as "Grunt".
  • Private Hank the Yank in Adventures in the Rifle Brigade is listed in official documents as "Private the Yank"; this may have something to do with his apparent inability to articulate himself in words other than "GAWD DAMMIT!"
    • Lieutenant Milk is also solely referred to by his nickname, "Doubtful", by Captain Darcy.
  • Agent 355 from Y: The Last Man. She served as the titular protagonist's bodyguard for years before she was comfortable enough to share her old name with him. And she whispered it, so the reader never finds out what it was.
    • Fitting, as no one knows the real Agent 355's name either.
  • Disney's Brer Rabbit comics seem to imply that all the animals have actual names, but everyone seems to just refer to everyone as "Brer <Species Name>".
  • V in V for Vendetta.
  • Alexander "Lex" Luthor. This serves to distinguish him from the heroic Luthor of Earth-3, who went by Alexander. As did his son.
  • The four main Flashes are known almost exclusively by shorthand versions of their full names, to the point where most fans and writers aren't aware that those names are in fact nicknames.
    • Jay Garrick is actually Jason Garrick. But many just assume he shares a name with Homer Simpson.
    • Especially the case with Barry Allen, who actually has the same full name as his grandson, Bartholomew. (In the Silver Age, it was "Barrence"; this was quietly retconned in the '90s.)
    • Wally's full name is Wallace West.
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan, whose real name is "Harold" but is never addressed as such, ever.
    • His friend Tom Kalmaku once had the nickname "Pieface", and he was referred to as such constantly. Political correctness wasn't a big thing at the time.
  • X-Men:
    • Katherine Pryde is almost exclusively addressed as "Kitty" by her friends and family. It's quite a shock to the X-Men during Days of Future Past when their nervous young recruit suddenly starts insisting it's Kate (because she's swapped minds with her future self). In 2019, Kitty suddenly changed her mind, and has become exclusively known as Kate.
    • For the first two decades of her published existence, Rogue was known just as "Rogue", even to her nearest and dearest (which according to at least one version of her origin published before 2001 was shown to be her nickname before she discovered her powers). Only after the makers of the first movie decided to saddle her with "Marie" did that eventually bleed over into the comics, Chris Claremont eventually naming her Anna Marie Raven. (The surname is almost certainly an assumed name; it's identical to the first name of her adoptive mother, Raven Darkhölme aka Mystique).
    • Wolverine took quite a while to even reveal that his name was Logan, and he didn't even volunteer it; Kurt Wagner was with him when he saw an old friend, who addressed him by name. Many years later, it was revealed that Logan was itself a nickname, and he was born James Howlett.
  • The Daredevil villain Bullseye is only known by that name, and when asked for his name, "Bullseye" is what he always responds with. His legal name is "Benjamin Poindexter", but this is likely a false identity. Turns out his first name is Lester (again with the nickname being an improvement).
  • Many characters in Empowered. We learn the real name of the heroine as late as volume #3. The real name of her boyfriend Thugboy is still unknown.
  • In Youngblood: Judgment Day, Bryce Barstow, formerly the Fisherman, calls his former sidekick Toby King by his old hero name, Skipper - despite being his adoptive father. Toby's a little irritated, but settles the matter by saying he'd prefer his real name in this situation.
  • The real names of the main characters of Mingamanga are Korbinian, Mustafa, Vinh Ngoc and Daniel. They're almost always called Bini, Staffie, Vinnie and Bo.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) was revealed to be the title character’s nickname. His Embarrassing Middle Name was Maurice, and his actual first name was never revealednote .
    • Sonic the Comic:
      • Shorty the Squirrel is known by his nickname of Shortfuse the Cybernik.
      • Tails is never called by his real name, except in the Nameless Zone. In the Nameless Zone he is known by his real name "Miles Prower". In the Chemical Plant Zone he is known by a different nickname, that of Zonerunner.
      • Oscar the Pig is better known by his nickname of Porker Lewis.
  • For a while in X-Men, Magneto had no known name. Then in a flashback story he's referred to as "Magnus", though it was ambiguous as to whether that was his first name, his last name, or an alias. Eventually, his real name was revealed to be "Eric Lensherr". Then later on, it was decided THAT was an alias, then for a while it was "Maybe it's his real name, maybe it isn't". Now Testament seems to pretty firmly establish his real-real name as "Max Eisenhardt", but who knows how long that will last. His birth parents call him Max, which itself sounds like it's short for another name.
