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Arceus has been imprisoned for many millennia, and in that time he has watched his world fall apart. But once he is finally freed from his prison he decides that to protect his Pokemon, and his family, that he will move the Pokemon, and a few select 'humans' to a world where they might live in peace, Equestria. However, not everyone on this new world shares his view of peace and the very presence of the Pokemon upsets some of the citizens of the world, even some of the ones he brought with aren't too happy with the situation. But a god's will is a strong thing, and without his willingness, the Pokemon and the citizens of Equestria are going to have to learn to get along, or at least tolerate each other. And there's a slight problem with some of the humans too, well, former humans that is.

A New World, A New Way is a Crossover fanfic between Pokémon and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic written by Zeusdemigod131. The story is set in an Alternate Universe of Pokemon (the writer himself admits that the Pokemon world here is a hodge podge of the anime, games, and manga), and takes place somewhere after the beginning of Season four of Friendship is Magic.

The author has also allowed other authors to write side stories for A New World, A New Way, many of which have since crossed over with the main story. As of May 3rd 2015, the "Primary Canon" includes:

A few stories considered "Sub-Canon" (due to not having crossed over with any of the above yet) include:

A New World, A New Way Book One has been completed. Book Two is now in progress, on the same story linked above.

There are also many Non-Canon stories that do not adhere to the main continuity, which allows authors to have the freedom to do other things without oversite and worrying about breaking Canon:

Tropes found in this work:

