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  • This happens in Age of Mythology with the Greek heroine Atalanta: in classical vase paintings she was Ms. Fanservice and was commonly depicted wearing tiny hunting dresses and skimpy bikinis (lest you think the trend of dressing heroines in impractical revealing outfits is a new thing). The game's version of Atalanta, while being well-endowed, is dressed much more conservatively.
  • Claire Redfield's outfit in the remake of Resident Evil 2 (Remake), the lycra and hot pants from the original game are gone and replaced with a pair of jeans and red jacket in the remake, similar to her Revelations 2 design. This caused some backlash from fans who understandably missed the hotter outfit, but it's well justified and practical since any biker in the world will tell you baring that much skin is a stupid thing to do while riding (in acknowledgement of this, the novelization made sure to point out that Claire had loaned her usual set of road leathers to a friend). As a service to the fans, the classic costume was eventually confirmed to return as an unlockable... and redesigned to show off a little more skin than the original.
    • Ada Wong appears to be also dressed more modesty as she wearing a coat over her cocktail dress. Inverted, once leaked screenshots revealed that she does ditch the coat eventually, to reveal she has on a skimpier spaghetti-strap dress underneath it.
  • Likewise, the remake of Resident Evil 3 replaces Jill's tube top and miniskirt with a more practical tank top and pants.
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game: Characters that would have been topless in other Witcher media are now relegated to Godiva Hair and Sideboob due to the teen rating.
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  • In LEGO Harry Potter, Harry wears underwear when taking a bath in the Prefects' Bathroom, while he is naked in the book. Justified because in this version, Myrtle shows up before he undresses rather than surprising him when he's already in the water.
  • Kingdom Hearts II does this with YRP. In Final Fantasy X-2 their outfits were quite Stripperiffic, but are slightly more modest when they appear in Kingdom Hearts. Notably Rikku wears a bikini top in the former but it's a more modest midriff top in the latter. Additionally, the girls are changed to fairies, making their appearances more cute instead of sexy. The same game has Tifa appearing in her Advent Children outfit rather than her vampier Final Fantasy VII gear.
  • Super Smash Bros.:
    • The female version of Corrin in Fire Emblem Fates has an outfit that leaves her inner thighs exposed, but in Smash they're covered up.
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    • Bayonetta's outfit is toned down by having the diamond pattern on the back of her legs be a different weave pattern instead of holes, and by making her Wicked Weaves and Infernal Climax attacks leave her somewhat less covered while performing them instead of in a stripperiffic bodysuit and naked, respectively. Other than that, her playful and flirtatious Ms. Fanservice attitude and mannerisms remain fairly untouched.
    • In Ultimate, Zero Suit Samus's Latex Spacesuit looks thicker and also behaves differently around her bust, which is smaller and more indistinct instead of anatomy-hugging boob socks. She's also a lot more muscular, with a visible six-pack, which many fans approved of, despite several missing the tits.
    • Solid Snake's return to the world of Smash in Ultimate has been at the cost of a severe reduction to his usually prominent buttocks. Unlike the Samus example, this was generally considered a disappointment, perhaps because Snake's thickness is one of the things that makes his design different from the standard Action Genre Hero Guy template, but also because it is a clear signal of Hideo Kojima's lack of involvement (his buttock fixation is one of his Creator Thumbprints and appeared prominently in the Death Stranding trailer at about the same time).
    • One of the spirits in Ultimate is Mythra, who had her Cleavage Window covered up and had her legs covered in stockings. Amusingly, this redesign proved so popular that Monolith actually patched in this redesign as a skin.
  • Fire Emblem Akaneia: In The Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, Marth wears little more than a short tunic and some boots. For the Shadow Dragon remake, his design's been reworked to look more like his Super Smash Bros. counterpart (itself using a modified version of his Mystery of the Emblem clothes).
