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I always told him: Learn to become a real boy, to become human, on the inside first. Then I will make you a real boy on the outside.

Robotboy has developed much since his creation four years prior. He speaks English near fluently and understands human behavior more than his creator had ever expected. Robotboy is treated much like a human by his peers, but he's still not a human. But what if he was?

Human After All is a Robotboy fanfic by Tall T. In it, Robotboy begins living as a human and must figure out the in's and out's of being a normal boy.


Human After All provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Lola's blue eyes are actually due to contacts. Her natural colour is hazel.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Lola's full name is given as "Yolanda Mbola".
  • Anime Hair:
    • Robyn has large, spiky hair. However, it's only big in order to hide her head nodes.
    • Robert also has similarly spiky hair for the same reasons.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Tommy's legs get amputated near the end of the story.
  • Artificial Family Member:
    • Professor Moshimo created Robotboy because he could not have kids of his own. The two see each other as father and son (with Robotgirl being Robotboy's sister).
    • Robyn lives with Lola, so the two have grown to see each other as sisters. Robyn's been accepted into the family, but the others don't know she's a robot.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: The topic comes up when Gus says to Robert that Robyn is essentially his girlfriend. The two get into a short argument about it, with Robert being repulsed because Robyn is his sister while Gus says it doesn't count because they were just made by the same person.
  • The Cameo:
  • Dark Fic: It's much darker than canon and deals with more violent themes than the cartoon.
  • Disabled in the Adaptation: Tommy loses his legs in chapter 27.
  • Missing Mom: Lola's biological mother has been absent in her life because she was sentenced to thirty years for being involved in a massacre.
  • Named by the Adaptation: Robotgirl's human name is "Robyn" while Robotboy's named "Robert" ("Ro" for short).
  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Tommy compliments the shade of Lola's hazel eyes.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Robyn has spiky pink hair.

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