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Oct 31st 2018 at 3:08:44 AM •••

Should we remove \"This entire episode\" thing and replace it with \"This entire series\"? Episodes are moments themselves, and they CAN apply here as whole.

Sep 6th 2017 at 8:54:21 PM •••

Guys, someone should tell ngh93 to leave the Patty Caper entry alone. It's not his, and first he contested and deleted the entry, and now he blatantly edited it. He should be ashamed of himself for doing this.

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Sep 7th 2017 at 12:54:57 PM •••

I already inquired about this on Ask The Tropers. It's not the only time that tropers deliberately edited someone's entry. I think the original one should be restored.

Sep 7th 2017 at 9:57:23 PM •••

Aaaand it turns out I wasn't 100% innocent of this either. I've atoned though.

Sep 8th 2017 at 7:25:32 AM •••

It's okay. Just don't do it again. FYI, I actually didn't want to say your name until the other troper wanted me to tell.

Apr 3rd 2019 at 11:20:19 AM •••

Now ngh vandalized the entry again last week or so. He just can\'t calm down, can he?

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Mar 31st 2016 at 6:50:49 AM •••

  • travisbob: My dethroning moment for Spongebob as a series is definitely the film "Sponge out of Water." The film was hyped up as being the first Spongebob thing (aside from the comics) that directly involved Stephen Hillenburg's creative input. It was hyped as being a return to the show's "golden age" roots. The trailers made it look fantastic, with fantastic animation, great drawings/designs, and gorgeous drawings And... the actual movie was just plain awful. Only one joke in the film made me laugh (the joke about the man on life support.) The only other funny jokes were spoiled by the previews. Everything else was soulless, unfunny, and cringeworthy. The talking CGI seagulls were obnoxious, there were fart/poop jokes left and right (seriously, was classic Spongebob even known for that at all?!) and all of the plot points were less funny versions of previous episodes. Time travel, superhero spoofs, Plankton and Spongebob's friendship, and the apocalypse were all done so much better in previous episodes and the first movie. Aside from the admittedly fantastic artwork and animation (the animators and layout artists really gave this film their all,) this film was a complete mess; totally devoid of humor, charm, and soul. When I saw the film for the first time, I wondered why it was as cringeworthy as those CGI chipmunk movies. Unsurprisingly, the film heavily involved the creative input of those same chipmunk guys. I really hope that it was just a fluke, and that the rest of the Hillenburg-involved Spongebob content after this will be enjoyable.

Cut this one due to it's complaining about the work as a whole rather than a moment as stated.

Jul 3rd 2015 at 12:11:24 PM •••

I cut this example because bedrockperson already made an entry before they made this one, and the rule is that if someone has more than 1 entry, the more recent one must be cut. This was under Season 7, and it was about the episode "A Pal For Gary".

bedrockperson: Let me make one thing clear, I...have a tolerance for SpongeBob. I'm not an optimist, but SpongeBob is just such a great influence on children everywhere, I hold out hope, or at the very least hope it can't get any worse. Let me stress this— I tolerated "The Splinter", I tolerated "Atlantis SquarePantis", "SpongeBob, You're Fired!", "Truth or Square", "The Card", "Stuck in the Wringer", I've swung 'em all sister and I didn't give up. Then, there's "A Pal for Gary". This episode is so heinous, I can't even watch a review of it. I managed to stomach Mr. Enter's various Animated Atrocities on some of the grosser shit, even "Ren Seeks Help", but "A Pal for Gary" is something I outright refuse to relive. Let's begin. So SpongeBob wants to get Gary a pal, no shit. He, and I'm not joking here, breaks into a caravan and steals one without even acknowledging the owner's warnings. So, he brings it home, surprise, Gremlins homage, it's a fucking beast around other pets! Gary tries so hard to protect everything, SpongeBob wakes up to see Gary enveloped by the monster's gaping maw, and demands angrily...that Gary put the monster down. Yep, and even then, after all this shit, when the monster goes after SpongeBob, Gary fends it off. And what does he get? SpongeBob scolds him for chasing it away. He is then forced into labor at the Krusty Krab. Ya know, officially, this is the lowest rated episode EVER. Wise man once say, "I want to shove a shotgun up your ass so much, but I'm afraid if I do I'll get covered in your shit". My God, SpongeBob is dead.

