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Ho Yay in Game of Thrones.

  • Tormund repeatedly mocks Jon by calling him "pretty", at one point saying he's "prettier'n both my daughters". When he sees Jon again at the beginning of Season 8, what does he do? Tackle-hug him and call him this:
    Tormund: My little crow!
  • The producers point out in a DVD Commentary that Roose Bolton has quite a few scenes of competing for Robb's attention with Talisa.
  • With the start of Season 3, Stannis x Davos has become a thing in the fandom. "Stannis is married to Selyse, but we all know who his true queen is... it's Davos." Which is really just a tradition being continued from the books. Invoked by Salladhor Saan in Season 2, who jokes that Stannis cut of Davos' fingers and he responded by "falling in love with him". Note that he didn't deny it, either.
    • Davos' rivalry with Melisandre can be viewed as Betty and Veronica fighting over who gets to win Stannis' affections.
    • In Season 6, he openly tells Tormund that he loved Stannis. (And Tormund adds an additional notch to this list by proclaiming that he loved Mance, as well.)
  • Robb reacts very personally to Theon's betrayal. They were even more bromantic in the book, but the point remains in adaptation.
  • Margaery and Sansa. For whatever reason, Margaery is incapable of staying out of Sansa's personal space or not touching her. Examples include:
    • In "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", she talks with Sansa about her future marriage and all the different things that different women want in their beds. She randomly throws "pretty girls" in the middle and even gives Sansa a flower: a yellow, red-tipped rose, which in the real world is supposed to mean "I am falling in love with you."
    • Margaery and Olenna are pretty much the only people Sansa feels safe and comfortable around, to the point of being the only ones with whom she talks about how twisted Joffrey is. She knew saying something like that might have gotten her killed, yet she entrusted Margaery and Olenna with her fears... and they did not betray her by telling everyone she was saying "traitorous" things about the king. They just kept quiet about it.
    • To top it all off, Sophie Turner ships it.
    • Unfortunately, Sansaery may have become canon if not for Margaery's death in "The Winds of Winter".
  • Margaery is also quite flirty and touchy-feely with Brienne.
  • It's been noted that Varys and Littlefinger have an ongoing manipulator feud that kinda comes off as two gay high school students attacking each other's clothes, though Varys later confirms to Oberyn he is asexual.
  • Ramsay Bolton has a hard time keeping his distance from or keeping his hands off his favorite torture victim, Theon. He even gives him a bath in his own room and asks him if he loves him.
  • Beric and Thoros speak in very fond tones to one another after Thoros revives Beric. They also look at each other a lot and bringing Beric back to life is the only reason Thoros even believes in god...
  • Shae and Sansa. "I love that girl, I'd kill for her!"
  • In the show, Ellaria kills Myrcella by poisoning her. How does she do this? By kissing her square on the lips.
    • Cersei gets revenge on Ellaria for poisoning Marcella by doing the exact same thing to Ellaria's daughter, mentioning what a classic Dornish beauty she is and complimenting her "lovely face."
  • Sandor Clegane, of all people. The Hound who proclaimed to love killing above all, barely exchanges a few words with Septon Ray. When the septon gets killed, the previously apathetic Sandor goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and declares that was his Only Friend, sounding extremely distraught over his loss. As if to punctuate that, when he sees Ray's corpse hanging, there's a huge rainbowy lens flare splattered across the screen.
  • Daenerys and Missandei, a Call-Back to Dany and her handmaidens. Especially when you consider how in Season 5, when she thinks she's about to be killed by assassins in the arena, the person she pays attention to is not Daario, the guy who's supposedly her romantic interest, but Missandei, whose hand she grabs before closing her eyes.
  • Daenerys and Doreah get a lot of this, with their scene back in "The Kingsroad" where Doreah teaches Dany "how to be good in bed" and all the times they exchange flat-out flirty looks with each other in the show after Drogo, Dany's husband, has died. Considering how Dany sleeps with her handmaidens, does wonder where this would have gone had Doreah not betrayed Dany. (Or even how far it did go, off-camera, considering the way they look at each other and how Dany's dragons seem to absolutely love Doreah...)
  • Dany and Yara seem to approve of each other, if the looks they've given each other are any indication. The latter, after saying she and Theon aren't seeking to marry Dany like their uncle will be, then amends her statement by saying she's "open to anything, really." This causes Dany to actually grin.
    • Daenerys actually is bisexual in the novels, it just doesn't come up frequently.
    • Even better - this Les Yay wasn't in the script.
  • Gendry and Jon's first meeting can come off as this. Especially since Gendry seems to be idolising Jon.
  • In "Mockingbird", Bronn tells Tyrion "if I wanted wits, I'd marry you" when Tyrion criticizes his engagement to Lollys. It's stated very matter-of-factly and doesn't read as particularly jokey, either.
  • The tension between Sansa and Daenerys in "Winterfell". One of the first things Daenerys does after reaching Winterfell is to comment on how beautiful Sansa is. Sansa later returns the favour while talking to Jon. You can also tell that Daenerys spends a lot of time and energies trying to impress Sansa, something she never did with anyone, Jon included, and takes it very bad when it's clear that she will never like or trust her as if she was Not Good with Rejection. On the whole, despite Sansa being Jon's sister (by upbringing, at least), Dany and Sansa's interactions give off heavy The Missus and the Ex vibes.