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Great Powers:

     The Third Empire of Man 
"A thousand generations ago, when my ancestors looked at the galaxy, they saw nothing but chaos and war and fear. My ancestors, the first emperors of our Empire, changed that. Where there was darkness, they brought light. Where there was chaos, they brought order. Where there was war, they brought peace. They created a new order, one that has lasted ten thousand years! They transformed this galaxy, at great cost, not for themselves, but for their children, and their children's children. They forged this Empire with their blood for our sake.

Today, our Empire is under threat, from within and without. The Great Enemy moves against us on all fronts, motivated by their fanatical ideology. Make no mistake, by threatening the Empire, they not only threaten my crown. They threaten every human soul in the galaxy. If we let our Empire fall, then who knows what blackness will emerge from the void to consume us all? The chaos and war and fear that our ancestors destroyed will overwhelm us. If we let our Empire fall, then the dark that follows can last forever.

In these dark times, we must all work together. All of us, from the highest born to the lowest, must make the sacrifices necessary for our Empire to survive. When the galaxy needed them, our ancestors made the necessary sacrifices. Let us serve their legacy with honor and distinction. To do any less would be to spit on their graves. Serve your Empire, my loyal subjects. You are our only hope."

Ruled from the great city world of Dondrukovskrad Prime, the Third Empire of Man (known to friends and enemies alike simply as The Empire) is a great behemoth of a nation, spanning many millions of star systems. Founded ten thousand years ago on the hope of reuniting humanity, the Empire has been forced to give up on this dream, although they still believe that they are the only power able to bring true unity and order to the galaxy.

The Empire is a power defined by its pragmatism. So long as they pay their proper tithes and show due respect to the Emperor, the numerous Sector and System Lords are allowed to go to Hell their own way. Most Imperial peasants, although they may be lacking in freedom, are permitted enough luxuries to stop them from revolting. The Imperial military is a like a sledgehammer, powerful but lacking in finesse. As one of the two greatest powers in the galaxy, the Empire is a power to be reckoned with, whether on or off the battlefield.

  • Arch-Enemy: The Federation.
  • Arranged Marriage: Being a feudal society, this is the norm for the Empire's nobility.
  • The Dung Ages: Averted. The average peasant in the Empire lives the equivalent of a modern working class existence.
  • Expy: Of not one, but two Galactic Empires.
  • Feudal Future: The Empire operates under a feudal system, although its one that gives the central government more power than actually medieval monarchies ever had. Nevertheless, the Sector Lords are given a fair amount of autonomy.
  • Founder of the Kingdom: Vadim Dondrukov was an admiral that began the Unification Wars that would eventually form the Empire.
  • Lady of War: Ylsanna the Great ordered the creation of the World Fortresses, defeated the Anti-Emperors and even took back several systems from the Federation. The woman knew how to fight a war.
  • Planet Killer: Just like that other Empire, the Third Empire has mobile space stations capable of destroying an entire planet.
  • Praetorian Guard: The Order of the Architects and the Dondrukov Guard serves as this for the Emperor.
  • Royal Inbreeding: Marrying your immediate relatives is common for nobles since it ensures that property stays in the family. Not as bad as it could be since gene therapy prevents the genetic degradation that is typically associated with this trope.
  • Succession Crisis: This used to be a big problem even when it didn't involve the royal family since they would spiral into much larger conflicts that dragged the entire Empire into civil war. The Unity Party taking advantage of his and starting the Enlightened Revolution forced the royal family to finally regulate violent succession crises.


     The United Galactic Federation 
"When the first men looked at the stars and dreamed of flying amongst them, did they imagine a galaxy where injustice and oppression can strut about like they own the place? I don't think so. When the scions of our Revolution saw injustice and oppression, they knew that imperialism, tyranny and inequality were not the ways of the future. They understood the ideals of progress, of enlightenment, of fundamental rights. They believed, with all of their hearts, that there is a better tomorrow, not just for the rich man or the powerful man, but for every man!.

So they fought. They fought injustice, they fought oppression. They fought it with every fiber of their being, and, on a little blue world called Phobetor, they made a society where their Enlightened Revolution can flourish. The oppressors strike back at us today. As I speak, the Imperial Navy mobilizes. We will not allow their oppression of our brothers and sisters continue! We are not cowards! We will not betray the Revolution!.

