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Diaspora: The Scattering was supposed to be a Web Comic. But, the Author realized that he can't draw worth shit. He is currently re-working it as a Tabletop RPG. Title needs work. Has nothing to do with the Post Cyber Punk novel.

Diaspora is set on an earth-parallell world known as Second. Humans came there after fleeing a Class One Apocalypse, and were given samples of an experimental Retrovirus made from Human DNA, known as the "Evolutionary Accellerant". Second was a world where the two main sentient species were Elves, who enjoyed a connection with the world's natural Magic, and Verdammt, who slept the millenia away in their crypts in thje center of the continent. The elves demanded that the humans, who had recently landed, leave. Humans responded by releasing the Evolutionary Accelerant, and enslaving the Uplifted Animals this created. Crushed beneath sheer weight of numbers, the long-lived but low-virilty Elves, they were forced to surrender. Humans, secure in their dominance, began to mine their new home. They uncovered a large ammount of Power Crystals that allowed them to perform magic. Now, after several thousand years, strange things are happening. Strange, shadowy armies destroy entire towns, and a patch of land on the border between the three factions is devastated by a column of fire...



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