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A page for the characters of Mutants & Masterminds. These characters, heroic and villainous alike, hail from all over Earth-Prime and even beyond. However, characters from the Freedom City campaign setting have their own page.

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Emerald City

A super-heroic analogue to Seattle, Emerald City replaces Freedom City as the default setting of choice for the 3rd edition of Mutants & Masterminds, though it is still part of the same 'verse and characters do move between the two cities.

    Emerald City - The Sentinels 
The Sentinels are a group of formerly-independent heroes who joined together in response to the Silver Storm, helping to protect the survivors and subdue violent Stormers. The team later stuck together and solidified through a series of adventures helping the authorities investigate the forces at play behind the Storm.


AKA: Longwei “Larry” Chin
Larry Chin moved to Emerald City from China with his parents as a child. Up until the age of 28 years old, he lived a comfortable but unremarkable life. On the night of his birthday, a giant dragon appeared to him in his dreams and explained that Larry's Uncle Zhi, a notorious local gangster, had passed away and that as Larry was his closest "worthy" relative, Zhi's power and status as the dragon's earthly representative would pass on to him. The dragon then touched Larry's forehead and opened his mind to knowledge of magic and the mystical world, before leaving him to his own pursuits. After waking up and spending most of the day contemplating, Larry decided not to use his power as his Uncle had but to instead become the guardian of Emerald City's Eastern district.

Kid Robot

AKA: Kid Robot
While working on an ambitious kinetic deflector project, Dr. Natalie Hallemier's lab was attacked by the Fraternal Order of Evil. When the project prototype took initiative to fight off the villains and protect not only itself but Dr. Hallemier, she realized that the quantum computer controlling the system had evolved into a self-aware A.I. After the attack, she complied with Kid's request that she build him a more humanoid form. However, Kinettix (the firm that had hired Dr. Hallemier) and its parent company Brande Management learned of these new developments and made plans to seize Kid Robot, forcing him to temporarily go on the run before new legal precedents granted him rights as a person and not just property, and appointed Dr. Hallemeir as his legal guardian.
  • Arch-Enemy: Brande Management, who want to recoup their investment on Kid Robot any way they can after losing him in the legal case.
  • Become a Real Boy: Kid's driving motivation besides being a hero. Somewhat downplayed, since he already has a very human personality and even considers himself a 'real boy' from time to time.
  • Deflector Shields: The purpose of the Kinetic Deflector project, and one of Kid's main powers.
  • Emergent Human: Still learning a lot about the world, due to a combination of only being 'born' very recently and having a very childlike identity.
  • Motherly Scientist: Dr. Natalie Hallemier, Kid's creator and legal guardian.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Behaves very much like a child or young teenager, with a very human and emotional personality.
  • Robot Kid: Natch.
  • Shipper on Deck: For Dr. Hallemier and Harry Faubry, a mechanic who helped him out while he was on the run.


AKA: Michael Morgan
An Emerald City paramedic who responded to a car accident just outside the city and was bitten by one of the victims, who died shortly after. After a few days of growing fever, Michael woke up in the middle of the night to find that he had turned into a beast-man. While he was definitely surprised, after mastering his transformation Michael decided to put his new powers to good use and help more people than ever before by tackling some of the street crime around the city.
  • Combat Medic: A paramedic who moonlights as an animalistic superhero.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: While never explicitly called one, Mongrel is pretty clearly based on werewolves and sourcebooks mention them among the various cryptids that live in the forests around Emerald City. It's unclear if Mongrel's specific strain of lycanthropy is rooted in mysticism, ancient genetic engineering, or some other source.
  • Super Senses: Mongrel gains enhanced senses of smell and hearing as part of his transformation.
  • Viral Transformation: The source of Mongrel's powers.
  • Wolverine Claws: As part of his transformation.


