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Yasumi Matsuno (born 1965) is a game designer who started out at a small company named Quest, then got bought out by Squaresoft, then left to join Level-5. He has a long working history with Hitoshi Sakimoto for the music and Akihiko Yoshida for the artwork, and is friends with translator Alexander O. Smith. He is basically responsible for the Ivalice Alliance as well.

He has directed the following:

He has also been involved with:

  • Conquest of the Crystal Palace: Planning - his influence can be seen in the news reports and the sheer number of different items
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Scenario writer for the "Return to Ivalice" and "Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr" side stories.
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  • MadWorld: Story
  • Unsung Story: Story & game design - unfortunately as of February 2016, the future of this game is looking very much in doubt, and it's getting worse as of 2017. As of 2018, he's no longer involved with the project after Little Orbit took over, but the CEO of said company did meet him once for a lunch meeting to talk about the game.

Other influences:


Tropes that frequently appear in his works: