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Mrs. Puff: Oh, SpongeBob... why!!!?
SpongeBob: Mrs. Puff, I think I cheated.
Fred: MY LEG!
— That moment from "Boating School", a.k.a. the fans' reaction whenever one of those moments are broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Given that it has been on the air for over two decades by this point, the undersea creature SpongeBob SquarePants and his Bikini Bottom friends are bound to have moments we will always remember, moments we can't remember, and moments that we wish we'd forget and belong in DAVY JONES' LOCKER!!!


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    Seasons 1- 3 (Pre-Revival) 
  • Anonymous: To prove that not everything pre-season 4 was an outstanding classic, "Sleepy Time" shows that all the characters' Jerkass tendencies went as far as the first season, where after SpongeBob visits the character's dreams and ruins them, and Sandy, showing that she's a Small Name, Big Ego, even in the first season said to him: "Do us all a favor and stay out of our dreams", accompanied by Squidward's "Don't we get enough of you during the day, SpongeBob?!" and everyone, including his so-called "friends" yells at him for getting into their dreams. Alright, how did they possibly know that SpongeBob snuck into their dreams where he could've just happened to be in them?! I can understand Squidward and all, but the rest of the characters, including Mr Krabs (who back then, cared about SpongeBob, despite his obsession with money) and Sandy?! Even Gary and Pearl show up despite the fact that their dreams were the only two that SpongeBob didn't ruin! That is just the lowest of the low and one of the weaker bunch of the first three seasons!
  • ShinyRaikou: Not the entire episode, but "Pressure" definitely has a Dethroning Moment of Suck. Sandy takes off her helmet and suit, throwing them on the ground. Note for a moment that she needs those to fucking breathe. What do her 'friends' do? They laugh at her. You can see her lungs shrivel up and they just laugh. She finds a pickle jar and puts it on just in time. And her friends continue to mock her for it! Dude, not funny! It doesn't even have the defense of being made after Season 3!
  • haroldflower: For me it's definitely "Born Again Krabs" because of one specific moment. I have no idea why people think that Krabs became flanderized after the movie- clearly it started way before that and this moment solidifies it. When the Flying Dutchman accuses him of being cheap and tries to send him to Davey Jones' Locker, SpongeBob sticks up for Krabs. But here's the DMOS, Krabs sells SpongeBob's soul to the Dutchman for 62 cents. The Krabs who comforted SpongeBob when he cried in "Squeaky Boots?" The Krabs who cried with grief over SpongeBob's apparent deaths in "Hooky" and "Dying for Pie?" The Krabs who worried about SpongeBob when he was sick in "Suds?" That Krabs died a long, long time ago. Because that Krabs would never, ever even think about selling the little guy's soul to what is the undersea equivalent of the Devil, and send him to the undersea equivalent of Hell. Even Squidward of all people is disgusted by Krabs' behavior. "One Coarse Meal" is nothing- This is the episode that ruined any goodness of Krabs' character, because he gleefully attempted to send the lovable, innocent, sweet SpongeBob to Davy Jones locker.
  • ZehMonsieur: It's not a bad episode altogether, but "Krabby Land" has a particular moment that I cannot stomach at all. In the episode, Krabs opens up an "amusement park" next to the Krusty Krab made out of junk in the hope that children will play there and purchase his food during summer vacation. To make sure they don't leave early, he has SpongeBob entertain the kids to stall for time until Krabby the Clown arrives, when he's really just counting the children's money. Spongy puts himself through physical hell keeping the kids occupied, going from pouring bubble mixture into his eyes, to being run over by a truck, to being ripped in half. The real low for the episode comes in when SpongeBob, already given much of himself, rushes into Krabs' office, clearly bruised and missing his limbs, simply telling Krabs he doesn't know if he can stall them for much longer. Krabs' response to his hardest-working employee amounts to little more than "piss off and stop thinking of yourself;" and when Krabs finds out the kids are playing with SpongeBob's arms and legs, he's concerned not for the yellow guy's safety, but that the children will break his windows. In the past, Krabs has been shown to be caring of SpongeBob's well-being (giving him time off to get his mind back in order in "Pickles;" sending him back home when he's clearly ill in "Suds;" etc.), so seeing him act so callously and disregard SpongeBob's physical health in favor of money would not seem out of place in a post-movie episode. Even if he does get what's coming by the end of the episode, it's still quite jarring to see the normally affable and friendly Krabs behave like the money-grubber he'd be Flanderized into.
  • megatroper123456: This is the first episode (chronologically) that I really didn't like, "Valentine's Day". Not only is it kind of random for SpongeBob to be doing a special that counters the main character's asexuality, but Patrick is pretty a much a bratty, childish jerk, throughout the whole thing. Him getting so unhappy, after his best friend gives him, what he considered, his Valentine's gift (a friendly hand shake), it completely killed the mood as he just gloomily went around the Valentine's Day Carnival, unusally pissed with what SpongeBob had done. Not to mention, at the end, he goes batshit insane, completely destroying the carnival, and oh, that part where the whole crowd is trying to get Patrick to look around to Sandy and Patrick is like "No, I'm just practicing my prick-ishness for the Post-Movie episodes!" is pretty grating. So yeah, Patrick constantly pestering SpongeBob for his gift, acting like a 5-year old when it appears to be underwhelming, wrecking everything in sight (also inadvertedly at the end when the chocolate bubble bursts) and getting no punishment of any kind make this one of my least favourite episodes, and definitely my least-favourite Pre-Movie episode.
  • treehugger0369: Initially, I had the infamous bit from The Card as my DMoS, but after some thought I realized there was a pre-movie episode that could give some post-movie episodes some competition in the cruelty department: The Bully from season 3. The basic plot is that a bully becomes a new student at Mrs. Puff's Boating School and constantly pursues SpongeBob, threatening to kick his butt. SpongeBob does nothing to deserve this, Mrs. Puff is absolutely no help, and neither is his best friend Patrick(apparently he and the bully were college buddies. No, IDK how Patrick could get into college), the bully has no sort of motivation(not even the Freudian Excuse cliche) and continues even after SpongeBob saves his life, and even after the bully gets his comeuppance, Mrs. Puff then sees what happened and threatens to kick SpongeBob's butt. If this was after Demolition Doofus, Mrs. Puff's behavior would have made some sense, but she has no excuse whatsoever for how she treated SpongeBob when he was fearing for his life!(In one scene, SpongeBob's seen writing a will, and when the bully catches him, SpongeBob tries to do the "dying confession" bit with Gary but is too scared).
  • Thepenguinking2: From "The Great Snail Race", nothing in the series scarred me more than poor Gary falling apart after over-exercise. Not even the infamous Toenail Scene or Gary getting nearly eaten in "A Pal for Gary". Me being a huge fan of Gary, it was incredibly hard to see Gary's shell getting blasted off and showing car parts within it, despite how cartoony it was. Even with Puffy Fluffy trying to eat Gary, there weren't any visual injuries. Sure, SpongeBob realized him over-working Gary resulted in this, but it's still not enough to forgive him for doing it in the first place. Most of the episode wasn't really that great, with the really expect-able ending where Patrick's rock managed to win, that Brick Joke that the episode really could've done without, and that honestly boring "Misspelling Squidward's name" joke, but this part of the episode stood out the most, and made me hate the episode more than any modern-SpongeBob episode to date.
  • Princess Togezo: I thought "The Sponge Who Could Fly" was a decent episode, but there is one moment from that episode that utterly fell flat for me: the part after Patchy sees the fake opening for the lost episode, where he concludes that "SpongeBob betrayed us" and immediately starts trashing all of his merchandise. Okay, shouldn't Patchy have at least watched the tape the whole way through before concluding that the episode was a bust, especially since he worked so hard to get it? More to the point, this is essentially a grown man throwing a temper tantrum and swearing off his favorite show forever just because of one underperforming episode (yes, it was the lost episode, but maybe it was lost for a reason, like just being a simple animation test or something). That idea should be ridiculous enough to laugh at (especially since Potty lampshaded Patchy's tantrum afterwards, calling him a "hothead"), but I honestly can't tell if we were supposed to laugh at the moment or cry at it; Patchy's overreaction in general (and stuff like ripping out his underwear) implies comedy, but some of Patchy's words (particularly "I'm sorry I ever became a fan in the first place!") and especially the music imply that this was supposed to be taken seriously. I neither laughed nor cried at this moment, instead finding it really uncomfortable (Patchy's restoring the merchandise after learning that the real lost episode is about to start does little to mitigate it), and I always try to skip over this moment when I watch the episode.
  • The Doctor 1996: I have always considered the episode "Hooky" to be a DMOS for two reasons. The ending and the premise. The episode would have been much better if SpongeBob's humiliation was a "what if" moment rather than something that actually happened. But what really made me hate this episode was the revelation that Squidward was the one who hooked SpongeBob. I accept that Squidward is a big jerk but in seasons 1-3 he did show some kindness to SpongeBob at times in episodes like "Pizza Delivery" and this episode makes Squidward look like a complete bastard. Is it really risking someone's life just to teach them a lesson about hooks? The other problem is the premise. It just seems to be an episode where the creators want to humiliate a character for the sake of comedy. The logical failures in the episode imply this. First of all; if there is an area of Bikini Bottom called "Fish Hooks Park" why are there no barriers preventing sea-life from going there or at the very least a few signs advising sea-life to stay away? And if SpongeBob lives in a pinapple under the sea, how does he not know about the dangers of hooks? I accept that he can be stupid but if he values his life then he should know. It's like someone living in the French Alps not knowing the dangers of avalanches. These logical failures imply to me that this episode was made purely so the creators could humiliate a character in the cruelest way possible and use it as a form of comedy.
  • Yellow-Spider-Kitty: While I do think "Something Smells" is a funny episode, One part I can not stand is how it ends. Scarth that there is no ending. I'll explain after they find out it was the sundea that gave them the bad breath, they run around saying "We Stink" and hug Squidward. Even if it's suppose to be a joke it just makes no sense and it's a pretty corny ending in otherwise a solid episode.
  • Mario And Sponge Bob Fan: For me personally, I think "Can You Spare a Dime?" featured pre-movie Squidward at his most ungrateful. First, he singlehandedly quits his job over a Rant-Inducing Slight from Mr. Krabs and as a result ends up homeless, but that's not what gets me about this episode. SpongeBob lets Squidward stay at his house and he practically milks it for all it's worth, forcing SpongeBob to pamper him and refusing to get a job even when SpongeBob screams in his face to do it. On top of that, Squidward receives no comeuppance for his outrageous behavior, and resumes arguing with Mr. Krabs like at the start of the episode. As much as I love Squidward, this episode made me want to punch him in the face!
  • Danny Lightning Lightner: Season 1 is my far my favorite, but there's one scene that's really hard to watch. I don't think Squidward's a bad guy, but "I Was A Teenage Gary" quite possibly shows him at his worst. In the beginning of the episode, SpongeBob leaves Gary in Squidward's care for the weekend. Instead of begrudgingly taking care of SpongeBob's pet like a decent person would do, Squidward totally neglects to give Gary food or water for the entire weekend. As a result, Gary becomes extremely dehydrated/malnourished. When SpongeBob returns from his trip, he's visibly distressed by Gary being sick, and he literally hugs Gary while sobbing. And Squidward doesn't even care that he's almost killed his neighbor's pet, or caused his neighbor to break down crying! The rest of the episode isn't bad, but the beginning is just so hard to watch that I usually skip this one when watching season 1.
  • I Like Robots: Pre-movie SpongeBob Squarepants was an excellent show in my opinion, and one I have fond memories of watching as a kid. Looking back, "I'm With Stupid" was by far my least favorite episode, and even as a kid I thought it was frustrating, simply because of Patrick's complete and total Jerkass behavior toward the guy who's supposed to be his best friend, especially when SpongeBob, being a Nice Guy, does nothing the entire episode but try to help Patrick impress his parents. Patrick struck me even as a kid as being out of character, since Patrick is stupid, yes, and can be tactless, but in the earlier seasons he was much more Innocently Insensitive as a result of not being not too bright, rather than straight-up mean as he is when he's mocking SpongeBob in this episode. Even when SpongeBob takes Patrick aside and tells Patrick that his feelings are being hurt through his cruel jokes, Patrick does nothing but roll his eyes and brush him off, and continues treating SpongeBob like a complete moron. And this is the same guy who was distraught that his own parents thought he was stupid. Constant cruelty to a character that hasn't done anything to deserve it just isn't funny. And the worst part of it all? He gets away scot-free. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished indeed. Several good jokes (the majority of them in the opening) and the funny twist ending weren't enough to salvage the frustrating plot and Patrick being an Ungrateful Bastard.
  • Ryanruff 13: I never minded the ending of "Squid on Strike" for a while, but the more that I thought about it, the more that I realized how contrived that it was in order to make Squidward unhappy. In it, Squidward manages to negotiate for better working conditions at the Krusty Krab while still on strike, with Mr. Krabs actually seeming to be willing to comply with Squidward's requests. What happens next? SpongeBob taking Squidward's analogies during his protest speech literally and...destroying the Krusty Krab in order to get their jobs back, making Squidward have to work the rest of his life to pay off the restaurant's damages. This wouldn't even be something that he would do in the post-movie episodes. It's uncharacteristic enough to reach Gainax Ending levels of absurdity, and it manages to surpass some of the post-movie episodes with regard to making Squidward suffer for no reason.
  • Mighty Mewtron: I appreciate "Squirrel Jokes" for teaching kids the harm of racist jokes and how they can affect people. The execution is a little wonky (The Krusty Krab being a comedy club for pretty much no reason, Spongebob being sort of inconsiderate and selfish, and what it takes for Spongebob to learn the jokes are bad suggests that he doesn't care about Sandy being hurt, just when she takes it out on him), but it works well enough under Rule of Funny. What gets me is the ending. Spongebob telling jokes at his own expense is fine and funny, and if they just ended the episode there, it would have made a nice moral that it's okay to laugh at yourself, just not at other people. Even him making fun of the fish could have been fine under the excuse of punching up. But for him to make fun of the other species sort of muddles the moral altogether. Sure, the underwater species don't seem to have as much Fantastic Racism as the mammals do, but that's not clear enough. He never even checks with his friends to make sure these jokes won't hurt them the same way. It sort of twists the aesop into "If somebody is offended at the jokes you make about them, make jokes about everyone else and just hope they don't get offended."
  • Tropers/Vexer: For me it was definitely "The Paper", i'm glad this episode rarely ever airs(due to being paired with "Valentine's Day")as it has a pretty thin and contrived plot. The DMOS is Squidward being foolish enough to give away all his possessions just for a piece of paper(instead of ya know getting another piece of paper from his own house and trying to have fun with that, which would've made far more sense and been more interesting)it just felt very much like an Out of Character moment to me and I felt like "The Idiot Box" did this kind of premise much better.