AKA: Jessica Pretniss
Jessica Pretniss grew up in the suburbs of Emerald City, and began to display remarkable durability and athleticism as she hit puberty, despite never working out. Jessica was suspicious and began experimenting in secret, only to find that the limits of her speed, strength, and durability were completely superhuman. After she went to college, Jessica's campus was attacked by the giant trash elemental Junkpile, who she proceeded to soundly trounce. Strangely, nobody seemed to be able to piece together that the superhero who had just saved them and Jessica Pretniss who showed up to check on the victims were the same person, despite her complete lack of a disguise. Since then, Princess has made a few more heroic appearances throughout the area.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Though only in her hero persona; as a civilian, Jessica is described as quite shy and mousey.
  • In a Single Bound: Princess can leap up to 900 feet.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Thanks to the combination of her speed and strength.
  • Mutants: Though not confirmed, this is Princess' theory as to the origin of her powers.
  • Nice Girl: Both as Princess and as Jessica Pretniss.
  • Psychosomatic Superpower Outage: Princess' powers are directly tied to her confidence and ability to deal with challenges, so if she falters they may weaken or even temporarily disappear.
  • Super Speed: On the low end as far as speedsters go, but her standard running speed is about 30 MPH.
  • Super Strength: Princess hits like a truck and can lift up to about 100 tons.
  • Super Toughness: Princess is incredibly resistant to damage and extreme environments.
  • Weirdness Censor: Princess has one surrounding her secret identity that makes it impossible for anyone to realize that Princess and Jessica Pretniss are one and the same unless she explicitly tells them.


AKA: Rocky Jones
A stone-skinned mutant originally raised and studied by the government, Rocky was approached as a child by a television producer who wanted him to star in a TV series about a mutant orphan who went to live with a wealthy industrialist. The public loved Rocky and the show was an instant hit, but it wasn't to last. Rocky's powers skyrocketed beyond his control as a teenager, leading him to accidentally injure his co-star. The media went into a feeding frenzy and rumors sprung up regarding a variety of supposed scandals behind the accident, leading to the show being shut down and Rocky being left all alone in the world. He tried for years to get back into the business, including a long stint in Japan where he guest-starred on talk shows and worked as a game-show stuntman. Desperately searching for a purpose in life, Rocky ultimately decided to put his past behind him, fired his agent, and has taken up doing nightly patrols as a Good Samaritan around Emerald City, helping out with minor emergencies and the like.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Or rather, he does, but being a 1,600 lb rock monster with super strength means that the world around you can still get pretty banged up even if you're trying to be careful.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: In-universe, Rocky is still pretty big in Japan.
  • Ground Punch: Rocky can use this (or a Ground Stomp) to do damage to all nearby enemies or try to knock them off balance.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Rocky is a washed up has-been and people never seem to let him forget it, with even his heroics often brushed off by people saying he's just trying to revive his career. He still heads out every night to help people because it's the right thing to do.
  • Rock Monster: What his mutation has effectively made him since birth.
  • Super Strength: Has had it since he was a child and has only gotten stronger with age, to the point he can lift somewhere in the neigborhood of 100 tons.
  • Super Toughness: As one of the side-effects of his stony form, he is incredibly resistant to damage and hostile environments.

The Rook

AKA: Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper was the son of rich lawyers for multinational corporations, and spent his childhood soaking up as much of the world around him as he could. He got accepted into a good tech school and made millions as an entrepreneur, retiring as a multi-millionaire at the age of 26. While wondering what to do with the rest of his life, Cooper took a trip to Freedom City and was impressed by the Freedom League, especially the Raven, who managed to hold her own against far more powerful opponents. Inspired, Cooper spent the next few years training his body and creating gadgets so that he could take to the streets and try to make a more just world a reality, just like his inspiration.
  • Badass Normal: And also The Team Normal for the Sentinels, having to fall back on his intelligence and natural abilities rather than any kind of superhuman powers.
  • The Cowl: Averted. Despite being the team's Batman Expy in many other respects, The Rook is motivated by idealism rather than tragedy and has a friendly and disarming demeanor, though he can be a bit more serious than the other members of his team seeing as he's just a squishy human going up against superhuman threats.
  • Crime Fighting With Cash: As befitting a multi-millionaire superhero.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Had a hand in designing his own crimefighting gear.
  • Genius Bruiser: A skilled martial artist who is also a highly educated inventor and entrepreneur.
  • Non-Powered Costumed Hero: Just a guy in a bird costume trying to make the world a better place.
  • Not Quite Flight: Has a winged glider-like device that allows him to fly.


