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People who are Only Known by Their Nickname in fan works.

  • Eleutherophobia has Bountiful Sunshine Park, better known as Bonnie. According to Tom, her parents were "whacky hippie atheists". Tom himself is only called Thomas by strangers trying to be formal.
  • The Immortal Game has Sir Unimpressive and his Arch-Enemy the Cadet.
  • The Horseshoes and Hand Grenades sidestory Month of Sundays has the Rainbow Serpent. She later reveals her name, Ayida-weddo, but the story and the other characters (minus Mari) still refer to her as Rainbow Serpent.
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  • C.I.A.: Agents has the Leader. The agents call him "Piero" and his code name is Grandell.
  • Fan stories of The Lord of the Rings
  • In Mega Man Reawakened, Roll's full name is Rebecca Light, but everyone calls her Roll.
  • Played for Laughs with Flynn in the Frozen fanfic A Date with the Drum Major:
    Flynn: [to Anna] My name's Eugene—
    Rest of the room: [in near-unison] Who's Eugene?
    Flynn: —but everyone here calls me Flynn.
    Rest of the room: [over-dramatically] Ohhhhhhhh.
  • Jacob Arrow from A New World, A New Way sidestory Swarm prefers to be referred to by X. Also counts as a One-Letter Name.
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  • In We Are All Pokémon Trainers, about 80% of the cast goes by a nickname of some sort, either due to personal preference or to protect their identities.
  • Commander Tess Phohl's real first name "Tesjha" is only rarely used in Bait and Switch. "The Universe Doesn't Cheat" reveals that "Tesjha Phohl" is itself a shortened form of "Siritesjha sh'Phohlhi".
  • Hilariously done in A Black Comedy. Until The Reveal near the end of the story, the mysterious wizard constantly interfering with Voldemort's plans is only known by the name Voldemort gives him: That Fucker.
  • Ranger Fink of The Hamsterball Show. Her real name is Rachel Fink. Only Mr. Raptis calls her by this name.
    • Another nickname of Ranger Fink's is simply "the Fink," which is used interchangeably with "Ranger Fink" by the narrator.
  • According to Kill la Kill AU, Ryuuko is mostly called "Ryuu" by mostly everyone she knows and "Repeat Offender" by the cops. Likewise, we have Seiji, who's real name is "Shinseiji" and her nickname tends to be used more than Ryuuko's. According to Meaningful Name, not very many people know Sukuyo's real name and she is mostly called by a childhood nickname of "Turtle".
  • From the Gensokyo 20XX series, we have An Yakumo, whose real name is Anohana and the similar occurs for Yume Ni, with her being mostly called "Yu" or "Yu-Ni". Likewise, the same occurs for Maribel and Renko, who are mostly called Merry and Wren.
    • For a while, Reimu's mother wasn't called by her name; she was called "Mikosan" or, as Yukari called her, "the Slattern". We eventually find out, from Word of God, that her name is Reiko.
  • In Soul Eater: Troubled Souls, the real name of Kilik Lung is Kirikou, but everyone calls him Kilik instead. The writer probably did this to acknowledge both the original and the dub name of the character.
  • In the Stargate Atlantis fanfic I See the Stars, leisians usually have short names; so when Earth-born, half-leisian Adelaide Weir starts to integrate into the society, she has to find some way to shorten her name. She chooses her old nickname "Ada" and is known as Ada Weir to the point it becomes part of her identity.
  • Annie Stelman from the Criminal Minds fanfic "To live again" is actually named Annelise Stelman but nobody ever calls her that.
  • In one chapter of The Racket-Rotter Chronicles, Annette finds medication prescribed to "Dennis Racket Jr." Better known as Shark.
  • The Contractually Obligated Chaos series has the original characters of the Fairy Godfather and Lady Delphine. These are almost certainly not their real names - the second story more or less says as much for Delphine - but no one has any idea what their real names might be. Among the canon cast members, it's not widely known that Donny's real first name is actually Dobsonfly.