Jan 2nd 2015 at 2:10:22 AM •••

This is somewhat badly spelled and more importantly, it seems to talk more than about a moment. It needs a rewrite if it should stay.

  • JunkManDan: "It's a Sponge Bob Christmas", I don't like how the once again portrayed Plankton as Unabashedly bad, effectively Character Derailment after he had been getting more sympathetic as of late. But that's not bad enough on its own, what was bad was how Santa, at the end, condemened only Plankton and not anyone else, like, say, Mr. Krabs for his constant financial crimes, or Patrick for trying to trap him, or Pearl for being a spoiled brat, or squidward for being a reclusive narcissist. Yes, what Plankton did in the episode was bad, but Santa is supposed to recognise all naughty deeds, not just one person's.

Apr 17th 2014 at 5:15:06 AM •••

Never mind what I said before.

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Mar 8th 2014 at 2:56:02 PM •••

Woodsman: While "Overbooked" was by no means a great episode, one moment in particular really stood out. Sponge Bob has to go get a cake for Patrick's birthday party, but didn't reserve one in advance. He goes to the bakery and finds there's only one cake with a message already written on it. The message? "Sorry about the scabies." This isn't getting crap past the radar, this is nuking it. I was appalled that such a thing could be aired in a kid's show with no apparent outcry. This was the final nail in the coffin for me; I knew Sponge Bob was past its former glory if it had to resort to this kind of adult joke.

Since when scabies is an adult joke, anyway? Is just chickenpox in a black plague cosplay.

Dec 2nd 2013 at 2:11:29 PM •••

Hello. I just want to let everybody know that I posted my DMOS for Spongebob:

Ecclytennysmithylove: I’m surprised nobody mentioned “Squid Wood” or as I call it “the episode where Spongebob makes a rape-face through the window at Squidward, who’s trying to have his peace and quiet bath time”! What is wrong with you, Spongebob!? I thought your heart goes to Sandy Cheeks, not Squidward! Seriously, Spongebob, what part of “DON’T BOTHER SQUIDWARD AT ALL” do you not understand!?

Aug 4th 2013 at 9:38:01 AM •••

I cut this example because it's a justifying edit.

  • Jade Muffin: Traditionally, Santa gives presents to people who have been nice, and coal to people who have been naughty. The fact that Sheldon looked better than the other citizens by comparison shouldn't matter; he has still been bad. So technically, Sheldon shouldn't have gotten a present anyway.

Even though Jade Muffin has a point, a justifying edit is a justifying edit.

Jun 23rd 2013 at 5:08:07 PM •••

Fromthe Wordsof BR: I think the guy just decensored "scum". Scum is not really considered vulgar, so censoring it seems a bit weird. He didn't actually delete it. I deleted your new entry, but only because it was already there.

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Mar 12th 2013 at 8:20:19 AM •••

Edit: unneeded.

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Mar 8th 2013 at 9:00:43 AM •••

Contesting and second post. Fix things if this applies to you.

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Jul 24th 2013 at 6:43:53 AM •••

  • Iamatropist: It's pretty much Flanderization. Ever since the episode "Good Neighbors", he hasn't shown Spongebob any compassion whatsoever.

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Sep 11th 2011 at 9:33:09 PM •••

I don't want to make any Justifying Edits, especially since I hated the episode, too, but...

"Not to mention that it was promised in both the promos AND the special that "one of you will not return" but all of them DID return! This would've been the perfect opportunity for some emotional buildup, but NO!!! Ripoffs, they all are."

They showed a particularly dramatic clip of Depp talking, as that's what trailers do. The trailer itself never outright said, "Tonight, Someone Dies". SpongeBob isn't just randomly gonna kill someone off for the sake of a subpar special, that would be silly and infuriating. (And wreck the continuity with the movie technically coming last.)

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Jan 23rd 2013 at 8:55:08 PM •••

That doesn't mean that they couldn't have picked a character introduced in the episode to fulfill that purpose.

Edited by SamMax
Aug 21st 2010 at 6:53:58 PM •••

I think this needs a proper introduction, not just the "keep in mind" bit.

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Aug 4th 2010 at 12:48:48 PM •••

Old entries that were cut.