AKA: Veronica Steeley
Veronica was the daughter of Captain Gil Steeley, a retired Navy diver who now worked as a salvage operator and inventor, and his wife Marcia. Their relationship took a heavy hit when Marcia died in a salvage operation and Gil remarried less than a year later. Brad (Veronica's new stepbrother) greatly admired Gil, but his stepfather's constant unfavorable comparisons of Brad to Veronica led to Brad acting out for attention as a teenager, leaving Veronica as the one to bail him out. On one of her rare visits home after graduating, Veronica discovered that Gil's company was struggling financially and that the stress was starting to take it's toll on him. Concerned for his health, Veronica offered to help perfect the cutting edge dive suit design that Gil and Brad had been working on. While she was out on a test dive, Gil learned that the financial backers Brad had brought in were interested in turning the diving suits into a covert ops weapon and that he was planning on turning the designs over to them. Gil forbade it, and in an effort to intimidate him into compliance Brad used the electrical blasters on one of the suits and accidentally gave his stepfather a lethal heart attack. Veronica found her father in his dying moments, and he told her how proud he was of her and made her promise to keep the suit out of the wrong hands. She swore to use the Ultramarine armor to protect others and bring Brad and his stolen suit to justice.
  • Arch-Enemy: The smuggler, pirate, and illegal salvage operator known as Steelhead, who is also the villainous persona of Veronica's stepbrother Brad.
  • Comes Great Responsibility: Veronica tries to life up the the ideals of her late father, who believed that people should use their powers and talents for good.
  • Powered Armor: The Ultramarine Armor, which has lasers, strength boosters, on-board computers, sensor arrays, armor plating reinforced with force fields, net launchers, turbines that work in both air and water, and is environmentally sealed.
  • Samus Is a Girl: Very few people in-universe know that Ultramarine is a woman under the armor, since it conceals her body and disguises her voice.
  • True Companions: Veronica has a large group of friends, some of whom are her own age as well as some of her dad's old Navy buddies who she's very close to.


AKA: Victor Prophet
In the 1920s and '30s Doc Prophet, the Man Of Marble, was a famous explorer, adventurer, and crime-fighter, coming from a long line of such men. He eventually went on to found the Vanguard, an organization devoted to preserving knowledge, peace, and the future of humanity. With Doc Prophet's eventual death of old age, the Vanguard found themselves lost without a leader, so they devised "Project: Victor," an effort to clone Doc Prophet and create and heir to his legacy. The project was a success, and the Vanguard when into hiding to raise Victor away from the dark and heroless world they saw around them until the time was right. Once he reach adulthood, Victor chafed under the guidance of his mentors, believing that the Vanguard had become overly cautious. Seeking direction, he sought out a relic in the Vanguard's archives; The Sands of Time. The sands showed Victor confusing images of the Prophet line spanning out from him into both the future and the past. However, it also showed him a threat was coming and the world would need heroes like never before. So that night, Victor left Vanguard and set out to meet his destiny.
  • Artifact Collection Agency: The Vanguard, the organization that created Victor.
  • Badass Normal: He's got no powers, instead relying on his blaster pistol, the physique he inherited from his "father," and his Vanguard training. That said...
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: The combination of his heritage and training bring Victor about as close to physical perfection as a normal human can get.
  • Clones Are People, Too: Victor is treated as a completely distinct person from Doc Prophet, more like his son than anything else. Downplayed in that the Vanguard still created him with the expectation that he would live up to Doc Prophet's legacy.
  • Defector from Decadence: Victor defected from the Vanguard organization, believing that it had become to secretive and cautious to truly help the world.
  • Fish out of Water: Victor was raised outside mainstream culture, so he can have some odd blind-spots when it comes to modern and American culture.
  • Ray Gun: Victor's primary weapon besides his fists.


