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A Wild Hunt in the Dead of Night.

In the first game, UNDEAD is lauded as the most rebellious and wicked idol unit of Yumenosaki Academy! The members of the unit—self-proclaimed devils of the night—are dark and wild.

In the second game, UNDEAD is a wild unit affiliated with Rhythm Link. Led by Rei Sakuma, when it comes to fan-service each member delights with their individual style. Their ability to be highly flexible gives them plenty of publicity as the MCs of variety shows, radio personalities, in commercials, and even as fashion models. Work that utilizes their character and visual style is their main focus.

Their theme color is purple.

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    In General 
  • Animal Motifs: Their logo has a bat on it. In a magazine interview, Rei also gives an animal motif for each member: dog for Koga, bear for Adonis, and fox for Kaoru.
  • Cool Hat: In their unit costume.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: They may sell themselves as the most "corrupted" and "radical" unit in the academy, but UNDEAD is Trickstar's main backer in defeating the student council. They will also hold a performance for children in an amusement park.
  • Meaningful Rename: Originally, the unit was named DEADMANZ during the War, consisting of Rei, Koga, Kuro, and Keito. After Rei recruited Adonis and Kaoru (Keito and Kuro left and formed Akatsuki to aid the student council), Koga gave their new unit the name UNDEAD. This was to inspire hope in Rei after his defeat as one of the Five Oddballs, encouraging him to keep living on despite his "death" during the War.

Unit Song List

  • Melody in the Dark
  • Gate of the Abyss
  • Darkness 4
  • Break the Prison
  • Hanīmiruku wa Okonomi de
  • Valentine's Eve Nightmare
  • Bloody Moon Vampire (Rei Sakuma Solo)
  • Feather Heartache (Kaoru Hakaze Solo)
  • RIOT WOLF (Koga Oogami Solo)
  • Saql Faith (Adonis Otogari Solo)
  • IMMORAL WORLD (Anime Soundtrack)
  • Walk With Your Smile (Undead ver.)


Current members

    Rei Sakuma
EnStars!: The Demon King Who Rules in the Dead of Night
EnStars!!: The Demon King Who Lures One Into the Dead of Night

"Urgh, please close the curtain. My head aches when it's too bright."

A self-proclaimed "Vampire" who becomes completely miserable when the sun shines on him, even in the early morning, Rei is one of the "Three Oddballs." While he appears sociable, he never shares his true intentions with anyone. He speaks and acts like an elder, and he also knows a lot about the school's history. Since he studied abroad for a year, he has to repeat a grade.

Even though Rei is the president of the Light Music Club, he makes no effort to put things together. He loves his brother, second year Ritsu Sakuma, but receives harsh treatment in return. He is the leader of the unit UNDEAD.

Class: 3-B (EnStars!)
Club/Circles: Light Music Club (EnStars!) / Band "BB", Mystery Researchers (EnStars!!)
Age: 18-19 (EnStars!), 19-20 (EnStars!!)
Birthday: November 2
Height/Weight: 179cm/61kg (EnStars!), 179cm/61kg (EnStars!!)
Hobby: Strolls in the garden
Specialty: Jazz dance
Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda (Japanese), Anthony Bowling (English)
Portrayed by: Koji Kominami (stage play)

