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  • The infamous manga Asura. Titular character is an eight years old axe wielding kid who ate humans for a living. His mother also tries to eat him during his infant age.
  • Used to terrifying effect in Attack on Titan. The Titans are a bizarre race of giant humanoids who have no particular behaviors except eating people... but not for food. They don't derive nourishment from eating people, and can't even digest them in the first place; when it's full, a Titan regurgitates it all back up, and is ready for seconds. They apparently eat only for pleasure, and that's why humanity only has one settlement left.
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  • In the obscure manga Because I'm the Goddess, one of the protagonist Aoi's sisters loves this trope. She ate several of her own personal maids - and her pet parrot - because she loved them so much. She's also in love with Aoi, and guess what that means...
  • Many of the Apostles of Berserk love eating people. Bonus points for the fact that all of them were once human themselves.
  • In Bleach,
    • Aizen claimed he would eat Ichigo in the future, but was defeated before he could even attempt this.
    • This is Liltotto Lamperd's power. She's a petite Little Miss Badass who can stretch her mouth and tongue to Body Horror degrees, and she uses it to eat several Shinigamis/Soul Reapers. She comments that they don't taste good, but eats them anyway.
  • Kupffer cells in Cells at Work! CODE BLACK work as Belly Dancers until a blood cell snuffs it on their watch. Then they have them brought into the back room, where they eat the corpse. While it's treated like a dirty secret, the process, called "apoptosis," is a part of the body's proper function, so it doesn't upset our protagonist when he chances to see it done.
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  • A Certain Magical Index: Accelerator has been shown on two occasions absentmindedly chewing on a piece of someone he killed. He later comments that it's not really appetizing.
  • Suehiro Maruo's manga A Defenseless City is set in WWII Tokyo. A midget befriends a destitute mother and her son (the father has gone to war), and hires her to work in his stall that sells roast chicken splits. One day the boy disappears, and the mother, after a long fruitless day of search, is consoled by the midget, who offers her a dish of "chicken" splits. She eats, not realizing that she is partaking the flesh of her son.
  • Dissolving Classroom features a truly bizarre version of this, as Yuuma's apologies cause people who hear them enough to liquefy, and his sister Chizumi enjoys consuming the left-over goop.
  • Even the world of Dragon Ball is no stranger to cannibalism:
    • After Goku is seemingly killed by Piccolo, Yajirobe muses about eating him.
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    • Before then, Yajirobe gleefully eats one of Piccolo's children and immediately wants seconds.
    • The first appearance we have of Nappa and Vegeta is them eating corpses of the inhabitants they just wiped out.
    • In order to develop and get stronger, Imperfect Cell has to absorb humans by drinking them through his syringe-like tail. He does this to an entire city.
    • While he doesn't directly eat people, Majin Buu likes to turn people into sweets, using his candy beam. Thankfully he stops when Mr Satan tells him what he's doing is least until the true Majin Buu awakens (though he's more interested with killing everyone than eating people).
  • Possibly the case with the Russian Sushi restaurant in Durarara!!, although it's likely/hopefully just an urban legend. Simon is oddly insistent that the sushi is made of fish, not people, but in a later episode threatens some thugs that if they don't stop beating someone, they will provide ingredients for the sushi.
  • One of the running themes in The Eccentric Family is about loving what you eat, eating what you love, and other related gastronomic questions. Though what is actually being eaten is mostly tanuki, not humans. The main characters are mostly tanuki, not humans, too.
  • Banica Conchita from Evil Food Eater Conchita becomes a cannibal after making a contract with the Demon of Gluttony to eat literally anything (her mother before her, suffering from the Gula disease that made her ravenously hungry, almost ate a servant before being killed.) In the Evillious Chronicles franchise, cannibalism and eating meat in general is attached to the Demon of Gluttony as part of the sin.
  • In the backstory of Fairy Tail, the Dragons were of two minds concerning humanity. Some Dragons loved humans. Other Dragons also loved humans — as snacks.
  • One chapter of Franken Fran had the victim's body being sliced up and served as dinner. Fran, being a Mad Scientist, was immediately able to identify it as human meat. Fran, being a Mad Scientist, didn't say anything at first since she thought that this was what the guests intended to eat in the first place.
    • In another chapter, one of Fran's patients (probably accidentally) eats her boyfriend while having sex with him, probably as a side effect of the insect DNA used to regenerate her body.
    • Another chapter has a serial killer who eats parts of her victims. It turns out she's self-medicating her autoimmune disorder with oral tolerance. She ends up getting CJD from it.