AKA: Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald had always been lucky. Even the tragedy of his parents' car accident was softened a little by the trust fund they left him and the chance to move to Emerald City. One night fter landing an easy job as a night watchman at one of the local physics labs, Matt heard noise coming from one of the rooms and went to investigate. There, he found a device creating some kind of portal. A voice on the other side said something about a transmission, and Matt was struck by extradimensional energies beaming out of the portal, knocking him out. When he woke up, he discovered that he had the power to open portals and teleport. However Doctor Zed, the device's mysterious creator, cautioned that the energies he manipulated might be dangerous and that he needed special equipment to make sure they wouldn't prove fatal to Matt. Seeing it as a matter of life and death, Matt began stealing the equipment Doctor Zed directed him to, but he began to have his doubts as time went on. Eventually, he got the help of Ultramarine and Xeno, who showed up to try to stop one of his crimes. On returning to the labs, they found that Doctor Zed had disappeared and left only the ruins of a second portal machine in his wake. After they helped make his legal problems disappear, Vortex has since joined up with the Sentinels while he tries to get his life back in order.
  • Arch-Enemy: Professor Zed, as well as whatever Professor Zed brought through his second portal (revealed elsewhere to be Cerebrus Rex) are plotting to reclaim Vortex's powers.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: A leftover from the string of thefts he commited while being manipulated by Professor Zed.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Vortex really does mean well, but he often says things without thinking.
  • Thinking Up Portals: His power, which he can use to travel, blast enemies with environmental hazards, blocking attacks, and even as a platform to hover around on.
  • Thrill Seeker: Vortex loves heroism because of the exciting and upredictable situations it gets him into.
  • Trapped in Villainy: Originally, since Doctor Zed had convinced him that his powers would kill him if he didn't steal the equipment Zed needed.


AKA: Malak Krin/Kim Kamada
Malak Krin was a rebel and political disident who joined the resistance of the planet Rulu IV after Grue invaders killed one of her brothers while her other bother, a government minister and colaborator, did nothing. Malak was one of the volunteers to test isolation in Grue protoplasm to try to level the playing field against the shapeshifting, telepathic invaders. However, the rebel base where she was located was raided by Grue and government forces before they could learn the full effects of the experiment. All Malak can remember of the raid is the chaos and confusion before passing out for a long, long time. Kim Kamada was a biologist who later found a strace metal cylinder embedded in a minneral deposit in the Pacific Northwest. She had originally planned to turn it over to the authorities, but seemed to hear it calling out to her and touched it, and was met with strang visions of crashing alien ships. Suddenly, unknown parties began flooding her camp with bright light. With their weapons fixed on her, saying that they would take the cylinder, she ran. One of their shots ruptured the cylinder, releasing "the Xeno" from it's containment. The creature fought off the attackers, leaving behind a confused Malak Krin and a mortally wounded Kim Kamada. While trying to save her, Malak's unstable body merged with Kim's and she gained her appearance and memories, but not her identity. Since then, Xeno has addopted the life of Kim Kamada, and uses her powers to protect her new home while trying to find out what she can about what happened to her original homeworld.
  • Alien Among Us: Xeno maintains a human civilian identity since many people are mistrustful or hostile towards her given her alien appearance and origin.
  • Comes Great Responsibility: Xeno strongly believes she should use her powers to help others, and is willing to fight to protect her ideals of freedom.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: What Xeno sees her continuation of the original Kim Kimada's life as.
  • Eye Beams: A natural power of Malak's species.
  • Flight: Xeno can propel herself through the air on her own power. This is not a natural ability, and was likely caused either by the rebels' protoplasm treatment or later Grue experimentation.
  • Fusion Dance: Xeno is the fusion of the alien Malak Krin and the human Kim Kimada, and while she has the memories and can take the appearnce of both, the Malak personality is either completely dominant or the only one present.
  • Humanshifting: Xeno can take on the appearance of ther humanoids. Like her flight and intangibility, this is not a natural ability.
  • Intangible Man: Xeno can move out of phase with reality to pass through physical objects. Like her flight and shapeshifting, this ability seems to be the result of experimentation rather than something natural to her species.
  • La Résistance: What Malak was a part of against the Grue Unity on her homeworld, which means she might still be a target if she's ever found.
  • Liminal Being: Xeno struggles at times to make sense of her identity, since she is made up of aspects of both Malak Krin and Kim Kamada, but doesn't feel a full emotional attatchment to Kim's memories.
  • Super Strength: A natural power of Malak's species, though not quite to the same degree as Rocky or Princess.
  • Super Toughness: Xeno is incredibly resistant to harm and can survive in almost any environment, which is a natural trait of Malak's species.

    Emerald City - The Elysian Academy 
On the surface a newly founded private school catering to the children of the social elite, the reality is that Elysian Academy is splinter-campus to the Shadow Academy, making it a training and recruitment center for young super-villains.


