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Wallace "Wally" Foster

Our hero. A young social worker who has been recently transferred to District C. Having been raised around humans and never seeing a monster for real in his life leaves him out of the loop with what monsters are really experiencing under the rather separatist rule of Fairway, and thus, is a bit ignorant and naive.



Kate Porter

A waitress at Cuddy's cafe who also supports equality for monsters and humans.

  • Camera Fiend: According to her profile, she loves photography and carries a camera everywhere.


Florence Cuddy

The owner of Cuddy's Cafe and visibly supports acceptance and equality as her establishment caters to everyone regardless of race.



A co-worker of Wallace's from District A. From what we know so far, he's quite misinformed of what monsters are really like.

  • The Ghost: In the very beginning of the prologue, he's just someone Wallace was talking to on the phone and sent him a message. He makes an appearance in Chapter One in a flashback.
  • Jerkass: Judging by what we assume he's saying to Wallace as he steps in the room of his apartment, asking if he cried yet at the first monster he saw and sending him a message that doesn't really ease up Wallace's anxiety.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In reality though, when he was telling him about the transfer, he's actually quite supportive and tells him that he doesn't have to do it if he doesn't want to. Still, he made fun of him when he got there which could just be his way of showing his concern.


Louise Spence

A human Wallace meets while on the way to meet his last client, Charlie Flannigan, and is said client's roommate.

  • Ambiguous Gender: The use of they/them pronouns by the author implies that Louise is genderqueer.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: They look rather intimidating but turn out to be alright once Wallace has gotten to know them.
  • Gender-Blender Name: It adds to the ambiguity.
  • I'll Kill You!: Pretty much the threat they gave to Wallace.
    Louise: If you do anything to break my trust... I'll snap you in half.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Not only they let Wallace in, they serve him tea and gives important details that Wallace should know about Charlie.


Doctor Eno Lacroix

Kip's therapist in District B who is a bit on the eccentric side.

  • Gay Bravado: Often referring to Kip affectionately with French romantic expressions to flirt with him playfully. He's aware of this though and knows when to stop, especially when Kip is visibly not in the mood.
  • Gratuitous French: When not making puns.
  • Nice Guy: Tends to annoy Kip a lot for fun, but is nice. And does his job quite well.
  • Pungeon Master: He takes that advantage for Kip being an ice monster and milks it for all its worth. Indeed, they are incredibly lame.
  • There Are No Therapists: Untrue since he is one and tends to Kip who is suffering from a past traumatic experience.



Mr. Crimmins

Wallace Foster's boss and is most likely the shadowed figure seen in Charlie's flashback.

  • Bad Boss: Prior to his introduction, there have been passing comments by the author about this. And judging by the way he speaks to Wallace on the phone much later in the story, he really is.
  • Big Bad: At the very least, he is heavily implied to be this.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: As far as we know, he has been using monsters for experiences.
  • The Ghost: He's mentioned before, only to be referred to as what role he plays toward the protagonist.
  • Knight of Cerebus: The dark undertones of the plot are all seemingly caused by him.
  • Psychotic Smirk: As seen in this page here.
    Mr. Crimmins: (to Wallace) After all, I expect great things from you.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Whether as a completely shadowed figure, or in plain sight.



Kipland "Kip" Kaizer

Through his blog, he supports the cause of those who fight for human and monster equality and is well known throughout the district. Though he comes off as cold and disagreeable, he genuinely concerns for his friends and loved ones.

  • Old Flame: He and Pascal used to date. [[New Old Flame: Both seem to get back together. It's implied the flame was never even put out in the first place]].
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Roy's red oni. Also the Blue to Wallace's Red.
  • Secret Keeper: Played with, he has a folder possibly containing vital information, but it was left by his missing brother, and he is too afraid to open and read it.
  • When He Smiles: It's usually the most adorable thing. It's saying a lot considering he looks so distant most of the time.


Roy G. Biv

A very happy, outgoing, and colorful monster. Is especially nice to everyone and loves to give hugs.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: Molly says he is remembering things that never happened, and mistaking her for someone else from his childhood.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's ambiguous though if he really is remembering wrong or Molly does not remember things from her past. A Conversation between Molly and Ben imply the former, while a conversation between Louise and Roy imply the latter. Futher complicating things is Molly had a toy identical to Roy (Just smaller) given to her by her dad. This brings up the question: is Roy actually a monster that looks like a toy or is he some form of animated toy misidentified as a monster?
  • Cuddle Bug: Most definitely. SUPER HUG! And aww, look at Kip...
  • Eye Scream: Played for laughs, but when he needs to sleep, he can remove his eyes, not unlike detachable googly eyes.
  • Friend to All Children: He works at a daycare, and is hugely loved by the children.
  • Gentle Giant
  • Keet Oh so very much. Very little gets him down.
  • Last-Name Basis: Addressed as Biv sometimes.
  • Living Toys: His anatomy is roughly that of an animated rag doll or puppet and his body parts are all detatchable, with some being sewn-on and replacable.
  • Meaningful Name: "Roy G. Biv" as in "ROYGBIV", the acronym used to list all the colors of a rainbownote .
  • Monster Clown/Creepy Doll: A cuter and more benign version, however.


Molly Monday

Acts as the caring voice among her friends, and has known Kip since they were little.

has Cute Little Fangs, and is an adorable monster
  • Dope Slap: Usually to Kip when he does something stupid, like snubbing Wallace upon first meeting him. Because her hands are huge, they're usually equivalent to a hard slap on the back of the head.
  • Extra Eyes: She has two smaller eyes by the side of her normal ones.
  • Genki Girl
  • Meganekko: Kind hearted and wearing glasses so big they actually cover all of her four eyes.
  • Shipper on Deck: Seems to be cheering to Kip and Pascal get back together.
  • Stealth Pun: She has literally 4 eyes, and uses big glasses.
  • Team Mom: Despite being the youngest of the trio.
  • Women Are Wiser: She seems to be the most emotionally stable character in the main group.
  • You Are Not Alone: She does this to both Wallace and Ben. Reassuring that she will be there to help them whenever needed.



Benjamin "Ben" Baker

The landlord of the apartment complex where Wallace is staying in.


Charlie Flannigan

A client of Wallace Foster, currently under the care of Louise. Upon first meeting the human, he proves to be the most unpleasant monster so far... at least, that's what it looked like at first.

  • Establishing Character Moment: His interaction with Wallace up to slamming his head on the coffee table and throwing death threats at him makes it all clear. It sets up for a Subverted Trope as detailed on the main page.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: He has a missing eye where his eyelids are stitched shut. Someone who looks like that should be obviously evil but as Establishing Character Moment says however...
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His hair upon first appearance, which hides his lost right eye due to being the subject of an experimentation.
  • Precision F-Strike: The first character to actually curse in a comic where the dialogue has been clean so far.
    Charlie: Just stay away from us you piece of shit!!
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He's the one responsible for all the flowers in the house Wallace was squeeing about earlier since in a later page, he's seen tending to them.
  • Tsundere: Behaves this way towards Louise.


Sal A. Mander

One of Wallace's clients. A monster who's defining trait is that he's yet to be seen sober.

  • The Alcoholic: Pretty much. Always a bottle on hand.
  • Hidden Depths: Somewhat invoked. In his drunken stupor, he tells Wallace that he "know[s] things about stuff". He also added the fact about Wallace coming from District A and how that just rubs off to him and the other monsters the wrong way, which he might be able to articulate more clearly if he weren't so inebriated.
  • Punny Name: On Salamander.


Pascal Briggs

The owner of Big Briggs Teas.


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