    • And then there's Fran's big sister Gavrill, an Ax-Crazy murderer who loves chowing down on her kills.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Gluttony is an Extreme Omnivore whose only concern in life is eating people, all kinds of objects, and chunks of ancient ruins. Fellow homunculus Pride ends up devouring him and develops a similar appetite.
    • The Cyclops Army fits the Zombie Mooks variant of the trope.
    • After melting him down into philosopher's stone residue, Father drank Greed, his "son". Later on, Father gets another act of cannibalism going One-Winged Angel and then devouring his empty shell of a body.
    • In the first anime, all of the homunculi would fit this at some point, as they become whole and get their powers from eating the "red stones" which are made of human sacrifices. Envy remarks on enjoying the taste.
  • In one episode of Gregory Horror Show, the main character is offered a bowl of stew from Gregory. Wary enough due to the creepy atmosphere of the hotel, the guest refuses until Gregory mentions the last guest to refuse the cook's food disappeared, two weeks ago. Seeing the chef standing behind Gregory, the guest changes his mind and starts eating...and discovers a gold tooth-filling in one of the bites. Cue Gregory gleefully telling the main character that "[the stew] has been marinating for two weeks now."
  • The Lost Number Aptom, of the anime and manga series Guyver, has a unique approach to this. He ''fuses'' with his victims and assimilates their bio-mass. This allows him to supercharge his regeneration to Nigh-Invulnerability levels, although as the series progresses developments taken by Chronos means that Good Thing You Can Heal starts getting more a look in. Despite this repulsive method of "feeding", and the fact his goals are explictly selfish (vengeance against Chronos and proving himself the most powerful life form in the world), he's actually treated as some sort of hero.
    • Mainly because if he succeeds, it still works to the heroes' benefit to some degree.
  • The Chimera Ants of Hunter × Hunter can eat any animal, but begin to dine exclusively on humans after their Queen gains sapience and intelligence after eating a couple of human children. Eating humans not only grants the new generation of Ants human intelligence, it also gives them the potential to develop Nen abilities.
    • There are also a number of other examples of human-on-human cannibalism in the series, including a minor character who is a serial killer and claims to prefer the flesh of 22 year old women, and Hisoka nibbling on his own dismembered arm during a fight.
  • Karin: In the Chibi Vampire Airmail book, a young boy is looking for his girlfriend. He is actually that missing girlfriend. The main character finds him cooking a pot of stew. Guess what's IN the pot...
  • Mazinger Z: The Chip Kamoy in one of the manga versions (the version penned by Gosaku Ota, to be exact). They were a species of giant, fish-like, maneater humanoids from another dimension that raised herds of humans like cattle. However they had depleted their homeworld's natural resources and were running out of food, so they crossed over to our dimension to find more preys. It can be interesting mentioning one of them declared "humans taste better when they are skinned".
  • Zetsu from Naruto is this, but only does so with the corpses that Akatsuki doesn't want to have lying around, and has only done it about three times thus far. He might have done more given the opportunity, but Konoha was pretty good about guarding the corpses after the first two.
  • Using the expanded definition of "human" in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Unit 01 does this. To be fair, she needs to absorb the S2 Organ, a vaguely-described infinite energy generator, in order to save the human race, and it can only be found inside the bodies of Angels... But did she really have to get it out with her teeth?
  • One Piece : Sanji's mentor "Red Leg" Zeff survived a long wait on a deserted island by eating his own leg. The Squick is mitigated by the fact that he only did so because he'd given every other scrap of food available to Sanji.
    • In a early side-story, Buggy the Clown had to deal with a Wacky Wayside Tribe that was going to eat his crew.
    • Here's a non-human subversion from One Piece. Hatchan, an octopus fishman who was a henchman in the early Arlong saga, resurfaced as a purveyor of takoyaki at Sabaody Archipelago. Takoyaki is made with octopus. He is aware of this, and says he makes his takoyaki with other tentacled creatures like squid.
    • Big Mom has no problem with eating her own henchmen. This was an Establishing Character Moment for her by the way: this was one of the first things we see of her alongside destroying islands if they don't give enough candy and other examples that she's kind of nuts.
    • Apparently eating someone with a Devil Fruit power, gives you that Devil Fruit power. During Big Mom's flashback, she's heavily implied to having accidentally eaten her foster mother and siblings, the former of whom had the Soul-Soul Fruit before Big Mom, which is how Big Mom got her powers.