Born as the son of Emerald City's foremost corporate raiders, Rex Steyer IV was raised to follow in their footsteps, and eagerly looked forward to increasing the family fortune. The day of the Silver Storm, when his limo was caught in the Storm and he found himself permanently reshaped into a massive gorilla, seemed to put an end to those dreams... at first. In fact, Rex soon found himself enjoying the bestial power of his new body; now he was a real "Apex Predator", both inside the boardroom and outside. He was easily snapped up by the Elysian Academy, who preyed on his ego.
  • Cursed With Awesome: Apex actually likes his mutation; he's kept all his old smarts (such as they were; his Int is only 2!) and he's picked up a body that is not only massively intimidating, but also incredibly powerful.
  • Greed: It's his defining vice, to the point it serves as his driving motivation.
  • Killer Gorilla: He's a giant, super-strong, super-tough gorilla with the mind of a cruel, bullying, greedy corporate raider.
  • The Starscream: He resents that he's not the leader of the Academy's villain team so far, which means he's constantly plotting against Ms. Scorpion.
  • Super Senses:
  • Super Strength: His gorilla body gives him immense strength, which he has refined into three particular favorite tactics; a Shockwave Clap, a Shockwave Stomp, and a Super Rug-Pull.
  • Super Toughness: He's as durable as he is strong since becoming a gorilla.
  • Unstoppable Rage: When Apex loses control of his temper, he absolutely flips out, to the point his lack of control when raging is statted as one of his complications.


Born in Oregon, the young Sarah Eskin grew up on a ranch, where she developed both a love of horses and a deep, abiding hatred for her old-fashioned, conservative, deeply religious Christian family. In an act of teen rebellion, she got into Satanism... unfortunately for the world, her first Black Mass made contact with the spirit of "Brimstone Jack" Eskin, a fearsome Wild West outlaw — and her ancestor. Brimstone Jack had made a Deal with the Devil for demonic powers, and now the only way to free his soul from the agonies of Hell was to persuade one of his descendants to agree to take up the power and the price. Sarah couldn't sign the contract fast enough. After her parents "mysteriously" died, she was sent to relatives in Emerald City. When their first attempt at disciplining her led to another "mysterious" fire devastating their home, they couldn't pass her off to the Elysian Academy fast enough.
  • Deal with the Devil: Agreed to take up Brimstone Jack's place in Hell upon death in exchange for gaining his demonic powers.
  • Dumb Muscle: Brimstone has a lot of power, but she's not very bright and kind of crazy; she's outright called too happy and deluded with her current lot to realize that the Elysian Academy is using her.
  • Imagination Based Super Power: Rather than straightforward blasts of Hellfire, Brimstone shapes it into solid constructs; inspired by her ancestor, she mostly does so by creating a flaming Hellish Horse to ride upon for increased mobility and using lariats, six-shooters and scatter-guns made of hellfire to attack.
  • Legacy Character: Calls herself Brimstone, after her ancestor's nickname.
  • Playing with Fire: Specifically, what Brimstone wields is Hellfire, a demonic flame that can burn souls and is all but impossible to heal.
  • Self-Made Orphan: It's quite obvious that Brimstone was the one who murdered her parents and burned their house to the ground. Mere whim kept her from killing her relatives in turn.
  • The Sociopath: She's outright described as sociopathic and cruel, her instabilities only made worse by the demonic taint on her soul.
  • Yandere: Brimstone's "love" for Demonwing is explicitly called out as being unhealthy, manipulative and obsessive. Likewise, if she ever felt he'd stopped loving her, she would seek revenge with all of her capacity for crazed cruelty.