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     A New World, A New Way 
  • Absolute Xenophobe: Mostly averted, but some ponies play this straight (most noticeable being Blueblood, and original character: Hard Proof/Paranoia).
  • Absurdly Ineffective Barricade: Discord makes a barricade out of pillows. Because of a Trubbish.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal:
    Seth: If Hastings is gunning for you so bad, wouldn't the better plan be to let him come to you?
    Gene: That would involve a concrete column carrying colossus coming into Ponyville... this seemed like a better idea at the time.
    Seth: Nice alliteration.
    • Extra points for said colossus being a Conkeldurr.
  • A God Am I: Arceus is quick to correct Celestia that he is not simply a very powerful being who considers himself a god, he is a god, who has the power to recreate time and space at a whim.
  • Alliterative Title: A, N, and W.
  • Anaphora: The title: "A New [W-world]" double pattern.
  • Apologetic Attacker:
    Gene: I understand *pant* them chasing us. But how *gasp* are there two Officer Jennies after us!?
    Belle: I’m not sure but the Growlithe are currently apologizing profusely for the entire situation.
    Gene: Well that’s great, if you can convince them to STOP CHASING US!! Then maybe we can actually get out of here!
    • Belle herself apologises to the Jennies and especially the Growlithes when she attacks with Psychic a moment later.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Twilight when she hears that Aegislash are swords possessed by the spirits of dead warriors. This is after she has met Arceus.
    Twilight: Oh, come on. I'm willing to believe that all you Pokémon have some sort of special magic, I'm willing to believe that your 'gods' are powerful enough to do this, and I'm willing to believe that somehow that sword is alive. But I am not willing to believe that that thing is the spirit of a dead warrior. That's impossible.
    Misty: Really? You just met a god from another world and you're doubting the existence of ghosts?
  • Author Filibuster: Chapter 26 features a long interrogation of two Pokémon Rangers by Twilight that deconstructs the idea of Poképhillia and ends with her rationalizing that the laws against it are, while not totally unreasonable, based on a specist viewpoint more than actually protecting Pokemon.
  • Badass Boast: Arceus uses one to explain his actions.
    Celestia:"What gives you the right to decide the fate of thousands–?"
    Arceus:"Millions, actually. The Pokémon aren't only in your country."
    Celestia: "M-millions of sentient beings without even asking them? Do you really consider yourself a god?"
    Arceus: "Do I really… heh, heh heh… ahhah ah ahaha! Yes I consider myself a god. I created an entire universe from nothing; my sons are the embodiments of time, space, and anti-matter. I am older than the universe itself, and this universe as well. I brought life to a dead planet and created a daughter whose very mind is the pinnacle of creation, who can create an entire species with a single thought, and my other daughters have enough psychic power combined to tear apart the mind of even the strongest immortal, myself not included. So, yes Princess Celestia, patron of the sun, former bearer to half of the Elements of Harmony, I am a god."
  • Badass Family: The Legendaries count as this, since Arceus considers them his children.
  • Batman Gambit: Arceus makes Mewtwo ambassador to Equestria. Not only is Mewtwo more than powerful enough to subdue anyone who ticks him off including Celestia and Luna, but once Celestia finds out about this particular Legendary's Dark and Troubled Past, she abandons her attempts to convince Arceus to take them home.
  • Battle Couple: Gene and Belle, and not just in a trainer/trainee capacity like before - they end up taking on Hastings together in mega-form.
  • Berserk Button: Several characters have this, each has a different trigger.
    • Arceus' biggest buttons is probably Pokèballs.
    • Belle's trigger is when someone threatens Gene.
    • A lesser example, but it seems that most Pokemon really don't like it whenever anyone doubts Arceus' power.
    • Don't call Gene by his last name Phillips. Hastings learned the hard way.
  • Beta Couple: May and Blaziken. Korrina and Lucario. River and Draco.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Gene and Belle, interrupting Cynthia who had just pronounced them husband and wife. It causes them to accidentally Mega-Evolve without noticing.
  • Big Damn Heroes: As Rainbow Dash falls from the sky after trying to help a Weezing, a silver Charizard comes out of nowhere and saves her.
    • When Brandon attacks Ash for refusing to help him capture Gene, Pikachu and Charizard quickly intervene, followed by several dozen of Ash's partners. Brandon surrenders after seeing the latter group.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Misty and Korrina when Gene first voices his opinion on being transformed into a Pokemon.
  • Bodyguard Crush: A few of the Pokemon have this to their former trainers. Two standouts are Korrina's Lucario and May's Blaziken, due to both girls being anti-Pokephilia at first.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: The list of food for Pinkie's party includes candy, carrots, and candy carrots.
  • Brick Joke: When Rainbow voices her opinion that the Canterlot citizens would panic at the arrival of the Pokemon, Rarity states that the Equestrian elites would take it better than that. Much later when Arceus announces to the world of what he did Rainbow brings this up when the Canterlot citizens panic.
  • Broad Strokes: When Ash Ketchum shows up, he is not the eternal 10-year-old of the anime - he's 23, a Frontier Brain, and he did not get knocked out of the Sinnoh League by a Darkrai and a Latios. However, he remains as Oblivious to Love as he's always been.
  • Broken Pedestal: Korrina's reaction to learning that the likes of Cynthia and Iris had supported Gene and Belle, along with presumably other Human-Pokemon relationships.
    • Sven, Wendy and their partners lose all respect for Hastings after he makes it clear he doesn't see Sven's Luxray as an equal.
  • Butt-Monkey: Commander Sev becomes one while at the World Summit. Pretty much everyone but the Zebras hate him and bad things tend to happen to him.
  • Call-Back: When Zygarde and Shaymin are purifying the Everfree, they notice the Tree of Harmony. As Zygarde slithers down the cliffside, Shaymin points out the stairway leading down.
    • When Rainbow Dash is looking for the silver Charizard that saved her, she goes looking in the cave the Red Dragon was in.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Hard Proof, a xenophobic stallion who was last seen under arrest for assaulting May in Trottingham is reintroduced at the start of Book 2 being brought into a group of villains who are united by the goal of ridding Equestria of Pokemon.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Even though we haven't actually seen him personally yet, Keldeo implies Heatran seems to be this. More specifically, he mentions that Heatran tried eating all the furniture in the temple when he got hungry, and that he tried making his own personal lava pool inside an active volcano.
  • Cool Airship: The Griffins, Changelings, Minotaur, Hippocampi, Deer, and Zebra each have their own airships when they arrive for the World Summit.
  • Complexity Addiction: Celestia calls Arceus out on his overly complicated plan. Case in point: He could have gone back in time and eliminated the Corrupt Church that started this whole mess; or simply have moved away all the BAD people rather than the GOOD ones.
  • Continuity Cavalcade: When Arceus explains his actions at the summit of world leaders, he shows them a number of images from Earth's past, depicting the best and worst of humanity. All of these are recognisable scenes from the games, the anime and other side-stories, including some that hadn't crossed over with the main story yet.
  • Cursed with Awesome: This seems to be the the general consensus of the transformed Humans at first, though several who feel Blessed with Suck are introduced later.
  • Deadpan Snarker: All the humans have a tendency of doing this from time to time.
    • The Pokemon as well.
      Hastings: I must say, that Princess Twilight was completely unreasonable.
      Luxray: Yes, because the reasonable thing to do would have been to hand over her friends to what's looking more and more like a terrorist cell.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Chapter 32 has a long string of these, overlapping with Forgot About The Mindreader: During the attempted stakeout to find a Zoroark in Manehattan, Belle maintains a telepathic field between everyone involved. The following conversation ensues after Gene calls Belle his "fairy princess":
    Belle: Gene! How many times have I told you not to call me that?
    Gene: A few, but it’s still an adorable nickname for a beautiful girl.
    Belle: I don’t like being called a princess.
    Gene: But you’ll always be my Princess.
    Solana: Um... could you two bicker... or flirt, whichever this is, in private? Cause I think we can all hear you.
    Mage: Aww, I wasn’t going to say anything. I was hoping to scare them once they got distracted.
    Rainbow Dash: Gotta say Gene, I agree with Belle, I’ve seen what she can do and let me tell you, she ain’t no princess.
    Pinkie Pie: You’re missing the point Dashie. He saying that she’s the most important girl in his world, and that’d he’d do anything for her.
    Lunick: Guess that makes Solana my princess then. (Beat) Did... did I think that out loud?!
    Mage: Ah hah! I knew you two were a couple!
    (A telepathic shouting match ensues, giving Iris a headache)
    Iris: (out loud, in Pokémon Speak) Could you guys stop acting like a bunch of little kids?! (clasps her hands to her mouth)
  • Didn't See That Coming: Played for Laughs (sorta). Celestia was expecting Arceus' reason for coming to Equus to be something along the lines of an invasion (not that you can blame her considering the X number of hostile factions that have already tried that)...she certainly wasn't expecting the 'invasion force' to be refugees with NO intention of invading.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Arceus' main character flaw. He picked up millions of Pokemon and an untold number of humans and dropped them into Equestria without asking anyone in either world beyond the Legendaries what they thought of this plan. Some of the Pokemon and humans miss their home, and the humans, who have been turned into Pokemon to fit in, would mostly like to go back to being human. Arceus eventually admits this trope has lead to problems.
    • The heroes are hit with this during the Manehattan arc. They attempt to lure out a Zoroark by passing Iris off as a rampaging Haxorus, not considering that, a) Iris isn't naturally angry and has no idea how to act "rampage-y", b) the Zoroark may not be anywhere near the town hall when they attempt it, or c) what to actually do with said Zoroark if he turns up.
    • Applies to pretty much everything Hastings does, as he never lets his lack of authority stop him trying to enforce the laws of his own planet.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Gene doesn't like people using his last name, due to Gene's own mother sicing the Rangers on him after he invited her to his wedding.
  • Dramatic Thunder: Mew lets loose a Dramatic Thunderbolt when Arceus introduces the Mane 6, Celestia, Luna, Gene, Belle, Korina, and Misty to the Hall of Legends.
  • Dysfunctional Family: The Legendary Pokemon are this at times, particularly with the members who are either opposites, or just plain don't like each other.
  • Eye Twitch: Celestia after her first attempt to get rid of Aegislash fails. She quickly stops trying after a couple of attempts.
  • Forced Transformation: The humans were transformed into Pokemon without their consent.
  • Hands Looking Wrong: Gene is first clued into his transformation when Belle explicitly tells him to look at his hands.
  • Heroic BSoD: Sev has a minor one upon learning that Arceus doesn't think as highly of him as he thought.
  • Hold Your Hippogriffs: Lampshaded. Gurrkin says "Hay is for Ponyta, and apparently used as fries here."
  • Humans Are Bastards: One of the reasons why Arceus started the whole plot. Of course, to be fair he admits that most humans aren't this. Too bad a lot of said bastards are in high positions. Case in point: Giovanni
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: This trope is played far less subtly here than in canon. All the bad things that have happened to the characters can be traced back to humans. Pokemon are either Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds or simply misunderstood.
  • I Come in Peace: Arceus' basic message to Equestria. It does little to stop Ponies from panicking, and some Pokemon are very upset at being moved to a new planet and express it physically when the heroes find them.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Gurkinn gives a more platonic version to Korrina's Lucario.
    Gurkinn: "It should go without saying that if you do anything to hurt her, I will do the same to you a hundred times worse. And that if you break her heart, I’ll tear yours out."
  • I'm Crying, but I Don't Know Why: Something of a Running Gag in this and most of the side stories, usually cutting to characters in other stories (see Sneeze Cut below). Two examples are Arceus and Celestia suddenly shuddering when the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to help Pinkie and Discord set up their party, and Korrina shivering a few chapters later after the CMC decide to become Pokemon trainers.
  • Innocent Aliens: Played with, since while a majority of the Pokemon mean Equestria no harm, a few Pokemon have been noted to attack out of confusion, even despite Arceus' command that they not harm the denizens of Equestria.
  • Inspector Javert: Professor Hastings refuses to give up on bringing "justice" to those who broke the law on Earth, namely Gene and Abby, despite his complete lack of authority on Equus. Several of his supporters also qualify, especially Surge and Koga. Koga starts by deducing that it's perfectly reasonable to attack Equestrian law enforcers, Surge just up and charges straight into Ponyville to somehow arrest a single fugitive by force, and later, Brandon deciding it's a good idea to attack Latias, despite being her being the personal family of Arceus.
  • Insult Backfire: When Serva claims that the Deer faced little problems with the Pokemon in Stagland, Emperor Golden Horn mocks her by asking if they just talked to them. Serva explains that yes, that is exactly what the Deer did.
  • Interspecies Romance: A key element of this fic, as a good amount of the pairings/shippings are between (former) humans and Pokemon. Gene and Belle play this trope straight, at least prior to coming to Equestria. After that its played with, since TECHNICALLY they're all Pokemon; however, Pokemon are notoriously dissimilar to one another, so it is arguably played straight.
    • Rarity and Keldeo are now getting some Ship Tease. Likewise played with in that Keldeo closely resembles a unicorn.
  • Ironic Echo: Deliberately invoked as a Mythology Gag against Koga, of the Kanto Elite Four during his attempted assault on Ponyville.
    Seth: I’m afraid you lack the necessary Gym badges to proceed.
  • Jerkass God With A Heart Of Gold: Arceus is prone to doing whatever he wants without caring about the consequences or who it annoys, and if anyone protests he throws his power around to demonstrate ticking off a God is hazardous to your health. However, all he's done and all he is trying to do is genuinely to protect the Pokemon, and he wants the two races to co-exist peacefully.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: A few of the transformed trainers qualify, in particular Korrina, who starts out as something of a bigot when it comes to Gene's relationship with Belle, but there's no question that she cares about her own team just as much as he does.
    • Applies to a number of familiar trainers who were deemed worthy by Arceus despite their opposition to Pokephilia. In particular, Professor Hastings and his group, (Koga, Lt. Surge, Candice, Norman, Max, Brandon and others)
  • Jerkass Has a Point: During Twilight's conversation with Solana and Lunick about the anti-Pokephilia laws, she acknowledges that their concerns about absuive trainers grooming their Pokemon for "love" from a young age are reasonable, even if the laws are wrong in automatically treating all human-Pokemon relationships the same. Notably, she continues to acknowledge this point when arguing with the considerably more persistent jerkass Professor Hastings.
  • Just Eat Him: Commander Sev of the Pokemon Liberation Army gets eaten by Apocalypse whom has evolved sometime between Swarm and World Summit). He spits him out shortly after due to not wanting indigestion, much to the annoyance of the Griffins, Equestrians, and Changelings.
  • Kick the Dog: Hasting's telling Sven's Luxray that he can't understand how law works, despite the law being FOR Pokemon like Luxray, adding to that Luxray is a ranger for all intents and purposes. Hasting's follows it by brushing all Luxray's arguments off and just telling Sven to calm his Luxray down, in the same manner someone would tell another to keep control of their pet.
  • Knight Templar Parent: Arceus plan to protect his "children" ended up causing as many problems at it solved.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Luna hangs a lampshade on Pokemon names.
    Luna: "But from the description given, Meloetta determined that it was, in fact a Pokémon, likely one known as a Char-lizard."
    Meloetta: "It's Charizard. It's not my fault you make bad puns of their names."
    Luna: "I think yours are the puns, but no matter."
  • Lawful Stupid: Solana and Lunick, who attempt to arrest Gene for Pokemon abuse while forgetting that a) the Ranger's union has no authority in Equestria and b) they have no Ranger HQ in which to hold him. However, they come around after Twilight makes them see just how discriminatory the laws are.
    • Professor Hastings becomes a recurring annoyance due to his blind refusal to see Pokephilia as anything other than abusive, no matter how the Pokemon or the laws of Equus see it. He ends up gathering Professor Rowan, Koga, Candice, Lt. Surge and others to try and force Twilight to turn over Gene and Abby, likewise ignoring that he has no power here and not thinking ahead as to where or how he plans to imprison them. Candice's argument is that to allow them amnesty because they're no longer on Earth is unfair to those who were arrested there.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: X has a moment during his cameo where Belle is attacked unjustly. He proves to Mason (the attacker) exactly why that was stupid.
    • Gene deciding to confront Hastings personally, after getting tired of how many trainers have taken risks for him and Belle over the years.
  • Living Legend: Red's team are on par with the strength of Legendaries if Korrina is to believed. Seeing how he is the undefeated Champion of Kanto, that might be true.
  • Love Triangle: Between Ash, Misty and Latias.
  • Marry Them All: Ash attempts to resolve it by not choosing either, so as not to hurt the other, but Misty and Latias override him by agreeing to share him.
  • Mind Rape: During the final confrontation with Hastings, Belle floods his mind with memories from herself, Gene and the various couples she's met recently. This, along with his own memory of what happened to his partner Mienshao because of his prejudice, is enough to prompt a Heel Realisation.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Solana and Lunick's reaction when Twilight makes them see the real reasoning behind anti-Pokephilia laws.
    • Hastings reaches this point at the end of the Mind Rape scene above.
      • In turn, Belle after she learns about Hastings' repeated suicide attempts following said Mind Rape.
  • Noah's Story Arc: What Arceus' plan ultimately boils down to.
  • Noble Bigot with a Badge: Professor Hastings formed the Pokemon Rangers out of a sincere desire to protect Pokemon from human exploitation, but he's repeatedly made it clear he doesn't see them as equals.
  • No-Sell: Zygarde is completely unaffected by many of Discord's pure chaos magic.
  • Oblivious to Love: In the backstory, Gene took a long time to realise Belle had a crush on him.
  • Olympus Mons: The Legendary Pokemon, though Arceus is featured the most prominently.
  • Order Versus Chaos: Taken very literally when Discord picks a fight with Zygarde, the Order Pokemon.
  • Point of No Return: Arceus used the last of this powers to transport the pokemon and transformed humans to Equis. Altough he still has his god like powers, it's not to the scale of what he was capable of. Slightly subverted because Arceus has no intention of undoing this anyway, and mentions that his full power will return in time.
  • Physical God: Arceus. Princess Celestia doesn't believe it at first, but boy does Arceus prove her wrong.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: This crossover has some examples, but Belle especially shows more than a few shades of this, especially after she mind-raped Hastings with the intent to recondition him, and succeeded. It's not helped for some readers that, chapters earlier, Luke was mind-raped accidentally by Mewtwo and Mewtwo got off scot-free because he's a Legendary, even though it was acknowledged in-story and out to be wrong that he did this. To post a quote from one reader:
    If it was a bad thing when Mewtwo violated Luke's mind, then it was bad when Belle did the same thing to Hastings.
    • Abby does call Belle out for this, choosing to turn her in to Celestia - as well as turning herself in for what she did to Blueblood - ensuring that neither of them will go unpunished (though whether mandatory rehabilitation therapy can be considered adequate punishment is debatable). But it's worth noting that this scene only appeared in A New Ranger, and not in the main story, whose first "book" is now complete, which implies that the two authors had very different priorities about this development.
      • Ultimately rectified in a bonus chapter to A New Way, in which Belle's therapist tells her that Hastings has attempted suicide numerous times since his capture, prompting a My God, What Have I Done? reaction.
  • Redemption Rejection: After Gene finds out what happened to Hastings' Mienshao, he asks him to back down and approaches with his hand out and a smile on his face. Hastings uses the opportunity to attack him with his cane, slamming him across the clearing into a tree. Cue Belle's response, under Mind Rape above.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Applies only to the smaller or basic level Pokemon. The bigger/fully evolved ones...not so much.
  • Rooting for the Empire: In-Universe example...sorta. Arceus WOULD have rooted for Team Plasma...if it weren't for the fact that he already knew what Ghetsis' true plan was.
  • Running Gag: Gene and Belle tend to be interrupted when they are about to get intimate.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: Arceus at the beginning of the fic. Too bad his good intentions are followed by poor planning
  • Secret-Keeper: A number of highly-ranked and influential trainers were privy to Gene and Belle's relationship, including Champions Cynthia and Iris.
  • Shaming the Mob: When Hastings gathers a group of like-minded trainers to try to arrest Gene and Abby for their 'crimes' on Earth, Abby stumps a few of them by asking if they're really willing to separate her from her eggs for five years.
  • Spit Take: Korrina has one when Rainbow Dash reveals that Red saved her life.
  • Screw This, We're Outta Here: Sven bails on Hasting's group after Hasting's tells his Luxray that Pokemon don't have any understanding of laws made for them. And then for ordering Sven to calm down his Luxray for getting upset about it. Wendy and Staraptor follow him with little hesitation.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Gene (a human) and Belle (a Gardevoire), at least prior to coming to Equestria. From the way things are going, it looks like they're gonna get their happy ending.
  • SsssssnakeTalk: Zygarde talksssss like thisssss.
  • Suddenly Always Knew That: The teleportation spell that Rarity uses to kick Blueblood out of Gene and Belle's wedding hasn't appeared in canon, though as she points out it does explain how she has her fainting couch available whenever she needs it.
  • Tempting Fate: Arceus has taught all the Legendaries NOT to do this. Even verbally.
    • Sven and Wendy's teams figure that despite Hasting's ploy on Ponyville, they shouldn't have too hard of a time talking with Abby, since they didn't "barge into town like we’re gonna attack them". That's precisely what Surge decides to do.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Hasting's group. By their first visit to Ponyville, some of their members are already said to have come to blows.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Aegislash is this towards Celestia: She's stuck with him and can't get rid of him.
  • Token Good Teammate: Out of Hastings' group, Professor Rowan, Sven and Wendy have shown themselves to be considerably less fanatically against Pokephilia and more open to convincing. Indeed, the latter two end up defecting with their partners after only a few chapters. Candice, Norman and Max are also more level-headed about it than the likes of Hastings, Surge, Brandon, Koga and Grimsley.
  • Undying Loyalty: Gene's team is very loyal to him.
    • It should be noted that this applies to all the Pokemon seen so far who had trainers that were sent to Equus. All of them had a chance for freedom, but chose to stick with their trainers. Justified, as all the trainers sent to Equus were kind to their Pokemon, meaning that the Pokemon had no reason to abandon their trainers
    • And Aegislash is this towards Celestia. Celestia does not feel the same way towards Aegislash.
  • Villainous BSoD: Hastings, after Belle forces him to confront the damage he's done.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: Professor Hastings' faction get together out of a desire to bring Gene and Abby to "justice", but quickly become divided either on tactics or on whether they're even worth going after. This leads to Koga getting arrested when he and his team try to sneak into Ponyville on their own, Brandon and his group being forced to surrender after picking a fight with Ash and his team, Grimsley and his team being taken out by Axle, and Surge's attempt being thwarted by Draco, while Sven and Wendy defect to Abby's new ranger union after Hastings insults Luxray. All of this less than a day after their ultimatum to Twilight. Played with though in that it's doubtful they'd be able to accomplish much even if they were working together, what with Arceus and the Princesses opposed to them.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Authorities such as the Pokemon Rangers are portrayed as such with regard to enforcing anti-Pokephilia laws - Lunick seems to believe the laws are based mainly on concerns such as Stockholm Syndrome and Wife Husbandry, which Twilight acknowledges aren't entirely unreasonable.
    • Reasonable Authority Figure: In contrast, a number of police and rangers are shown to only enforce these laws when shown clear evidence of abuse. Jonathan Trace (A New Stage), John Williams (Burning an Old Way) and Abby Trombley (A New Ranger) fall into this category, with the latter being a Pokephile herself and close friends with Gene and Belle before they were brought to Equestria.
  • With Us or Against Us: How Brandan justifies attacking Ash. If he's not going to help Brandon, then he's another enemy.
  • World of Snark: Not so much this story, but you will lose track of how many characters rely on "deadpanned" in their dialogue.
  • Writer on Board: Poképhilia (romantic and/or sexual relationships between Pokémon and humans) is heavily featured. Characters who comment on it come in three flavors: those that are pleasant and friendly and see nothing wrong with it, characters who disapprove of it but are later revealed as not knowing any better and come around eventually, and characters who are blind straw bigots that go berserk at the mere idea of it happening.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Twilight certainly doesn't appreciate the presence of the more serpentine Pokemon. During the World Summit she struggles to keep her composure when the Zebras arrive with Sev.

