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  • Little Red Riding Hood used to have more gruesome elements to it. In certain once-common tellings, the Big Bad Wolf didn't just eat Red Riding Hood's grandmother — he fed her the leftovers.
    • The Newgrounds flash animation Red Riding Hood features this.
    • Hoodwinked!, the 2006 animated adaptation of this story, features a Fridge Logic example: a few police officers seen at Granny's house are pigs. But at the same time, we learn that Kirk sells schnitzel on a stick out of a truck. Schnitzel, for the record, is created from pork, which comes from pigs. Unless we to assume there are two different kinds of pigs - sentient and non-sentient types - existing in this part of the forest, you wonder what would happen if a pig ate something from Kirk's truck.
  • In some versions of Snow White, the evil queen wants Snow White's heart returned to her by the woodsman to eat (and also possibly regain youth and beauty, like historical pseudo-vampire Elizabeth Bathory, who bathed in young girls' blood for this reason, following local folklore).
    • In the original version from The Brothers Grimm, it's not the heart, but the lungs and the liver. The queen eats them (that really belonged to a young boar).
  • In Sun, Moon, and Talia (a forerunner of "Sleeping Beauty"), the King (not Prince) already has a wife who, in jealousy, has Talia's (Sleeping Beauty's) children sent to the palace chef to be killed. The chef takes pity on them and kills a couple of goat kids instead and passes them off as the children to the evil Queen, who then feeds them to the King. When the King finds out he kills his wife and marries Talia. Incidentally, the children are his... through rape/necrophilia.
    • In Perrault's Sleeping Beauty, the only difference is the woman trying to eat them is her mother-in-law (and there is no rape and the kids are born in wedlock). The mother-in-law even insists on having Sleeping Beauty and her children cooked in sauce Robert.
    • There's one variation that's arguably even worse, where Sleeping Beauty, realizing she's got two children by rape, eats them.
  • In The Juniper Tree, a stepmother kills her stepson by chopping off his head with a chest lid. She then hides the body by cutting it up and using it to make a stew. And her husband spends the meal saying how tasty the meat is!
  • In The Wonderful Birch the girl's biological mother is turned into a sheep by a witch. The witch then takes the mother's form and convinces the girl's father to kill the sheep and have it for dinner. The mother-turned-sheep instructs her daughter not to eat the meat but instead bury the bones under a tree, so she can later help the girl.
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  • According to many Russian fairy tales, the witch Baba Yaga is a cannibal.


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