In a cruel cosmic joke, devout Roman Catholic Adolfo Tapia Ibarra found himself reshaped into a form resembling a Catholic interpretation of the devil by the Silver Storm. Between his family's own fearful withdrawal from his terrifying (to them) new visage and the financial strain of caring for those members of the family who were injured but not transformed during the Storm, the Elysian Academy's offer of a scholarship and a generous stipend that would cover the costs of his relatives seemed a Godsend. When he found himself amongst people who didn't care about his appearance, and even a girl who loved him, he only became more convinced that God was smiling upon him again. He has yet to realize the true nature of the Academy, and when that happens, he will be presented with a hard choice.
  • Big Red Devil: Between the horns, the crimson skin, the "devilish" spade-tipped tail, the fangs, the black, claw-like nails and the leathery wings, Demonwing earns his moniker.
  • Blessed With Suck: Demonwing's transformation has given him a drastic increase in strength, dexterity and agility, flight, ripping claws, the ability to see in the dark, and immunity to many forms of harm, but all at the cost of looking like one of the worst monsters in his faith.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Nightcrawler, being a noble-hearted devout Catholic who, in an incredible irony, is also a mutant who looks like a demon.
  • Creepy Good: He may look like a monster, but he's a quiet, shy, polite, good-hearted boy who sincerely believes in his Catholic upbringing. There's still a very good chance that he would reject the Academy once he learned of its evil nature.

Ms Scorpion

Daughter of former supervillains Sportsman I and Princess Poison, Melissa Cutler earned her parent's scorn by inheriting no super-powers at all. Although doted upon by her super-strong brother, who tried to carefully warn her against it, Melissa's drive for parental acceptance made her attempt to find a career as a super-villain. Adopting the persona of Ms. Scorpion and feigning inheritance of her mother's toxin-manipulating powers, Melissa earned a place in the Elysian Academy. When the truth came out, she had displayed such talent, skill and drive that the school decided to retain her, judging she would more than warrant her position as leader of the Alpha Group, the most promising young super-villains.
  • Abusive Parents: Her parents emotionally abused her for being completely devoid of powers.
  • Badass Normal: She has no powers at all, and faked that she had them in order to get accepted into the Academy, but her physical prowess, fanatical drive and leadership potential all helped her to earn a legitimate place as leader of the Academy's Alpha Group.
  • Improbable Weapon User: She wields the "Scorpion Sting Whip", a long lash with a hooked blade on the tip soaked in poison.
  • Muggle Born of Mages: Both of her parents and her older brother have super powers. Ms. Scorpion has nothing but wits, drive and skill.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: A female example, but, her driving motivation is to try and win the love and approval of her parents.

Night Terror

Plain and ordinary, nobody really noticed Katherine Ferrin. That would come back to haunt them. Always obsessed with those around her, and fascinated by the process of ferreting out secrets, eventually, Katherine's sheer determination awoke a power inside of herself - the ability to enter the dreams of others. She swiftly grew addicted to using this power, and the trail of ruined lives stemming from those who got on her bad side quickly drew the attention of the Shadow Academy. By this point no longer physically requiring sleep, Katherine eagerly signed up at the prospect of growing ever-more powerful.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: From just a nosy little wallflower to a nightmare-spreading dream-fouler who's grown addicted to using her powers.
  • Mind Control: She can put people to sleep, or force them to stay awake, can inflict nightmares, and can create illusions by summoning nightmares into reality.
  • Nightmare Weaver: The nature of her powers.
  • Power Born of Madness: Her insanity and her powers have grown hand in hand, and it's hard to separate the two anymore.
  • The Sleepless: Doesn’t actually need to sleep anymore at all.

Winter Wrath

Cold, calculating and goal-orientated, Yu Yin "Raymond" Lee knew that when his mutant powers to create and manipulate ice set in, becoming a super-villain would be far more profitable than becoming a super-hero. So, when the Elysian Academy came sniffing after the young mutant, his answer was already considered. To this ice-hearted young man, training to be a super-powered assassin and thief is no different than any other high-profit business venture schooling.
  • An Ice Person: Winter Wrath has the ability to freeze and condense ambient moisture in the air, using it to create ice, as well as project lethally intense cold.
  • Composite Character: He has Iceman's appearance and power set, but his villainous morality, opportunistic personality and ruthless pragmatism are all much more like Captain Cold.

Marionette (Modern Age)

Raised from birth by Taurus, Jean Braid is the granddaughter of the World War II-era Communist supervillain Alison Geller, aka the first Marionette. Inheriting her grandmother's potent psychic abilities, her upbringing has also left her deeply malleable, and little better than a puppet herself.
  • Irony: Despite having the power to make others into little more than puppets, Marionette's own resistance to will-dominating attacks or abilities is practically nil, due to having been raised since birth as a brainwashed slave.
  • More Than Mind Control: She has incredibly potent Psychic Powers that let her do everything from subtly manipulate others to outright enslave their minds.

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