  • Capricious Salmon: Pre-movie Spongebob is and will always be my favorite show of all time. But that doesn't mean the series was perfect. My least favorite episode has to be "Wormy." In the episode, Spongebob and Patrick have to care for Sandy's pet caterpillar, the titular Wormy, while she's away. Overnight, Wormy undergoes metamorphosis and becomes a butterfly. Since Spongebob and Patrick have never seen a butterfly, they assume it's a monster that ate Wormy and it'll eat them, their friends and basically the whole Bikini Bottom. Ok, this was a hilarious premise and it's paired with the equally hilarious "Patty Hype", but "Wormy" is my DMOS because of one reason: the closeup. Three times in the episode, we get a scary, live-action closeup of Wormy, complete with a creepy buzzing noise, to show how Wormy looks to the rest of the Bikini Bottom. One time is kind of pushing it, but three times? It freaks me out as an adult, so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it makes kids. If they wanted to show that Wormy was harmless and everybody is getting scared over nothing, why include a legitimately scary Jump Scare? It isn't funny. And FYI, they don't even use a closeup of a butterfly, they use a horsefly. The episode is hilarious, but I always either try to skip over the closeup or skip the episode.
  • Papaga: I'm sad to realize that the older I get, the harder it gets to tolerate the more nonsensical episodes. Especially "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV" (the one with the shrink ray). Despite all its memorable quotes, the entire plot is just an overload of stupidity and shock humor that, while not as gratuitous as the reviled newer episodes, feels like ground zero for most of their problems (Squidward gets viciously mutilated by pointless magic powers for 30 seconds straight; sound familiar?). It's about Spongebob being uncharacteristically hateable, as he refuses to take any of the responsibility he's usually known for and goes on a panic-induced rampage, not caring what happens to anyone except himself - crying "You don't understand!" to an entire town he just crushed into a jar, essentially saying that his emotions are more important than all of them combined. He doesn't end up having to confront his fears either, since Mermaid Man is already right in front of him and clearly too old to care about what he did. And Spongebob's solution to the problem is shortsighted, yet accepted just to have a "no continuity" style ending, which isn't anything new in this show but is only made more annoying by the absolute black hole of logic everywhere else. It's a predictable ending, too, which is usually far from the case.

    Season 4 
  • Dimension Walker: "Best Day Ever" was a huge DMOS if there ever was one. So much hype and a 24-hour marathon to accompany it, and finally we got to Best Day Ever. But it wasn't an hourly special. It wasn't even a 30-minute special. It was just another 15-minute episode, and it wasn't too great either. First of all, his supposed "Best Day Ever" was really just his daily schedule. The song at the end was annoying, and SpongeBob was out of character. Remember that scene where that one guy was trying to leave during his rant? You'd think he'd say something like "Sir, please sit down.", right? Wrong, instead, he yelled, "SIT DOWN!" Character Derailment, indeed.
  • Lin Keui Swampert: Karate Island. To summarize, SpongeBob is scammed to believe he's the Karate Master (hi-ya!). He and Sandy travel to Karate Island to get the reward, SpongeBob being a blatant asshole along the way. SpongeBob beats up a few obvious actors and is whisked away. Sandy leaves, only to have to rescue SpongeBob. "Sandy! I need you! I can't handle this myself!" Sandy fights a few foes in what was trying to be a Homage to Bruce Lee-esque action scenes but turns out to just be unnecessary and time consuming, and eventually defeats the scammer, trying to get SpongeBob to buy a condo. Granted, it gives SpongeBob a tad of development, but of course it doesn't last. The worst part? In the above mentioned "Best Day Ever" marathon, it's the Number One voted spot, and it's now always played with "Best Day Ever".
  • Koopa Kid 17: "All That Glitters" ruined SpongeBob forever for me. I could go on forever about why I hated this episode from SpongeBob's Wangst to him spending half the episode naked (because naked people are funny? Right). Since I can only choose one moment that still makes my blood boil to this day, it would be the part where the replacement spatula tells off SpongeBob for making it flip Krabby Patties, hands down. The thing suddenly talks down to SpongeBob because it feels the job is too menial for its status. It then runs away when SpongeBob tries to get it back, though not before continuing to give jab after jab at him. Easily a candidate for the most mean-spirited scene in the show's history considering the sacrifice poor SpongeBob was willing to make for it.
  • fluffything: I'd like to add the Season 4 episode Wigstruck to this increasingly long list of SpongeBob-related DMOS. Long story short, the episode centers around SpongeBob finding a rock star's 19th century-looking wig and decides to wear it. Throughout the episode, SpongeBob acts like a complete arrogant moron acting like the wig makes him the coolest thing ever despite people telling him that he looks like an idiot and that the wig is nothing more than an annoyance. Even Patrick, who by now is too stupid to even know how to operate a can opener, points out that SpongeBob is acting like an idiotic jerk with that wig. And, how does SpongeBob react? He brags that everyone is jealous. (Beat) What the hell!? SpongeBob's friends tell him directly to his face that the wig is disgusting and he looks stupid in it, and he acts like they're just jealous of him!? No. Just... no. Oh, and to top it all off, the ending has SpongeBob ditch the wig (finally) only to find out that now everyone is wearing one because the rock star is wearing it again and it's now trendy. So, yeah, SpongeBob doesn't even get any commupance for being an arrogant jerk to his friends. Compare that to the earlier season episode Ripped Pants, where SpongeBob does realize his actions to become popular are annoying his friends and feels genuinely sorry about it, and you'll see just why this episode is horrible on so many levels.

  • MA 699: For me, it had to be the episode, "Squid Wood". I cannot explain how much this episode really triggers me. Ya'll know what happens here: SpongeBob constantly bothers Squidward; Squid just wants some peace and quiet; SpongeBob makes a puppet-based off him; suddenly, everyone is just rude to Squidward; the puppet gets fame and Squidward is still treated terribly. Give the guy a break! The customers are just idiotic, they don't know that it's just SpongeBob behind the puppet the whole time! Not only do I find it triggersome, it's also an insult to anyone who has been hated on for no reason!

    Season 5 
  • taylorkerekes: In "Spy Buddies", where Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob and Patrick to spy on Plankton, SpongeBob and Patrick go over to Sandy's for some spy equipment. Of course, after she shows them the stuff, she refuses to let them use it, apparently because they would just mess up, but then Patrick has to use the knock-out ray, Sandy's favorite, to knock her out just so they can use the equipment! What is that all about?!
  • Frankiefoster: I never thought season 4 and beyond was very funny (except for "Skill Crane" and a few exceptions), but the worst one that made me actually cut the show was "Good Ol' Whatshisname". It was basically yet another Squidward torment episode, with him and SpongeBob trying to find out some guy's name before the contest Mr. Krabs sets up is over. Long dull story short, the episode carries on with Squidward going crazy and stealing the guy's wallet, only to find out the guy's name was actually Whatzittooya, the name the guy was yelling at him earlier on in the episode. The police proceed to arrest him, the guy calling him a wallet snatcher. Worse, the real prize wasn't a trip—it was just the fuckin' brochure. What the hell, writers? Oh, and the brochure part seemed like the worst part, tacked on to make Squidward's life even more miserable than it already was. Tell me why this show is still lurching like a zombie again?
    • HayleyChaotix: It's even worse. One of them starts chasing him for running a red light (on foot). His punishment for running a red light, resisting arrest and stealing a wallet? Ten years in prison. Not kidding.
    • Psi Basilisk: It gets even worse. At the very end of the episode, when Squidward is in jail, he realizes that at least he will have some peace and quiet for those ten years. Considering the sheer amount of pain and annoyance he endured, it's nice to think that Squidward would get a break from all that. Instead, it turns out that Patrick "annoying, stupid, neighbor" Star is in the jail cell with him. It disgusted me to see Squidward's only Hope Spot of peace and quiet taken away from him like that. Especially since the cell was empty when Squidward was put in there and we never see or hear Patrick get put in. It's like the writers hate Squidward so much, they ignored all rules of logic just to make his life even more miserable than it is now.