  • Grunge of Gen¹³. Especially notable in that the team's members usually refer to each other by their first names. Of course, Grunge's first name is Percival.
  • Zigfried is a secondary character of Paperinik New Adventures. Everybody from friends to his sister to his employers call him Ziggy. He even call himself that when meeting new people.
  • Most of the members of Tomahawk's Rangers in Tomahawk.
  • For a decade, The Punisher was never referred to by his real name, even when he stood trial in The Spectacular Spider-Man. It took until 1985 for his actual name to be established as Frank Castle (born Castiglione).
  • Tintin. His name fits the familiar Francophone nicknaming pattern of reduplicating a name's syllable, as in "Loulou'' for Louis(e) (first syllable of given name), "Nana" for Anna (second syllable of given name), or "Bébel" for Jean-Paul Belmondo (first syllable of surname). "Tintin" could e. g. be based on Martin, Constantin or Célestin.
  • Strontium Dog:
    • Very few people know Johnny Alpha's real last name, since both he and his family have very compelling reasons to keep their relationship secret.
    • "Middenface" McNulty's given name is Archibald, though you'd have to read the comic quite carefully to figure it out. The only ones to ever refer to him as anything other than "Middenface" are his gran (who calls him Archie) and the good kind of "Wanted"-posters (which refer to him as "The Tartan Terror".)
  • Aquila: Aquila, the main character's gladiator name, is just Latin for "eagle". His 'brother', another warrior who serves the same hungry goddess, is known simply as The Spartan from his area of origin.
  • The Mickey Mouse Comic Universe has Eega Beeva, with most people (and readers) not even knowing that Eega Beeva is actually a nickname. There's a very good reason: Eega's real name, rarely used outside his debut, is Pittisborum Psercy Pystachi Pseter Psersimmon Plummer-Push (with a giant spit on the "Push"), long enough that Eega got winded after saying it twice in a row, at which point Mickey came up with the nickname.
  • The eponymous Golden Eyes of "Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill" - if she's got a real name, the author never reveals it.
  • Several Red Robin villains never have their real names revealed, including "Promise", "The Daughter of Acheron", and most members of the Council of Spiders, who are only ever addressed by their code names.
  • Brothers and martial arts masters the Legless Master and the Armless Master started going by those names as youngsters on the underground fighting circuit. Their true names are never revealed, even though the first has a cabal of very devoted students including Catwoman and the second stops going by that name with his students including Robin calling him the Master of the Iron Hand.
  • In Hunter's Hellcats, this applies to all of the Hellcats except for Ben Hunter, and Heller (who is known only by her surname).
  • Červenáček and Rychlonožka in the Czech comics Rychlé šípy are literally only known by their nicknames: their real names are never revealed.
    • There are other characters as well: Dlouhé bidlo and Štětináč from Rychlé šípy's arch-rival group Bratrstvo kočičí pracky are nicknames unrelated to their unknown names (although a late story suggests Dlouhé bidlo's surname may be... Bidlo); the third member is known as Bohouš, which is a nickname for Bohumil or Bohuslav. Plus there are Metráček, Bambus, Tlouštík and Pískloun, Podkova... In the books, there is Širokko, the mysterious figure from Stínadla se bouří.
    • Borderline case with Haha Bimbi, who always introduces herself with her full name (Alžbětina Prknářová), but whom other characters refer to by her nickname, and fans tend to remember her by it.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • The villain Hypnota and her sister Serva are only known by the stage names they used as Stage Magicians, no adaptation yet has given them legal names.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): In "Terrors of the Air" it's made clear that "Nifta" and "Redbeard" are nicknames, but the couple's real names are never given.
    • Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Poornima's name gets mentioned when she introduces herself but otherwise she goes by and everyone calls her Nim. Tekmassa's name is only known due to the YA novel, she's only referred to by her nickname Tek in the comic.
  • Kunskapens Korridorer: Five of the students (Mia, Bosse, Micke, Svenne and Vicky) are known by just common Swedish nickname forms. But we can be pretty sure what their real names must be (Maria, Bo, Mikael, Sven and Victoria). However, we get no clue what Hjärnan's and Koma's real names are.
  • Kid Eternity was always just referred to as "(the) Kid," first by his grandfather and later everyone else. Eventually DC Comics got the rights to the property and did some Canon Welding with Shazam, making him Freddy's brother with the real name Christopher "Kit" Freeman.


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