  • Spongebob Squarepants's DMOS came for me when I heard of an episode where Spongebob got a huge splinter in his finger, which eventually became infected. Then I (accidentally) saw the scene where Mr. Krabs pulls out said splinter and fountains of pus gush out. I nearly threw up watching it, and had to turn away. FROM A KIDS SHOW.
    • Even with that mentioned, I'd like to send up another one: House Fancy. It started out as a decent enough episode...until the couch-moving scene, where Squidward gets a toenail ripped off. The scene is drawn out to a stupid degree, and is so horrifyingly disgusting that I had to stifle the urge to run screaming from my TV and I now has a phobia of bad things happening to my toenails. There's way, way more crap like this in the later seasons of Spongebob, but this one was particularly disturbing to me.
      • Well, at least Squidward won in that episode.
      • They might have gotten it from Ren and Stimpy, though. Where Stimpy accidentally does this to a giant. With a crowbar.
    • Let me nominate "Spy Buddies". Most of the jokes were dry and/or took Refuge in Vulgarity and/or not well done, the plot had some serious holes in it, and the ending devolves into an Overly Long Gag about disguises, ripping Squidward's face off and there being inexplicably two Patricks at the end. Admittedly, it's not as bad as "House Fancy" (I too have nightmares concerning toenails), but it's the first time I thought that Spongebob actually sucked. Also, it's the first regular episode of the 5th season, which should speak volumes. (Yarrunmace)
    • Speaking of awful endings..."Hey Spongebob, can you turn me into a jar of mayonaise so I can eat myself?"
    • This troper can't remember the name of the episode, but Patrick, after finding an ad in a bookstore for his obsession du jour, realizes he needs a hundred dollars. He walks up to the cash register where Spongebob is so laden with books, he can't reach his wallet. Spongebob asks for assistance from his best friend, who takes the wallet, somehow forgets everything that happened in the past twelve seconds, sees the hundred dollar bill sticking out of the wallet and runs out of the store, gleeful over his luck. Yes, Patrick was too stupid to figure out the concept of stealing and Spongebob somehow got blamed for it. Unsurprisingly, that episode came out after The Movie.
    • The "Good Neighbor" episode. Ye gads, is that one awful! Unlike the normal episodes which consist of "Squidward is annoyed by (insert activity here) that Spongebob and Patrick are doing, but ends up somehow joining in and enjoying himself", this one can basically boil down to "Spongebob and Patrick act like total idiots and directly annoy Squidward to no end".
      • Get rid of Patrick in that summary, and you get the episode Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful. There appears to be no jokes other than "Squidward is next to litter he didn't make, and a police officer tickets him"— which comes up at least six times in the entire eleven-minute episode.
        • There is also the episode Cephalopod Lodge, where Spongebob and Patrick wind up getting Squidward kicked out of a Freemason-style club, and they make him join their own club by doing things like kidnapping him and forcing a Jellyfish to sting his tongue. Additionally, the episode seems content with simply torturing Squidward to the extent that it just no longer becomes funny, and becomes sickening. And Spongebob and Patrick never take full responsibility for what they did.
    • "Patty Love"... Do I even need to go into detail about this horrible episode? SPONGEBOB FALLS IN LOVE AND LUSTS OVER A KRABBY PATTY! He loses all sight of common sense and spends all his time dating a burger that he created, while everyone else around him tries to help him end his unhealthy obsession. Time goes on and starts to show the Krabby Patty decomposing. Only once the patty has turned green, growing fungus, and smells worse than what even Spongebob can tolerate (I'm talking worse than the Nasty Patty), does he realize that he has to give up his love. He then goes on to have an extremely stupid overly-dramatic "Parting" of his love with the patty, as if it died AND broke up with him at the same time. This is Spongebob's absolute defining moment of suck. I can tolerate any of the other crap the show puts up, and how Spongebob has been flanderized into a borderline homosexual due to his overly flamboyant views on life, but this episode takes the cake. It goes beyond Crossing the Line Twice.
