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  • Tales from the Crypt had many stories based around cannibalism. The TV adaptation changed "What's Cookin'?" (a story that, despite the title, was not previously about cannibalism) to fit this trope: a Shrimp Grill owner and his wife resort to murder to protect their failing business from foreclosure. The body? They cook it as steaks and quickly become the city's most popular Steak House.
  • In a famous Venom miniseries from Marvel Comics, the symbiote develops a sort of vitamin deficiency, and starts compelling Eddie Brock to help it eat human brains. When Eddie is too repulsed to continue, the symbiote leaves him temporarily.
    • Conveniently, whatever chemical it is the symbiote gets from brains can also be received from chocolate, a way of turning what was supposed to be something dark and edgy into a Running Gag...
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    • The new Venom (formerly the Scorpion) has even less scruples, and thus doesn't have a problem with the whole "eating people" thing.
    • The Noir and 2099 incarnations of the Vulture have also shown a taste for human flesh.
    • Interestingly, there is a chemical that chocolate and the human brain have in common: phenethylamine.
  • Ragamuffin from Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl doesn't drink human blood. He massacres and eats people instead.
  • In the Ultimate universe, The Hulk has been known to eat whole people. Apparently he tries to break the habit. The manager tells Hulk to leave because Hulk doesn't have any pants on. Too Dumb to Live, maybe, but denying Hulk his pancakes must take balls of adamantium.
    • The Hulk's taste for human is explained by Banner being a vegetarian, and the Hulk being the embodiment of the side of Banner's mind that wants to break all the rules set by Banner's core persona. So in other words, eating people is the ultimate rebellion against Banner's "meat is murder" mindset.
  • Similarly, Hulk and his entire, very large family in Old Man Logan. Somewhat less justified, more just the worst landlords ever.
  • Transmetropolitan has a popular restaurant chain called Long Pig, which serves vat-grown human meat.
    • There are also implied to be communities of cannibals throughout the city who'll eat anyone who bothers them.
      They say they like politicians but couldn't eat a whole one. Political canvassers apparently keep better and mature nicely under the floorboards.
  • The DCU's Vandal Savage. "Recent archaeological evidence suggests that he may actually have invented cannibalism."
    • Semi-kinda-not-really justified in that he'll eventually die if he doesn't eat parts of his descendants. In one case Savage lost his immortality and restored it by eating a clone of himself.
    • In one issue of the Secret Six mini, he punishes the immortal Solomon Grundy by serving slices of him at a dinner party. Dr. Psycho and Cheshire are in attendance. She throws up. He asks for more.
    • Cheshire's disgust seems more about the fact that he's a rotting zombie than any opposition to cannibalism, since she gleefully takes bites out of the faces of several mercenaries in a later volume.
  • Preacher:
    • Among Herr Starr's many humiliations is losing a leg to a family of cannibals.
    • There's also the scene where, as a form of Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique, a paralyzed soldier in a hospital is given the idea that... something is happening to his arm, but no matter what, he must not turn and see. The guy talking to him then tells him a story about how he picked out his bodyguard, telling about how the bodyguard is a former Russian special forces operative who survived a snowstorm that turned into a Donner Party situation, occasionally stopping to tell the paralyzed man again not to look at his arm or even preventing him from turning his head. At the end of his story he finally lets the paralyzed man look... and the poor bastard sees that the bodyguard is in the middle of chewing right through his arm. Completely broken and shocked by the sheer horror of this, the paralyzed guy wastes no time telling them everything they want to know.
  • Providence by Alan Moore tackles the ethics of this in Issue 7. Robert Black accuses the ghouls of cannibalism, King George doesn't deny but he says that he and his kind eat the already dead, the ones which are no use to society. The last scene suggests that Pitman is in essence a Serial Killer who has murdered people and then fed their bodies to the ghouls, and then used those photographs as reference. The special references to the Great Molasses Flood and a gas leak in Boylston Street which Officer O'Brien recognizes hints that Pitman was behind those disasters and that he killed O'Brien because He Knows Too Much.