  • Big Good: In the main story, he serves as this to Trickstar and Anzu. Asides being Trickstar's mentor. He was also this when opposing to Eichi during the war.
    • Ultimatedly, a deconstruction. Despite his good intentions and trying to help with everyone's problems during the war, he couldn't be there for every person at a time. This resulted in Ritsu resenting him, since Rei was too busy with helping others rather than being for his brother during the falldown with Leo and the Knights during the war. No wonder he started to act like a senile old man afterwards, stating that he's tired of all.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Really cares about Ritsu regardless of the fact that Ritsu now hates him over an event in their past. Though he's rather clingy. But since Ritsu regards him as a stranger due to what happen, it's likely the only way for Rei to show that he still cared about his little brother. Also, while they aren't his blood brothers, he really dotes on Yuta and Hinata, even calling them his beloved children.
    • Rei acts brotherly to many characters, including his (now former) classmates, the Oddballs and his fellow members of UNDEAD, taking care to look out for them, perhaps to make up for his actions and eventual inaction during the war.
    • Despite being around the same age, he seems to act this way toward Madara, who notes that Rei took care of him back during their school days implied to be either due to Madara being his "important successor" or due to his Abusive Parents situation, though it’s not clarified either way and could be because of both cases. As well, In A Dark Night’s Passing, Madara states that Rei gives off an aura of wanting to be consulted if he needs anything, though he ignores this due to not wanting to worry him and due to knowing that Rei would solve all of his problems if he tells him.
  • Broken Pedestal: Back before the war, when he isn't the senile old man he is now, Koga admired him a lot, and he even copied his Sir Swears-a-Lot speaking style. Needless to say, he became really disappointed after Rei became really weird, and started to treat him like the way he does now.
  • Casual Kink: Adonis of all people asks him in Easter Live if he enjoys people getting tied up.
  • Cool Old Guy: Subverted in that he's not actually old, he just acts and talks like he is. Eichi notes that he's much more lively at night, much to his annoyance.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: Or "Vampire" in this case. He's the Big Good of the original game and has vampiric traits.
  • Held Back in School: Had to repeat a grade back in Ensemble Stars! due to his constantly missing class. He graduates with the rest of the third years before the transistion to Ensemble Stars!!, however.
  • In-Series Nickname: Gets the derogatory nickname "Vampire Bastard" from Koga. Ritsu also calls him "Uza-nii-chan" whenever Rei asks him to call him "Nii-chan", although there is a time in the halloween event where he does call him "Onii-chan".
  • Intergenerational Friendship: In the Pirates event and the Beach Match event, Rei has an older friend who is said to be married.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: He appears to be skinny and weak, but apparently, he is able to lift and lower a grand piano by himself. Of course, he used a pulley, but still.
  • The Mentor: To Trickstar in the main story. He’s also this to Madara Mikejima, as Madara is regarded as his "important successor", though the exact details of this have yet to be clarified. Madara even adopted some of his war tactics, as shown in Shinsengumi. This role is brought up again in Ensemble Stars!!, implying that it will come into eventually.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: For all the claim he makes about being a vampire, the only vampiric traits he has displayed is weakness to sunlight, red eyes (Though in a world where everyone has strange eye colors, it’s not necessarily important), sleeping in a coffin and fangs. Other than that, Rei is never even seen drinking blood and even claims to dislike blood for its metallic taste, opting for tomato juice instead.
  • Passing the Torch: Averted, as he's one of the only unit leaders to not step down from his role as the leader of his unit despite graduating.
  • Passive-Aggressive Kombat: Engages in this with Eichi Tenshouin in Eichi's Idol Story Teatime of Black and White.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Subverted, as he's not actually hostile despite having red eyes.
  • Retired Badass: When the oddballs were still "Five Oddballs", Rei was apparently not the senile old man he now acts like. The "war" having allegedly worn him down, he's been reduced to mostly sleeping through the day... though he'll still raise from his coffin when the necessity calls for it.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Surprisingly used to be one before the "War", as hinted in the Repayment festival event.
  • Student Council President : Was one for Yumenosaki before Eichi replaced him. Keito actually didn't like that he has that position and even asked Eichi to replace him back when Rei was still the president.
  • Shared Family Quirks: Aside from their Strong Family Resemblance, siblings Rei and Ritsu have a fair share of similarities. Both are weak to sunlight, had to repeat a grade (Rei studied abroad for a year, Ritsu had to repeat the year due to tardiness and doozing off) and seem to have a somewhat fragile health. Also, if the Halloween event is anything to go by, Ritsu likes messing with Koga just as much as Rei does.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Looks like a longer haired version of his younger brother Ritsu.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: One of the tallest and prettiest characters with dark hair and a penchant for wearing dark colors for most of his outfits.
  • The Leader: Of UNDEAD.
  • The Night Owl: Is noted to be much more lively at night, compared to in the day time.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Or favorite drink, tomato juice. He's also fond of dry-cured ham; it's the one of the few things he's willing to walk the sunlight for.
  • The Reliable One: Rei wants to be seen as this and becomes sad when Kaoru doesn’t come to him for help in the event story Date Plan. He also gives Madara a vibe that he wants to be consulted with if he needs anything, though Madara says he ignored this due to not wanting to worry him.
  • Vampires Sleep in Coffins: He sleeps in a coffin which was apparently built by Natsume. It also apparently doubles as a living space, despite how comparatively small it appears to be on the outside.
  • Verbal Tic: He speaks like an old man, with very old fashioned language, and uses really old (probably) debunked word forms. As said above, it seems that he didn't always talk like this, though.
  • Weakened by the Light: Can't stand being under sunlight. Koga mentioned that he wasn't like this before the war happened and tired him out.
    Koga Oogami
EnStars!!: Sharpened Claws, Bared Fangs! It's Wolf Rock!

