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They were there Before us. note 

The group that had entered the Location before the featured group entered it. They have escaped, but their traces are still to be found in there, and they might have something to do with the plot at large.

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Tropes they share

  • Aerith and Bob: In the PMMM AU, names like 'Kalidas' note  and 'Lauren' note  exist next to eachother.
  • Badass Adorable/Cute Bruiser: This description: 'I mean, they also have some of the most dangerous (and indeed straight up powerful) powers out of the whole “pre-Chiasmata” group. But that doesn’t make them less cute'.
  • Badass Normal: In the sense that all the images shown here (except the one in the labelnote) are of their civilian form.
  • Boyish Short Hair: All girls excepting Illusory Miasmic.
  • Five-Token Band: For as far as we know:
    • Holly and Maquette/Haematic Demiurge, Asian (note ) ladies
    • Animus Gatherer, Brisk Peregrinator and Knight Vitreous, western white ladies (German, Scottish and Canadian) note 
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    • Face Changeling, Bright-Eyed Luminary, white male characters
    • Algific Knave, Element Fragmenter, and Ibrahim, who are respectively a dark male (Indonesian) and two who're Ambiguously Brown (Costa Rican and Bengali)
  • Flanderization: Most of them take the interpretation of a character and run to the logical conclusion of it. One of the few things we know about Element Fragmenter (interpretation of Sam) is that they're likely a complete idealist, Bright-Eyed Luminary (interpretation of Anders) is an Evil Genius, Knight Vitreous (interpretation of Daniel) is a jerk, Brisk Peregrinator (interpretation of Jacqueline) is obsessed with being a coolkid, etc. More about that here.
  • Foil: Something they logically become through that to 'our' characters:
    • Bright-Eyed Luminary and Anders. While Anders was merely hindered by his inability to turn his power off and seem like a Smug Snake to the others, Bright-Eyed Luminary is genuinely villainous and an actual Smug Snake.
    • Also, Omar and Algific Knave. The former is a paranoid, neurotic guy setting things on fire, the latter seems to be calm, relaxing and a cryokinetic.
  • Generation Xerox: They have the same symbols as the LUCA group. The Location likely needs one of every symbol.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Their references were drawn way later than the LUCA group was drawn, in the evolved style (longer eyelashes, less cartoony limbs, shading which made it seem the girls 'suddenly' had a chest size), making it seem like this. The fandom tends to see the LUCA group as 'kids' even when they were drawn in the same style, further contributing to this fact.
  • Multinational Team: Here too.
  • Palette Swap: What the symbols are of the Chiasmata main characters' ones. See here for more information note . However, this is not traited as a bad thing because the symbol system works that way - there are twelve symbols and they can applied to various powers.
  • Satellite Character: Aside from Ibby and Holly, most of them don't really do anything, partially on account of having escaped the Location before the story started.
  • Significant Monogram: Everyone except Ibby and Holly in the PMMM AU.
  • Static Character: Due to the lack of information about them, all of them except Ibby and Holly have reached a similar state to the ten dancestors mentioned above. And since they're not in the Location anymore, they have lost the ability to develop on that account.
  • You Are Number 6: Yeah, but their numbering system works differently, present in both the reference sets and in the list Forest Viewer presented. The image presented above shows this.


     Bright-Eyed Luminary 


The one who rules what they survey

     Illusory Miasmic 
The one who twists that which is accepted
  • Addictive Magic: Well, not exactly, but her fumes cause hallucinations.
  • AU Name Change: "Kara Merritt" in the PMMM AU.
  • Bad Powers, Bad People: She's...rather nasty.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: She looks evil, continually schemes, and is a member of the Disharmonies. And is the only character with long hair in the Location ever.
  • Expy: She's the Kurloz parallel, having messy dark hair and a purple associated color. Someone who has to do with her has a light green as their color (Meulin and Clara, respectively), and the purple powers of both characters are supposedly psychic (Kurloz with his chucklevoodoos, Illusory Miasmic's gas is halluciogenic). They're both members of a villainous organization as well.
  • Messy Hair: Yeah. It's long, which makes her the only exception on the shoulder length rule.

     Face Changeling 
The one who need not learn a face
Seems to be a shapeshifter.
  • Non-Indicative Name: He's not a changeling in the sense that he isn't stuck in the image shown forever.

     Brisk Peregrinator 
The one who can walk faster than they all can run


     Algific Knave 
The one who stops and starts

     Knight Vitreous 
The one who sees the different lens
  • AU Name Change: "Dina Matthews" in the PMMM AU.
  • Expy: A girl associated with a red tint, is linked to their opposite color, who would not get along with her symbol mate and is kind of a jerk? Damara. note 

     Animus Gatherer 
The one who sees people as they truly are
Her power was described in a cameo. It seems she's able to get the power of another's soul for a moment.

     Breach Cutter 


The one who peels reality apart
A scientist who attends the Chiasm Syndicate. Interface discovers a power that lets him see into other facilities of the Syndicate and spy on anyone else. He mainly 'spies' on other facilities of the Chiasm Syndicate, making it a fact that all buildings of the Chiasm Syndicate are in walking distance of eachother.


     Ibrahim/Subject- 002 

Forest Viewer

Click here to see how Brother Dearest sees him 


Unctuous Scribe

The one who paints with forbidden knowledge
  • AU Name Change: "Holly Anderson" in the PMMM AU.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: According to Word of God..."How dare you call Holly nonpowerful."
  • Body Horror: Her side affect is nasty, even compared to most others in this setting.
  • Cloud Cuckoolanders Minder: For Forest Viewer, she is his best friend and helps keep him (relatively) grounded in reality.
  • Expy: Seems to be one of Porrim, minus the Ethical Slut behavior. Also has shades of Meulin.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: Of course! Although, as it is noted, colors are given out completely arbitrarily.
  • Mad Artist: Averted, Holly is sane as can be.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: This comment on her reference, describing the quartet as: 'The guy who can break anything with a single touch, a girl who can bring anything to life with her blood, an omniscient young man, and the ghoul who makes them look good.'
  • Personality Power: She is one of the rare cases. She was an artist before she ever got the ability to create paint.
  • Static Character: The one other than Ibrahim who is not. She may be the only non-one dimensional character other than him of this group. Sure, she's not really worked on in the story, but she really does give you a vibe that tells you there's more to her, unlike her friends. She's just so unintentionally interesting.
  • Saving the World with Art: In a way.
  • Theme Naming: She and Ibrahim are the most known characters of this group, and therefore, each name has a double letter (Ibby & Holly).
  • You Are Number 6: Subject 6

     Element Fragmenter 
The one who breaks the fundamentals
His power was described in a cameo. It seems he's able to break anything with a touch.

     Haematic Demiurge 


The one who breathes death and drinks life
Click here to see her once she suits up 
  • Blood Magic: But the less blood the think it's brought to life with, the less independent it is.
  • Stealth Pun: Her outfit in her civilian form reads mmHg, which is the meter for blood pressure.
  • Swiss Army Tears: Well, Swiss-Army Blood. She can bring things to life by bringing it in contact with her blood.

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