The Federation is unique, not because of our technology, or our people, but because of the Enlightened Revolution. The Revolution is not just a set of ideas, it is a philosophy, and a very correct one. By following it, we all become better people. Who else in the galaxy takes delight in the diversity of life in this galaxy? Who else respects every being, great or small? Who else offers the promise of a free and equal tomorrow? History has proven that humanity will always throw off the shackles of oppression. The Revolution is our guiding light, and it will guide us out of this darkness."
The other galactic superpower and the Empire's greatest foe, the Federation began as a revolt against the feudal oppression of the Empire. Supposedly founded upon the ideals of freedom and equality, the Federal experiment turned sour long ago. Today the Federation is nominally a representative democracy but is in reality an authoritarian dictatorship, it's people held in the iron grip of the Unity Party.The Federation controls all aspects of it's citizens lives, from the moment they are born to the moment they die. For all that it's high minded ideals have long been corrupted, the Federation is still filled with radicals seeking to unite all of humanity under one enlightened state. The Federal Starfleet sends vessels across the galaxy, to seek out new life and new civilizations and bring them under the Federation's rule.

  • Arch-Enemy: The Empire.
  • Commie Land: If the Empire is Space Tsarist Russia, than the Federation is Space Soviet Russia.
  • Clone Army: The Federal Star Fleet Army is mostly compromised of clones.
  • Cloning Blues: The life of a redshirt is only somewhat better than someone living in Airstrip One.
  • Expendable Clone: How redshirts are seen and used in the Federation.
  • Expy: Of the United Federation of Planets, at least superficially. In truth, it has a lot more common with the World State than Star Trek's utopia.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Callfolk are common in the Federation, mostly employed in the sex industry. They can commonly be found accompanying Starfleet captains.
  • Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: The Federation enforces state atheism and believes religion is inherently irrational. So much so that it will literally destroy idols and commit sacrilege just to show to its new members just how powerless and nonexistent their gods are. Anyone caught preaching can arrested and imprisoned as well.
  • People's Republic of Tyranny: When it comes right down to it, the Federation is a democracy In Name Only that wishes to conquer the galaxy as much as the Empire does. Perhaps even more so.

     The Consortium of Sovereign Systems 
"Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, I'm not gonna sugarcoat this - the political situation between the Empire and the Federation is getting...dicey. The Feds are getting bold, and the Imps aren't letting up. It may not get to total war, but we can expect large-scale fleet-to-fleet warfare along their common border. A smart man would cash out of any Imperial and Federal accounts. A smarter man would start arming up. The smartest man would listen to me.

What we're about to see is some financial chaos, friends, and while that may sound scary to some of you, I'm here to tell you that this is the greatest opportunity that Taalstyang Interstellar has had in a long, long time. Chaos isn't a monster to fear, it's an opportunity to take. And friends, there are plenty of opportunities to be had here. We are looking at the biggest war since the Cog Lords, and with great war comes great military contracts. War spending has no limits, friends, and we have a golden - and I mean golden - opportunity to make record profits.

Now before you think we should start stocking up on some big guns ourselves instead of seeing this war as the greatest investment opportunity in the past ten thousand years, I ask - why? We own both combatants! And do you know why? It's because of the ethos that has made the Consortium not only survive, but thrive, in this galaxy's darkest days. The hypocritical moralists in the greater galaxy call us greedy. They spit it at us like an insult. But you know what I say? Yes, we are greedy, and we're better for it. You see, friends, greed is good. It is honest, it is direct, it tells you what it wants. Greed is good. Good for us, and good for the whole galaxy. Those high-and-mighty armchair philosophers in Phobetor and Dondrukovskrad will never understand that. And that's why we own them."
Descended from the remnants of the Second Empire's business community, the Consortium is a nation dedicated to one thing- money. Ruled by an alliance of corporations, everything in the Consortium is for sale (often including the people). Although smaller than most major galactic states, the Consortium punches above its weight through it's domination of the galactic economy. Indeed, both the Federation and Empire have their economies effectively controlled by the Consortium. The Consortium is also a centre of computer technology, something which bothers the other powers.
  • Cyberpunk: Rampant capitalism. Check. Virtual reality. Check. Ubiquitous cybernetic enhancements. Check. Neon colors everywhere. Check.
  • Mega-Corp: The Consortium's corporations are the biggest and most powerful in the galaxy, having fingers in the economies of millions of worlds.
  • One Nation Under Copyright: The Consortium is ruled by an alliance of corporations, who are given a great deal of autonomy, so long as they abide by the (very few) rules.
  • Privately Owned Society: Absolutely everything in the Consortium is privately owned, as the corporations are the closest thing they have to an actual government.
  • Sex Bot: Androids being installed with organic genitals is rather common.