  • Marvel Comics' Skrull Kill Krew have the ability to detect the shape-shifting aliens called Skrulls no matter what form they take. They gained this ability by... eating Skrull meat. And offer Skrull-burgers to those who want to join them. Downplayed in that the Skrulls they originally ate were hypnotized into believing they were cows by Reed Richards, and then accidentally ended up in the US meat supply...
  • Also in Marvel Comics, the Wendigo is not one monster, but a human that falls under a curse that strikes anyone who resorts to cannibalism in the Canadian wilderness. (Probably; the creature has only been encountered there.)note  There have been several over the years.
    • In an issue of Spider-Woman, while in a Canadian ski lodge, Jessica Drew discovered that a murderous chef was serving human flesh to unknowing diners for the express purpose of turning them into Wendigos. She manages to stop most of them from eating anything and succumbing to the curse by playing Straw Vegetarian, knocking bits of food out of people's mouths and shouting "MEAT IS MURDER!"
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • The Blob turns out to be a cannibal in Ultimatum. How is this shown? He eats the Wasp, though he was also implied to be a cannibal during the first couple of arcs penned by Mark Millar.
    "Tastes like chicken."
    • And then Hank Pym bites the Blob's head off.
    • Magneto is also implied to eat humans, seeing them as lesser animals than him. While he may have been speaking metaphorically, Ultimate Magneto once called baseline humans the mutants' "larder", among other unflattering terms.
    • The Hulk has also threatened to eat people and ate the Chitauri leader.
  • In Universe X, Jamie Madrox is turned into a Wendigo after eating one of his own duplicates to survive in a frozen wasteland. (Disturbingly, in the previous issue Madrox is shown complaining about the lack of meat, despite the fact that all the animals in the area have been transformed into sentient beings.)
  • At one point, while possessed by an Eldritch Abomination, Giganta seduces the Atom, then when she gets the chance, swallows him whole in a rather kinky panel.
  • In Avengers: The Initiative, The Hood kills and apparently eats a lackey who has displeased him. He tells his horrified followers, "I know a lot of you have... appetites. So do I. But you will learn to control them. To be smart about how you indulge them. Or your appetites will feed my appetites."
    • It gets better - the guy he ate was Vampiro. He was mad at him for, ahem, snacking without cleaning up after himself.
  • While the amount of attention paid to it varies from writer to writer, Sabretooth has been well-established as having cannibalistic tendencies. He has a fondness for the flesh of children, at one point breaking into a kindergarten for a... "quick snack".
  • Sakhmet, Egyptian cat goddess of sex, war, and death in The Wicked + The Divine, cheerfully reminds her fellow Pantheon members that she can and will eat any enemies they need out of the way. As it turns out, she once got sober and ate her father, so it's a threat worth taking seriously.
    I am Sakhmet. I just want to eat some people.
    • And in issue 28, she slaughtered and was implied to have partially eaten a room full of worshipers at an orgy in a rage after finding out the Pantheon had been keeping the truth about Persephone's murder of Ananke from her.
  • Kevin and Cardinal Roark in Sin City.
    • Lucille is horrified into near-catatonic insanity by what she sees.
    Lucille: He made me WAAAAAAATCH! note .
  • Willy Pete from Empowered. He doesn't need to eat, he just likes doing it. And since he's a man of living fire, he can only eat superheroes and supervillains, as anything else would turn to ashes before he can get it into his mouth.
    • Also, almost everyone at the Caped Justice Awards.
  • Batman:
    • Corelius Stirk, who operates under the delusion that he needs the nutrients and hormones from people's hearts in order to stay alive, and these are best prepared with norepinephrine by inducing fear in the victim prior to death.
    • Killer Croc started out as a gangster with a skin condition, but as time has gone by, his humanity and sanity have slipped away. He does currently eat people.