  • Kingler: Originally, I posted "Slide Whistle Stooges" as my DMoS. Now, I remembered the episode that took this show off my must-watch list: "To Love a Patty". SpongeBob falls in love with a Krabby Patty and decides to romance it. He dates a cheeseburger for 11 minutes, then breaks up with it when it gets moldy. Probably the lamest thing I've ever seen in my life. Besides that, there's a scene where SpongeBob tries to protect the burger from a flock of hungry scallops. He knocks most of them out, then grabs one and breaks it in half with his bare hands. The fuck? SpongeBob is a lot of things, but he's no killer. I just don't get how a show could fall off so hard, so quickly.
    • TT 454: Agreed. Though this isn't the worst episode in my opinion (there are too many candidates for that), it was the first episode which truly signified the show's rapid decline. Season 4 was dodgy, but it was this episode that made me give up on the series and never go back.
  • heartauthor: Four words: "Breath of Fresh Squidward." First of all, not only does the beginning of the episode try to pass off SpongeBob and Patrick sneaking into Squidward's house every morning "funny," the little story about Squidward's "happy gland" seems to prove that SpongeBob and Patrick are aware that they make Squidward's life miserable, and yet they do it anyway. I will admit, I thought the plot point of Squidward getting a personality change had some potential, but any potential this episode had was immediately lost when it suddenly went into a nosedive. Squidward is now pretty much acting like SpongeBob normally acts...and yet we're supposed to feel bad that SpongeBob's being pushed to the side because happy Squidward becomes Employee of the Month. However, this doesn't work not only because of how SpongeBob's treated Squidward in earlier episodes, but also because he flat-out admitted at the beginning of the episode that he watches Squidward sleep. But the crown for this Dethroning Moment? The scene where SpongeBob screams at Squidward for pogo-dancing with Patrick, and then kicks the squid out of his own party. And not one person calls SpongeBob out for this appalling behavior. And then the episode ends with Squidward being zapped back to normal. You have no idea how elated I was when The Mysterious Mr. Enter named this episode Number One on his "Top Ten Squidward Torture Porns" list, because that's exactly where this piece of garbage belongs.
  • PlasmaPower: I'd say that the first part of "Whatever Happened To SpongeBob" was the moment for me that made it apparent the rot started kicking in. It basically consists of SpongeBob's friends suddenly becoming jerkasses and bullying the sponge because he happened to accidently mess something up for them. Like seriously, you put up with his idiocy throughout countless episodes and yet this is the episode where you had enough? He wasn't even that much of an idiot in the episode, despite the fact we're supposed to agree with the assessment that he's an idiot. There's also Patrick calling him "idiot boy" despite not being too bright himself. The hypocrisy just drives me insane here.
  • SuperEquality07: So initially I had "Fungus Among Us" here, but after several re-watches, I really don't find the episode to be as bad (though it's still not good.) Instead, I am now choosing "20,000 Patties Under the Sea." The reused animation from "Jellyfishing" at the beginning really sticks out like a sore thumb to me, and it's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this episode. Not to mention the reused animation of the telescope from "Krabs a La Mode" later on. The laziness here is staggering, and screams quantity-over-quality. This was around the time seasons were extended from 20 to 26 episodes and thus production had to speed up on episodes, and it's quite sad that they had to abandon greatness in favor of getting episodes out quicker. I'm glad things have changed. The show is in a much better place now.

    Season 6 

  • Blaha Is A Fraud: Krusty Krushers. The flanderization of SpongeBob and Patrick being childish is off the scale, not to mention a lot of homoerotic innuendo (the holding hands / skipping around in circles, SpongeBob leering at Patrick's iron butt, etc)
  • Crazy Luigi: The biggest one for me is the one in "House Fancy", where Squidward gets his toenail (not joking) ripped out of one of his feet by a chair due to SpongeBob's tomfoolery. And just to make it even worse, Squidward ended up tripping on said toenail. Now for someone who didn't flinch when first seeing something like Pickle Surprise, seeing that actually made me want to close my eyes from that painful to watch scene.
  • Jewel Satellite: I can't think of an ending more insulting than the one in "Nautical Novice". The episode could've been a great one, there are many great touches and I feel that it's entertaining. But the ending sums up to the following: SpongeBob actually wasn't moving the museum at all, it was someone with a tugboat way smaller than than the actual museum. This is barely even alluded to in the rest of the episode. SpongeBob brought it up, but other than that, the ending of this episode shoots down any possible developments in SpongeBob's driving skill. Overall, this episode isn't bad, but the ending shot down any chance of the episode being good.
  • RetsofNoraa: Has anyone else seen "The Splinter?" SpongeBob gets a splinter in his thumb, which proceeds to get infected to the point that his thumb is as big as half his head and issues forth a fountain of pus when the splinter is finally pulled. I get sick from even looking at screencaps. Oh, and keep in mind that - despite the progressed nature of the infection - SpongeBob wants to keep working. Around fast food. With a pus-gushing thumb. But that's not even the worst part. It wasn't a larger-than-life pus initially- SpongeBob consulted help from Patrick at first, who is obviously no doctor and becoming Too Dumb to Live by examining and even biting SpongeBob's foot. And when SpongeBob says that it's not helping, Patrick decides to ignore him completely and SpongeBob ends up begging for his help! Normally I can tolerate Patrick but this put me off completely. And here's the worst part- when Patrick attempted to help (with as much medical knowledge as a preschooler) he hammers the damn splinter in! Now that's how it enlarged to such a horrendous size. This is just one of the key moments where Patrick "Finland!" Star deteriorated into a complete jerk.
  • Ztyran: The ending of "Gone" was a good example for me. Instead of it being a horrible nightmare or something, it's that everyone, even his friends have spent several weeks having a holiday called 'No SpongeBob Day,' doing things like burning him in effigy. Now while I can understand Plankton, Squidward, and Mrs. Puff, the others make no sense. This included Krabs—who makes a fortune off the guy—and his best friends, Sandy and Patrick. And Patrick's excuse that everyone needs time away from SpongeBob's laugh is a bit of a lame excuse.
  • anoni: "Patty Caper", the episode when the secret ingredient of the formula was stolen while being shipped, then Krabs sends SpongeBob to find who stole it. When he can't find who did it, he goes back to Krabs to report. Guess what? Out of nowhere Krabs blames SpongeBob! The guy's about to be thrown in jail under bogus charges when we find out that Krabs actually stole the formula so he wouldn't have to pay shipping... What was the point of shipping it in the first place? Also, I think Krabs, right before SpongeBob is thrown in jail, was about to fire the poor kid. He sends him on a search, blames him when there are no results, and almost fires him. Apparently he forgot that SpongeBob is pretty much the only person keeping the Krusty Krab in business, Squidward and Krabs are horrible cooks! Ya know what this means? Mr. Krabs would destroy his own restaurant so he'd save money! I can't get behind this. I seriously can't.
  • CartoonFreak95: The episode "Pet or Pests" had a huge one, there's a particular scene where Larry the Lobster claims that he doesn't know who SpongeBob is. Okay, so we're supposed to forget "Ripped Pants", "House Fancy", "Lifeguard on Duty", etc?! Granted, those were made years ago, but with Larry's position in those episodes, he can't forget who SpongeBob is, he might not be one of his best friends, but SpongeBob goes to the beach a lot, and with the amount of episodes he's been there, Larry is supposed to not forget who he is, he knows who SpongeBob is in the other episodes, so why not in this one?! Continuity errors are frequent, but with the times that Larry the Lobster has appeared, this is why this is a DMOS for me; Stephen Hillenburg (the show's creator) might not be involved with the newer episodes, but Paul Tibbitt (current showrunner) and the writers should at least try and put some more effort into it, instead of trying to deliberately piss off the show's fan base.