      • Oh, yes, I agree with you. She liked Spongebob, and yet this was really bad. Granted, she did think that the loving for a Krabby Patty was cute, but not when it turns disgusting and grows worse! Even when they show the patty...eeeeewwwww! And when he eats it...ugh! That was the moment where this troper thought that Spongebob just doesn't have any good episodes in the series anymore, and it only cares about turning into Ren And Stimpy 2.
      • I thought that the ending of that episode is just... undescribably bad. Krabs tells him basically "Patties are here to be eaten" and even though both know that a rotten Krabby Patty is very dangerous, Spongebob still eats the damn thing. And when he finally does that... Krabs still wants him to pay it. What have we learned?
        • 1. No matter how rotten something eatable is, eat it anyway.
        • 2. Spongebob turned from "naive, mildly annoying and yet somewhat likable" to "flatout idiot with serious issues".
        • 3. Krabs will never be a likable character. Not that he was before anyway.
      • In another scene in that episode, when SpongeBob takes the patty on a "date," at one point it disappears, and he finds it surrounded by scallops in the ocean. Then, he completely loses his mind and tears them all to pieces with his bare hands— the last one, he raises over his head and messily tears it in half. This is completely out of character for SpongeBob when remembering the popular episode where he spent his time taking care of a baby scallop— which could have any one of the scallops he killed in this episode. SpongeBob is typically non-violent and cares for all living things.
      • The fighting wasn't even the worst of it: ITS THE FACT THAT HE WAS SINGING! That massive Earworm of a song was horrible! Seriously did the writers just make it up on the spot or something? HERE
      • To make it worse, Patrick and Sandy appear (before the song) and want Spongebob to go with them. Of course, with the episode theme, Spongebob decides not to. After Spongebob leaves, Patrick wants to get another sandwich in place of Spongebob. With the trope theme, guess if the writers go any further on this scene. For the show's sake, why did the writer just leave that part hanging there?
    • For someone who reads up on Viking life, history, and is a fan of Vinland Saga, the episode Dear Vikings is a dethroning moment of suck since it has the gall to kiddify the most badass, vicious warriors on the seven seas. They were turned into absolute wimps who couldn't even repair their own ship for Christ's sake!
    • To give an earlier example, there was the episode where Spongebob (the Nice Guy that he is) decided to help Patrick impress his parents by cosplaying as the neighborhood idiot to make Patrick seem bright by comparison. What does Patrick do? He runs with the act, fooling himself into believing that this isn't an act. Patrick and his parents go on to make a mockery of poor Spongebob (keep in mind that Spongebob and Patrick have been BFFs since they were children and Spongebob regularly volunteers to help Patrick with his daily troubles), sending the sponge away in a huffing rage. We then find out that those aren't even Patrick's parents. The ruse was for nothing! Patrick treated his best friend like dirt and never even apologized for it. Hell, he probably forgot about the incident in the first place! How Spongebob let Patrick off the hook is beyond me. It was here that the warning signs of Patrick's Jerkass nature were revealed. He doesn't even get a My God, What Have I Done? moment like he did in Rule of Dumb (an episode that was yet another showcasing of his Jerkass tendencies). I don't hate Patrick per se, but that was a major Wall Banger in my books. (X2X)
    • Similarly, Spongebob and Patrick starve Squidward whilst they consume an air-drop picnic, all because of a "magic-8-ball"-like conch shell in Club Spongebob, and rather than being saved by the warden that manages to find them, he too follows the conch's orders.
    • In Spongebob's Last Stand, aside from general stupidity, the real dethroning moment would have to be the fact that they called Sandy Cheeks "Sandy Squirrel." ...really? Did you really forget the name of a main character? REALLY?
    • The episode Stuck in the Wringer made this troper just plainly turn the TV off towards the end. SpongeBob accidentally gets caught in his laundry wringer. Patrick tries to help SpongeBob, but then glues him in there. So far, so good— but THEN, SpongeBob proceeds to accidentally destroy every place he goes to, and Patrick refuses to let him cry over an obviously depressing situation, and forces SpongeBob to go to an amusement park. The same exact thing happens and SpongeBob finally and rightfully snaps at Patrick. But when Patrick gives a sob story about how he was only trying to help him, the crowd turns on SpongeBob with one anus, even saying he deserved what he got. And that's I turned the TV off. Well, I changed the channel, but still— that was needlessly cruel.