"Huuh? Want me to bite you to death?"

Wild with a hearty personality, Koga has great self-confidence and always thinks of himself as the best. A self proclaimed "wolf," he snaps at everyone no matter who they are. Since he has a keen nose, he dislikes things that have a strong smell.

He has a corgi named Leon, who is good friends with second year Subaru Akehoshi's pet dog, Daikichi. He is somewhat hostile toward third year Rei Sakuma and calls him "vampire bastard," but as it turns out, Rei is good at making Koga do his bidding. A member of the unit UNDEAD.

Class: 2-B (EnStars!), 3-B (EnStars!!)
Club/Circles: Light Music Club / ANIMALS, BB (EnStars!!)
Age: 16-17 (EnStars!), 17-18 (EnStars!!)
Birthday: July 18
Height/Weight: 174cm/58kg (EnStars!), 175cm/58kg (EnStars!!)
Hobby: Card games
Specialty: Electric guitar
Voiced by: Yuki Ono (Japanese), Ricco Fajardo (English)
Portrayed by: Ryotaro Akazawa (stage play)

  • Animal Motif: Wolves, which he fully invokes: he has overall a wild personality, a keen sense of smell, calls himself a lone wolf and is fond of dogs, with them being naturally attracted to him as well. His last name is also a pun on the word ōkami (狼), which means "wolf". However most characters agree he's more akin to a dog.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Koga is a Spartan when he is training someone. And being a Sir Swears-a-Lot made said training a complete nightmare. Tori, Makoto, and Tomoya, the few people that had been trained by him are all horrified of him after that training.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: He clashes with his fellow UNDEAD members because his efforts to help their unit aren't often recognized, souring his mood fast.
    • Subverted with his classmates in 2-B and Trickstar, who actually recognize him to be quite dependable.
  • Fangs Are Evil: Sports a pair of prominent canines that can be seen on his sprite and quite a few of his cards, and he threatens to bite people pretty often. However he isn't evil so much as aggressive and bad-tempered.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Dogs primarily, but in Athletics he gets a group of guinea pigs to warm up to him fast and climb all over him for attention, despite his scent as a dog-owner originally scaring them.
  • Hidden Depths: After-school Duel mentions he grew up poor as a child, so as a teenager he's extremely frugal with money and shopping. It's how he manages to live on his own surprisingly well, even with a more expensive apartment because of Leon. He also has a knack for gardening, since he saves on groceries by raising vegetables at the school.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: A platonic variant. Koga normally finds the company of girls to be a hassle because of how easily their feelings can be hurt, as well as him being unable to stand the smell of perfume. But, he makes an exception for Anzu because she isn't conventionally feminine, and he even worries about her having so few hobbies like other girls to keep her from constantly working. He even offers to take her shopping with him.
  • I Gave My Word: Koga never goes back on promises and agreements he makes, and it's one of his better qualities that shine through to show his nicer side. It's implied to be a response to Rei breaking many promises with those in his past after his defeat in the War.
  • In-Series Nickname: Gets "Wanko", "Wan-chan" and "Corgi" from Rei, Kaoru and Ritsu respectively, all related to Koga's similarity to a dog. He gets a kinder one of "Kokkun" by Mika because of his difficulty with remembering names.