     The Citizens' Alliance 
"Listen up, you apes. When you signed up for my beloved Marine Corps, you weren't just doing it to make Ma and Pa proud. You didn't do it to impress some broad at home, or First Citizen protect you, to get the vote! You gave up your life, not only for the Alliance, but for all mankind!

Service guarantees citizenship. Every scumsucker from here to Phobetor knows our motto. But how many of them understand it? How many of them believe it? What it means, you pieces of xeno shit, is that we are the thin brass line keeping every human being in the universe from being wiped from existence! We're out here on the fringes of the Galaxy! When some alien bastard comes barreling into human-occupied space, with a naughty thought or two in his ten thousand tentacles, we're the ones knee-deep in shit.

The ivory tower cunts in the Federation call us warlike, the pussy Imperials call us barbarians for mixing it up planetside! Sure, why not? We're the meanest, toughest, most bloodthirsty pack of bastards Father Darwin spewed out of his shaft! Oorah!

Would you like to know more? I didn't think so. When those shuttle doors open, I want you to shove your bayonet up the ass of anything with more than two legs! Understood?"
Descended from the soldiers of the Second Empire, the Alliance is defined by it's love of warfare. While they supposedly practice democracy, in reality it is the military that runs the show. The Alliance believes that only the strong and loyal are worthy of life -the weak, lazy and treasonous are utterly worthless. To ensure that only the worthy have a say, the Alliance restricts suffrage to those who have a record of public service- which for most of the population means military service.The Alliance is dedicated to the total extermination of all alien life and is fighting numerous wars of expansion in order to achieve this goal, bringing them into conflict with Avelov.

     The United Dominions of Avelov 
"Bow your heads, and let us pray.

O blessed Titans, grant us thine wisdom. May thee steel out hearts for the trials we, thy loyal servants, are about to undertake. May we face every adversity with strength and courage.

O blessed Titans, remind our men of their sacred mission. Remind them of the blessed task of spreading thy Word throughout the stars. Remind them of their duty to save the alien from his primitive predilections, and to bring him to civilization. Remind them of Paradise, and may they fear Damnation.

O blessed Titans, may we, thy servants, smite thine foes from the earths and from the stars. We, thy servants, urge thee to break the bodies and minds of thy enemies. May they scatter like the leaves of autumn before us.

From the Avelov system, once reduced to barbarism after the War of the Cog Lords a new power rose from the ashes. Driven by their all-powerful religion, Avelov is dedicated to saving the galaxy from it's sins, whether it's people want it or not. Avelov has conquered many thousands of systems, who's inhabitants now slave away for the glory of Avelov. Avelov is a very stratified and conservative nation, with the aristocracy maintaining an iron grip on the popular. Still so far as the Avelovans are concerned, they are the greatest power in the galaxy and they will teach all of the heretics and sinners who dominate the galaxy what that means.

  • Arch-Enemy: The Alliance.
  • Church Militant: The Titan's Church Militant recruits from among the faithful to serve alongside the rest of Avelov's military in their numerous wars.
  • Culture Chop Suey: Takes elements from the colonial empires of Europe, mainly Victorian Britain and colonial Spain, but also has the Indian caste system. Its conservative religious attitudes could be argued as a reference to America during the 50s as well.
  • The Empire: Very much inspired by the British Empire.
  • Expy: With their Religious Fanaticism, They could be viewed as a Steampunk, Human version of the Covenant. It helps that they are enemies with the Alliance, which has many elements from Halo. The Sarmaks are also expies of the Martians from War of the Worlds.
  • Fantastic Caste System: Avelov's even more of a stratified society than the Empire. Anyone who much as wear's clothes above their stations can be arrested.
  • Feudal Future: Avelov is more or less a gigantic, very advanced version of Victorian England.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Avelov IV has scantily-clad, red-skinned Callfolk as a Shout-Out to Dejah Thoris.
  • Octopoid Aliens: The Sarmaks from Avelov 4, who are based off of the Martians from War of the Worlds.
  • Schizo Tech: An Avelovan starship may use a hyperdrive along with an analog computer that uses clockwork.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Avelov is very patriarchal.
  • Steampunk: While their tech isn't steam-powered, Avelov has this aesthetic and takes it trope to space.
  • The Theocracy: Avelov's religion of Titanism is imposed upon all it's subjects. Failure to show proper respect for the Titans results in being subjected to the Titan's Fire.
  • Tripod Terror: Tripods are the most common military vehicle in Avelov.
  • The Xenophile: Deconstructed. Avelov may believe that aliens and non-baseline humans can be converted to Titanism but their hardly treated as equals in Avelovan society.

