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Ho Yay / The Get Down

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  • The shipping of Shao/Zeke has a large following. In episode 1, within hours of meeting each other, Shao and Zeke talk about taking over the world with their talent, and complimenting each other:
    Shao: You're a natural wordsmith, man.
    Zeke: You a natural everything.
  • Shao gives Zeke his legendary nickname, Books.
    Shao: I'm calling you Books from now on.
  • Shao's jealousy and hatred of Mylene is significant. He immediately does not take a liking to Mylene because he feels that Mylene isn't allowing Zeke to be what he can be and only using Zeke for musical support, especially in part 1.
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  • In part two, his ambiguous crush on Ezekiel is mentioned over and over again—although, sadly, pretty much only as a way to belittle him.
  • This was also Thor and Dizzee up until episode 6, where they share a kiss.
  • In part two, when future!Zeke is rapping about Shao, there's this gem:
    Zeke: Shaolin was my heart.

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