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Wild Mass Guessing for Game of Thrones. Please place new WMGs in the appropriate pages. Please also check for similar WMGs to avoid redundancy!

The night is dark and full of unmarked spoilers; beware.

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In the next thousand years or so, the Dothraki will evolve into the Sycorax.
Even their languages sound similar.

Ser Loras is a warlock
And the reason he was collecting Renly's body hair was because he needed it as part of a ritual to create The Lorax - obviously named after him - in order to stop the coming winter because as everybody knows WINTER IS COMING!!1!! and once it sets there will be no more flowers. Ser Loras is the Knight of Flowers so he can't let that happen.
  • Not just a warlock — a warlock in league with the old gods. "I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees..."

Joffrey is not the love child of Jaime and Cersei, but of Cartman and Butters.
He's got the blonde hair, the skinny body and the whining from Butters, and everything else from Cartman.

The Targaryens are Dragonborn.
Turns out there's a damn good reason they refer to themselves as 'Dragons' (aside from the explanation already established, that is). Not all Targaryens are strong in the Dragon Blood, however: Viserys isn't ("he was no true Dragon"); Dany, on the other hand, very much is.
  • Alternately, Daenerys is a Jill in human form.
    • Does that mean Valyria was the Empire of Cyrodil?
      • I found an interesting phrase in the Skyrim book "Holdings of Jarl Gjalund" that could very well support this theory. The first page says "Survey of the Holdings of Jarl Gjalund, As Witnessed by Slafknir the Scribe, so Sworn by the Old Gods and the New." Now where else do we frequently find that phrase? Also, the book is an old text in-game... maybe the Targaryens were the original Dragonborn, and Skyrim is, say, the North years and years after the events in Game of Thrones. Or even north of the Wall, with the Forsworn being wildlings...
      • Oh, for the love of - That statement refers to the Old Nordic gods (Shor, Alduin, Kyne) and the Nine Divines.
      • It's quite possible ASOIF inspired various minor aspects of the Elder Scrolls universe, such as the giants who ride and herd mammoths. I'm sure at least some of the writers at Bethesda have been familiar with the books well before the show premiered.

The White Walkers are visiting Yautja hunters from outer space
I just had a very weird dream where this was revealed to me. Behold, because it makes a lot of sense:
  • What little of their aspect (tall, agile humanoids that make weird insect-like noises) and behavior (ambushing people and butchering/decapitating them for no apparent reason) fits.
  • They disappear for thousands of years. That's just the time they stop visiting.
  • They are found north of the wall because that's where the most attractive hunting pieces are found (direwolves, shadowcats, giants, mammoths). They probably were behind the extinction of the dragons in Essos too.
  • Their "pale spiders big as dogs" is a slight misremembering of their faces, shown when they are not wearing helmets.
  • The Red Comet is a spaceship breaking into the atmosphere.
So far, the only thing that seems out of place is their ability to make zombies - but it could be some other Magic from Technology thing.
  • There's also the issue that the Predators are traditionally drawn to hot regions, and don't like cold. That's a pretty big contrast for the Others.
  • What about the Aliens vs Predators film? Also, a bit meta but it might be amusing, the actor who portrayed the White Walker in the pilot and who is also now doing Ser Gregor Clegane actually played a Predator in the AVP film.
  • Sadly jossed now that we got a clear view of their face, but would it be awesome for a crossover comic.

Pyat Pree is, or is somehow related to, the Mystery Man.
He has the same ability to appear and disappear, and he even looks somewhat similar.

Westeros is an advance version of the Medieval World briefly glimpse in the movie Westworld. West(world) Eidetic Operating System.
  • Called Game of Thrones since nerds often played it while sitting on their "thrones."
  • One day we will all play it.
  • Hilariously enough, this might actually be confirmed via Word of God; supposedly, when HBO announced they were adapting Westworld, George R.R. Martin pitched the idea that they should cast Go T actors as extras playing the hosts to implicitly confirm that the show was Westworld's Medievalworld sister park. This goes a long way to explaining a lot about the show as Westworld demonstrates that the narratives in the park are sometimes written by hacks - explaining away any bad writing and plot holes -, that hosts can be repurposed and switched in and out of different roles, explaining various actor changes, and that narratives are often abruptly cut or changed all together to eliminate redundant/unnecessary roles, retire malfunctioning hosts, and just as general cost saving measures, thus explaining away any aborted arcs, any actors who didn't return due to contract disputes or unfortunate deaths, and the various adapted out stories and characters from the books. Further backing this up, the other sister park to Westworld was Romanworld, and off the top of my head we have Ciaran Hinds - Mance Rayder - who played Julius Ceasar in HBO's Rome, Kit Harrinton played a gladiator in Pompeii during one of the off seasons, and Dickon's new actor, Tom Hopper, played a roman centurion in History Channel's Barbarians miniseries.