     A Brave New World 
  • All for Nothing: Seth sees his seven years of activism for the cause of human-Pokemon relationships as having been rendered pointless by Arceus's actions. While he has a point, it doesn't seem to occur to him at first how the humans actually in relationships with Pokemon feel about their situation (ie, being relocated with their partners to a world where they can't be legally prosecuted for it) - when Apple Fritter tells him him there are no laws in Equestria against interspecies marriage, the narration says, "That wasn’t the answer Seth was hoping to hear." He cools down on the issue after talking with Arceus and meeting with Gene and Belle.
  • Aroused by Their Voice: Elesa's reaction to meeting Big Mac.
  • Barehanded Blade Block: Ignis blocks a Psycho Cut from Selena with this, but does receive a small cut from it.
  • Berserk Button: Do not call Rika a pet. You will immediately regret it.
  • Beta Couple: Ignis and Selena.
  • Challenge Seeker: Ignis, to the point of wanting to battle Gene's Mega-Gallade form at his own wedding.
  • Continuity Cameo: A lot of the characters in "A New World, A New Way", make cameos, with the current list being: Fang (maybe), Gene, Korrina, Lucario, Misty and Belle.
  • Continuity Overlap: Applies to all of the stories, but it's particularly noticeable in Chapter 4 of A Brave New World, which features Seth's group arriving in Ponyville on the same train as Korrina's group and interacting with her and Lucario at Sweet Apple Acres. The chapter spans Chapters 17 through 22 of A New World, A New Way and features Seth's perspective on a number of scenes in Ponyville.
  • Cuteness Overload: Rika's reaction after meeting Apple Bloom.
  • Does Not Know Her Own Strength: Apple Fritter.
  • Exiled to the Couch: Selena promises to do this to Ignis after he flies off to challenge Axle, then makes good on it after their battle levels Whitetail Woods.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Demonstrated in the first chapter by the abuse that Seth has to put up with from other trainers and even Nurse Joy because of his stance on Human-Pokemon relationships.
  • Child Prodigy: Seth graduated school when he was eleven.
  • Genki Guy: Rika is practically a Pokemon version of Pinkie Pie. Seth even lampshades it via Madness Mantra when he meets Pinkie.
    Seth: There's two of them, there's two them, there's two of them.
  • Karma Houdini: Chapter 45 seemingly turns Mewtwo into one: When Abby tried to have him arrested for his Mind Rape of Luke in A New Ranger, Arceus refused to allow one of his legendaries to be arrested so soon after the World Summit, but agreed to put him under house arrest for a few months and then make a decision. However, when Seth is reunited with Mewtwo mere weeks later, he has evidently been released from house arrest, he is still ambassador to Canterlot, and there is no indication that he's going to face charges. What's worse is that the chapter seemingly attempts to absolve him of his original actions by claiming that he believed he might be dealing with one of Total Control's brainwashed pawns, but since this was never mentioned in the original scene (where he was motivated purely by curiosity), it ends up looking like an excuse that he's concocted after the fact specifically to get out of trouble. It remains to be seen how other writers, such as those responsible for the original scene, will handle this.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: Rika was going to be named Blitz because Seth though she was a guy when she was an Eevee.
  • Love Triangle: Seth, Rika and Apple Fritter. Resolved by a Marry Them All, with the three forming a herd.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Rika knows Hyper Voice.
  • Mighty Roar: Ignis has one. Seth can do an even bigger one, thanks to a magical artifact he received from Luna, .
  • The Nose Knows: Seth's sense of smell thwarts Koga's attempt to sneak into Ponyville and capture Gene, thanks to the latter's poison typing.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Ignis' fight with Moltres, which he managed to win.
  • Parental Abandonment: Seth grew up in a orphanage.
  • Pass the Popcorn: Rika generates this.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: Seth to Koga: "I'm afraid you lack the necessary gym badges to continue."
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder:
    Seth: I am surrounded by horny perverts. (facepaws). What did I do to deserve this?
    Abby: (raises eyebrow) Invite us?
  • Right Behind Me: Titania the Flogress starts to insult Slyveons, and the Eevee family in general, complaining about how they are overrated and underpowered. Rika hears all of this, and shows Titania just how wrong she is.
  • Ring-Ring-CRUNCH!
  • Sneeze Cut: In chapter 2, the narration notes Seth's frustration over not being able to use telepathy. "He felt jealous of any human that was in that situation right now. Elsewhere, a Gallade sneezed."
  • Something Only They Would Say: This is how Seth is able to prove he's really Seth to Rika.
  • Staircase Tumble: Probably due to being one of the few humans transformed into a quadrupedal Pokemon, Seth ends up stumbling down Apple Fritter's stairs a few times.
  • Team Dad: Seth. He still keeps Rika and Selena from going at each other too hard, despite technically not being their trainer anymore.
  • Tempting Fate: Seth does this repeatedly on purpose just to annoy Christine.
  • The Big Guy: Seth is a very large person. In the first chapter he was able to stop someone harassing him simply by standing up. His Pokemon form is likewise much larger than the average Luxray.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Selena and Rika.
  • X-Ray Vision: As a Luxray, Seth now has this.
  • Zombie Advocate: Every human who supports Human/Pokemon relationships are such, with Seth being the most outspoken due to his active attempts to change this point of view despite not being interested in such a relationship himself at first.