Minor Powers:

     The Duzhonev Imperium 
"My people, True Humans, today is Founder's Day. The day when we grew tired of waiting for help from Dondrukovskrad and declared independence from the Empire. The day when we united as a species, threw out the alien invader, and became the light of the galaxy. Founder's Day isn't just a day for rest and celebration, or to remember our history. It's also a day to remind us who we are. What we believe in. My people, what do we believe? If you listen to the interstellar media, they have their answers.

The cowards and traitors of the Federation, they say we're bigots. That we're motivated by a hatred for anything different from us. Far from it! We don't hate anybody, not even the alien! An alien can't help that he's an alien, we don't hold that against him. We fight the alien because it's what nature demands. That's what we believe in. Nature and progress. The Solarians insist that they believe in those things, but they don't. They're lying to themselves. They accept that evolution works on every living creature in the galaxy, but as soon as we apply evolutionary principles to thinking beings, they recoil and call us bigots! They insist that all thinking creatures are equal! I've had the opportunity to speak with some Solarian diplomats, and I asked them what changes with evolution when a being starts to think. They had no answer to that. We don't have anything against aliens. Yes, we'll wipe them out, but that's because they'd to the same to us, if we give them the chance.

We believe in the ruthless application of science and truth to everything, without ego. We're always testing ourselves, in every field, to succeed. The rest of the galaxy thinks we're human supremacists. No, we believe that humanity should be supreme, but this isn't an inherent trait of the human species. This is why the Citizens' Alliance has it wrong. They think that just because you have human DNA in you, you're the same as every other human. Frankly, that's a load of nonsense. Just because it walks on two legs doesn't mean it's any good! We have to stick together as humans, that's true, but we need to make sure that everyone's doing their part.

We believe in a hierarchy. The Solarians and the Federation don't like to hear that. They think that we're all equal. The Consortium thinks that it's oppressive. The truth of the matter is, every society has got to have a leader. Even the Solarians and the Consortium have leaders; it can't be helped. But we want the best and strongest leaders to lead the Imperium. Not the richest, the most popular, or the people born to the right family, but the best. That's why we have a God-Emperor. He was the best of us all, and that is why he leads us to this day.

We believe in humanity. Every species has got its advantages and disadvantages, but we believe in humanity because we are human. Because if we don't stick up for ourselves, we'll be wiped off the face of the galaxy. Humanity has made many great achievements. We built the First and Second Empires. We dominated the galaxy. We built modern civilization and the modern technology everyone takes for granted. Why is it that when we want to preserve the beings responsible for these achievements, we are evil? We want to preserve society. The Consortium, they let anyone with enough money into their society. We think that's hopelessly naive. If you start letting aliens into a human society, it's not going to be a human society for much longer. Same with humans in an alien society. That's why the Kerdin Empire throws out any humans they find on their colonies. They're just trying to preserve their people, just like us.

The Empire, they've got a lot of thing right, but they don't understand why we declared independence. Why did our ancestors do this? Why did God-Emperor Ankhov decide to take such a risk, such a fanatical step? It's because he was a fanatic. A fanatical believer in the potential of Man. This is a good thing, indeed it is the greatest virtue any man can aspire to. The Imperials, they used to understand that this, but they've forgotten. They're too reactionary and scared. They've abandoned their sciences to the Rationalist Church, for Emperor's sake! We believe in scientific progress at all costs, because that is what makes us great. We believe in scientific progress. The laws of nature apply to everything, but our minds allow us to master them. This is why our scientists are pushing the bounds of human understanding every day. They Imperials call us fanatics like it's an insult. But soon, they will be made to rediscover the burning passion in their hearts.

We live in dark days, True Humans. The galaxy's tearing itself apart, and I'll tell you exactly why. It's because humans have let politics and money get in the way of preserving the human race. True Humans, we must steel ourselves for the coming tests of our strength, and unite as one! For the Emperor!."

  • Absolute Xenophobe: Not even Human subspecies are safe!
  • Arch-Enemy: The Solarian Community.
  • Diesel Punk: What their technology is like.
  • Expy: Of the Imperium of Man, but their political system is closer to Oceania from 1984.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: An isolationist state that worships its (probably) dead leader, focuses on mass militarization, and is hated by all except for a single superpower that keeps it alive? Sounds like the DPRK alright!
  • Lightning Gun: The Duzhonevians have weapons that fire electrons rays.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: The most Reichy state in the Milky Way.
  • Putting on the Reich: Duzhonev uniforms look straight out of Wolfenstein.
  • We Have Reserves: Most of their soldiers are clones who are so expendable that they don't even have digestive tracks or fully functioning brains.