  • Interspecies Friendship: He shares a "manly bond" with Subaru's dog Daikichi, as he puts it himself. For him, the interspecies part doesn't so much refer to the friendship being between a human and a dog as it does a wolf and a dog, though.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: The reason Koga can be extremely brusque when it comes to idol work and getting UNDEAD to do more is because while Rei's use of their unit to help disrupt Yumenosaki's oppressive system and overthrow the student council is definitely for the better, it negatively affects their grades as students. In the White Day Event, the only reason that Keito allows the UNDEAD 2nd-years to face off against DEADMANZ for a final showdown is because of how well they performed on their own during the live; Adonis points out their poor grades wouldn't even let them qualify under normal circumstances.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • Because of his wild personality, he acts tough and talks rudely to almost everyone. In his introduction he actually jumps from the stage to step on two persons' heads (one of them being a girl). Despite that, he's truly sweet at heart; how much he shows the "sweet" part depends on who he's interacting with, though.
    • At one point in the Halloween event he also apologizes, in his own way, to Anzu for talking so rudely to her, saying it's really just his way of talking.
    • In one of the newer story cards, he sees Kaoru sulking at the beach while walking Leon. While originally going to ignore him, he realizes Kaoru "looks as if he'll drown himself" and intervenes, claiming it was coincidence. He doesn't bring up seeing Kaoru like that, and instead offers to let Kaoru stay at his apartment for the night because he picks up that Kaoru doesn't want to go home.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Subverted. Surprisingly, Koga is one of the few second-year students who wasn't traumatized by the events of the previous year, but was close enough to understand it and even explain the extent of its damage to Anzu, who's a transfer student. It leaves him with a very poor view of Rei, Yumenosaki's system, and the student council, but he tries to participate in idol activities because he hasn't given up becoming a singer.
  • The Nicknamer: His UNDEAD seniors get derogatory nicknames like "Vampire bastard" and "Playboy bastard" from him, though in the latter's case he at least tries his best to call him with proper honorifics ("Hakaze-senpai"). There's also Ritsu, whom he insists to be just a classmate he's not all that close to, yet refers with an Affectionate Nickname like Ricchi.
  • Not Good with People: Koga prefers to be in the company of dogs than people.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: He has a very rude way of speaking. Apparently, this is all thanks to Rei, who used to spoke rudely too before the war, which Koga imitates out of admiration.
  • Undying Loyalty: Unsurprisingly for his canine motif, he's loyal to his friends and UNDEAD, despite what he says otherwise.
  • The Nose Knows: He has a keen sense of smell, and can even find people through it.
  • Tough Love: He’s super strict with his juniors because it’s his way of showing he cares.
    Kaoru Hakaze
EnStars!: A Messenger Of Love Who Wanders As He Pleases
EnStars!!: A Wind That Carries Love Wherever It Pleases

"I'm a genius at entertaining others. No joke ♪"

Kaoru is a ladies' man with an easygoing and gentle personality and way of speaking, he loves girls and can't resist seducing any girl he sees. He never experiences the restrictions of a strict family, making him a free spirit.

He has little interest in clubs and unit activities, and prefers instead to spend time hanging out with girls in town. He's very popular despite his frivolous personality, showing an outstanding ability to attract the audience whenever he's in the mood to stand on stage. His hobby is surfing. A member of the unit UNDEAD.

Class: 2-A (EnStars!), 3-A (EnStars!!)
Club/Circles: Marine Bio Club (EnStars!) / BIBLION, OCEANS (EnStars!!)
Age: 17-18 (EnStars!), 18-19 (EnStars!!)
Birthday: November 3
Height/Weight: 178cm/63kg (EnStars!), 178cm/63kg (EnStars!!)
Hobby: Dating & marine sports
Specialty: Discerning the scent of girls
Voiced by: Kei Hosogai (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English)
Portrayed by: Chihiro Okutani (stage play)