  • Added Alliterative Appeal:
    Nalel: "What more could a trio of terrific triplets want on a terrific and terrifying trip like this one!"
    Nell: "Peace and quiet for starters."
    Nalel: "You can't have that. It doesn't start with a T. Pick something else."
  • An Ice Person: Blastoise knows Ice Beam.
    • Nell also seems to favor ice based magic.
  • Batman Gambit: Naruto and Emperor Carapace pull one off against the Blastoise in their battle against him. Naruto uses Flamethrower to create a fog to hide the Emperor and himself from Carapace. When it fades, the two simply switched places. Naruto then rushes Blastoise while Carapace charges another Solar Beam. Knowing Solar Beam would do more dmage to him tan Narut's attacks, Blastoise ignores him and fires at Carapace. he hits, but then Carapace reveals himself to be an disgued Naruto. This act alowed Carapce, who disqused himself as Naruto to get close to Blastoise and KO him with a point blank Solar Beam.
  • Beam-O-War: Naruto and Blastoise have two of them in their battle, Naruto using Flamethrower and Blastoise using Ice Beam.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Carapace becomes one once he is summoned to fight Blastoise.
    • Luna swoops in the nick of time to save X from his nightmare, outright killing two of them.
  • Big Fancy House: Played With. Nell's family does have a Big Fancy House, in the Changeling empire the real symbol of wealth and power isn't the size of the house but the size of the yard. Since the trees in the Hoofrican Jungle are rather hard to remove, the changlings build their homes into trees using them as a sort of apartment complex. The more expensive homes have yards, with the bigger yards indicating more wealth.
  • Berserk Button: X's trigger is when someone insults the strength of his Pokemon. It bites him in the ass when Apocalypse gets beaten up by a Hitmonchan as a result.
    • Emperor Carapace will not be happy if you harm his previous Foxgloves.
    • Naruto hates the Phantom Thief Foxes for using a Zoroark motif and giving them a bad image. As such, he is furious when he learns that the current Fox is now a Zoroark herself.
  • Bright Is Not Good: X's evil side Jacob wears all white. Fitting, as his clothing is a male version of Champion Dianthia's.
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: Inti. One sip of wine causes her to get drunk remarkly fast, and results in her screaming "Skulls for the Skull Throne!"
  • Crossover Cameo: Master Hand and Crazy Hand appear during the Nightmare Sequence.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Three Sandile try using this to get from fruit from a fruit salesman. It eventually works.
  • Didn't See That Coming: When Durant attack the marketplace a second time, X rushes towards them to try and save a child. As he approaches, several dozen Durant burst from hiding underground and immeditly dogpile him. X's responce?
    X: (thinking) I really should have seen that comming."
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Apocalypse knows Earthquake and Rock Slide.
    • And the Durant that appear in the marketplace know Dig.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Justified, as X just got turned into a Chesnaught, and is not used to suddenly being strong enough to flip tanks.
  • Dope Slap: Apocalypse tries to run over Inti's tail with a rock. He misses, and she slaps him with her tail as a result
  • Epic Fail: Hira's attempt at a translation spell on Inti ends up making her speak in Binary.
  • Fantastic Racism: Blastoise is a typist against Dark pokemon, with a typist being a Pokèmon whom hates pokemon based on Type rather than species.
  • Flashback: Naruto has a flashback, revealing that he almost fell off a cliff and died, and was saved by Inti.
    • X also has a flashback, this one when he was being interegted by Grant for a crime X claims he didn't commit.
    • In Chapter 9, X is having a Flashback about his first construction job, but it quickly turns into a Nightmare Sequence when Naruto explodes.
  • From My Own Personal Garden: While X does not have a personal garden, Azisa does have the Harvest abilitynote , so a way Azisa is X's personal garden when he offers Nell some Sitrus berries.
  • Enemy Within: During X's nighmare, he runs into Jacob. Jacob is a ruthless Champion of Kalos that pushes Shadow Fox too far too often.
    • Bonus points for X's actual name being Jacob.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Inti gives Naruto a hard slap when he panics a little too much.
  • Glamour Failure: Naruto's Illusions are perfect, but no matter what form he appears as, his shadow does not change.
  • Glory Hound: Jerkass Rick is definetly one, hoping that his victory over X would get him instant respect.
    • As his cameo Checkmate proves, it didn't really impress Anzu/Jasime.
  • Godzilla Threshold: When Blastoise starts kicking Naruto's ass with Aura Sphere, guard captain Silver Heart decides that the only changeling strong enough to fight back is Emperor Carapace, whom left the castle earlier. In order to call him quickly, Silver steps on the Emperor's prized Foxglove flowers, an act that he knows will get him in trouble.
  • Green Thumb: Azisa is one due to being a tree spirit.
    • Emperor Carapace prefers plant and nature related spells.
    • X becomes one due to turning into a Chesnaught, whom are part Grass type.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Demonstrated in the first chapter with Rick.
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a Placeholder: X is a construction worker, not a pokemon trainer.
  • Insult to Rocks: Inti was about to make a 'you're so dumb' joke towards some Durant, but that would have been insulting to Apocalypse. She immediately subverts this, because she would insult him anyway, making this a literal Insult to Rocks.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Each chapter is named after a Pokèmon move. This can also apply to the story's name, as Swarm is a Pokèmon ability.
  • Jaw Drop: Rizen after he sees Banana Beard fly. He's obviously not used to seeing anything fly using leaves.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: Nall and Nalel find Inti in their stuffed animals. They both think she is a guy.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Naruto's changeling Illusion fades in front of a Changeling Battalion. One of them immediately points how a Illusionist snuck into a group of shapeshifters undetected, and wonders why noone noticed.
    • After Nell found her way back to the road:
      Nell was ecstatic. "Oh thank the Hive, the road. I though we were going to be lost in the jungle forever!"
      X gazed at Azisa, a grin on his face so smug and wide that looking at it gaze you a chill. "What?"note 
    • Azisa: "Why am I out of breath? I have no lungs."
  • Let Me Get This Straight...: Naruto towards Emperor Carapace.
    Naruto: "So let me get this straight. You are willing to let me essentially get off for damaging the one thing that is keeping you sane… by giving me a job?"
  • Line-of-Sight Name: When Nall and Nalel find Inti in their house, Nall names Inti Mister Frilly Face due to Inti's frill.
    Nalel: "Frilly Face?"
    Nall: "Hey, I thought up of the name in five seconds. I wasn't going for quality."
    • later when they find a Tropius in their yard, Nalel names him Banana Beard, which is also a Meaningful Name.
  • Making a Splash: Inti knows Surf.
  • The Mentor: The Voice whom talks toboth Nell and X during a Durant attack counts.
  • Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom: The Volcarona from the Volcarona Incident is named "Fire Wing the Incredibly Fiery Who Causes Storms To Flee In the Terror Of My Existence And Power Within All Eternity". X calls him Hornswoggle for short.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: X's Apocalypse (a Tyrunt) definitely counts.
  • Noodle Incident: Azisa is banned from X's tree house due to something called "The Volcarona Incident".
  • Oh, Crap!: Naruto has a tranquil one when he realizes he woke up in a hive of Bugsnote .
    • In the same chapter, Silver Heart the Changeling has one when a Blastoise pulls it's cannons out and blasts him across the room.
    • Naruto has another one one when Blastoise reveals he knows Aura Sphere.
  • One-Word Title
  • Painting the Medium: During X's nightmare, Nightmare!Silas (his father) speaks in red while Nightmare!Morgan (his mother) speaks in blue. When they speak at the simotaneiously, the text is purple.
  • Precision F-Strike: Naruto gets pushed a little too far, and rants, dropping a F bomb near the end.
  • Playing with Fire: Naruto knows Flamethrower.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: A Durant gives on to X for standing behind allies and hiding despite being an incredibly strong species.
    Durant: "You are weak Chesnaught. Your kind has great power, one I have seen with my eyes. You do not use it."
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Changeling guards Rizen and Silver Heart have this dynamic. Sivler Heart is rought and tumble one is the red while the analytical Rizen is blue.
  • Repetitive Name: Played for Laughs when Nell finds a Litleo on her journey. As she cannot understand Pokémon Speak, Nell assumes "Litleo Litleo" is his name.
    • Happens again when Nell refers to X as "Chesnaught Naught".
  • Running Gag: When Nell asks a pokemon a question she tends to reply "Is that a yes (pokemon sound) or a no (pokemon sound)?"
    • She playfully trolls with X by asking him "Is that a Yes (Pokemon sound) or a Yes (Pokemon sound)?"
  • Same-Sex Triplets: Nell and her brood sisters Nall and Nalel. Heavily implied to be common among the Changelings.
  • Serious Business: Carapace treats his garden as Serious Business. Fifty years beforehand a Griffin ambassador accidentally stepped on the Emperors most prized and favorite plants, and Carapace threatened to declare war against the Griffins because of that. Although he ultimately didn't do that, he's holding a grudge against that ambassador,the guards who didn't stop the ambassador, and their descendants.
    • His protectiveness of his Garden is justified as he explains to Naruto. He has lived a very long life and having something to focus on dulls the pains that comes with an extended lifespan.
  • Shout-Out: Silver Heart and Rizen have a conversation about Silver's date the previous night:
    Rizen: "So, how did last night go Silver?"
    Silver Heart: "Well, I did find a cute mare to have a few dances and drinks with."
    Rizen: "Really? You found a date on the first night of looking for one?"
    Silver Heart: "Yea. The date loved me. The coltfriend? Not so much.";
    "I just want to double check on something here. Did you hear a voice in your head claiming to be Arceus say that he just teleported what I can only assume to be the entirety of both the Human and Pokemon races to these lands?"
    "We're assuming that these lands are in another dimension right?Like that one show from the nineties that Apocalypse and Azisa watch bout the four dorks from college sliding around or something?"
  • Squick: In-Universe example. Nell is a little disgusted when Azisa offers her a Sitrus berry that she got out of herself. She gets over it quickly since the berry tasted good.
  • Spit Take: See Suspiciously Specific Denial below.
  • Spontaneous Pokemon Combustion: During X's Nightmare, Naruto randomly combusts, but instead of leaving behind ash, he leaves behind confetti.
  • Stealth Pun: During X's nightmare, Inti flys away using rocker powered feet that are garbed in sports team jerseys. She has athlete's foot.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    "How was the market kids?" Citel shouted to the kids in the other room, taking a sip of coffee.
    We most certainly did not in any way lose Kor and Frilly Face because giant ants made of metal kidnapped them."
    The cup Citel had in this grip fell to the ground in a crash, the coffee inside it spreading across the carpet as he spit out the coffee in surprise and horror.
    "We said that didn't happen!"
  • The Scream: X gives one when he finds out he turned into a Chesnaught. Anteater and his men hear the scream though they ignore it.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Naruto gives X a pretty harsh one for even considering leaving the changelings to the mercy of the Durant colony, despite all that X has taught him.
  • You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious: Inverted. Naruto decides to call his trainer "Jacob" instead of X to indicate his displeasure at him during his What the Hell, Hero? speech.