  • Almost everyone in The Gift, is known by a nickname, usually based on their regular name: Johanna Josephine "JoJo", Louisa Lively "L.L.", and William "B-4" Bates the Fourth, Guinevere Elizabeth "Lizzi" Bates, William "Bill" Bates the Third, Catherine "Cathy" and Amelia "Amy" Rockford, Lilian "Lily" Huysmann, et al. Only Paul and Dawn Ryan don't, likely because they already have one-syllable names.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged, poor Klein got trapped in the titular game as a test character he named BallsDeep69, so Kirito, his enemies, and even the subtitles refer to him by his handle, or as "Balls" or "Ballsy." By the third episode his guildmates think "My name is Klein!" is just how he says hello, and react in confusion when Kirito actually calls him Klein for once.
  • Daphne Greengrass's little sister Astoria in Itachi, Is That A Baby? is nigh-universally referred to as "Girl-Tobi" after Hari insists on calling her such, even teachers do. Several people don't actually know her name.
  • In the Fate/Zero fic The Sage's Disciple, the main character has Identity Amnesia, so he starts calling himself Crow after being called "Karasu-san" in chapter 1.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: The true names of the original Mane Six have long since been forgotten, and they're now known by the nicknames they earned after their deaths: the Stallion of Dedication (yes, even the gender of one has been forgotten - she's later revealed as Applejack, who explains the "stallion" part is because ponies mixed up her and her brother), the Lady (Rarity Belle), the Wise Oracle (Pinkie Pie), the Warrior (Rainbow Dash), the Stern Warden (Fluttershy) and the Magi of Stars (Twilight Sparkle). Another character whose real name has been forgotten is the Blue Sorceress (actually Trixie Lulamoon), an enemy of the Magi of Stars.
  • Ash and Gary's full names in Shudo cross Modern Ash: The Professor Who Observes his Charges are Ashton and Gareth, but they prefer to go by their shorter nicknames. Their full names tend to be used only as part of serious or angered eruptions from their loved ones.
  • Several examples found in X-Men: The Early Years:
    • As visiting Paris in "Hit Women, Goats, and Other Vacation Blunders", Jean catches a purse-snatcher. Hank calls him "Eiffel", and that's what he's called throughout the story.
    • In "Twinkies, Holdups, and Other Things That Aren't Good For You", a Satanist is given no name. He's just "the guy in the 'Satan Rules!' T-shirt".
  • All Guardsmen Party: The Guardsmen are all known only by their nicknames - Sarge, Doc, Heavy, Cutter, Nubby, Twitch, Tink. Eventually Sarge's name is revealed - it's Greg Sargent.
  • Because Ryuuko didn't know her name, Satsuki, in The Outside, is usually referred to as "Sis". This actually comes up in one chapter, when she, Shiro, and Nui finds letters addressed to Satsuki and she's left confused as to why, before Shiro points out that "Satsuki" is her real name because "Sis" couldn't used on any legal documents.
  • This is used as a plot point in The Touch of Green Fire. When Ann needs to try and see how conscious Shego is, she asks Drakken what her real name is. The problem is that not even Drakken knows. Everyone, including her own brothers, calls her "Shego." In college Shego went by "Shannon", but that's explicitly not her actual name.
  • At Skyhold Academy, Coach Bull is only known as Coach Bull. No one is ever heard to call him anything else and the kids all just accept that this is his name. Being a human version of the Iron Bull, he has another name (per Word of God) but it has yet to be revealed in the narrative. It has, however, been revealed on This Very Wiki via the Characters sheet: it's Ivan Ronbul (I. Ronbul).
    • There's also original character Eleanor, who is almost always called by her middle name, Skye.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Undead Robot Bug Crusaders, Scootaloo is revealed to be a nickname, because her real name is too embarrassing for her to allow anyone to find out:
    As much as Uno loved seeing his sister squirm, he would not let her suffer the horror of her friends knowing her name.
    Seriously; nopony deserved to be known, in any shape, way, or form, as Schmoopy Coopie Toopa Loopy.
