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Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu (born 27 December 1948 in Châteauroux) is one of the most prominent French actors since his Star-Making Role in Les Valseuses in 1974. As of 2018, he has around 230 acting credits since his debut in 1967.

Basically, he's the go-to guy for leading roles in Period Pieces (either Historical Domain Characters or historical novel protagonists), as well as Big Fun, Big Eater and Boisterous Bruiser roles in French cinema — most often requiring to be a Large Ham, which he seems born to play. While most of his box office successes were comedies, he garnered significant critical acclaim for his dramatic roles in pictures such as The Last Metro, Cyrano de Bergerac or Mammuth.

His most famous roles in TV productions include Edmond Dantès in The Count of Monte Cristo (1998), Jean Valjean in Les Misérables (2000), Joseph Fouché in Napoléon (2002) and the Mad Monk himself in Rasputin (2011). Speaking of the latter, he's so popular in Russia that he officially became a Russian citizen in 2013, and was even asked to become Minister of Culture of an oblast in that country at one point.


Two out of his four children became actors, namely Julie (born in 1973), and Guillaume (1971-2008). Guillaume died of pneumonia at age 37 while filming in Romania.

    Selected Filmography 

Live Action Television

French Dubbing

Tropes in his films:

  • Big Eater: Some of his roles since the late 1990s, such as Obelix.
  • Big Fun: While he's been acting in comedies since the late 1970s, he's been heavyset since the late 1990s only.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: When playing swashbuckling heroes like Cyrano or Porthos. And Obelix, of course.
  • Large Ham: He perfectly knows when to ham it up and when not to. When he does, it's much to the delight of French audiences.
  • Mini Series: He was THE leading actor of French miniseries at the turn of the millennium, starting with The Count of Monte Cristo in 1998 and ending circa 2005 with a TV adaptation of The Accursed Kings.
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  • Period Pieces: Half of his filmography, if not more, is made of period dramas.
  • Those Two Actors:
    • He has appeared alongside Catherine Deneuve in 10 films since 1980.
    • He appeared alongside Christian Clavier in Les Anges Gardiens, Les Misérables (miniseries), Napoléon (miniseries) and in the first two Asterix films. Director Bertrand Blier reunited them in Convoi Exceptionnel in 2019.


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