     Pokèmon, A Whole New Frontier 

     The City is Always Bustling On the Other Side 

  • All Just a Dream: What Nick thinks Equestria is initially. He finds out the hard way that its not
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Cheap Skate seems to be VERY fond of this
  • Instant Expert: Nick is able to control a Zoroark's illusion abilities very quickly
  • My God, What Have I Done?: A very tame example, but Nick gets this after he realizes that this is not All Just a Dream...after spending the day scaring the pants off of the residents of Manehattan, a lot of which were elderly Ponies and Foals
  • Shipper on Deck: Terra the Mawile enjoys to tease Elena the Lucario on her feelings for their trainer, Nick

     A New World - A New Game 
  • Chess Motifs: The mercenary group Checkmate has many of these
  • Expy: Simon the Excadrill. Hot blooded and boisterous, while loving to shout about how his drill will pierce the heavens
  • Fat Bastard: Mr. Aurum. He actually laughs when he believes his own son was killed.
  • Gilligan Cut: Shredder says that Checkmate is far too honourable to break into a palace for an audience. Cut to Weiss planning just that.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Demonstrated to its finest (read: frightening) in the first chapter. To explain, Checkmates' latest client hired them to...dispose of the Pokemon that his son is in a relationship with, and when Weiss claims that to do the job they had to off his son too...he doesn't even bat an eye, and goes so far as to KICK what he thought was his own son's head aside, only caring for his own reputation. Weiss and the rest of Checkmate are understandably disgusted. Fortunately, it was all a lie, and the 'head' that was used as proof was really Ganger the Ditto
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Each chapter is referred to as Moves.
  • The Lancer: Shredder.
  • Mercy Kill: Shredder wanted to do this to Roll's mother.
  • Noble Demon: While its questionable just how much Checkmate counts as 'evil', despite being mercenaries who can and will kill if necessary, the fact remains that they also hold honor very highly.
  • The Quiet One: Checkmate's Greninja barely talks.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Not night, but in a very dark place. Weiss still mocks this.
  • Taking the Bullet: Weiss claims that Mr. Aurum's son did this for the Pokemon that Weiss was hired to kill.

     A New World, Burning An Old Way 

  • Blatant Lies: Everything Winter Horn and Green Breeze say during their protest is either a complete lie or greatly exaggerated.
  • Children Are Innocent: Joltik tries to take advantage of this when Snow bribes him to give Holly Heart a scare.
    Joltik: Yep, she offered me a cookie, and since I’m just a child, I can’t be blamed for my actions.
  • Destination Defenestration: When Clay threatens to fire Holly Heart and have John kicked out of the city, John responds by throwing him out a window.
  • Demonic Possession: King Sombra's new schtick.
  • Headdesk: John unites his face with a desk when he learns he's no longer on Earth.
  • Genki Guy: Joltik.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Joltik experiences this about the bribe Snow offered him.
  • Interspecies Romance: John (a human turned Pokemon) and Holly Heart (a Pony)
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: The Feraligatr that unintentionally causes the first incident in the Crystal Empire is a she. They do have a 7 to one male to female ratio.
  • Rank Scales with Asskicking: During a training exercise, Shining Armor assumes that as the leader of his group, John would be the best fighter. Clearly untrue due his recent polymorph, but John is still able to put quite a fight with his new body.
  • Shout-Out: When John throws Clay out a window for threatening Holly Heart, his fall is cushioned by a cabbage cart.
    Cabbage Merchant: My Cabbages!
  • Title Drop: John drops the series title in chapter 5.
    John: "This is a new world, and I can live it in a new way."