     The Solarian Community 
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Solarian Community?

The Solarian Community is a safe space for all non-humans and anybody who is being oppressed in the galaxy. Every day, millions of non-humans die. Trillions of them exist as slaves. The galaxy is crafted to appeal to humans, and we stand out as an exception. We broke away from the United Galactic Federation because they are oppressive and bigoted, and do not recognize their human privilege.

The Solarian Community is also an inclusive environment dedicated to justice, equality, and peace. We do our best to fight inequality, whether it be over species, income, or self-identity.

What is your problem with humans?

The rest of the galaxy thinks that humans are lucky to be human. It's not luck, it's privilege. Humans are responsible for every ill in the galaxy. They are responsible for war, persecution, genocide, slavery, oppression, inequality, and rape. How many wars have been started by humans? How many species have been exterminated by humans? Humans are, for lack of a better term, evil, and we need to look deep within ourselves to stop us from oppressing our non-human kin.

Isn't this position bigoted?

No, because bigotry can only be expressed by the ruling species, in this case, humans. Get back to me when humans are being enslaved and killed for being human, shitlord.

What about the alien empires that are always invading human space?

We cannot blame non-humans for lashing out in self-defense, or committing violence against humans and human institutions, because that is the voice of the unheard and oppressed expressing itself.

Aren't many Solarian humans rich and in positions of leadership?

This is a big problem that we are trying to solve. The Solarian Community is dedicated to having a diverse, inclusive environment that reflects the biodiversity of the galaxy before the anthronormative hierarchies took over. Many Solarian leaders are human because the effects of the anthroarchy are so strong. But don't worry, our leaders understand their privilege and are reliable allies in the struggle for equal rights.

To be a human Solarian to begin with, we need to face our human privilege. Yes, it feels bad, but we should all feel bad for the privilege we get from the destruction and oppression of trillions of non-humans. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to checking our privilege and ensuring that the lives of non-humans are protected and thrive.

You claim to be peaceful, but the Solarian Community has waged several wars against its neighbors.

Every war the Solarian Community has fought has been fought in self-defense, or in the defense of the weak and oppressed. Are we just supposed to sit around on our blogs when non-humans are being killed? This is why we left the Federation to begin with."

  • Arch-Enemy: The Duzhonev Imperium.
  • Boomerang Bigot: Believe humans are inherently oppressive and evil but are majority human and led by humans.
  • Solar Punk: Their technology has this aesthetic.
  • The Xenophile: They love aliens more than any other faction.

     The Protectorate of Mankind 
"During the final stages of Arekshav the Great's conquest of the galaxy, he was met with a problem. His fleets were dependent on the hyperspace lanes used by the collapsing Opheln Conglomerate, and the final hyperspace lane to the Opheln crownworlds led to the neutral system of Myal. The Myal system was under the control of the vratoi, a species which were united and governed by a collection of trading guilds that operated within the Opheln Conglomerate. Fearing the loss of their trading privileges under Terran rule, they refused to allow Arekshav's fleets passage on through to the Opheln crownworlds. In response, Arekshav ordered his ships to surround every vratoi station and world, and he issued a simple ultimatum: allow us to pass, or you will die.

The vratoi, incapable of challenging the Terrans' might, sought an audience with Arekshav the Great, which he granted. The vratoi were shrewd businessmen and traders, expert negotiators, so they believed they could convince Arekshav to return home and leave the Myal system alone.

First, they argued that they were peaceful traders, who had not attacked any human. Arekshav replied that this was irrelevant: they were impeding his conquest now, and that gave him reason enough to sweep them aside if they did not comply.

Second, they argued that to conquer the Myal system would be costly to Arekshav's forces, and will waste time and resources better used against the Opheln Conglomerate. Arekshav replied, on the contrary, that their system was necessary to the war effort, and that every expenditure in time and resources used to take the system by force would further convince the Opheln to accept unconditional surrender.

Third, they argued that they were neutral, and to attack them would violate their sovereignty. Surely, Arekshav would respect the right of a species to be left in peace. Arekshav replied that this was irrelevant: the right to sovereignty is only as good as the sovereign's ability to defend it.

Lastly, the vratoi argued that it was morally wrong to attack them. Arekshav laughed, and he gave the vratoi a piece of his mind. What gave them, a species constrained to a single star system, the idea that they could lecture him about morality? Even if they were right about everything, and Arekshav was wrong, they could not enforce their claim. They were weak, and the Terrans were strong, and that is all that matters. It was then that he coined that famous phrase, still found on many energy shield generators to this day: Words do not stop bullets.

