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Considering the show involves three women living together in San Francisco, it's not unexpected.

  • The first episode. DJ came into the kitchen and kissed Danny, Jesse, Joey and Becky on the cheek, missing out her son Tommy. She asks if she missed anyone, which causes Joey to kiss Danny on the check.
  • Quite strong homoerotism in Kimmy and DJ's Dirty Dancing routine during the dance contest in "Funner House." When they win, Macy Gray outright calls the two lesbians.
  • Kinmy and Stephanie's Vitriolic Best Buds relationship has tonnes of Ho Yay.
    • Kimmy twice has called Stephanie her, "sister-wife" and kissed her on the cheek both times.
    • In "Save the Dates", Fernando made Stephanie finish the song he sang for Kimmy, Kimmy ends up kissing her on the lips because it was just too good?
  • Matt and Steve are about to leave the Fuller House and they both try to kiss DJ goodbye. She moves out of the way and they end up kissing each other, for a suspiciously long time.
  • New Year's Eve, Steve was so nervous about proposing to his fiancé that he had to ask DJ to propose to her for him. In that exact moment, Matt arrives and thinks DJ is proposing to another woman after he left for just one week.

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