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Adaptational Modesty / Game of Thrones

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Some characters dress more conservatively than in the novels:

  • The show is no stranger to nudity, but most of the casual and cultural nudity from the novels is adapted out. For example, in the books, Ned and Catelyn are naked in bed together when they receive the letter implicating the Lannisters in Jon Arryn's death, and the women of Qarth customarily wear gowns that expose one breast.
  • The producers mention that several scenes in the first season, such as a clear case at Daenerys' wedding where a man is having sex with a woman Right Through His Pants, had the character clothed because they were worried that they might violate public decency laws in Malta, the filming location.
  • This is also sometimes zigzagged, such as in "The Wars to Come" when Dany maintains a Modesty Bedsheet while Daario struts around bare-assed.
  • This actually happens with Daenerys a lot, though you wouldn't think it considering Emilia has had to take her kit off more than any other of the leading ladies on the show. Dany is not only naked when trying to face her husband in the marriage bed but also takes him outside their tent to make out in front of the entire khalasar as per another omitted Dothraki cultural norm. The Womb of the World bathing scene and subsequent Coitus Ensues with Drogo is also gone; as are her bath scenes with her handmaidens; her single-breast baring Quartheen dress; her sex scenes with Irri, Daario, and Hizdahr; her losing most of her clothes to Drogon's fire breath; and the most priceless scene where she cavorts around trying to get dressed while Jorah is in her room. The scene where Dany has sex with her comatose husband is also significantly toned it down for the show to sweet nothings and kisses, likely as the scene was more disturbing than erotic.
    • However, a few nude scenes are also added to the show, Dany is made nude for her first ever scene with Viserys and when she accepts Daario into her service, unlike the respective scenes in the novels.
  • Jaime and Cersei are naked for obvious reasons when they're interrupted while having sex in the books, but since Lena Headey was quite pregnant at the time and the scene required interacting with a child actor, they keep their clothes on in the show.
  • Due to decency laws, a scene where Sansa is stripped naked before the court is changed to having her dress ripped with the implication things would have gone further had Tyrion not intervened. She is also spared from undressing on her wedding night in "Second Sons", whereas in the book her husband doesn't back off until they're both naked and he's had a bit of Thanks for the Mammaries.
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  • In the books, Westerosi weddings have the tradition of "the bedding," wherein the bride is undressed and carried to the marriage bed by the men at the wedding feast while they crack ribald jokes about her body and the groom is similarly treated by the women. In the show, this is mentioned as an exclusively Northern tradition, and never observed in any of the weddings that take place on screen.
  • In the books, Shae is wearing only a golden necklace when Tyrion finds her in Tywin's bed. In the show, she's wearing a nightgown. She's still wearing the necklace, though...
    • Shae also has few nude scenes in books while in the show, apart from her debut episode, she is always clothed.
  • Giants in the book were ape-like humanoids covered in body hair and no clothing. Giants in the series aren't so hairy, and so wear clothing over their bodies.
  • Arya strips herself naked when divesting herself of her possessions in the books. In "High Sparrow," she's already wearing a habit of the House of Black and White. She does eventually have a nude scene right before losing her virginity to Gendry in Season 8.
  • Cersei's attire in the books is described as Stripperific (by medieval standards). In the show, she dresses much more conservatively and sneers at Margaery's revealing outfits. She is also only seen nude once, and it's far from titillating.


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