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Potiche is a 2010 French comedy film directed by François Ozon. It stars Catherine Deneuve.

Deneuve plays Suzanne Pujol, the housewife of Robert, who runs her father's umbrella factory. The events of a strike make him too ill to work, so Suzanne, who's been the submissive and dutiful wife for most of her married life, steps up to take his position and proves to have a knack for it. Eventually, however, she'll have to deal with his return.



  • The Film of the Play: The film is adapted from a 1980 theatre play of the same name by Pierre Barillet et Jean-Pierre Gredy.
  • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: Suzanne implies that Laurent is not Robert's son but Babin's to get back at the former for his cheating (and other things). When Babin confronts her about it, she admits she actually has no clue who Laurent's father is because she got around a lot at the time, disappointing Babin who was actually stoked at the idea of being a father.
  • Really Gets Around: Suzanne admits to cheating on her husband with Babin in the early years of their marriage and also that she slept with so many different men at that time that she has no idea who Laurent's father really is.
  • Shout-Out: Umbrellas playing an important role in a Catherine Deneuve film? That can only mean one thing.
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  • Undying Loyalty: Even though she was having an affair with her husband, Nadege ends up becoming a more devoted secretary to Suzanne than she ever was to him, to the point of breaking up with him when he comes back and following Suzanne as the factory gets taken from her and she takes up a political career instead.

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