  • Between their initial appearances in Fate/EXTRA CCC and Fate/Grand Order, Meltryllis and Passionlip both got alterations to their outfits that make them less risque, such as Meltryllis' bottom half appearing to be an actual garment now (albeit still a bikini bottom) instead of a c-string while Passionlip actually gets a shirt as opposed to two thin straps (barely) holding in her massive Gag Boobs. That being said, Meltryllis' final art is drawn at a more risque angle to expose her legs and butt.
  • Satsuki and Valerie Rose both cover up a lot more in the move from the card game Yomi to the video game Fantasy Strike. Satsuki puts on an actual pair of pants, while Valerie dons a much more typical strapless gown.
  • For Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Red Monika's infamous bust has been reduced, though they are still big enough. This may be less a case of censorship and more for technical reasons, though.
  • In Metal Gear Solid for the PSX, Snake is Naked on Arrival during his briefing session. In Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, he's in tight boxer shorts. The original allowed a convenient shadow to preserve Snake's modesty, as it was a 2D animation, but the sequel redid the sequence in fully motion-acted 3D with changeable camera angles, making this impossible. It is probably worth observing that the addition of motion acting in this scene allowed Snake to spend the entire sequence striking various incongruous sexy poses, so it's still sexy, just in a much sillier way.
  • In X-Men Legends, Emma Frost is given a top that connects in the front, as opposed to the Absolute Cleavage-baring scraps of cloth she was wearing in the comics at the time. This outfit was actually brought into the comics during Astonishing X-Men, albeit with a cape added.
  • The 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider downplayed Lara Croft's sex appeal in favour of sheer survival instinct.
  • In the 2018 Spider-Man (PS4), Black Cat wears a full torso polymer chest armor rather than having her (in)famous Cleavage Window. The rest of her outfit is also much more heavily armored and resembles biker protective gear rather than her usual Spy Catsuit.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake has multiple examples:
    • Barret, a Walking Shirtless Scene in the original, has been given a shirt. (Though, arguably, the way the neckline is suspended over his cleavage is more sexualised than the more Open Shirt Taunt effect in the original.)
    • The long slit up the side of Aeris's dress has been removed.
    • Sephiroth still has an open shirt, but his belt has been moved right up his body and his body harness has been thickened, so that much less of his stomach and pecs are visible.
    • Tifa now has a black sports bra under her white top, a more free-flowing leather skirt with Modesty Shorts underneath, and thigh-length socks. This was probably as much of a concession to practicality as anything, as having her do anything in her original outfit would have resulted in a Panty Shot, like in Dissidia.
  • In Real Life, the Mauryan maiden guards wore only a hat, skirt, and jewelry. In 0 A.D., they also wear a bra.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Link lacks the white pants/tights of his later counterparts, leaving little to the imagination on what's under his rather short tunic. In the 2019 remake, his tunic is longer in his non-Super-Deformed design and he gains the tights, keeping to his look in the Oracle games that are directly connected to this one.
  • While the trope itself is mostly irrelevant to the games, Halo: Combat Evolved features early on the throw away line, "Vital signs look normal, no freezer burn." While this seems like a joke in the game, it's established in the prequel novel Halo: The Fall of Reach that wearing clothes when entering cryostasis can cause itchy, blistered skin- colloquially known as freezer burn. Then-lieutenant Jacob Keyes notably exits cryo naked before his and Dr. Catherine Halsey's ship lands on John's homeworld when they recruit him into the Spartan program, and John himself fears freezer burn when he enters cryo after the titular event of the novel, before the beginning of the first game. However, any on screen appearances of individuals in cryo-stasis always have them wearing clothes. Examples include any of the times John has been depicted in cryo, the animated adaptation of the aforementioned scene in the book, Dr. Halsey's rescue in Halo Legends episode "The Package," the scene of the cadets exiting cryo in a training mission in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, and at the end and beginning of Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2 respectively.
  • Downplayed in Dungeon Defenders II. In Terraria, the Dryad only wears a bikini made of leaves, with an in-game painting (which shows a little more detail than the game's 32-pixel character artstyle) suggesting that it covers little from the back. In her crossover appearance in Dungeon Defenders II, she still wears a revealing leaf bikini, but it comes with a long cloth covering more of her front and rear.


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