  • The My Little Pony fic Eternal has baby ponies' names (such as "Baby Firefly" and "Baby Gusty") actually being nicknames that they outgrow when they're older.
  • In the Robotboy fic Human After All, Lola's full name is "Yolanda Mbola". But everyone just knows her as "Lola".
  • Downplayed in My Huntsman Academia. Izuku is only known as "Deku" to much of Beacon's student body because of Cardin's and Katsuki's antics. He just gets waved off when he tries to provide his real name. At the same time, most of his friends refer to him by his real name and only Ruby and Coco call him Deku (in an affectionate way).
  • In the oneshot A Great and Powerful Legacy, Twilight finds out that Starswirl has a living descendant her age named Beatrix Lulamoon. Only upon paying Beatrix a visit does Twilight realize that they've already met. Beatrix is the Great and Powerful Trixie.
  • Young Justice: Darkness Falls: While Raven's name Rachel Roth is known by several people, she's insistent that she's only called Raven.
  • In Absolute Power Sucks Absolutely, Maria is the only one who ever refers to Maxime by name. Everyone else knows him as "the Miracle Man", "the Wishmaker", "the Saint of Crime Alley", "Jesus", or "Deus Ex". At one point, he's so peeved by this that he begs Charles, aka Kite Man, to just call him by his name rather than worship him as the Wishmaker after restoring him to life.
  • Just like his canon counterpart, though he does have a full name, everyone in-universe simply calls Natural Harmonia either "N" or "N-kun" in Tokimeki PokéLive! and TwinBee.
    • The same also applies to the Original Character Elesis Kashiwagi Kousaka, who is usually called either called "Ellie" or "Ellie-chan".
  • Gym Leader Wiki:
    • Red's name is not really "Red". That's just what the media knows him as.
    • Blue's name is "Gary", but he's been called "Blue" since childhood because he really likes the color. Most know him as such, but his birth name is also frequently cited thanks to internet memes.
    • The male Johto protagonist is only known as "Gold" to the press.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: The Alpha, supreme leader of the Packlands. He is only ever referred to by that title, having cast aside his real name before the Royal Sisters became ruler of Equestria.
  • Raised by Jägers has Ducky, to the point where referring to herself as Evdokia in front of a lie detector will make it go off.
  • In the Thomas & Friends fanfic The New Engines, Hurricane's real name is Holden (A reference to James Holden, the creator of the GER Class A55 Decapod (Hurricane's Basis)). He's called Hurricane because people thought he was fast as the winds of one.
  • In Incarnation of Legends, the narrative goes to great lengths to specifically refer to the Servants-turned-adventurers by their aliases rather than their True Names to keep their identities a secret until Kojiro introduces them in-person, upon which Kojiro will refer to them by name rather than by their title. The only exceptions to this are Ryoma and Oryou, whose aliases are only revealed after they meet Bell. Even the Legiones, Romulus-Quirinus, gets in on this, referring to the Asura by his alias and declining to mention his real name to avoid "ruining the surprise" for him and Bell.
  • Boldores and Boomsticks: Nox, as Ruby's Zubat/Crobat is called, is never referred to as Nocturne after the name is given. Not even the narrator calls him that.
  • With Pearl and Ruby Glowing is set in a rape survivors' support group in which everyone uses a nickname. This serves the in-universe purposes of helping to prevent abusers or stalkers from tracking group members down, preventing other group members accidentally revealing secrets people don't want getting out, and helping boost confidence by picking an appropriately cool Meaningful Rename. On this side of the fourth wall, it's a Massive Multiplayer Crossover massive enough to shatter the One Steve Limit, so it helps keep track of who's who.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail: The ruler of the Curry Car is called either "The Curry Prince" or "Clockwork Prince". Justified in this case because his true name Soma Asman Kadar is only remembered by the elderly as said Prince has ruled for over a hundred years. The only reason that Chloe knows that name is because she's actually aware of the source material for them.

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