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Characters / Chiasmata

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The Geneverse, created by K25fF, has, if nothing else, Loads and Loads of Characters - from which some are even the same. These pages contain info on characters from the whole series, so be wary of any potential unmarked spoilers. A lot of them are marked, but all the same. This page is sub-divided in many sections:

  • The 'Current' Protagonists note 
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  • The 'Before' Protagonists note 
  • The Benefactor's League note 
  • The Chiasm Syndicate note 
  • The numbered subjects of the Chiasm Syndicate note 
  • The Third Network note 
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  • Delta Class Threats note 
  • Characters without allegiance (this includes threats classed lower than Delta) note 
  • The Dark Triumvirate note 
  • Meta characters and others note 

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