The white walkers are really draugr
The white walkers look just like draugr from the way their skin looks to the blue glowing eyes.
  • So Ironborn, Northerners and Wildings are Nords or Nordic descendants? And the Drowned God is Shor?
  • Fun fact: The White Walkers are extremely close to the mythological Draugr, more so in fact than their namesakes in Skyrim. Minus shape-changing powers (we think) and connection to their place of burial, anyway.
    • Uhm, no they aren't. They're not dead. And they're not intelligent.
      • We don't know whether the White Walkers themselves are undead or not, but they are most certainly quite intelligent. They make weapons, command armies and follow strategies. If you watch the extras of the second season, you'll learn that the story of the Commander of the Night's Watch who married a female White Walker thousands of years ago and enslaved his men with sorcery is still canon.
      • From the Books: That's just one of the many different, often self-contradicting tales about that specific part of the A So IF mythos, and even so, Draugr are not specifically related to ice in any direct way like the Others are. Also, going by the books, all of their magic hinges on ice. Draugr had powers of illusion and curses (A Draugr cursed Grettir with a fear of darkness in the Saga of Grettir the Strong) and, in some myths, size-changing. Hence, the Others/White Walkers are nothing at all like Draugr.
    • Oh, one more thing — Word of God confirms them to be flash-frozen Sidhe rip-offs. Word of God also confirmed that they were supposed to be beautiful, but here they look Uruk-Hai with white hair.

One form of the Faceless God is Sithis
Riffing off the above Elder Scrolls theories, I've always felt the Faceless Men were very similar to the Dark Brotherhood. Both are assassin cults who worship an ambiguous deity by murdering those who are ordained by said god. Granted their business models are very different.

Jaqen H'gar is a Time Lord
  • If he was a time lord, he would be doing a lot more running.
  • And he is also Haruhi Suz... *gets shot*

Syrio Forel and Jaqen H'ghar are a Sidereal.
He's training Arya for Sidereal reasons. Maybe she has an incoming Exaltation herself.

R'hllor is Lorien.
Lorien's ability to bring people back to life for a limited period of time is somewhat similar to that of R'hllor priests. Also, depending on how you pronounce R'hllor, it sounds a little bit similar.

Khal Drogo is actually Ronon Dex hallucinating while "dead" in a Stargate Atlantis episode.
In "Enemy at the Gate", Ronan Dex has been drained by a wraith - the series is his hallucination before the wraith brings him back. The witch trying to "kill" him is an in-hallucination extension of the wraith bringing him back. (FYI for Non-Stargate fans - it's the same actor)
  • The only problem is that there is more than one season of Game of Thrones. Why would he hallucinate further events if he already died inside his own hallucination? This would only make sense if Drogo was coming back from the dead somehow later in the show (probably at the end)...

Westeros is on a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy
Specifically M 4 D-058 (the planet with Hallona and Geldar).The planet is somewhat larger than Earth or Lantea, and the island continent that Hallona and Geldar are on is on the opposite side from Westeros and Essos.The planet was originally used like an Alpha Site by the Lanteans, and has two stargates—one near Geldar, the other east of Asshai on Essos. The satellites around the planet that were used for the computers in the nation-building game also include planetary defense satellites. The "comet" seen at the beginning of Go T season 2 was a satellite reentering the atmosphere at a relatively shallow angle, thus burning long enough to be visible.The planet was favored by a group of Ancient special operations warriors, who settled there in great numbers, especially in the grassslands of Essos, thus giving rise to the Dothraki. A common ancestor of both Khal Drogo and Ronon Dex lived there. He had two sons, one who remained on M 4 D-058, and the other who moved to Sateda. In addition, Janus attempted some experiments there that altered the planet's seasons, making them years long. He also genetically altered a native species into what evolved into dragons.Around the time the Ancients abandoned Atlantis and returned to Earth, a Wraith cruiser happened upon 058 and was attacked by a defense satellite, causing it to crash in the extreme north of Westeros. It managed to crash-land more or less intact, and the Wraith set out to the south to find humans to feed upon. This led to the Wraith being defeated and forced back to their ship. They then went into hibernation for many thousands of years, only to re-awaken at the beginning of the events shown on Game of Thrones. Using their knowledge, the Lanteans in Westeros built the Great Wall. Eventually, most of this knowledge was lost, and became shrouded in myth and legend. The Valyrians kept most of their knowledge longer than other groups on the planet, and Old Valyrian is a dialect of Ancient.

Liam Neeson as Lord Howland Reed
Love Actually is the connective tissue here, AKA it's the only other thing I've seen Thomas Brodie-Sangster in.