     Like Night And Day 

  • Absolute Xenophobe: People from the town where the first act takes place are so afraid of the outside world that they casually calls someone who dared venture outside a 'witch'.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Tenebre's feelings toward Neige while he was the one protecting her from her father.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: The team of trappers were surrounding Tenebre when he woke up, but they either got beaten up or ran away.
  • Brainwashed: Even if it's for a small amount of time, Crazy Nail still gets mind controlled by Neige.
  • Carnival of Killers: Even if they aren't assassins, the trappers were sent by a villain to kill animals / creatures with fur for money. That includes the main characters.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: A group of normal ponies is fighting a cat with control over shadows and incredible agility. What could go wrong?
  • Curb-Stomp Cushion: In the end, the trappers actually managed to put Tenebre to sleep by accident (or sheer luck).
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Neige, even being such a nice girl, is still injured by her dark past with her father.
  • Darkerand Edgier: The sad reality that hides behind everyday's life is that people make Pokemon fight in rings for money or rapes them until they get enough.
  • Death World: In the bonus chapter, we get to see the aftermath of Earth after Arceus' plan. It wasn't pretty.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: So, you've ran away from me. Let me destroy your protector's living room then.
  • Hypnotic Eyes: Neige had to force Crazy Nail to look at her in the eyes to control him.
  • Indy Ploy: The Espeon was going to get kidnapped if Tenebre didn't do something. There is no time to make a plan when you jump in the action.
  • Interspecies Romance: Also known in the fic as 'Pokephilia'. Is often considered taboo by humans, but Tenebre still has feeling for his trainer.
  • Let's Get Out of Here: 'Mr. Sicko' ran away after half of his team was wiped out by Tenebre.
  • New Super Power: Neige now has to deal with the fact that she has psychic powers that can easily go out of control.
  • Not Himself: The way Neige acts when Tenebre gets hit by Crazy Nail.
  • Shipper on Deck: Brave keeps trying to make Tenebre ask his master out, even if those kind of relationships are taboo.
  • Underestimating Badassery: The goons' boss thinks that he only needs one of them to fight the cat that destroyed the rest of their team. Genius!
  • Unstoppable Rage: Tenebre said that he hates fighting, but to save his kin, however...
  • Violence is the Only Option: Refer to Unstoppable Rage.

     A New World, An Unusual Inferno 

     A New World, A New Conflict 
  • Anything but That!: How Alice generally responds anytime Felicia offers to share something.
  • Are We There Yet?: Sev does this during a train ride, apparently reasoning that time will move faster if he wishes it to.
  • Arrow Catch: Rio catches one meant for Trotankhamun. Trotankhamun is surprisingly nonchalant about it.
  • Big "NEVER!": Sev gives one when Lightning yells at him to stop his Are We There Yet? banter.
  • Everyone Hates Mimes: During a rather disturbing dream. When Sev dreams of attacking Petalburg.
    Their attack was a giant, cyborg Kingler that slowly advanced through the populated area. It punched buildings, stepped on cars, and pretty much made itself a bloody nuisance to everything…Well, except when it crushed a mime. There wasn’t really a loss there.
  • Evil Laugh: Sev's more an extremist, but he still has one. He also can't always control it.
    Lia: "Brother, your evil laugh is showing."
  • Fantastic Racism: Sev and the PLA towards humanity.
  • I've Come Too Far: Rather sadly, this is what Sev feels about his hatred of humans and why he can't let it go.
    Sev: I want the hatred to stop, but my heart still holds it close. If I forget it, then I will forget my friends who’ve…died helping me fight them. What would they have thought of me if I renounce everything right now? Weak, that is what.
  • I'm Crying, but I Don't Know Why: Chapter 12 has this rather hilarious spin on the Running Gag:
    Sev: Should be current, but mom’s always adamant that one should take their time…Which is meaningless when I am above time. Time fears me and my might.
    Elsewhere, Celebi, Dialga, and a certain brown stallion all couldn’t fathom why they couldn’t care less at that moment.
  • Hypocritical Heartwarming: Matilda may act like a Bratty Half-Pint towards her brother, she doesn't like anyone else bullying him.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Part of Lightning's Tsundere display towards Sev in chapter 15.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Sev's logic in Chapter 5, after Zig and Zag stole sausages from Crusty.
    Lightning: "So wait. Rio's in trouble?"
    Sev: "Yes."
    Lightning: "Because he's on your side?"
    Sev: "Uh-huh."
    Lightning: "And the twins aren't in trouble?"
    Sev: "Of course."
    Crusty: "So… Let me get this straight. Those little pups stole my food, you threatened me, and so the jackal's in trouble."
    Sev: "That's the logical conclusion."
  • Interspecies Romance: Sev and Lightning Dust.
  • Kneel Before Zod: Sev's idea of making a good first impression towards the Zebricans.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: How Sev generally does his introductions: himself, sometimes Lia and everyone else.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Felicia's response to just about everything is to hug it. Which just about everyone finds annoying because she's a Goodra.
  • The Pollyanna: Felicia is way too happy.
    Felicia: "Just look at him. He likes me already."
    Felicia: "See? Friends already."
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Commander Sev, who views himself as Arceus's chosen warrior. Played with a little in that he does have an enormous ego, but he's the leader of the PLA for a reason.
  • Tsundere: Lightning Dust towards Sev, which Lia lampshades.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Pokemon Liberation Army, basically the Pokemon equivalent of Team Plasma.

     A New World, A New Ranger 
  • Berserk Button: Don't hurt Pokemon in front of Abby, and do not suggest, even jokingly, that she might have abused Kasai.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Professor Hastings' reaction when he finds out that Abby is pregnant with Kasai's child. Doubles as a Delayed Reaction.
  • Beta Couple: Rill and Lex. Axle and Iris, which may or may not be one-sided.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Luke is in love with Abby because she saved him from slavery, but knows that he is in no position to act on it due to her relationship with Kasai.
  • Carnivore Confusion: One of the few stories to address the issue of humans and Pokemon preying on other Pokemon, in particular, Kasai's Trademark Favorite Food of battered Magikarp. That said, there's no explicit evidence of Magikarp being sapient in this series, and Kasai is and always has been in a position to know that.
  • Darker and Edgier: Remember how Solana and Lunick brought up the issue of amoral trainers grooming young Pokemon to "love" them from a young age? This story goes a step further, having one of Abby's pokemon, Luke, having been kidnapped off the street and held in a brothel as a Sex Slave for six years, until he escaped the day he evolved into a Kirlia. The story also refers to underground Pokemon battling, where Pokemon are forced to fight to the death. Like Luke, two of Abby's Pokemon, Rill (a Flygon) and Axle (a Haxorus) were rescued from such an environment.
  • Dream Weaver: Luke, who he uses it to help Vincent in A New Mind.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Team Trombley, in particular Luke (former sex slave from a young form), Axle and Rill (survivors of an underground fighting ring), Kasai (lost a leg in the field and had to get a cybernetic replacement) and Abby herself (orphaned after her parents were murdered on a ranger mission, resulting in severe anger issues).
  • Fangirl: Abby when she meets Cynthia.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Axle slaps Iris out of a Swagger attack by Grimsley, but it's a Big Damn Kiss from him that ends up snapping her out of confusion.
  • Hates Being Touched: Luke, due to his background, which includes Abby and her other Pokemon. He does however express gratitude when friends express a desire to hug him, and accepts and returns hugs from Vincent a few times, in and out of the Dreamscape.
  • Inadvertent Entrance Cue/Tempting Fate:
    Ace: You’re going to be my Pokemon Consultants and help the Guard deal with this whole mess. That means when a ten foot tall green monster crashes through a building's wall that you-
    (A ten foot tall Tyranitar stomps into the room, roaring.)
    Ace: (...I hate my life sometimes.)
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Luke towards Abby and Kasai.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: As much as Abby secretly opposes the laws against relationships such as herself and Kasai, she remains loyal to Professor Hastings (to a point) and the Rangers Union because she knows there are plenty of genuinely abusive Pokephiles out there, along with other similarly monstrous criminals such as those who put her Pokemon through hell.
  • Kick The Son Of A Bitch: Abby's runs into Blueblood soon after he ruined Gene and Belle's wedding, and, already angry after the incident betweeen Mewtwo and Luke, curses him to telepathically hear everypony else's contemptuous thoughts about him for a while.
  • Literal-Minded: Rill.
  • Mind Rape: Mewtwo accidentally does this to Luke after sensing an unusually powerful mind in the castle, comparable to that of an Alakazam or a Metagross. To satisfy his curiosity, he breaks through Luke's mental wall, traumatising them both with Luke's memories of being a sex slave.
  • The Not Secret: Abby and Kasai's relationship, at least to other Rangers' Pokemon.
  • Precision F-Strike: Abby notes that Scarlet does not swear often, so even a simple 'hell' from her is enough to make Abby wince.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Captain Ace of the Las Pegasus Guard, who refuses to prosecute Abby or her Pokemon (knowing that no jury in the world can give them a fair trial right now), instead giving them community service as consultants to the Guard.
  • Second Love: Luke and Mage, after the latter finds and comforts the former following the Mewtwo incident.
  • Seen It All: Captain Ace states as much when Abby questions whether she really wants to hear about the darker side of being a Pokemon Ranger, on the basis that Las Pegasus is the gambling and strip club capital of Equestria. She's still pretty squicked out by what Abby then tells her about Luke's background.
    • Abby has much the same conversation with Gene and Belle in a flashback. Gene states that his Pokemon have "been through a lot", but that doesn't stop them being horrified by Luke's story.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Abby's reaction after seeing a mare buck an Azurill in the face to punish it for accidentally flooding her house, leading her to unintentionally inflict her with the curse of the Ninetales.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Scarlet admonishes Abby for cursing ponies such as Blueblood, telling her that being a Ninetales does not give her that right.
    • Abby in turn calls out Belle after finding out what she did to Hastings. She also avoids any appearance of hypocrisy by turning herself in to Celestia for the above, and acknowledging she badly needs therapy.