  • All Love Is Unrequited: His crush on Anzu is a big part of character, and as of Ensemble Stars!!, now that he’s grown out of his womanizing ways, it’s implied to be genuine this time. Though due to the nature of the story and game, as well as Anzu’s own seeming lack of romantic interest in him, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever get the chance to be with her romantically without this causing some problems.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Despite his womanizing antics and his constant Did I Mention I Am Heterosexual Today spiels, he’s not above flirting with the other members of the cast and blushes when Rei attempts to bite him in one event. In the Chinese version of Enstars!, Madara wonders if Kaoru just isn’t honest with himself.
  • Abusive Parents: Kaoru has a very strained relationship with his father, who is strict, traditional, and scolds Kaoru often despite his efforts. While he may be exaggerating, in 1001 Arabian Nights he wouldn't be surprised if his father disowns him were he to pursue an idol career after graduating.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap: Given an off-screen one by a girl he dated, then broke it off with in Repayment Festival, and you can see the leftover mark of it in the CG/card.
  • Black Sheep: His house is pretty strict, and while Kaoru acts as much of a good boy he can be there, he seems to still be this compared to his older siblings, all of whom, as he puts in Gunman, walk dull lives in his place. Their effort allows him more freedom in his life than they have.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Develops this towards Hajime in Love Comedy, noting that he's never had a younger sibling, only older sisters, and so actually kind of likes being able to look out for him.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He's actually known to be highly skilled as an idol, which is why Rei keeps him on his side despite that he's also as well-known to be a slacker. Out of his unit though, he has the most natural charisma, and can read and act on social situations very well. God helps anyone trying to coerce him to practice, however... unless you have something involving girls to bait him with.
  • Character Development: As of Ensemble Stars!!, his womanizer tendencies have died down significantly to the point of him not having as much interest in dating around anymore. He’s more aware of the effects his past relationships have had on his reputation as an idol, and he now shows more interest in wanting to be a proper figure for his juniors to look up to. He’s also more or less dropped the negative attitude he’s had toward his male peers, being more friendly to them all instead of disregarding them in favor of hanging out with girls.
    • Kaoru hilariously has become worse at flirting, as shown in his idol story ACT Plan T to K, as he can’t even pretend to ask Anzu out despite being able to do it effortlessly a year ago.
  • The Dreaded: To Anzu in his side stories, since Anzu will always try to run away from him if he is ever nearby.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: He tries to appeal to Anzu many times, but barely repaid for the effort. Being a Handsome Lech doesn't help. Eichi and Rei have both encouraged his affections to not be as hopeless as they may initially seem though, in Gunman and Repayment Festival respectively.
  • Foreshadowing: In general, the other students do take notice of hard Anzu works, with just some concerns for her health from producing for the entire idol course. However, in stories such as Fleur-de-Lis and Aquarium, there's an occasional focus on Kaoru observing it affecting her health negatively, though his "worries" are often undermined given his lazy personality and fixation on Anzu as the only girl around at school. As it turns out, he was right to be concerned, as Anzu collapses from exhaustion and has to be hospitalized.
  • Handsome Lech: Talks about cute girls and going on dates nearly all the time. He does have standards regardless.
    • In Ensemble Stars!!, he seems to have toned this down quite a bit, as the event story Date Plan has him note that he’s not in the mood for flirting around as much anymore. Despite this, his past reputation still follows him.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? : Constantly feels the need to remind people how he is interested in girls, not boys. Doesn't stop the fans from shipping him with the guys, though. Most popular being Rei or Kanata.
  • Hidden Depths: While he didn't understand his reaction (see the explanation for I'm Crying, but I Don't Know Why), on some level he feels sorry for his siblings' restrictive lifestyles in comparison to his own, as it gives him the freedom they cannot have. He was crying because earlier, he helped his older sister prepare for an omiai "marriage interview" their family arranged for her. However, she broke down in tears because Kaoru was sacrificing his time and energy for her when she believes that it isn't his responsibility as her younger brother, and in turn he cries as well, realizing his carefree lifestyle is because of his siblings' sacrifices.