    • curiouskat: When SpongeBob offers the baby worms that the stray worm mother left behind to Larry, he says that he'll take them off of SpongeBob's hands. So you think he'd want them as pets, right? Wrong. Why does Larry want the baby worms exactly? To eat them. Aren't worms the equivalent of dogs in the SpongeBob world? Where is the line drawn between pet worms and worms that are meant to be eaten?!
  • Xblade: "Choir Boys". Okay, so imagine a kid watching SpongeBob for the first time (Yeah, this is a bit unrealistic, but bear with me here). What are they going to see? - They're not going to see a jerk getting some comeuppance, they're going to see an average guy getting torment for no real reason at all. Squidward just wants to go to the choir, and SpongeBob decides to nag him, chase him down, and his pot hole results in Squidward getting trapped in a jellyfish swarm. Squidward is upstaged at the choir by SpongeBob, but since SpongeBob is the 'protagonist' of the episode, it's not all that surprising. Then there's SpongeBob saying this to him: Now I have a captive audience!
  • Green Machine 2084: The 6th season episode "Gullible Pants" was this troper's breaking point. Basically, Mr. Krabs puts SpongeBob in charge of the Krusty Krab for 15 minutes. While Squidward takes advantage of the situation, things get worse and worse until the end of the episode when Krabs gets back to see all the customers are cowering in the corner, there's a huge mess everywhere, and SpongeBob is dancing in a creepy fashion. That's how the episode ends, and there is no resolution at all! Way to leave us hanging, writers!
  • Woodsman: While "Overbooked" was by no means a great episode, one moment in particular really stood out. SpongeBob has to go get a cake for Patrick's birthday party, but didn't reserve one in advance. He goes to the bakery and finds there's only one cake with a message already written on it. The message? "Sorry about the scabies." This isn't getting crap past the radar, this is nuking it. I was appalled that such a thing could be aired in a kid's show with no apparent outcry. This was the final nail in the coffin for me; I knew SpongeBob was past its former glory if it had to resort to this kind of adult joke.
  • The Clash of Triton
    • Mr Jeperson: A truly dire guest spot from Victoria Beckham. Stilted, unfunny, and obviously put in only because "Victoria wants to prove that she's still hip."
  • Rabid Badger 1632: I'll make mine, "Dear Vikings" as nobody seems to have covered it yet, despite how much it deserves it. The basic plot is SpongeBob writing a letter to a random viking clan and they come and shanghai SpongeBob and Squidward. The premise of the episode may have worked if actual writers had worked on it and not just random people grabbed from the story-boarding department (Not joking there. Most of the current writers have had no experience with actual writing). After about 7 minutes of bland jokes and filler, Squidward ticks off the Vikings and they try to catapult him into the sea (well more accurately the goo). The ending is the worst part. It isn't hard to see that the writers realized that they had wasted too much time with filler to bring in the actual plot and that they only have a minute left to resolve things. Rather than scrap the episode or rewrite from scratch like a competent writer would, they just decide to ram in another pointless conflict. Right in the middle of Squidward's catapulting the Viking's ship hits an iceberg and starts sinking. SpongeBob climbs into another catapult and flings himself into the hole to plug it and absorbs all the water. The Vikings then start cheering for him, SpongeBob utters a painfully lame joke, and the episode just ends. No, actually it doesn't end, it just stops. This just shows how little the writers think of the kids who watch this. I was about 9 when I watched the episode and I wasn't impressed. Nothing was actually resolved. Do SpongeBob and Squidward get back home? Do they still plan on catapulting Squidward? What did anyone even gain or learn from this? Well none of those are answered. Also this episode just doubled my apathy for the Emmy's.
  • Truffle: Plankton's Regular is a prime example of what a petty bastard Mr. Krabs really is. Plankton is overjoyed to finally get a regular customer, but Krabs, being Krabs, decides that he's not happy with this, so he and SpongeBob go out of their way to sabotage Plankton's success. There's no reason for them to do this, as having a regular customer means Plankton won't try to steal their patty formula. Not only are they unjustifiably cruel, but at the end of the episode, it's revealed that Karen was paying the guy to buy Plankton's chum. He never liked it to begin with. Why!? What's so bad about letting Plankton have his five minutes of fame? And we're expected to find this funny. Well, it's not. It's just mean and depressing.

    Season 7 
  • Cabbit Girl Emi: For me, it was "Stuck in the Wringer". SpongeBob gets stuck in his wringer and Patrick becomes even stupider than usual by thinking he wanted to be glued in! Just when you thought it was bad enough when SpongeBob is forced to take the day off from work, Patrick more or less tries to get him to cheer up at the amusement park, and it ends up with SpongeBob yelling at Patrick. The worst part? Everyone in the crowd gives No Sympathy towards SpongeBob, and said that what happened to him served him right. What a way to rub salt in the wound, and such a completely miserable episode!
    • VideoGameCrack: And another moment from "Stuck in the Wringer" which shows perfectly how much these people care about their writing: Long story short, Patrick manages to nullify the effect of the super glue with his tears. The problem? Tears shed due to sadness are salt water, and the show takes place in an ocean. Remember when they actually lampshaded their setting? Yeah, me neither.
    • Mogo: What makes it worse is that it wasn't just the crowd (although that was just horrible enough for this section by itself), it's that not one single person in any of their places thought of getting him out of that thing. I mean, we all know Krabs is a jackass but hasn't his business been ruined by Squidward or Krabs himself trying to cook before? In fact I just learned about the ending here because I turned the TV off before it ended. That's how bad I hated it. But to add to Video Game Crack's comments above, SpongeBob cried due to how horrible this situation is, why didn't that help. It's just 11 minutes of Cringe Comedy that makes you wonder how this episode got greenlit.
    • chidoriss: The absolute worst part is the ending, where SpongeBob looks right at the camera and says, "I guess crying does solve your problems after all." What as Aesop for the kids.
    • Jared Tropes: Dear god was this episode embarrassing to watch. This was the first episode of SpongeBob I’ve ever hated, and it really showed that that yellow sponge is slowing dying of intoxication, thanks to a terrible plot and the most insulting "The Reason You Suck" Speech ever. Although this episode was terrible, the reason why this is a Dethroning Moment of Suck because it was at this point the show not only started going downhill, but it took a head-first dive into the earth’s core. As a result, the episodes continued to get worse and worse, all culminating in the worst episode ever, SpongeBob Youre Fired. Thankfully, the show is now back to it’s roots, but it doesn’t save this episode from being really a complete case of wasted potential. In the true sprit of DMOS, all the other episodes, whenever criticized or not, is a lot better than this disaster.
  • Super Saiya Man: The episode "A Pal for Gary", which had SpongeBob adopting a new pet... despite the warning that it doesn't like snails or snail noises. Said pet terrifies Gary, and SpongeBob is too stupid to see that Gary was about to be eaten and then the new pet starts eating him. Gary chases said pet out. Instead of thanking him? SpongeBob scolds Gary for chasing him off! Not funny! SpongeBob becomes even more Too Dumb to Live when he can't recognize he was going to be fucking eaten and Gary saved him.
  • Loekman 3: Despite all of the cruelties in "One Coarse Meal", it is not Krabs' Moral Event Horizon or Plankton's suicide that make me hate this episode; It is when Plankton's attempt of payback is seen as an evil act that cements it. Firstly, when Plankton uses his fear of mimes to scare Krabs, he cries to the point that we're supposed to root for him. Secondly, even though it does not compensate Plankton's Break the Cutie by Krabs, it would have been an okay episode if weren't for the fact that SpongeBob, who previously helped Plankton of his suicide and decides to make him feel better, scares him away with a hologram of whales; essentially, the oblivious yellow sponge single-handedly made Krabs the god of all Karma Houdinis, second only to Mabel from Gravity Falls, as he completely got away with scaring Plankton for weeks because he enjoyed it. Third and lastly, it makes any episodes that depict Krabs and Plankton being good pals such as "Friend Or Foe" painful to watch considering the monstrosity Krabs had become.