    • The Flamingo is a psychotic hitman. Despite his name, as well as his pink uniform and vehicles, he is a sociopathic, mindless, killing machine, nicknamed "the eater of faces", a title he has lived up to.
    • Depending on the Writer, Poison Ivy may be hinted at doing this. She definitely has a thing for feeding people to Man Eating Plants for kicks, to the point she once went underground for a year, but racked up so many victims that the plant absorbed the minds of its victims and turned into a monster that wanted to eat her for revenge.
    • In both an issue of Grant Morrison's JLA shortly after the start of Hal Jordan's tenure as the Spectre's host and during Emperor Joker, The Joker has shown a taste for human flesh.
  • Rosa Sleen, the Cannibal Queen, from The Spider story "Burning Lead for the Walking Dead" in Titanic Tales. She leads a cannibal cult that operates out of an exclusive dining club in New York where they feed human flesh to an unsuspecting upper crust. The meals include a drug that instills its victims with an insatiable lust for human flesh.
  • Nanaue/King Shark started out as a serial killer in Superboy (1994) that eats his victims. Notably in the DCU it had already been long established that leaving a body uneaten is the highest form of disrespect a shark can show the dead which may have something to do with it. His father is an Animalistic Abomination which explains his odd morality, such as him eating his mother's arm even though he seems to care for her.
  • The mountain trolls in ElfQuest are strongly implied to be elf-eaters (and, less strongly, troll-eaters). Their Go-Back elf enemies retaliated: In one scene after returning to her tribe, Kahvi took a troll hand off someone who had his mouth full and said "Troll meat!?! I thought we gave that up".
  • One scene from Wanted shows the Big Bad, Mister Rictus, sitting at a dinner table dining on the innards of a man who has been hogtied and placed on a large serving plate. This is how we know that he's the really bad one, as opposed to the protagonists, who are just mass murderers, rapists, and secret dictators.
  • At one point of Supergirl storyline Bizarrogirl, the titular Bizarro character threatens to eat Jimmy Olsen, though she may not understand the implications of the threat.
  • During the Emperor Joker arc in the Superman books, the godlike Joker decides to have Chinese for lunch...all billion+ of them.
    • There there was a brief cameo he made in a Justice League of America story where he makes an offhand reference to eating a tongue sandwich...
  • Spider-Man villain Vermin is a human rat who lives in Absurdly Spacious Sewer and eats unlucky bypassers. He can also command rats and often invites them to join in.
  • One issue of Heavy Metal had a story with a very weird take on it. A Buxom Wench is crossing the medieval countryside when three rapists attack her. A large man drives them off, and the BW comes with him to the abandoned castle he lives in. He tells her that his strength comes at a terrible price; he's a werewolf. Tonight is a full moon, and as always, he locks himself in a dungeon cell, and tells her not to let him out. Unfortunately, once night falls the rapists come back for revenge, but in a twist, instead of letting the werewolf out, the BW kills them all herself. Then in an even more bizarre twist, when the sun rises and the werewolf is human again, the BW tells him that he broke out, killed the rapists and ate them. The narrator notices, however, that the remains show that they had been roasted over a fire. Werewolves don't cook their victims, do they?
  • "Casket Canyon" in Jonah Hex #66 features an isolated town forced into a No Party Like a Donner Party situation. However, some of the townsfolk seem to have become quite fond of the taste of human flesh and will cheerfully kill and eat any strangers who wander into town.
  • The Punisher MAX villain Nicky Cavella earned his reputation in The Mafia as follows: during a sit-down in an Asian restaurant with a Triad boss, said boss is eating a dish and arrogantly telling Cavella they won't back down in the face of the local Mafia, claiming he has three strong sons backing him up. Cavella tells him, "Two strong sons," and informs him that he and his two henchmen had arrived early and replaced the kitchen staff, and that the boss' youngest son "never made it home from school." It's then revealed what happened to that son's body, as the boss stares at his food in horror.