Godric Gryffindor is a descendant of the Lannisters.
Perhaps he married into the family line or something and adopted the sigil and did his best to erase all the horrible misgivings the Lannisters may have caused. Especially easy if you're a wizard. For all we know, Casterly Rock was renamed Godric's Hollow as time wore on and eventually the Lannister name was was merely a footnote in history, if that. Tywin probably rolled over in his grave. Not only are the icons (a Lion) and the colors (Red/Scarlet and Gold) the same, but there are certain traits among both Lannisters and Gryffindors that are both held high. A certain penchant for breaking rules, for being daring and sure of nerve. We're just lucky there wasn't a house in Hogwarts with the symbol of a wolf...
  • Or, Gryffindor was one of the few remaining Lannisters and married one of the few remaining Starks. Or was the product of a Lannister-Stark marriage. Gryffindor House also holds high several traits that the Starks hold pretty high too (bravery, chivalry, and honor among them). On the other hand, a different Lannister marriage produced Salazar Slytherin, who wasn't as fussed about his heritage as Gryffindor. The penchant for breaking the rules, ambition, and daring are traits the Lannisters and Gryffindors share with Slytherins.
    • Where does that put Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff?
      • At one point, The Night's Watch relaxed its rules, allowing women to join. Eventually, they elected Rowena Ravenclaw as the Lady Commander. That explains why the Ravenclaw crest is a crow and not a raven. Hufflepuffs evolved from a cult that worshipped the pig that killed King Robert.

Somewhere in an alternate universe, Joffrey was called into Dolores Umbridge's office and brought his tongue-slicer with him.
That alternate universe fell to pieces the same day.
  • In yet another universe, he's educated at Series/Degrassi and is a genuinely nice guy, that school having developed a reputation for turning some truly evil spawn into...well, Canadians.

Ramsay Snow is The Joker
Because, seriously, who else could put a man through torture that brutal and still remain hilarious?

This planet, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Tamriel, all orbit the same sun.
The comet that passes in the first two books, is the same one that the people on the Avatar planet call Sozin's Comet. Possibly even on the same pass, a comet that passes the Avatar planet every hundred years, just happened to pass close by Go T's, the plot's matching up.I just added Tamriel because the starline for that planet was alien too.
  • ... You do realize that the moons of Tamriel are the perpetually rotting and regrowing remains of a dead god, right?
    • It'd still be possible for it to be in the same Planetary System, one planet's moons are completely separate from another's.
  • On yet another planet orbiting the same sun, the comet is known as the Chaos Comet.

The other side of whatever planet the continents of Westeroes and Essos are on holds the lands of the Warhammer world.
And as for the reason why anywhere south of Norsca and the Chaos Wastes don't get the same ridiculous seasonal cycles as Westeroes? Chaos is the only true answer.

Under the Iron Throne there is a portal.
The portal leads into our modern universe, and whoever wins the game of thrones with enough power to ensure that they will never be displaced, will discover our world.

One of the Stark kids is the ultimate ancestor of another famous Stark.
  • It's definitely Sansa. At some point she'll have a son with Tyrion, and this son will take on the Stark name (as the kid will be the lord of Winterfell, and Winterfell is traditionally the Stark's), but will have a liking for Lannister's colours. Maybe his name will be Anton Stark, or something, and he'll create as much of a reputation as a genius as Bran the Builder.
    • Tyrion did design that saddle for Bran, so engineering would certainly run in the family from both sides.
  • Alternate Marvel Cinematic Universe nonsense: Spring never comes (hence the last(?) book's called A Dream of Spring, no one said Spring will actually come), planet plunges into permanent ice age, White Walkers rise to power. Many years pass and the White Walkers are at war with people from another world. The enemy's leader discovers an infant and adopts him, giving him nigh-immortality. The infant is the reincarnation of Petyr... and he doesn't have a good love interest (as far as I know).

The Terminator series is connected to this universe.
  • It's not simply pure coincidence that Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) was cast as Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys, with Lena Headey (Cersei) being previously cast in the TV series. It will turn out the whole series is set in the far and distant future, where an apocalypse took place after a corporation that joined forces with Skynet called Targaryen Industries combined their use of machines and dragons to start a whole new war, thus dooming civilization. And now, Sarah Connor must go back in time to prevent this catastrophe, and ends up meeting herself in alternate timelines a la Star Trek (2009), meeting her Lena Headey counterpart. It ALSO turns out that Cersei and Dany are secretly related, and Cersei is secretly using her power to wipe out everybody else to give Dany enough time to come home and continue what is actually a sinister plan to regenerate the dragons and machinery army with Dany's Unsullied army as part of some scheme to create an unstoppable army and control the universe. So this is what the Connors are trying to prevent in this new Terminator timeline and this Game of Thrones timeline.

Arya is an alternative universe incarnation of O-Ren Oshii.
  • She's a girl who is orphaned at a young age after her parents are brutally murdered, and later joins an assassination squad and gets her first kill under their name while posing as a child prostitute (although Meryn wasn't the target of her assigned mission). Arya's court upbringing, noble name, and intelligence could lead to her eventually leaving the Faceless Men and becoming queen of the Braavosi criminal underworld.