  • The entire concept of The Promised Neverland is this. The demons raise human children in farms to eat, with Grace Field being one of the most prestigious and producing the highest quality meat. The demons do love the taste of human flesh, especially that of intelligent humans, they also need it to maintain their forms. The demons take on the shape of whatever animal they eat. To stay sentient and intelligent, they need to eat human meat. That is, until Musica and Sonju provide their cursed blood to help the demons stay in their shape without humans.
  • Rurouni Kenshin villain Shishio is The Social Darwinist, and often likes to repeat the line "the flesh of the weak is the food of the strong". During a fight with Kenshin, he decides to literalize that philosophy, and takes a bite out of Kenshin. He eats said bite in the anime, though in the manga he spits it out.
  • In RG Veda, Taishakuten ate King Ashura to absorb his powers.
  • In Sands of Destruction, Porcus Rex is specifically stated to be so fat because he feasts on humans all the time. Humans in general are regarded as livestock, meaning most beastmen see no issue with using them as either slaves or food.
  • In Spice and Wolf, where Holo is, despite her tendency to stay in the form of a 15 year old girl with a wolf's ears and tail, actually a animal spirit in the form of a wolf roughly the size of an elephant. Lawrence, as he notes, has seen wolves eat humans, and early in the series asks Holo if she's ever done the same (she started it by joking about wolves eating people); Holo simply looks sad and refuses to answer. There are hints of her being willing to do it, especially if Lawrence is threatened (episode 6 of the first season hints at it happening when she attacks Chloe's thugs and she's about to finish off Chloe for all the trouble she's given them before Lawrence stops her, while near the end of season 1 Lawrence has a premonition of her eating Nora for trying to challenge her with Enek), but she doesn't seem to particularly enjoy it or want to do it.
  • The Mariages from StrikerS Sound Stage X were revealed to have some taste for human flesh when Jail Scaglietti mentioned that the associate of his that planned to use them on various worlds was devoured by the very soldiers he mass-produced.
    • Also, in the original series, Arf threatened to eat Nanoha to get her out of Fate's way. Given both Fate and Arf's personalities, it was almost certainly a bluff.
  • The title characters of Tokyo Ghoul are (predictably) all this way to some degree, from Picky People Eater Tsukiyama to the "Binge Eater" Rize to the so-called "vegetarian" Kaneki Ken. Of course, as the story is told from their perspective, this is a more sympathetic portrayal than most.
  • Tomie can regenerate From a Single Cell each time she dies, but eating human flesh speeds up this process significantly.
  • Super Megatron in Transformers: Return of Convoy decides to show how evil he is by eating a bunch of humans.
  • Invoked a few different times in Umineko: When They Cry, most memorably during the banquet during the second arc's tea party.
  • In Uzumaki, all those lovely mushrooms were really the placenta from the babies born. To add to the horror, the placentas grew back every night, ready for lunch the next day.
    • It doesn't stop there. The mothers drink the blood of other patients and personnel every night, first using piercing tools like braces and drills, then mutated mosquito-like proboscises. And near the end, lots of people seem to think that those affected by the snail curse look mighty tasty...
  • In Witchblade during the first few bouts of transformation/takeover by the Witchblade Masane licks a strange substance that oozes out of damaged Excons and iWeapons. They are based on an imitation of the Witchblade's properties, including the transforming field, so this more or less resembles eating one's own cloned tissue. Considering how they were created, the subject is invoked twice. In 9th episode Masane controls herself and shows no desire to repeat this trick, nor is expected to do it, after The Reveal.
  • There are quite a few demons in Yu Yu Hakusho that have a taste for human flesh, and for some of them, it's the only thing that they can eat. Raizen, one of the Three Kings in the Demon World and one of those who could only digest human meat, tells his descendant Yusuke that he actually sees this kind of trait as a weakness and notes that his descendant losing the need to feed on humans is a rapid evolution to cope with the current situation. After all, the Spirit, Demon, and Human worlds are all just part of the same whole, and in the near future, there will be ordinary humans going to the Demon World just because they feel like taking a vacation. When that time comes, demons like him will only be in the way. For Yusuke's part, he doesn't actually blame maneating demons for their diets, believing that they can't help that they must eat humans to survive.
    • Demons are not the only ones to do this, as evidenced by human psychic Sadao Makihara, otherwise known as "Gourmet". His special abilities allow him to devour humans (and possibly demons) to copy their abilities. He's stopped after he ate the Elder Toguro brother, who's own abilities allowed him to parasitically take over Sadao's body and mind.


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