  • A witch and her evil husband in a story by Wilhelm Busch (though she turns the boy into a pig before; does that count?)
  • An issue of the revamped CREEPY comics had a story about a homosexual couple, one of which was a cannibal, the other one wanted to be his victim.
  • In one Star Wars comic Jabba the Hutt breaks out of prison by devouring his captor alive.
  • The Hunters from The Walking Dead had taken to cannibalism due to being terrible hunters, and people making easier prey. They'd started by eating their own children, and said after that it was easy to eat others... At least, until they made the mistake of hunting Rick's Group, who proceeded to wipe them out with a vengeance.
  • Twisted Tales had an infamous story called "Banjo Lessons." A man is on trial for the murder of his three best friends. His defence in court is that he had a psychotic break caused by rage over an incident where they killed and ate their dog (Banjo) while trapped during a snowstorm on a hunting trip. However, the defendant's story breaks down and he has to admit he was lying - Banjo was not a dog, but their hunting guide.
  • The Eye Focus in King City chow down on human flesh, among other "weird and cruel" dishes, in their restaurant across the street from the protagonists' hideout.
  • Zilla, Rodan and possibly Gezora from the ongoing IDW Godzilla comics.
  • The Maneater from Runaways. They don't call him that for any reason other than the obvious. Later, after he pisses off Nico Minoru, she magically turns him into a vegan.
  • The Scavengers - Krok, Misfire, Crankcase, Flywheels, and Spinister - in Transformers: More than Meets the Eye go around to old, abandoned battlefields and harvest parts and fuel from the bodies. They're not too hung up on whether or not the bodies are completely dead, either, as witnessed when they start to snack on Fulcrum only for him to wake up with Misfire still holding his fuel tank.
  • Violine: When arriving in Zongo, Violine hides away in someone's bag to avoid the customs official. After being told the bag contains food, Violine is discovered and the customs official accuses the man of cannibalism. After some bribes, he lets them go, telling him to have a nice dinner. Violine reads his mind and sees he was not joking about the cannibal part.
  • In the very rare Macabre Special of Condorito, he eats people. In one comic, he is a surgeon that eats the body of his patients. In another one, he eats his own father.
  • 52 had Everyman, a shapeshifter than could transform into anything that he had congested. If you did the math, then congratulations on figuring out how he can impersonate someone. His real name's even Hannibal.
  • Vampirella had mysterious Hollywood producer Beatrice Gorgonzola (née somewhere-on-an-alien-planet) who learnt the hard way that Vampirella is inedible. (To add insult to injury, Vampirella nibbles a bit at HER shoulder. And then calls the police, who find tons of body remains in the cellar and ask no further questions.)
  • Warlord of Mars: The polar races are prone to cannibalism: the White Martians subsist in Red Martian flesh, and in turn, the Black Martians subsist on White Martian flesh.
  • Wynonna Earp: Boone Helm is an immortal, psycho cannibal. Such is his reputation that he even scares Doc Holliday.
  • Rumors and superstition surround the revivers of Revival, including the idea that eating the flesh of a reviver allows the eater to become one. A society of Idle Rich even pay a reviver to allow them to eat him. In at least one case this actually works.
  • The bog people of Red Sonja: The Art of Blood and Fire eat outsiders who wander in their domain as a delicacy.
  • Subverted in The Walking Dead: The Governor briefly mentions trying human flesh but apparently he doesn't like it.
  • Wonder Woman
    • Villain Doctor Psycho enjoys human flesh on occasion, in addition to his even less appealing habits. In Secret Six, when they find out they're eating Solomon Grundy. Cheshire throws up. Psycho asks for more.
    • Circe eats people on the regular, however rather than cooking up a human she transforms them into pigs, chickens or whatever other kind of meat suits her fancy before slaughtering them.


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