  • VulgarProboscidean: The episode "A Day Without Tears" is an insult to SpongeBob during the pre-movie era. It further exaggerates SpongeBob's Flanderization in which he cries about practically everything, he cries about ripping his pants, he cries about having to throw away a Krabby Patty, and he cries about Squidward yelling at him, despite those things happening to SpongeBob in previous episodes (Ripped Pants, Born Again Krabs, and every episode where SpongeBob and/or Patrick annoy Squidward). I don't know who that crybaby was in this episode because it's not SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • prettycoolguy: My moment is a brief scene in "Summer Job". When Mrs. Puff tries to bring up the events of "Krusty Love"note  by asking Mr. Krabs if he'd like to go on a date, he cruelly shoots her down like a jackass. Wow, Krabs. This is a new low, even for you.
  • smartguy39: The one that did it for me was the Legends of Bikini Bottom episode "Sponge-Cano". Why? Because it shows how much of an Ungrateful Bastard Squidward is. Here's the whole episode in a nutshell. The episode starts with Squidward painting while SpongeBob sings about how grateful he is about what he has. After a bit of time, Squidward tells SpongeBob he does not need his help and to never help him again. At the Krusty Krab, Squidward complains about various things (counting $3 in pennies, a guy tapping his foot, etc.), and tells SpongeBob that he's the most miserable person in Bikini Bottom, and asks how it could get any worse. Then Mt. Bikini erupts and chaos ensues. When the people of Bikini Bottom finally find some shelter and the mayor can't think of anything to do, a mysterious dolphin appears and says that to stop the volcano, they have to sacrifice the most miserable person. After some bickering, Squidward says that he would rather take his chances with the volcano rather than everyone else. Naturally, when they drag him to the volcano, he denies this by saying that they have the wrong guy. The citizens call him out on this, saying that they heard him complain about everything and that he said he was the most miserable person in Bikini Bottom. When they finally get to the volcano and are about to toss him in, SpongeBob, being the Nice Guy that he is, decides since that he made Squiddy miserable, he'll be the one to go in the volcano instead. Squidward seems more than fine with this, and is going to throw SpongeBob in the volcano. But then Squidward falls off a ledge and hangs on for his life. When he tells SpongeBob to save him, he reminds Squddy of his promise, but he decides to take it back when he told SB that he is grateful. After SB saves Squidward, the tightened up pipe from Squidward's house launches it off the ocean floor, where it sails through the water and eventually lands on the volcano, plugging it. And it turns out the volcano will only be stopped by the most miserable person's house. After that, Squidward says that he fucking lied to him, and that he's not grateful for anything. What? You're telling me, that after all of that shit that he's been through, adding all of the things SpongeBob did to make him feel happier (giving him a wooden clarinet, making a paradise for him, getting the whole fucking town to play in a band and giving Squilliam a heart attack, saving his goddamn life, and other things I won't get into detail with), and he's still ungrateful for everything he has?! It's no wonder I hate this episode, and I don't think I'm the only one who hates it as well!
    • ilovedededesnewaccount: Well, I guess I can agree on that episode, it wasn't that good. Squidward has had several happy memories before (such as when he one-upped Squilliam, his rival, by performing the Bubble Bowl in "Band Geeks" and got to sleep in Mr. Krabs office in "Born Again Krabs"), but he's still ungrateful for the life he's living.
    • 1upmushroom: The one thing I can't stand about the episode more than Squidward's Jerkass attitude is the fact that after SpongeBob willingly risks his life to save Squidward from being thrown in... Squidward berates the townspeople for not coming to their sense and then says something similar to "Alright SpongeBob, jump in"... Are you freaking serious?! So let me get this straight Squidward, you constantly bitch and moan about every single thing that upsets you and yet when you're given the opportunity to end it all... you proceed to bitch about being thrown in the volcano and willingly let SpongeBob take the fall for you! You are scum! This moment just confirmed that Squidward is a whiny prick who just likes complaining about how miserable his life is even when it's really not. This also proved that he deserves every single bit of torture given to him.
    • Diego Salvati: I hate this episode, but for the opposite reason than 1upmushroom. For me, this episode is a lame and disgusting attempt by the pseudo-writers of the show to justify the horrible torture porn that is Squidward's life now. It's like they thought "hey, there're a lot of complaints about Squidward torture porn. Let's throw in a jerkass Squidward episode to justify it and keep going!".
  • ''The Great Patty Caper"
    • MathWizardBoy: Mine for this episode was the "butler is a werewolf" thing. Meaningless, as is the whole show after season 4.
  • MosquitoMan: "Hide and Then What Happens?". It was an okay episode actually but the dethroning moment comes at the very beginning. Patrick doesn't even remember SpongeBob's name. This goes beyond Flanderization. It's a new low for the writers in my book. However, it gets worse. Patrick thinks that hide and seek, a game pre-schoolers can figure out right off the bat, is too complicated for him to understand. By now I'm convinced the writers are just directly insulting the viewer's intelligence.
  • KashimaKitty: Since an entire episode being a moment in the series's history doesn't count here, I'll isolate the very last portion of "Yours, Mine and Mine" as the absolute lowest point in the series. The title alone foreshadows the selfish nature of this episode, but a half decent episode might have ended with Patrick learning the errors of his ways. How does this one end? With Patrick stealing SpongeBob's money for the second time. Upon being called on it, Patrick responds with "Have you learned nothing about sharing?" I can usually forgive Patrick when he does something out of sheer stupidity, but not only is he a tremendous Jerkass in this episode, but also an arrogant Know-Nothing Know-It-All.
  • Brendan D Rizzo: Really, Seasonal Rot has afflicted this show so badly that I find it hard to isolate a single Dethroning Moment, but for a while I was stuck trying to decide between Season 4's "All That Glitters" (which, even as an undiscerning child, I had recognized as sealing SpongeBob's Flanderization) and Season 7's "Squidward in Clarinetland"; but, after rereading this trope's requirements, I think I have to go with the latter, for two points, both at the beginning of the episode, which are absolutely disgusting. The first is when Squidward confronts Mr. Krabs with the book of employment regulations, and Krabs actually breaks out in hives, completely covering his body, on screen. I won't lie, seeing that for the first time almost made me want to vomit, and I still wound up wishing that Brain Bleach was a real thing so that I could forget the image. (So like hell am I going to provide a link.) The second, shortly afterwards, was when SpongeBob reaches out and touches the safe, which has not been cleaned in years, and a bunch of sea urchins (?) climb out of the dust cloud and (spoilered for Squick) eat off all of SpongeBob's "skin" and "muscle", revealing only his arm bones. And so I wanted the Brain Bleach again. Even if the rest of the episode wasn't completely absurd and creepy as all hell (which doesn't exactly do it any favors), it would still be the worst in the series because of those two images alone. Note to the writers: if your drawing is worthy of appearing on a Shock Site, don't broadcast it on public television, please. In true DMOS fashion, every single one of the episodes before and after this one, no matter how widely criticized, is better than this horror, because after you've hit rock bottom, you have no place to go but up.

    Season 8 
  • The Dog Sage: "Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom" is pretty much a particularly cruel Kick the Dog episode for poor Squidward, with special mention going, once again, to Patrick. The bastard eats Squidward's ticket for the jazz show, and then for no reason, steals and eats both SpongeBob's and Squidward's backstage passes. Why SpongeBob is still friends with the guy, I'll never know.