    • He claims to be a part of the Marine Life Club seemingly just because attendance isn't as mandatory, but he genuinely loves the sea and everything about it. When he takes Anzu on a date of sorts in Aquarium, he acts uncharacteristically like an excited kid, trying to get her interested in looking at the fish with him.
    • Crossroads reveals he is, or was the manager of the underground livehouse venue, which was given to him by his father.
  • I'm Crying, but I Don't Know Why: The whole Gunman gacha story revolves around Kaoru trying to cheer himself up after an off-screen session of tears by hanging out with his classmates. When Anzu, who's also called to come along, gets the story out of him, he admits he doesn't understand why he cried, and asks her to tell him when she claims she may know.
  • Lady Killer In Love: His interest in Anzu seems to be a level more genuine than what he shows to other girls. While unlike most examples, he never ultimately drops his Casanova tendencies for her sake throughout the game (and even when he does, she's not his main reason), in Repayment Festival, he promises to hit on her more seriously should they ever meet as adults.
  • Missing Mom: Kaoru lacks a mother in his life. In Repayment festival, it's revealed this causes him to seek a mother figure in the girls he dates, though it obviously never goes well. However he does use this as a reason to end his casual flings with girls when he decides to pursue a career as an idol when he graduates.
    • In Aquarium, he mentions that he has fond memories of the aquarium that they're visiting from his mother taking him there as a child, implying that she has passed away.
  • My Greatest Failure: Anzu's eventual hospitalization from overworking herself, which hits Kaoru hard personally because of his past with his late mother. Following the above in Foreshadowing, he admits to Anzu herself in Wishing Live that he ruefully cannot blame her disregard and mistrust of what he says, even if his concerns for her are genuine. Namely, he noticed and was deeply concerned for her faltering health from overwork over the months. As it's Kaoru hinting to her though that she isn't taking care of herself, she never took him seriously until it was too late.
  • Number Two: Seen as the secondary face of Undead after their leader, Rei Sakuma.
  • Odd Friendship: With Kanata. In spite of Kaoru's disinterest in anything other than women, he and Kanata get along rather swimmingly.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: He's known for being both a man-hating lecher and a practice-hating slacker, that when he actively invites his male friends to hang out in Gunman, or accepts practice willingly in the radio drama, they all start questioning something's up.
    • In Aquarium, he drops all pretenses to sternly scold Kanata for worrying others with his disappearance and trying to run away from his problems. Kanata even drops his own quirks, realizing how intimidating Kaoru is when he's serious.
  • Rejection Affection: Continues to flirt with and ask out Anzu regardless of how many times she rejects him.
  • The Slacker: Skips classes a lot, usually to hang out with girls. It's even one of his reasons of entering the Marine Life Club.
  • Stepford Smiler: On a few occasions, he's asked Anzu and Kanata to not tell others of when he's acting outside of his "easygoing playboy" personality he's notorious for. In Bridal, he runs away from a photoshoot because he didn't want anyone to see him crying.
  • Wake-Up Call: The events of Love Comedy serve as this for Kaoru - he entered Yumenosaki only intending on lazing around and flirting with girls, as he saw this as his last chance to live for himself before he'd be expected to take on the family business. However, over time he slowly comes to realise that he does enjoy being an idol and has made some really close friends there. So when, a couple of months away from graduation, Rei shows him a newspaper article reporting a scandalous photo of him out with a girl (which is very bad for an aspiring idol), he realises he can't put it off any more and will need to decide very soon what he wants from his future.
  • We Will Meet Again: To Anzu in Repayment festival.
    Kaoru: Become a beautiful lady, Anzu-chan. Then I'll really hit on you the next time we meet. I'll be going ahead and waiting. Let's see each other again in the entertainment world.
    • This ends up technically becoming true once the game updates from its school setting to the entertaining industry, as his feelings for Anzu are shown to be genuinely, but he's become hilariously pathetic at flirting and can't even ask Anzu out on a pretend date.

