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C.I.A.: Agents is a Spanish Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction written by Angel-BlackSweet. The plot focuses on Miles Prower, formerly known as Tails, and Shadow The Hedgehog, partners on the job of being the two most skilled agents of a secret agency known as C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Area).

Set in the year 2034 in Mobius, Sonic and his friends now all have a family, and their jobs or social position have big influence. The leader of C.I.A. and 1st rank member, is an excentric human called simply as “Grandell”, who always wears a clown mask to keep his true identity as a secret, even for his agents. One day, abnormalities in time denominated “Quantic Fluctuacions” are detected, and Grandell sends his two most trusted and powerful agents, 2nd and 3rd rank, to the past in a few missions to eliminate them.


But that's not all, when Shadow and Miles aren't in their special missions they are sent to fight supernatural beings such as vampires, ghosts, were beasts, zombies and, a gang of renegade robots of Eggman from their past known as M.M.M.

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