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Humans are a generally diurnal species, which means we are most active during daytime. Most people wake up in the morning, do their business in the afternoon, and go to sleep at night.

Not this character. They're the opposite of everyone else—they sleep in and are most active at night. They're up and about at odd times, while almost everyone else is sleeping. Generally they are not insomniacs, they just naturally prefer evenings.


This is often the excuse given to a character who is Not a Morning Person. People of this sort also tend to be portrayed as Heavy Sleepers because they're sleeping while their peers are awake.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • One Piece: About half of the Beast Men populace in the "island" of Zou is active at night and sleep at day; they're led by one of the leader of the islands, Boss Nekomamushi (Cat Viper). It's so that the island remain guarded even at night from intruders, but the real reason behind that is that Cat Viper can't stand the other leader, Inuarashi (Dogstorm) who's active at day.

    Asian Animation 
  • Paddi of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf sometimes exhibits behaviors typical of a night owl. One manhua strip has him get out of bed at night to eat food and another manhua strip has him turn off his computer and go to sleep only for him to stay up late using his phone.

    Comic Books 
  • Rorschach in Watchmen is hardly ever seen out in daylight, preferring to go out investigating or patrolling at night. He does go out in the day, but never in costume. He prefers the anonymity nighttime affords him, knows there's a psychological advantage of confronting people in the darkness, and also knows that more illegal activities occur at night.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jadzia Dax is a night owl, liking to gamble at night.
  • Automan is a 1983 science fiction detective series by Glen A Larson that centers on an artificial person created by computer and able to function in the real world. However, Automan's electric demands are high, and he cannot manifest during daylight hours, when most of the city's citizens are running appliances and doing their jobs. Therefore, Automan fights crime with high tech during the night hours, when electric demand is low.

  • The Little River Band had a song about this, appropriately called "The Night Owls".
  • "Moonshine" by Lights is about this.
  • The 1909 song "I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew" by Eddie Morton, nowadays mostly remembered by readers of Homestuck.

    Video Games 
  • Kantai Collection: Sendai loves night battles and will be excited when the night comes. If you set her as you "secretary", her once-an-hour lines show that she's also Not a Morning Person.
  • In Rimworld, characters with the Night Owl trait get a mood bonus during the night and a mood penalty during the day.
  • The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion has the Night Owl trait where a Sim will gain more fun and positive moodlets in the wee hours and will get cranky when they wake up before 10:00 AM.
  • Animal Crossing:
    • Grumpy villagers typically stay out later than the other villagers. They also sleep in later in the morning.
    • Blathers and his sister, Celeste, are this way as a Furry Reminder (being literal owls). Both are found sleeping during the daytime in every game while being wide awake at night. While Celeste will deny sleeping, Blathers will admit to being a night owl.
  • In Ensemble Stars!, both Ritsu and Rei tend to be very lethargic during the day (and Ritsu is constantly napping), while being much more active at night. Both insist that this is because they are actually vampires who are harmed by daylight. They're not, but they DO suffer from a genetic condition that causes this effect.

    Visual Novels 
  • Rosé from Spirit Hunter: NG dislikes the daytime and how harsh the sunlight can be on her skin, and finds the night much more convenient for her work as a magician and a supernatural investigator. It's also part of her general bucking of societal norms. 'Daylight' is listed as one of her dislikes in her profile.

  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Lalli's normal work schedule as a night scout has him work at night and sleep during the day. This gradually fades away during the story, as the first expedition Cutting Corners results in him also sometimes doing a day shift at his job and the Only Friend he makes over the course of the story has a more standard schedule.

    Western Animation 


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