     A New World, A New Mind 
  • Berserk Button: Vincent reacts badly to anyone hurting those he cares about, no matter how intentional it was or how hard it would have been to see coming. Case in point, Fox almost breaking Bit during his attempt to catch her. Not through any direct injury, just by sufficiently confusing him with her illusions. For her part, Alice acknowledges responsibility for this and apologises, but furiously rejects his accusation of similarities between herself and Mayhem.
  • Beta Couple: Luke and Mage, who get together in their own stories before moving to Las Pegasus on a more permanent basis.
  • Mad Doctor: Doctor Rupert Nurem, whose efforts to bridge the gap between humans and Pokemon resulted in hundreds of illegal and frequently deadly experiments, including on his own son.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: Vincent draws such a comparison between Fox and Mayhem, stating that, "from where I’m standing, the both of you break your fair share of beings on your way. Maybe you should share a cell when all’s said and done." Her response in the following chapter:
    Fox: I’ve given some thought to what you said before, and here is my answer. What makes me different from people like Mayhem is simply intent. True, I nearly broke your friend, for which I apologise...again. But at the end of the day, I never intended for it to happen. Monsters like Mayhem on the other hand, do what they do with full intent, and without remorse. While its true my methods will need some...adjustment to this new world, and I thank you all for making me see that, but I’ll say this much. I accept the blame for what nearly happened to Bit, but compare me to a monster like that again, and you’ll regret it. I will not stand for someone stepping on the pride of our legacy.
  • Polyamory: Vincent, Lucy and Midnight Song.
  • Power Incontinence: Vincent, his past traumas having an impact on his psychic powers. He gets better with coaching from Luke.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Doctor Nurem. Vincent eventually learns that he was destroyed by his mother's death.

     A New World, A New Stage 
  • Alice Allusion: Peppered throughout the fic, namely in Alice's name, her use of illusions, and in the Manehattan Heist, she even uses the famous "Curiouser and curiouser" line.
  • Banana Slip: Rascal accidentally(?) causes one.
  • Berserk Button: Judging by how he reacts to Green Lead, Jonathan really hates corrupt cops.
  • Caper Rationalisation: Fox regularly uses her heists to supply the police with incriminating information, usually regarding whoever she stole from. Alice justifies her other heists to her pony accomplices by arguing that she's forcing the police to work harder, which will make it harder for normal criminals.
  • Challenge Seeker: The Foxes are traditionally this.
  • Childhood Friends: Alice and Jonathan.
  • Clark Kenting: As of Chapter 25, Alice and Jonathan have been reunited in Equestria, and he has yet to even consider any connection between her and Fox despite knowing both are Zoroark. This also applies to other characters who have seen or interacted with both in quick succession, such as Vincent and Seth. Granted, Fox is posing as a Shiny.
  • Cultural Rebel: Well, more like a group, but Scep from the PLA clearly thinks highly of Fox, despite the organisation's hatred of humans.
  • Dating Catwoman: Jonathan and Alice. Platonically so far, though Seth has his suspicions.
  • Dirty Cop: Some of the cops that work for Mayor Grumble.
  • Everyone Can See It: Alice and Jonathan's feelings for each other are clear to everyone else on their respective teams, except for maybe Toichi.
  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences: Charlotte and Spinner talk like this, which comes as a surprise to Alice, who of course was unable to understand them before.
  • Friendly Enemy: Jonathan and Fox. When it doesn't take much for them to work together, and when they do, you'd think they've been working together for years.
  • Glass Cannon: The Fox gang as a whole. Most of them can dish out damage, but they can't really take all that much.
  • Graceful Loser: Alice's reaction to being Out-Gambitted by Twilight with a decoy book at the library - after all, part of her goal is to encourage the authorities to work hard enough to catch criminals worse than her.
  • Ignored Enemy: Not really enemies, but Scep and Rascal are more focused on arguing/fighting over who's the better thief while inside a museum they're stealing from then they are about the actual museum guards. Rascal does freeze them, so not completely ignored.
  • Just Like Robin Hood: The first Phantom Thief Fox considered this approach, to avenge an already poor family who were being persecuted by a rich one because Evil Is Petty. He changed tactics during the heist after he stumbled across incriminating documents, choosing to leak them to the authorities.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Eric and his team destroy an entire building trying to catch Fox. Jonathan didn't approve.
  • Leitmotif: Recent updates to the fic has given Fox one. Moonstruck Blossom. Jonathan gets one too in a recent update to Heist 8. Tank!
  • Lovable Rogue: Fox
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Steven and Eric trying so hard to stop Fox causes the criminal she was after to get what he was looking for.
    Rascal: Once again, thanks for ruining everything, hero.
  • Out of Order: The crossover chapters in the main story and A Brave New World were published in reverse chronological order, several months before A New Stage caught up to them.
  • Phantom Thief: Phantom Thief Fox
  • Police Are Useless: Sleight Hoof and Quick Storm admit they think pony guard standards are terrible. Alice states that her long-term goal is to change that.
  • Punctuated Pounding: Jonathan gives some to Green Lead.
    Jonathan: You! Worthless! Piece! Of! GARBAGE!
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Golden Star.
  • Scoundrel Code: “Fox never steals from the needy. Fox always returns what was stolen if it was for practice. Fox always announces their attempts first. And Fox always helps to bring down the bad guys.”
  • Secret Identity: Alice Maximilion/Phantom Thief Fox. Also, all the previous Phantom Thief Foxes.
  • Sore Loser: Judging by the extremes he went to, Eric didn't take his loss at the Museum well.
  • Speak in Unison: Several times in Chapter 19, which cuts back and forth between Alice and Jonathan telling their teams about their history together.
  • Sweat Drop: Tdnpony seems to love these.
  • Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: Jonathan, who has spent years chasing after Fox.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: Small examples, but in crossovers, its shown that Jonathan has doubts whenever it deals with Fox whenever her heists directly involve revealing a crime lord

    New World, New Bonds 
  • Berserk Button: Midnight is very protective of the others, especially Ryan, and is not above resorting to violence if they get hurt.
    • Getting in Casey's way when he wants to find his team. It's possible the only reason the argument didn't escalate further is because Casey almost gave away his past as a Team Rocket member, caught himself, and quickly tried to defuse the argument to avoid questioning.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Liu may be a friendly child, but he can really hold his own in a fight. In fact, while saving Anya, he was the only one who didn't need help fighting his opponent.
    • Midnight is a generally nice mare who will happily smack an enemy down with her frying pan for hurting anyone else in the group.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Ryan, Liu, and Casey end up pulling one when Anya is being harassed by three Dark-types.
    • And later on, Geyser pulls one to save Ryan and Mindy from a Lanturn.
  • Centipede's Dilemma: Ryan seems to do better with his hopping movement when he doesn't think about it.
    • More seriously, Casey discovers that not only does he lack a mouth to eat with, he can still get hungry - and, being a Ghost-type, he will never simply die of starvation. As it turns out, Honedge can eat, but it takes a lot of practice and not thinking about it for him to figure out how. Even then, he only seems to eat when food gets thrown at him and he acts on reflex.
  • The Comically Serious: Casey.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Casey not only becomes a Honedge, which is part Ghost-type, but was a Ghost-type-oriented trainer as a human. Aside from some snappy or cynical moments, he's not a bad guy. Anymore.
    • Harold the Trevenant is a big scary-looking Ghost-type tree. He's also incredibly polite.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Ryan, Casey, sometimes Midnight, and occasionally Anya.
  • Freudian Trio: Ryan is the ego, Casey is the superego, and Liu is the id.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Casey. It's implied that Anya, his Litwick, is a Morality Pet of sorts.
  • Keet: Liu and Midnight to varying extents.
  • Only Sane Man: Ryan, easily.
  • Precocious Crush: Ages are vague, but Anya's (very heavily) implied crush on Casey could be along these lines.
  • Running Gag: Characters such as Anya and Midnight tossing food at Casey for him to "eat".
  • Shout-Out: Casey's Trevenant is named Harold. Where else have we heard of a tree with that name?
  • Shrinking Violet: Mindy, a shiny Mudkip met at Neighagra Falls, is very shy, especially when she learns that Ryan used to be a trainer.

     A New World, A New Dawn 
  • Berserk Button : World of pain awaits those who harm Eric, Sally's trainer and best friend.
  • Broken Ace: Eric is highly intelligent, mostly cool-headed and a trainer who possess powerful team that could literally match champion level and also quite the looker even as a Hydreigon as mentioned by Sally. But deep within, something broke. The same could be said for Sally, extremely powerful Salamence, yet she still has something deep within herself that mark her life forever
  • Deadpan Snarker: Will is practically the living embodiment of this trope. Try to go on for 10 seconds without hearing him crack sarcasm
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast : An entire team with nicknames they gave to each other, one stand out....'The Dreaded Dragon'
  • Only Sane Man: The most level-headed of the group, Eric Angelo himself.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits : With the way they act toward each other, there is no other way to describe them.
  • Pragmatic Hero: The only thing Eric cares about during his 'side activites' is doing the right thing, not caring if anyone likes them or not. But he still has morals.
  • Badass Normal: Special mention goes to the group's trainer.
  • Unflinching Walk: Eric has this during the warehouse escape.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: No matter what one may portray Will as, he still care for his trainer and teammate deep within.
  • The Stoic: Painfully obvious who is the stoic one around here.
  • Lightning Bruiser : Eric's signature, Sally is this. Fast, high endurance, and hit hard at the same time. Considering she's a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, it does make sense.
  • Dance Battler : Slightly subverted, since the fire moth frequently used 'Quiver Dance' to give him an edge in battle.
  • Nice Guy: Or Girl in this case. Dawn being the most well-balanced out of her strange group of friends, even to the point of offering her own home for them to stay.
  • It's Personal: Seems Sally had a bad case of this.