  • Young Princess Zelda: "Restraining SpongeBob" is the episode that made me want to pelt Patrick with a bow and arrow. Squidward gets a restraining order against SpongeBob, only for him to have Patrick hired and bother the living hell out of Squidward and us too. The ending part was just terrible with Patrick laughing really stupidly after Squidward changes the restraining order against Patrick. Couldn't he have just gotten two restraining orders?
  • Treb: "Fiasco!" was actually a pleasant surprise for the most part, but one scene at the end absolutely ruined my whole enjoyment of the episode. At the very end of the episode Squidward remains in jail for no reason at all. It comes out of nowhere, and left a sour taste in my mouth. It's almost like they are obligated to add pointless Squidward abuse now.
    • Eddy1215: What I didn't like about that episode was that Squidward called the police on SpongeBob and Patrick who did nothing when it was Plankton they were after.
  • Fairy Dreamer: The ending for "Are You Happy Now?" is what killed it for me. They have Squidward going crazy at the "party" SpongeBob throws for him and declare that as his happiest memory. Suicide jokes are bad enough, but to imply that being depressed makes one crazy? Yeah, because people with mental illness don't already hear that enough.
  • Garfield2710: I hate what modern SpongeBob has become, and hate a majority of the newer episodes. However, my personal DMOS for this show is the beginning of "The Googly Artiste." It starts with Squidward having sculpted a self portrait, which actually looks pretty good. Then an art critic comes by and criticizes it, going so far as to steal Squidward's beret, because he's not a "real" artist. Then to add insult upon insult, the art critic then goes over to Patrick and thinks that his work, which is just a rock covered in googly eyes, is a masterpiece and buys it for $500. This is the most infuriating thing they've ever done, because it feels like the writers are insulting the people who have heavily criticized the show, by saying they can't see quality work right in front of their nose, and would rather watch crap. Hey morons, write better, and then people will stop insulting your work! Even if this wasn't a Take That, Audience! (which I highly doubt), it still comes across as that way, and they definitely should've known better. Oh and that this scene logically makes no sense on any conceivable level, other than to once again remind us that Squidward is and always will be a Butt-Monkey.
  • GrumpyOldMan: "Hello Bikini Bottom", we finally get an episode about what a colossal Jerkass Mr. Krabs is and how he can't just go and screw over anyone he feels like. But then, what happens at the end? SpongeBob takes money he was saving for Gary and bails Mr. Krabs' sorry ass out. He gets the Krusty Krab back and its business as usual. I understand it was for Status Quo Is God reasons, but that only makes it worse.
  • Dinner101: I removed my previous dethroning moment ("Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom") in favor of a far worse episode: Pet Sitter Pat. It is similar to the infamous "A Pal for Gary". In this episode, SpongeBob is attending a birthday party for his grandma and he asks Patrick to pet sit Gary while he's gone. Patrick essentially torments Gary through out the episode. He eats Gary's food, uses what's left of it to stop the water from going down the sink drain, and even chases him with a flamethrower. He eventually catches Gary and washes him on the spot with a hose and a box of soup flakes, then he dries him off with a hair dryer (he said that he couldn't find any salt). The whole house then floods due to Patrick leaving both the sink and the shower on, but when SpongeBob comes back home, everything is magically back to normal. Gary is reading Patrick bedtime stories. I could not believe that they would do something like this and find it funny. It wasn't funny and it made me feel sorry for Gary.
  • finalsurvivor1: I grew up with both the pre-movie and post-movie seasons through Season Eight and have seen nearly all of them up to mid-Season Nine, and while I agree with the majority that Seasonal Rot hit, I would rewatch nearly every episode of the show if the opportunity arose, even the more infamous ones. The only episode I would never watch again is "Face Freeze," mainly because of its ending symbolizing everything wrong with the episode. A terrible plot and a bunch of disturbing faces lead up to SpongeBob and Patrick perpetually stuck in different "funny" faces, and Mr. Krabs and Squidward ultimately share the same fate. The episode ends with the four shifting between grotesque, hideous faces. At least "One Coarse Meal" and "A Pal for Gary," terrible and tasteless as they were, tried to tell a story. "Face Freeze" uses a lame Excuse Plot so the artists can create absolute horror to televise to the world, and anyone hoping for it to be resolved is treated with the episode ending with a ton of them.

    Season 9 
  • SpongeBob, You're Fired!
    • K Oman: I came to this episode wondering what tremendous error SpongeBob possibly could have done to get fired, but the episode starts with him simultaneously cleaning the floors and delivering Krabby Patties, all with admirable enthusiasm. So why did Krabs fire him? It was worth a nickel. That's right; Mr. Krabs fired the frycook who he has learned time and time again that the Krusty Krab cannot function without, someone who wholeheartedly loves his job... because it would save him five cents! Hope that five cents sustains you when your restaurant inevitably fails without SpongeBob, you money-obsessed moron!
    • Izzy 1: Another thing about that episode that bothered me was the snail food scene, where SpongeBob was shown being able to make great-tasting snail food, ended up going nowhere. It could have been expanded so that SpongeBob actually makes a new business out of it and shuns Mr. Krabs' offering for his job back. But nope, everything has to go back to normal by the end (admittedly, they probably would have done that even with the snail food business). If they weren't going to expand upon it, why bother to even have it at all?
    • Chimanruler 15: Also, when Sandy was doing an experiment with toxic waste, she stopped SpongeBob from ingesting it while she let Patrick and another citizen eat the food and called them "freeloaders." Isn't Patrick Sandy's friend, and since when did Sandy throw ethics out the window?
    • bedrockperson: Side note, Krabs installed a coin slot that you need to enter 5¢ into in order for the bathroom door to open. So yeah, aside from the fucked up mentality you need to have to force people to pay to use the bathroom (because you know, Krabs couldn't have found another way to get 5¢ more of a profit. It's not like his establishment has numerous products that are extremely popular of which he has risen the prices for numerous times before… oh wait, yes he fucking does!) how much do you think it cost to not only replace the current bathroom door, but find one that could compensate for the coin slot, as well as purchase and install said coin slot? I quit. Let's all just hope Hillenburg's return turns this bullshit around.
  • MetalAiAi: Missed potential, thy name is Patrick! The Game. The first half of the episode is good, but nothing spectacular, but when we get to the characters playing the game itself marks the point where the episode's quality goes down the toilet. Imagine playing Mario Party, and you end up on the Bowser Space every turn. That pretty much summarizes Squidward's experience playing the game, he always ends up on the Jail Space and Patrick goes full Killer Game Master just to keep Squidward miserable, while SpongeBob and Sandy only add pointless Padding. Sure, Squidward may have been a bit jerky in the first half, but the way Patrick takes a level in jerkass makes it unfair. The episode ends with Squidward tearing up the board and getting arrested for it, at this point of the series that doesn't come off as a surprise anymore. To summarize, the writers had great potential to this episode, but they threw it away in favor of a generic Squidward torture porn.
  • boatsnot: "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" is my favorite post-movie SpongeBob episode, mostly due to re-railing Patrick and SpongeBob's personalities, but it wasn't perfect. Case in point: there's a joke with an old man who likes the original Krabby Patties getting shoved aside for a baby in a high chair taking selfies while babbling about social media. Low blow, guys. There was also the annoying message about how processed food gives you a huge butt, but isn't that a problem with fast food, too?