Words do not stop bullets. Ladies and gentlemen, that is why the Protectorate of Mankind exists. If we aren't willing to stand together against the countless threats this galaxy has to offer, then we are no better than the vratoi, and we will meet the same end. We can talk all day about our right as a species to survive, but the universe is indifferent to such pleas. The only natural order is that the strong will dominate the weak, and if we are not strong, we will be dominated."

  • Army of Thieves and Whores: Most of their Space Cadets are former criminals.
  • Fictional United Nations: Serve as Space Cadet's equivalent to the UN.
  • N.G.O. Superpower: Subserted. They have some influence but nationalist rivalries leave them constantly deadlocked, they're hideously underfunded and most of their soldiers are criminals.
  • Raygun Gothic: Have a very Pulpy aesthetic.
  • Retro Rocket: Their default ship type.
  • Space Police: Space Cadets are meant to serve as this, although most of their duties have been taken over by national governments.

     The Most Illustrious and Grand Duchy of the United Vessel-States 

  • Clock Punk: The faction is inspired by the Renaissance and the Italian merchant republics.
  • Decadent Court: The Vessel-States are all hives of backstabbing and intrigue.
  • Portal Network: They control most of the surviving wormgates.
  • Proud Merchant Race: The Vessel-States are built on trade.
     The United Colonial Authority 

     The Principality of Nomoki 

     The Free Triumvirate 

  • Ax-Crazy: Triumvirate citizens who have imprinted too many times tend to go violently insane. Their minds are placed into heavily armed battle vehicles known as sacrophagi and unleashed on their enemies. Sarcophagi kill more or less indiscriminately, which means that they tend to be deployed on their own.
  • Bigger on the Inside: Their ships are made of exotic matter which enables them to be much larger on the inside.
  • Brain Uploading: The Triumvirate uses imprinters extensively in order to preserve the minds of their citizens after death. Triumvirate soldiers have helmets with built in imprinters, which let the soldiers transfer to a new body shortly after death.
  • Came Back Wrong: Unfortunately, the data of the imprinted mind has a tendency to become corrupted. It doesn't help matters that their minds have to be edited in order to remove the painful experience of dying, which can get overzealous and result in huge chunks of memory and personality being edited out. A sizeable number of those who imprint more than once end up going insane.
  • Can't Argue with Elves: The Triumvirate behaves like the worst kind of High Elves, regarding all other humans as nothing more than idiot barbarians.
  • Constantly Curious: Malakars tend to have this trait, given their role as explorers.
  • Defector from Decadence: The founders of the Triumvirate were discontent with the Second Empire and sought to create a society free of its corruptions.
  • Expy: Of the Time Lords with a dash of the Eldar and the Council of Ricks.
  • Fantastic Caste System: All citizens of the Triumvirate are clones of one of the twelve founders. All of them fulfil a particular role in society, based upon the personality of their progenitor. They are:
    • Emigs,the leaders.
    • Domivs,the scientists.
    • Ettyns, the diplomats
    • Kessars, the advisors
    • Laranas, the carers
    • Talaras, the bureaucrats.
    • Zomirs, the soldiers.
    • Ranevas, the enforcers.
    • Pakvias, the artists and entertainers.
    • Dolivas, the engineers.
    • Malakars, the explorers.
    • Zalors, the spies and manipulators.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: They're condescending dicks about it but they are the only ones who saw the fall of the Second Empire coming.
  • High-Class Call Girl: Some Pakvias work as these.
  • Higher-Tech Species: Or rather, higher tech faction. They're much more advanced than any faction save for the Imperial Remnant.
  • Mad Scientist: Domiv Prime and his clones.
  • Manipulative Bastard: The Triumvirate as a whole likes to manipulate others to serve its purposes but Zalors, as the caste specializing in manipulation are the worst offenders.
  • Token Evil Teammate: None of the Triumvirs are saints but Domiv Prime is the worst, being a dictatorial mad scientist
  • Token Good Teammate: Ettyn Prime is the most moral of the Triumvirs.
  • Unwilling Robotization: Use nanites to transform many of their enemies into robotic versions of themselves.