Jorah Mormont is a double agent working for Daenerys.
  • He will return to Westeros, pardon in hand, and send secret communications to Dany. All of his communications will be to Barristan Selmy.

Bran will fly...
  • by Warging into one of Daenerys' dragons.

Gravity on the world of Westros is much lower than on the earth. This explains why:
  • It's possible to build stone and ice walls 700 feet tall. Impossible on earth.
  • Untrained and poorly equipped people can climb the wall.
  • Dragons can fly with small wings.
  • Knights fight wearing absurd amounts of armor.

The Theon Greyjoy story line foreshadows Jon Snow's eventual story arc.
  • Jon Snow will eventually be forced to choose between his adopted family and his blood family ( the Starks and Targaryens respectively.)
  • His abandonment of Ygrette is also foreshadowing. "You can't win..."
  • Theon doesn't recognize his sister once and refuses to acknowledge her the second time they meet. This will be replicated with Lyra and Sansa.
  • His choice will destroy him, much as it did with Theon.

Smaug is the father of Daenerys' dragons:
  • Before becoming the last Great dragon, Smaug mated with the last female of his kind, she laid her eggs and many many years later three of them ended with Daenerys.

In the series finale, Khaleesi will marry Jack Sparrow.
In the Parks and Recreation episode "Leslie and Ron," which takes place 2017, Leslie says that this happens in the series finale.
  • If Jack Sparrow is her slang for a pirate character, then perhaps she means Euron Greyjoy aka Daario Naharis

The Mountain is a Time Lord.
  • He has an appropriately-formatted name ("The Doctor," "The Master," "The Mountain"), and in a series where characters die all the time, he remains alive— but is played by a different actor. In Season 5, we will finally see The Mountain regenerate on-screen (much to Qyburn's delight).

Strong Belwas from the books is Huell Babineaux

Arya used Occlumency to deceive the water at the House of Black and White into detecting that she had given up her identity.
  • At the very least, she let her mind go blank as she was drinking. How else would she have survived and then claimed her Stark identity back?

Loras Tyrell will become the Iron Fist.
He survived the destruction of the Sept of Baelor but he lost his father and sister. Driven with anger and revenge, he went to K’un Lun and underwent intensive martial arts training. Then, he returned to King’s Landing as Iron Fist and with him are the Defenders (Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage) and the Avengers.

GRRM is writing the entire series as a Realpolitik version of The Lord of the Rings
Treesicle's video was the initial inspiration, and IgnusDei had a brainwave; if Dany is Sauron, she has direct analogues for all of his forces;
  • Orks = Dothraki
    Corsairs of Umbar = Iron Islanders
    Haradrim = Dornishmen
    Uruk-Hai = The Unsullied
    The Fell Beasts = The Dragons
    The Nazgul = Jorah Mormont, Grey Worm, Daario Naharis
    Saruman = Varys
    The Mouth of Sauron = The Hand of the Queen AKA Tyrion Lannister
    The One Ring = The Iron Throne

One day, we'll get a ASOIAF inspired SRPG
And it would be directed by 'Yasumi Matsuno' or alternatively made by Paradox Interactive or perhaps Koeinote .

Doran Martell will come back from dead with the use of the Lazarus' Pit
His actor, Alexander Siddig, is cast as Ra's al Ghul for Gotham. After his death, it turns out Prince Doran is actually Ra's al Ghul who is the leader of the League of Assassin (or Shadows if you will). Then, his followers resurrected him with the use of the Lazarus' Pit. Doran will take vengeance on what Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes did to him.

The Targaryens are sparks.
It would explain a lot.

Planetos was hit by the anti-matter wave.
Imagine Pariah showing up, explaining his role, and Planetos is simply one of the countless worlds he's had to witness the end of under the thumb of the Anti-Monitor. The characters are helpless as the skies turn red, and their world ends — even the Night King himself is annihilated by the wave. They may not even be restored after the Crisis has ended. They're gone, and only one person even knew they existed.

Daenerys had been taught about the Dance of the Dragons.
  • Jon having a stronger nominal claim to the crown - despite having part of a dynasty that had been deposed some quarter-century prior and explicitly not wanting to rule - was implied to be the final straw for Daenerys's sanity. Given that Jon wanted nothing to do with the Iron Throne and likely would have had a hard time proving his legitimacy to begin withnote , why did Daenerys fear him so much? Likely because he was a male with a claim. And as House of the Dragon has shown, noble courts were highly patriarchal and some might have taken any male with a tangential claim on the throne, no matter how incompetent or even reluctant to rule, over siding with a woman, even and perhaps especially a woman with a dragon and strong allies.