     A New World, A New Way: Requiem from the Lostbelt 
  • Alternate Universe: Takes place in an alternate Book 2 which is a Crossover with the Nasuverse.
  • Action Bomb: When Akuta is captured, she literally blows herself up to escape. Of course, she doesn't die from using it as she is an elemental.
  • Actually Not a Vampire: Celestia accuses Akuta of being a vampire, much to the disbelief of everypony. Akuta denies in disgust.
  • Arch-Enemy: Sev declares Chaldea to be this to the PLA. Since the latter is meant to overthrow humanity,(at least it claims to be) and the former is all about keeping humanity alive for as long as possible. This trope falls apart though since the PLA more or less had their main goal accomplished when Arceus was freed. Although to be fair, when the PLA was under the leadership of Viper, he did have human extinction in mind. So if he was still alive, then this trope would be played completely straight.
  • Big "NO!": Axle when Sieg uses his Noble Phantasm and turns into a dragon.
  • Big "WHAT?!": When most of the main characters from Book 1 and the Legendary Pokemon learn that the planet they migrated to was an alternate Earth, their reaction is bad to say the least. This gets invoked again a few moments later when they learn that the timeline they're all living in was pruned due to humans not existing in it, which leads to a nastier reaction than the last one.
  • Bound and Gagged: When Arceus and a handful of legendaries were imprisoned, this could have described their situation, albeit they weren't physically bound nor gagged. Akuta was literally bound and gagged when she was captured. The entire legendary council went through this event in the final chapters via Enkidu's Noble Phantasm, Enuma Elish.
  • Death from Above: Kirschtaria's Grand Order: Anima Animusphere. Arceus even said that the largest meteor would be enough to kill many legendaries during the impact.
  • Elite Mooks: Arecus grants Pokemon access to Z-Moves, something which was implied to be inaccessible to Pokemon until that point, to deal with Servants due to the overpowered nature of their adversaries.
  • Entitled Bastard: Certain Pokemon characters feel that despite the fact they knowingly invaded another planet,(without knowing it was another Earth) believe that they are justified in destroying humanity and claiming the Earth as their own since Pokemon have had the short end of the stick for so long. It basically boils down to, "Humans are terrible when it comes to taking care of the planet, it should be given to us since we deserve a break after what they put us through, and we would do a better job at tending to it". Keep in mind before finding out humans existed here, Arceus still knowingly brought his Pokemon to another world that was already inhabited and just expected everyone to go along with it because he did not have the power to do it again.
  • For Want Of A Nail: The history of Equestria was supposed to play out like the show, as the story diverted from canon mid-Season 4, with history being planned out and directed by Harmony. However, little changes in events from Starswirls' time until the arrival of the Pokemon all culminated into the main plot and the Lostbelts.
  • Foreshadowing: Kirschtaria's magical circuits were pulsing once he heard the mystery of the night sky in theeyes of the Equestrians.
  • Happy Ending Override: The Pokemon, ponies, and former humans, led happy lives in the brand new Equestria. They had a new world, and a new way into their futures. However it is all taken due to the arrival of the Lostbelts, and Chaldea's goal of eradicating them all.
  • Healing Factor: Evident on both sides. Arceus and his legendaries, due the nature of Arceus as a deity, and legendaries as beings with Authority. Servants, on the side of Chaldea, especially if they have a Master to command them.
  • Killed Offscreen: As much as a battle between Okada Izou and Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres would have been legendary, pun intended, the Legendary Birds were dispatched with ease.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Servants, as heroes recorded in human history, have various weaknesses corresponding to their legend. Since they are mere recreations of the heroes, their weaknesses in legend are also recreated in their second life.
    Twilight: “But as interesting as a story that was, what does it tell us about Karna?... Does he have any weaknesses that we can exploit?”
    Mewtwo: “Well, unless we can somehow replicate the curses that lead to his death in life. It seems that Karna can only be beaten from sheer power and skill alone,”
  • Late to the Tragedy: Arceus, had he been a seconds faster, could have prevented the death of at least Articuno, as he did not realize and accept the deaths of Zapdos and Moltres until it was too late. When he teleported, it was already too late and Articuno was dead.
  • God Is Flawed: Arceus to the extreme. The story makes sure to highlight his arrogance and flaws, as well as the way he is prejudiced against humanity as a whole. Even characters like Celestia point this out.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Played with, several Pokemon characters express frustration with the fact that humanity has the Counter Force, a Sentient Cosmic Force that actively works to prevent their extinction by whatever means necessary. Although this is less out of jealousy and more because they think humans don't deserve such a powerful safety net. Of course, this leads to some wondering if it is possible to attack the Counter Force directly.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Both in the Pokemon World, and in Panhuman History. Played to the exact letter, especially in the Pokemon World, where Arceus and others' misanthropy originated.
  • Humans Arethe Real Monsters: A theme that is continued from Book 1 is how humanity is viewed in a negative light, (at least by the general Pokemon population) with some characters agreeing that they got what they deserved, even going as far as saying being turned into Pokemon is a light sentence. With the resurgence of humanity in the form of Servants sent by the Human Order aka Alaya, many characters have renewed their contempt for humans, and because humanity is trying to destroy them in order to live, they use this as a justification.
  • Humans Are Special: The very idea that human prosperity is the reason why timelines are deleted or allowed to continue is a source of outrage for several characters, as they don't belives humans should have that level of importance in deciding which worlds live or die.
  • Hypocrite: Especially in the case of the Pokemon as well as trainers who hate humanity due to their flaws. Arceus, in particular, judges humanity against their worst flaws, not even seeing that Pokemon could as very well commit them. He enforced the transformation of humans to Pokemon, not even realizing that what he had done is parallel to Humans trapping Pokemon in Pokeballs, one of the acts he despised
  • Irrational Hatred: Logically speaking, other than fighting to keep their worlds alive, humanity has no real conflict with Equus or the Pokemon. However, due to the mistreatment at the hands of the humans back in their world, certain characters have come to despise this Earth's version of humanity by virtue of being the same species.
  • Last Disc Magic: Kirschtaria's penultimate spell. More of a Second Hour Superpower due to him always having it, but not using it until the time is right.
  • Mad Bomber: Mephistopheles, as the exact epitome of this trope. An crazy clown, with his Noble Phantasm being a bomb to boot. He kickstarts the story with great and literal bang.
  • Misanthrope Supreme: Arceus and a handful of legendaries, as well as trainers like Abby completely despise humanity.
  • Oh, Crap!!: The entire Equus cast during the final chapters of the first arc. Imagine seeing the night sky, which you once thought was uncontrollable by anyone except it's sole ruler, the princess of the night, rain down meteors enough destroy life as you know it. Worst of all, it's controlled by your sworn enemy, a human mage. Even Abby swore it during the post-battle meeting.
  • Olympus Mons: Still somewhat applicable as Pokemon fight hand in hand, this time along with, their trainers. While not viable to Pokemon anymore, this describe some Servants perfectly. As ultra powerful beings Scathach-Skadi, after the loss of her Scandinavian Lostbelt reappears to assist Chaldea in their battle against Arceus and Mewtwo.
  • Our Gods Are Different: By nature of the Nasuverse, gods are a variety of beings, from beings that were born gods and being that became gods through reverence. For example,gods from the Greek Pantheon, for example, became gods through the worship of the Greek people even for their nature as extraterrestrial machines, while Quetzalcoatl and Skadi were born gods. For the Pokemon side, only Arceus is sole the deity. While not being "true" deities, Legendary Pokemon were worshipped as gods nonetheless.
  • Physical Gods: Arceus and all of his overpowered glory. Same with a few Servants and their overpowered glories.
  • Retcon: Being a non-canon story, the author retcons several things about the Newverse to better help it transition to the new continuity. Examples include: Equus being a Lostbelt Texture from the very beginning and the Planet being an alternate Earth, Blueblood's meeting with several criminals and nobles who are anti-Pokemon was actually co-funded by the Alien God Apostles and Beryl Gut, and the limbo in which the Pillars of Equestria banished themselves and the Pony of Shadows is actually the Void Sea aka Imaginary Numbers Space.
  • Sentient Cosmic Force: Alaya, the Counter Force of humanity, is responsible for sending servants to Equestria and other countries around the world. In the Nasuverse, only the Mage Society is aware of it, but Arceus and the World Leaders make the Counter Force and what it can do publicly known after learning about it from the Goddess Harmony.
  • The Worf Effect: Before the appearance of Servants, Arceus and the Legendary Pokemon were without question the single most powerful group of beings on the planet. Now with the introduction of Heroic Spirits who are more than capable of matching them in a fight, they now have an equal.