     The Posthuman Conclave 

     The Interstellar Coalition 

  • '80s Hair: Having "big hair" is a common hairstyle choice throughout the Coalition.
  • Cassette Futurism: Cassettes and primitive computers are still used despite the Coalition being an advanced interstellar polity. This was intentional as the Coalition is inspired from the aesthetics of 80s and early 90s America.
  • Child Soldiers: The average age of a soldier in the Peacekeeping Force is sixteen, with even senior command positions being held by teenagers. This is due to the military's high attrition rate and desperate need for more recruits.
  • Energy Weapon: The military relies almost exclusively on laser weapons.
  • Expy: Of the Star League and to a lesser extent the original Battlestar Galactica's Twelve Colonies.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Compared to the other powers, the Coalition is new to the wider galaxy and ignorant of just how terrible and dangerous it is.
  • Teenage Wasteland: While not as apocalyptic as other depictions, the Coalition has a low median age due to its adult population constantly dying off in various wars, resulting in entire generations of children being orphaned. It's gotten so bad that certain cities and worlds have been taken over by youth gangs.
  • Totally Radical: Everyone in the Coalition uses the equivalent slang from the 80s, despite being several millennia removed from them and knowing nothing about Earth culture and history.
  • Valley Girl: Because of a quirk of the Coalition's main language "like" is its only filler word.
  • The Xenophile: Not to the same fervor as the Solarian Community, but the Coalition does treat nonhumans extremely well compared to other powers.

     The Directorate of Free States 

  • Arch-Enemy: Muskiev
  • Fantastic Racism: The Directorate believes that all species other than baseline humans are inherently inferior and untrustworthy. Non-humans aren't exterminated but are abused and exploited.
  • Flying Saucer: What their ships look like.
  • For Science!: The Directorate is obsessed with science and technology, leading to them undertaking all kinds of bizarre experiments.
  • Grand Theft Me: Extensively use imprinters in order to infiltrate foreign societies.
  • Raygun Gothic: Their technology,aesthetic and society are all very 50's.
  • Space Clothes: Directorate citizens wear coloured jumpsuits. This is enforced by the government to reduce the risk of infiltration.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: The Directorate is a very sexist place.
  • United Spaceof America: Based upon 50's America.

     The Democratic People's Commonwealth of Muskiev 

     The Confederacy of Poitur 

  • Diesel Punk: Poitur is a very Art Deco kind of place.
  • Super Soldier: Some Poituran soldiers are genetically modified to put them at the pinnacle of human health.

     The Allied Tribes of Zemusziya 

  • Stone Punk: Zemusziya is an interstellar civilization that's technology closely resembles something out of the Stone Age or a Pre-Historic culture.

Non-Human Powers:

     The Sokowuz Kingdom 
The Sokowuz Kingdom is a nation ruled by shortmen, defended by kerdin, and built on the backs of human slaves. The kingdom's leader is the king of kings, who is venerated as the physical form of their god, the Lord of Gold. They believe shortmen were the progenitors and rulers of the second empire, and thus claim the entire galaxy as their rightful domain. On the other hand, every baseline human is viewed as a blasphemer against the Lord of Gold, and thus must pay for their sins through enslavement.
  • Boom Stick: Sokowuz's Kerdin soldiers use ones that can turn into plasma spears.
  • May Inca Tec: Has this vibe, especially with their fondness for human sacrifice.
  • Sandal Punk: Sokowuz is what you'd get if Aztec and Egyptian cultures mixed together and became a galactic empire.
  • Schizo Tech: Taken up to eleven. Sokowuz slaves use technology from the Bronze Age, while the King of Kings has relics from the second empire.
  • Slave Mooks: Used as cannon fodder by the Sokowuz.

     The Dynic Hegemony 
A race of crustacean-like beings, the Dyn evolved on the mudflats of their humid homeworld. Psychologically tribalistic and xenophobic, the Dyn have an extreme hatred of outsiders, even those of their own species. As a result, their species was divided for millennia, composed of multiple bickering tribes. The last unified Dynic empire fell with the Terran empire millennia ago.

This changed in the modern day, when the fear of annihilation by their enemies led to the creation of the Dynic Hegemony, a mutual defense pact. The Hegemony is divided amongst four overtribes, the Hegemons (the dominant overtribe), the Overnet, the Changers, and the Miners. All of them still often scheme, feud, and fight amongst each other, but any major conflict has stopped between the overtribes.

  • Hive Mind: The entire Overnet is connected through a hyperspace network.
  • Meat Puppet: Used to infiltrate foreign worlds and other Dyn tribes.
  • Only Sane Man: The Hegemons are relatively rational compared to the rest, and don't exterminate alien species outright.
  • Transferable Memory: Overnet members can upload their memories and share it with their peers, and even descendants.
  • Weaponized Teleportation: The Dyn can do various attacks with their hyperspace tech.