      • Don't forget that towards the end at the amusement park, Sponge gets HURT every time he so much as TRIES to enjoy himself while Patrick is off having fun, oblivious to his BFF's obvious pain.
    • This troper utterly despises the above episode, but the episode that is worse than that is Plankton's Regular— where Plankton finally gets a customer that loves his food. Upon discovering this, Mr. Krabs says something to the extent of "I can't even let Plankton have one customer," and spends an elaborate amount of time and energy to get the customer to go to the Krusty Krab. After a while, Mr. Krabs TRIES TO STEAL PLANKTON'S FORMULA FOR CHUM, and right after Plankton gloats to him about how he finally sees things his way, the customer shows up and reveals that he was only getting paid to eat at the Chum Bucket. Plankton sobs about it, and Mr. Krabs LAUGHS AT HIS MISERY. I think it is safe to say that this was a DMOS.
      • To say nothing of One Coarse Meal, in which Krabs torments Plankton with his justified fear of whales by dressing up as Pearl and stalking him until the poor guy spirals into a suicidal depression. And just when it looks like Plankton is gonna get his much-deserved payback against Krabs, fuckin' Spongebob jumps in and rescues Krabs, making the Smug Snake a Karma Houdini in one fell swoop. Honestly, I want Plankton to win just ONCE, because after everything he's been through, he deserves it.
      • Well technically Plankton DID win in "Wishing Well" as his wish for becoming taller to crush his enemies was granted and for once he had a much better outcome then Mr. Krabs-who ended up being served as dinner, which was a CMOA and CMOF all in one for this troper.
      • Also, while Krabs was absolutely horrible and did not get enough punishment, Spongebob was not that bad in that episode. That was one of the few times he acknowledged that Krabs had gone too far, and was the one who pulled Plankton out of his depression.
  • For me, Spongebob's biggest DMOS was the April Fool's episode. Spongebob continues to lightly pester Squidward which causes him to go all-out on publicly humiliating Spongebob and making the poor kid cry. The rest of the episode is spent on Squidward trying to apologize.
    • For this troper, the fake tongue. A fake tongue that is sentient.
  • Boating Buddies, Squidward's just minding his own business, trying to enjoy some hot chocolate and read the paper when Spongebob came to annoy him since he just heard him breathing. Long story short, Spongebob continues to act like a Creepy Stalker throughout the episode, annoying Squidward to no end. Finally, after Spongebob had put Squidward into a full body cast, he wouldn't even help him write for the test that could have gotten him OUT of the boating school. Made me really hate Spongebob.
  • One recent episode has Mr. Krabs finding out that Gary can attract coins. As you can guess, he enslaves Gary so that he can get more spare change. Despite the fact that this is making Gary get beat up, Mr. Krabs says to Spongebob that his pet is "fine". At the end of the episode, despite stealing about $2000 from various laundromats and arcades, the only commupance Krabs gets is that he is hospitalized and forced to pay the bill with his change. At the same time, a doctor tells Spongebob that Gary swallowed a fridge magnet before, causing him to attract all of the money by a magnetic pull. WHAT. THE. EFF.
  • Clash of Triton could basically be called "King Neptune acts like a Jerkass for thirty minutes". When Neptune's son Triton says he wants to help the world without using his powers, the noble king of the sea locks his son in a cage for an untold amount of time. When Spongebob frees Triton, he naturally snaps and uses his powers to destroy everything, as well as trap Neptune in a cage. When Spongebob releases Neptune from his prison, you would expect him to discipline his son. Instead, he's incredibly happy that his son is finally using his godly powers, even if it does cause genocide and mass destruction.
  • This troper understands that this is rather broad, but ANY AND ALL EPISODES WRITTEN BY A MRS. CASEY ALEXANDER AND MR. ZEUS CARVAS. They are, to this troper, to Sponge Bob as Seltzerand Friedberg are to movies. To give you an idea, one or both of them have written 63 of the last 155 12 minute, half hour, or hour long episodes (including what are considered the worst episodes of the series, Atlantis SquarePantis and WhoBob WhatPants— both of whom easily fall into So Bad Its Horrible territory— not to mention roughly 80% of all entries on this page) and are soly responsible for Mr. Krabs' unforgivable character derailment. Nickelodeon, however, much like Glenn Martin DDS, are apparently brainwashed into believing that they're geniuses. Mr. CEO, the fanbase would like to have a word with you.