    Season 10 
  • BobSaget9: I really do not like the shift into a more "cartoony" presentation SpongeBob took, and there are several episodes from this season alone I could mention. But since I can only pick one, "Snooze You Lose". The plot starts out simple: Squidward is trying to sleep for his Bikini Bottom Philharmonic audition the next day, but SpongeBob and Patrick keep him up with a loud burping contest (complete with "Face Freeze"-level facial animations) and just general loud, screaming annoyance for so long that (after going for a walk to try and tire himself out), he passes out at SpongeBob's house. This is the last semi-tolerable part of the episode. From there, SpongeBob and Patrick try to wake him up with various methods (including loudly playing some electrical guitars that SpongeBob now has for some reason), but Squidward's still asleep. Then they decide "Fuck it", and make a clone of Squidward in SpongeBob's lab that spontaneously becomes giant and escapes to rampage across Bikini Bottom. By the way, SpongeBob now has a laboratory in his house. Because. And it's forgotten about just as quickly. Because. And then we get to the "highlight" of the episode: Patrick and SpongeBob proceed to climb inside Squidward and control him like a puppet. If you ever wondered how one would go about making the Jake Suit fucked up, there you go. What follows is a parade of asinine annoyances as Patrick and SpongeBob try to find the Bikini Bottom Philharmonic, with such highlights as a "No dancing" zone, SpongeBob mangling and chomping on Squidward's brain, Squidward's clarinet winding up in his ass, and Squidward waking up mid-audition and regaining enough control of his body to puke SpongeBob and Patrick up. Overall, the overtly exaggerated facial expressions are overdone, the lack of any rational thinking is annoying, the clear lack of any sense of a fuck in the story structure is grating, and it's painfully clear that at this point, the writers of SpongeBob flat out gave up.
  • Grotadmorv: I really can't stand "Sportz?" SpongeBob and Patrick find a box of Sandy's sports equipment and don't notice that her name is written on the front of the box, so they just take it for themselves. After some dumb jokes about them not knowing what the equipment does, Squidward starts showing them how to play sports wrong so they'll injure themselves. What follows is a sequence of very graphic violence, such as SpongeBob getting sliced in half by Patrick's roller skates or Patrick getting a horseshoe thrown in his eyes. It's not funny, it's just pointless and depressing. There's also an awful, out-of-nowhere joke about how sports fans don't actually play sports, which feels unnessecarily mean to the episode's target audience and makes absolutely no logical sense. This feels like a joke from a bad episode of The Simpsons more than anything. Even by the end of the episode, when Sandy gets involved and beats Squidward, SpongeBob and Patrick are still severely injured. There's nothing funny or amusing about this episode, it just puts me in a bad mood.

    Season 11 
  • cartoonfanman: I could name a billion of reasons why "Ink Lemonade" sucks. Hell, I would probably consider it to be as bad, if not as worse, as any of the worst episodes from Seasons 6 and 7. So the plot is that SpongeBob and Patrick are selling lemonade to people (if you couldn't tell, they scream it through megaphones at a deafening volume throughout the episode) but it comes with no success until they discover that Squidward can squirt out ink (or black lemonade, as they call it) whenever he gets scared. So Patrick takes advantage of this by frightening Squidward so that he'll squirt out "black lemonade" for their stand, with SpongeBob going along withd it. He even goes as far as to terrorize Squidward by feigning what's basically a nightmare house. What. The. Fuck. This feels like if "One Coarse Meal" was remade for Season 11, but replace Mr. Krabs with Patrick and replace Plankton with Squidward. If I was Squidward and found out that SpongeBobs and Patrick were purposely scaring me and making me live out my worst nightmares just to milk out ink they're feeding to people, I would brutally murder them, no questions asked. At the very best, they never scared him into committing suicide unlike the episode I mentioned above but that still doesn't make this episode less horrifying to watch. I don't like using the term "Squidward torture porn" on a lot of episodes but this episode is definitely deserving of me using that term. Hell, I'll even use "Patprick" too because he's what I think is the whole problem with this episode. And no, "He's stupid, he doesn't know any better." isn't a good excuse to justify his actions in this episode. It's clear that his motive was to scare Squidward and milk all the ink out of his body just to sell lemonade (which apparently is tasty to the Bikini Bottomites until they find out where it comes from). He's not dumb. He's not stupid. He's a fucking psychopath.
    • StarLux: Besides from those moments, I found the parts where Squidward sneezes out his ink pretty... gross. The humor from this episode just comes down to Squidward squirting out his ink and the Bikini Bottom residents for some reason liking the Ink spurted from Squidward. And if you're not a fan of that type of humor, you're really aren't going to like this episode, unfortunately.
    • ilovededede: As gross as Squidward sneezing ink was, two gross moments that weren't sneezing ink really stood out for me - the first being Patrick ripping a band-aid off his armpit in a grotesque manner, and the other being Patrick ripping open his skin to show Squidward his internal organs (complete with his intestines talking). The episode was already a slog enough but those two moments really cinched how bad this episode is, and as someone who thinks the show has drastically improved in the post-sequel era, especially in Season 11, it really is hard to imagine we ended up getting a dud like this...but I guess it's natural in long-running shows like this.
    • svagegenius: All true. Like, this is even worse then A Pal For Gary and One Coarse Meal. And when the worst episode of the entire show is in season 11, to the point where Squidward's voice actor hates the episode, that's saying something. But for me, my DMOS had to be the ending. After everything Squidward went through, Spongebob and Patrick deliberately feed him cookies made out of-you won't believe this-spider eggs. And then the episode just ends with Squidward squirting out the last of his bodily fluids while spiders shoot out of his mouth. Just, wow.

  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run
    • SenorCornholio: Well, looks like it's finally time to pop my SpongeBob DMoS cherry. And I found a moment from Sponge on the Run that truly qualifies for me. The movie by itself is okay; it had some funny moments, a few neat little gags, and a few cute character moments where the rest of the main cast comes to save SpongeBob from being executed by Poseidon. But the whole thing comes crashing down when, in the middle of the movie's climax, the characters all take a break from the plot to explain how they all met at Camp Coral. This is where Nickelodeon's Executive Meddling rears its ugly head in the worst way possible, as it's explicitly clear that this is supposed to promote their then upcoming spinoff of the same name. Now, I could go on about how the late Stephen Hillenburg specifically mentioned that he didn't want a spinoff, but that would be beating a dead horse at this point, so let's go into the three big reasons why this moment sucks on its own merits. First off is obvious: it retcons everyone's backstories for this as SpongeBob, Gary, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and Mr. Krabs conveniently all met each other at this specific location. I can get SpongeBob meeting Gary there, and maybe him meeting Patrick and Squidward for the first time would have been nice. That said, retconning SpongeBob's first meeting with Sandy (i.e. the second episode of the entire series) and Mr. Krabs' backstory episode with Plankton felt nothing short of insulting. Secondly, the flashbacks aren't even fun. They feel distinctly un-SpongeBob in how cutesy and diabetes-inducing they are, with the only remotely funny gags turning up during the talent show in Squidward's flashback. Outside of that, it's just uninteresting shlock that doesn't match the spirit of the series in its golden age, revival era, or even its Dork Age. But the third and absolute biggest sin of this scene isn't either of those very glaring issues; it's that it deliberately puts the movie to a screeching halt just so it can have a series of back-to-back flashbacks to a spinoff show that people are already on the fence about. This blatant act of self-promotion is something that films like Ralph Breaks the Internet and The Emoji Movie get criticized for, except in those movies you could argue that the plot is still moving forward to some tiny extent. Here, you could remove every flashback and cut to the chase (literally) and nothing of value would be lost. This is the part that actually sucked any and all good will I had for this movie out of my being; at least with my other listed moments, they never tarnished my enjoyment of a work and could still be seen as fun in their own right, even if I didn't enjoy the product. But something about this just felt dirty to me; it not only tramples on a dead man's over two decade-long legacy, but it actively breaks its own story to do so, while making you feel sympathy for the movie's staff and cast and mourn What Could Have Been. A bad episode can be discounted enitrely as it's just one out of hundreds, but a stunt like this shows just how little Nickelodeon truly cares for its own beloved franchise outside of its brand. And that, in my eyes, can never be forgiven. "In memory of Stephen Hillenburg" my *dolphin noise* tailfin.