    Adonis Otogari
EnStars!: He Who Protects the Small 'til the Very End
EnStars!!: Bringing LOVE&PEACE to People 'Round the World

"Transfer student. Eat meat."

A quiet young man of mixed blood, Adonis comes from another country, but his Japanese is by no means bad. His father is a foreigner, while his mother is Japanese. Due to his reticence, he gives off the impression that he's grumpy and scary, even though he doesn't mean to.

He loves small and cute animals. However, he's scared of touching them, so he only watches them from a distance. He's worried about the frail (or so he thinks) heroine and often recommends meat or nutritious food. A member of the unit UNDEAD.

Class: 2-A (EnStars!), 3-B (EnStars!!)
Club/Circles: Track & Field Club / Sports Survivors, Kaori (EnStars!!)
Age: 16-17 (EnStars!), 17-18 (EnStars!!)
Birthday: August 29
Height/Weight: 178cm/64kg (EnStars!), 178cm/64kg (EnStars!!)
Hobby: Staring at small creatures
Specialty: Ocarina
Voiced by: Wataru Hatano (Japanese), Taylor Harris (English)
Portrayed by: Akira (stage play)

  • Affectionate Nickname: Subaru calls him "Occhan". Adonis is both happy and worried about how similar it sounds to "Oji-san". Mitsuru also calls him an odd combo of "Ado-chan-senpai".
  • Berserk Button: While it's never shown, he really doesn't like Madara trying to pick him up and threatens to get very angry.
  • But Not Too Foreign: His father is from the Middle East while his mother is Japanese.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: He believes himself to be unattractive, boring, and ineloquent, so he can't imagine why a girl would be interested in him. However, as Kaoru points out to his own frustration in multiple stories, that earnest kindness actually makes him very attractive, to the point that it's not rare for women to flock to him.
  • The Comically Serious: He is seriously unflappable, which can lead to some hilarious contrasts between him and the rest of his unit.
  • Extreme Doormat: To his sisters, in a sense. His sisters push him around and since he's the only boy asides their father, he was often bullied. When he grows strong enough to fight back, his sisters use it to have him do labor work. Though despite this, his sisters do care for him.
  • Foreign Fanservice: Many cards pay very lingering attention to how tall and muscular he is compared to the fully Japanese characters.
  • Gentle Giant: Is one of the tallest boys of the cast and has quite the imposing voice. However he is always polite to others, especially his seniors, and is often worried about Anzu's health. He's also fond of small, cute animals, but is scared of approaching them. In the amusement park gacha, he fastened a teddy bear to his jacket just so the kids wouldn't be afraid of him.
  • Hidden Depths: His fellow UNDEAD members and classmates wonder why would Adonis want to be an idol because despite his musical talent, he is reserved and awkward in social situations. Adonis reveals in 1001 Arabian Nights that being an idol is similar to what his mother did, who was musician in a traveling group whose music could be understood and loved by everyone, even those caught in a civil war (like the country that his father is from).
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: His sisters have been treating him as the Butt-Monkey of the household since he was the youngest. In fact, his motivation to become stronger (and motivate others as well) was to stand up against his sisters.
  • Innocently Insensitive: A very downplayed example, but his habit of wanting to protect "small and weak creatures" can lead to this, particularly this hilarious exchange in the Pirate event:
    Koga: Bastard~ I'm only losin' to ya in body build, I'll have a match with ya any time! Come at me, Adonis! Don't underestimate me, yeah!?
    Adonis: I'm sorry. I have a principle not to bully those that are weak.
  • Love You and Everybody: In the New Year's Dream gacha story he tells Anzu he wants to support her because he loves her. When she blushes, he seems confused, saying that UNDEAD say things like that all the time in their songs...
  • Nice Guy: One of the most genuinely sweet and forgiving characters in the entire cast.
  • The Quiet One: Talking is not his strong suit, which annoys his fellow unit member Koga who often yells at him to speak more on stage.
  • Those Two Guys: With Souma. They're classmates in 2-A who are often seen together.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Anpan. And possibly bananas since he's seen planning to give them to Anzu in return for White Day. He's also often seen eating kebab.

Former members

Prior to the series, the unit was originally named DEADMANZ and was composed of a different lineup, consisting of Rei, Koga, and Keito.
    Keito Hasumi
A former member of DEADMANZ. Keito left to assist the student council by forming the unit AKATSUKI. When Rei revives DEADMANZ, Keito participates as a member.


    Kuro Kiryu
A temporary member of DEADMANZ, who later joined Keito's unit, AKATSUKI. When Rei revives DEADMANZ, Kuro participates as a member.



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