    • So THAT'S why there are some post-movie episodes that didn't feature Spongebob & Co. as complete jerks!
      • What do you mean about that?
        • You know, there ARE some post-movie episodes where Spongebob isn't too annoying, Patrick isn't too stupid, and Mr. Krabs isn't too obssessed with money? Like Shell Of A Man, Dunces And Dragons, Friend or Foe, Pest Of The West and stuff? Even Truth Or Square wasn't that bad.
        • Most of the worst episodes where the specials with a lot of hype, including Friend or Foe and especially Truth or Square. We really didn't learn many secrets in Truth or Square and Friend or Foe. Perhaps Nickelodeon is to blame for how they pitched said episodes in the commercials, as opposed to the writers themselves.
        • I agree with that fact, but what I'm saying is that those episodes didn't feature the Flanderized personalities of the characters, and that they weren't annoying.
  • This troper doesn't remember the name, but there was an episode where a fish named Flats is trying to beat SpongeBob up. Whenever Sponge runs away from this guy, he screams, "Can't you see he's about to kick my butt!" or something alongs those lines. Cut to a nice elderly man just minding his own business. And all of the citizens just assume he's the bad guy and decide to teach him a lesson. An old man. This happens TWICE.
    • Well, I thought that was funny.
    • Same episode, different scene. The horrible way Mrs. Puff handled the situation. She's completely oblivious to Flats's intentions towards Spongebob, even after he drew several pictures of him beating on him on the blackboard (her only reaction is to excitedly proclaim "We have an artist in the class!"), and then when she finally does something about it...She has a talk to Flats about it, using Spongebob's name so now the bully knows Spongebob told and will beat him worse, and stupidly buys it when Flats says that "kicking your butt" means "hanging out." As a former victim of severe bullying, it struck way too close to home and generally left a horrible feeling in Troper's gut.
    • This Troper always figured that Mrs. Puff was purposely allowing Flats to torment Spongebob after the years of psychological trauma he's caused her. And with the ending line "I'm going to kick your butt!", it made sense that she would just be waiting for an opportunity to get back at Spongebob herself.
      • Not to mention the throw-away gag that Flats will "kick [his own father's] butt" and how terrified the father seems to be of his own son. Hello, writers? Domestic abuse isn't funny!
  • This troper hates the episode "The Great Snail Race". Spongebob is needlessly cruel and inhumane to his adorable snail, Gary, pushing him well beyond his capacities in his ridiculous 'training' and causing him to POP BOTH OF HIS EYES AND SNAP HIS SHELL OFF. It made this troper want to punch Spongebob.
    • Well, to be fair, Spongebob did feel guilty about it near the end, and got his ass kicked by Sandy if that wasn't enough.
  • The episode Money Talks, aka Yes, We're Really That Out Of Ideas And Don't Know How To Write Any Krabs-centric Episodes That Don't Involve His Money Obsession
    • The ending didn't even make sense. Krabs has sold his soul to every other Eldritch Abomonation (including SpongeBob)? Seems like they rushed the whole thing just to push the "three shorts" (failed) experiment.

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Oct 10th 2010 at 1:40:57 PM •••

Personally, the episode called "Squirrel Jokes" made me wanna just KILL that stupid peripheral. I mean, he's just using species discrimination as a FREAKING JOKE. Thank G*d that Sandy gives Sponge Bob what for. What kind of lowlife MAKES THESE THINGS?! Alternatively, I liked "Enchanted Tiki Dreams" because Spongebob and Patrick try to make Squidward feel better by creating a fantasy world for him

Oct 19th 2011 at 5:18:38 PM •••

The writers aren't lowlives for having the protagonist do something bad. I didn't like the episode, either, but there's nothing wrong with having a character do something mean and then get comeuppance.

(It's possible to overdo it and make the character unsympathetic, which they did, but lowlives?)

May 10th 2013 at 3:48:23 PM •••

At least in "Squirrel Jokes" Spongebob actually tried to make things better. There are a lot of other episodes that are worse.

Aug 3rd 2010 at 12:34:54 PM •••

This was COMPLETELY unnecessary. Why the fuck did Twilightdusk feel the need to do this 'cleaning'? Because he didn't agree or is it a manditorial decision?

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