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The Syndicate of Electrophoresis. (More so than the actual Chiasm Syndicate, ironically). They tend to be pushy and mean, and tend to kill people from time to time, but when a real nasty super comes along, they lend a hand.


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     Lord Tawkin
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One of the Third Network's surviving founders and leaders. Apparently thinks he's a wizard.

Another founder/leader. She's responsible for hundreds of deaths without technically killing a single person.

     Lie Devourer 
The third person who founded and leads the network. He's been missing for quite a while.

Some kind of time vampire.

     The Kind One
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Presumably, not actually nice.

     Mr. Infinite
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More popular than some of the other leaders, but this isn't a high bar to clear.


Subordinate villains

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  • Barrier Warrior: He makes orbs of this.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Used to be a member of the Benefactors League.
  • Manly Gay: Yep. And it's important, too.
  • I Have Your Wife: It's been implied that he's only working with the Third Network because they're keeping his significant other, Cudgel, hostage.

     Brother and Enigma 

The Perspective Fragmenter and The Polluting Scoundrel

Real Name (Enigma): Edgar James Kingston
These two are some of the worst causers of trouble at the Network. Nonetheless, Brother is rather sociable if caught alone and is usually the one trying to find a bright side to an unfortunate situation. Unlike Enigma, Brother is insecure about himself and constantly looking for ways to prove his value as an individual. Even though they go along well, Brother hates when the two of them are conflated. Despite giving their leaders the reins under most circumstances, Enigma has a crafty mind of his own and can operate solitarily or while instructing Brother. Though he and Brother get along well, Enigma often is insensitive to his needs and wellbeing.

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Lepidoptric Malefactor

Real Name: Seth Turner Sato


Real Name: Stephan MacKay
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Chameleonic Jaunter

Real Name: Yun An

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Builds herself power armor and things.
  • Mad Scientist: It's confirmed to be part of her side-effect to be this.


Astral Technician

Real Name: Duke Barker

The Disharmonies

A sub-faction of the Third Network. They're jerks.


Thermonic Dervish
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Mercurial, vain, and named after a bird.

According to the Chiasm Syndicate and people with eyes, makes diamonds.

     The Bright-eyed Luminary 
See his folder under 'Chiasmata 'Before' Protagonists'.

     Illusory Miasmic 
See her folder under 'Chiasmata 'Before' Protagonists'.

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