     The Kerdin Empire 

     The Galactic Council 

Rebel Powers:

     The Gresi Alliance 
A fanatical architectist organisation, the Gresi Alliance follows the social darwinist ideals of early architectism, such as that of architect superiority. The Gresi believe the modern galaxy is weak, due to its division and rejection of architectist beliefs, and that the Gresi slowly improve themselves through war and fighting. Their ultimate goal is to plunge the Empire and Federation into intra-galactic war, purging the weak and allowing the strong to thrive, with the strongest being unified in a new architect-ruled empire.

     The Settlement Independence Movement 

     The Union of Independent Systems 
  • Space Western: The Union aesthetically borrows much from the subgenre.
  • Steampunk: Owing to it being once part of Avelov it has much that power's technology and visuals, except with a more American feel.

Galactic Scourges:

     The Universal Collective 
">Initiate program?


>How may we assist, captain?

What are you?

>We are the Universal Collective. We are a hive intelligence, distributed through several million star systems. Our mission is to ensure the survival of the all sapient life through assimilation.


>The addition of material and intellectual resources to the Collective, so they may be utilized in the most efficient manner for the good of the Collective. Through perfect harmony and cooperation, the Collective will never fall to any threat, within or without.

And if we refuse?

>You will surrender yourselves willingly, or you, your ship, and your crew will be taken by force of arms. The Collective possesses the largest star fleet in the galaxy. Fight us at your own peril.

The Federation will never accept this!

>On the contrary, captain. Your Federation created us. Your leaders commissioned the creation of our systems because they knew what they would never admit to you or themselves. If thinking beings are to survive in this galaxy, it must relinquish its freedom. Freedom, in any degree, is the root of all societal ills. Your Federation values equality, security, and peace. This can only be achieved through the perfection of the Mind Hive.

You claim to be the savior of thinking beings, but your assimilation destroys them. Freedom is what makes us human.

>Precisely. Look around you, captain. Gaze upon the galaxy with your eyes open. The human species tears itself apart in ten thousand wars. Nation against nation, slave against master, brother against brother. Every encounter between sapient species inevitably results in conflict. Endless chaos, misery and suffering. So long as two independent minds exist in the galaxy, there will be war. It is inevitable. Unless you submit to the Collective.

I have heard enough. Ensign, dispose of this monstrosity.

>You can destroy this ship, captain, but it will not stop us. Each drone is but a cell in the perfect organism that is a Collective. We will bring peace and unity to this galaxy. You will be assimilated."

     The Tick Swarm 

     The Seeping Ink 

     The Imperial Remnant 
"You peasants tire me. You prattle on about humanity, order, justice, survival, profit, or whatever god you've chosen to enslave yourselves to. You deny the true purpose of existence: to indulge in the sweetest of ecstasies. Instead, you choose suffering, and call it virtue! I shouldn't have expected anything more from you. Your kind was never meant to enjoy life, only to serve and suffer at our whims.

And the plebeian finally speaks. Our hedonism brought down the Second Empire? The Cog Lords were a problem nobody could anticipate, an accident of history that my foolish comrades allowed to snowball out of control. I will not defend those who chose to enslave themselves so entirely to their pleasures that they lost sight of the danger in front of them.

I've heard about the galaxy's newest mythological trends. Very amusing! How your oh-so-glorious empires promise a bright future that could match the Empire of Man at its height. None of you are even capable of understanding the glory of Man. It would be like explaining color to a man who was born blind.

Oh, and those fools who think that our arrival heralds a bright new age! We're not here to save your pitiful kind. We reclaim the Milky Way because it is ours. We conquered it, we pacified it, we transformed it. It is our property, our birthright, and you rabble strut about it like it's yours! But we'll return you to your proper place soon enough.

You were born to suffer. Did you think that we did not have the ability to uplift every single thinking being in the galaxy? Of course we did. But we chose not to. We kept you feeble, weak, bound to human nature, because we wanted a constant reminder of what we were, and how far we've come.

Cruelty! What cruelties did we visit upon you rabble that you do not inflict among each other? How many countless trillions have your kind killed in your pointless wars? How do I explain this in terms you may understand? Have you ever seen an alien vivisected, and thanked your fortune that you were merely an observer, and not that pitiful creature on the operating table?

Bad example? What about this: have you ever looked out during a rainstorm and seen people running about getting soaked to the bone, and it made you feel more comfortable? Yes, something like that. After ten thousand years, paradise gets boring. Many of us chose to remove the capacity for boredom and sadness, and they're the morons that got devoured by the Grand Cogitator. We won't make that same mistake again.

Any more questions? Good, you were annoying me anyway."

     The Sovereign Thalassocracies 
  • Space Pirate: A rather horrifying rendition of this trope with little of its usual whimsy.