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Miles Prower

One of the co-protagonists, an adult version of Tails who looks quite young despite his age. He used to be the only Electricity Legal Mage when the magic in Möbius was still flowing. His code name in mission is Lightning and is 3rd rank member in C.I.A.

Shadow Dark

One of the co-protagonist, an even more mature version of Shadow the Hedgehog. In an accident occurred in 2016, his body suffered a change that makes him look like a 5-years-old with a slightly childish personality, whenever he uses his Chaos Powers too much. Wears a collar with the Chaos Emeralds inside, which allows him to recover his normal appearance after at least one week. His code name in mission is Ghost, and is 2nd rank member in C.I.A.

    Other C.I.A. Members 


C.I.A.'s founder and 1st rank member. Always wears a clown mask to keep his true identity as a secret even to his agents. Is very eccentric and even a little insane. He plans to do something just to shake off his boredom and seems to have some connection with Eggman. His code name is Grandell.

Wave the Swallow

An adult version of Wave that separated of her partners and was hired in C.I.A. for her high mechanical knowledge. Is clearly jealous of Miles and break the rules to prove she is better, this caused her to be the Leader Chew Toy. Her code name in mission is “Ultrasound” and is 4th rank member in C.I.A.

Kenta the Rabbit

One of Miles' old partners since High School, who keeps a great admiration for, almost obsessive. He is a genius specialized in handheld devices and is the only character that can use magic in the 2034, due to being a Wirdzfail. His magic is known as “Impulse”, he can move anything to any direction. His code name is “Jumper” and is the 5th rank member in C.I.A., being the last agent in the Pentacorona circle.

Apple the Tigress

One of Miles' and Cream classmate in High School along with Kenta. Was once an Illegal Electricity Mage, and now is a lottery-chosen member in C.I.A. Though not a genius, is very good at genetical engineering, is divorced and has a son named Ringo. Is 6th rank agent in C.I.A., being the last high rank member, and not part of the Pentacorona circle due to the 6th rank, is a replacement rank. Her code name is “Claws”.

Ray the Flying Squirrel

C.I.A.'s most skilled member of the Elite Army.


     Authorities Meeting 

The most powerful rulers of the world and it's organizations.

Maurice Speeder

An adult Sonic that has to go by his given name against his will. King of Mobius, only takes care of the South. Sonic has changed, keeping his cool personality has given him a rather childish one. He lost his right eye, and is always covering his right arm from the public.

Knuckles the Echidna

An adult version of Knuckles that is the Chief Enforcer of the S.I.P.D. Despite his attempts to hide it, he is very stressed after his divorced with Rouge and is most of the time, if not always, smoking a cigar. Besides his strength, his uses a whip as his weapon in duty. His lost his right eye in the same circumstances as Sonic, but replaced it with a cyborg one with night vision.

Princess Elise IV

The fourth princess of Soleanna's Vatican and Elise III's only daughter. As her mother is sick, she takes her place in the meetings.


Amy D. Rose

Shadow's wife. Is a private detective and serves as an important info source for the C.I.A., S.I.P.D. and GUN. Takes care of the West side of Emerald City against terrorists attacks.

Cosmo P. Seedrain

Miles' wife. A doctor with ambiguous speciality that takes care of the North side of Emerald City against terrorists attacks.

  • Combat Medic: She is the one to keep the terrorists away from the city in the north gate.
  • Super Doc: There is nothing she can't treat. But that raises suspicions from some people.


Saria Speeder

Sonic and Maria's daughter and Monick older twin sister. Competing with her brother for being the heir to the throne, she considers herself an Angela's friend and plays cards with her very often. Like her mother is pretty skilled with the swords, and has the power of control the sounds around her. Suffers from a severe sight problem.

  • Blind Musician: Though not totally blind, yet. Her sight gets worse over the years since she's born.
  • Blind Weaponmaster: She is very skilled with the swords despite her sight problem.
  • Loud of War: Manipulates the sounds around her and uses them against the enemies.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch: She loves to tease Monick and still he is very fond of her, and is Millie's best friend in spite of how jerkass she is with her little sister.

Monick “Nick” Speeder

Maria and Sonic's youngest son and little twin brother of Saria. Besides Super Speed and looks, he is nothing like his father. Monick is very timid and prefers to be reading all day in his room rather than go outside and run. He was born with the power to control books pages by manipulating the wind, and is very skilled with his fans with knives attached to them. Despite being a shy guy, Nick is a pervert and has a one-sided crush on Angela.

Millie “Ann” S. P. Seedrain

Miles and Cosmo's eldest daughter. She is not a genius like her family, but posses a superhuman strength and was born as a mage, added to her cytokinesis. She is always accidentally breaking her house's doors. Is Saria's best friend.

Ruth Echidna-Bat

Knuckles and Rouge's daughter, and Lara-Su's half-sister. An hybrid girl who loves photography, marriage and porn magazines. She is most of the time in a dark room revealing photos, but is very social and considers herself as Angela's best friend.Ruth has a crush on Monick. Despite being described as a happy girl, she is very affected by her parents divorce.


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