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A good story with a few minor flaws
Ruki Motomiya's review
Should have sent a poet
0oMooncalfo0's Review
  • Better, much better, than expected
  • Pretty average
  • Review
  • Who thought this was good?
Mixora's Review
  • Boring god mode naruto.
  • Excellent World-Building
  • From comments
  • Good Premise, Good Payoff
  • Really Good
Megaolix's review
From comments
Tropers/DarkGidora's Review
  • Comartemis' review
  • moberemk's review
  • OP's review
  • OP's review
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Review by desired
from comments
Good Title
  • Not Really Worth Reading
  • Really not that good...
  • Yep,
Parexemple's Review
  • mysterykcard's review
  • Sakura Rurouni's review
Electroninja's review
Brickman's review
By @/SirRandomUser
Tropers/DarkGidora's Review
  • @/{{Comartemis}}' review
  • @/{{lanky}}'s review
  • From comments
  • If Naruto Were a Seinen
lanky's review
  • Good story and...
  • Shinj117's review
  • Shockz's review
  • A Bad Week At The Wizengamot
  • A rollercoaster of quality
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Moving comments to reviews pt 2
More good than bad
The Meknificent Seven [Progs 119-139]
  • A decent anime ruined by a bad ending
  • A full-course meal of Comedy, Drama, Philosophy and more - with dessert.
  • K9TheFirst1's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • A Bitter Pill by ciaconnaa
  • A Bitter Pill by ciaconnaa
A work of genius
Great Story
Good? Sure. Best freeware RPG? Not quite.
Better than Most
Comment by Anonymous
  • Silver Screen Charlie Brown, that has a lovely ring...
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: A disppointing deviation of the original story
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: A disppointing deviation of the original story
Historically Adorable!
  • A Brother's Price - My Opinion
  • A Good Biddable Boy
Comment by Ketsu
  • Comment by DOTMW
  • Comment by Iaculus
  • Unattributed comment
  • Hilarious, Heartbreaking And Enjoyable
  • Sweet, but not revolutionary.
sauronlulz' review
  • Interesting, if not a touch... arrogant
  • It's a dark fic, but it'll probably become known as THE lok darkfic
  • Korra's closer to TheChick than the ActionGirl from canon
  • OOC
  • Potentionally Interesting, but Awfullly OOC
  • The "How I Became Yours" of LoK!
  • Why is this reccomended?
  • A great fic if you like femslash.
  • A heartfelt romance.
  • Enjoyed It
  • Erratic, but also refreshing and enjoyable.
  • not for everyone, but definitely interesting
Comment by capeclare
from comments/TheMightyGuy
op's review
  • A must-read
  • Fantastic.
A Suprisng good read.
Hilariously Bad!
  • Comment by @/TinaBanina96
  • Comment by RNA
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • Hauntingly Beautiful
A step up from Sword Art Online
Its a crack pairing but it works so well
  • from comments
  • I liked it...
  • YMMV on this parade of despair
  • A fun read, but...
  • Accidental Hero
  • True to the spirit, but...
All in all a very good series.
Eureka! The ideal spin-off!
Enthralling fun but frustratingly short
A realistic take in a world with mythological human.
  • Magic, Espers, and crazy tech.
  • My Favorite Series
  • Too much wasted potential (Volumes 1 - 22, anime)
Awesome manga with a bad anime.
Must read!
op's review
Oh, that we could always see such spirit through the year.
a class of it's own
The War Has Begun
Technically well done, but bloated
  • A different type
  • A new flavor
  • Not your ordinary familiar of zero fic
Blatant FixFic, but That's OK
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by desir
  • Comment by Kain
Intense but overly sentimental
WHO IS YOUR GOD NOW?!? ...Oh yeah, it's me.
A cure for love - a great read!
Best Self-Insert fic, no doubt
Winter Comes
Great stealth and story, but unbalanced combat
  • Joysweeper's review
  • Near bullseye, but sadly a miss
  • Striped Chicken's Review
A great short story
A Dark Room
A Dark Sky Review
ladysekhmetka's review
  • Avoid at all costs
  • Definitely worth a read
  • Meh.
  • Review
Madder Sk
Hey kids, do you like Hinata Hyuuga?
Comment by Acacia
  • Angry, sarcastic, mean, but fair.
  • Entertaining, but valueless
  • Great fun, Without any worry of an OD.
  • Re-review: My new opinion of Buckley
  • The more "thinner" version of The amazing atheist
  • Whatever You Do, Don't Believe the Hype
A Review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Chewybakaa
  • Comment by otaku876
  • Comment by [=JuiceBoxHero=]
Gunbazca's review
Fans would do better
  • Great Plot, Polarizing Gameplay
  • You get what you pay for.
  • A review by a long-time player
  • Adventure Quest Worlds review
  • AQ Worlds: A Review
  • Simplified But Enjoyable
Interesting idea, but not all that good
Racist, foul languaged, and unflattering.
  • It was fun as a kid, and it's fun now.
  • Okay for kids, but can't be seriously enjoyed
  • Such a blast, insane fun at its finest
  • Technically terrible, yet entertaining
  • "Too Old"
  • A Globdamn Miracle
  • A Strange Tale of Discovery
  • Adventure Time...revised!
  • Awesome!
  • From great and fun to- Lesser fun but still Great
  • Gets better after Season 2
  • Good, but Weird.
  • Like a correction of Flapjack
  • My two cents on the current state of the series....
  • Not for all but good 3 out of 5
  • Season 5: Soaring Highs and Pitiful Lows
  • Season 6: Winning me back
  • Silly Yet Serious
  • The Ice King Arc
  • The most subversively funny show on TV.
  • There's something that just caught me off guard...
  • Took a Shotgun Blast to the Quality
  • Unique, but not great.
  • Why is the MartyStu more accepted than the MarySue?
  • Not terrible, but would benefit from fleshing out.
  • Waste of time and money
More Waff than you can shake your Proggressive Knife at
  • very impressed
  • Well, that was...
An amazing insight into both characters.
A Victim of the Perils of Self-Publishing
  • GentlemensDame883's review
  • LatwPIAT's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
Dull and trite
Fairly Odd Christmas - Review
  • A worthy attempt, but lets not try it again
  • WTH is this?
So Begins The Slow Part
Review for A Few Adjustments
  • A disappointing mess
  • Why?
Comment by Kathadrion
  • A good work for newcomers
  • Comment by notquiteanonymous
Hands Down, Best Prototype Fic I've Read
  • ...
  • Can you even call this a movie?!
  • Why this screws with my head.
Neither Shakespeare nor M*A*S*H, but also not so bad
Comment by person5455426
Interesting idea...less than stellar execution
Worth it.
Comment by Marlee Cross
After the End
Cinderflame's review
Unique and Inventive Ensemble Piece.
Comment by Skadi
A really great series.
Anoymous review from the comments section
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Probably one of my favorite fanfics
KWSN's Review
How could it not be tragedy, with that title?
  • Against The Moon
  • Against the Moon
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Reccomended
Intrigue Incarnate
The thing about Dame Agatha's Characters -
  • First 3 Episodes - Very promising indeed
  • Wonderfully clever
  • {{The War On Straw}}: [[RecycledTheSeries The Series]]
Comment by Anonymous
Decent story and interesting characters hampered by a lackluster world
  • Average at first, but it gets so much better
  • Definitely Grew its Beard
  • Honest review
  • It's definitly worth it
  • On board for season 2
  • S.O.S. Review (Spoilers) duh
  • Season 2: Or how to grow a beard
  • So-So Super Secret Spies
Experimental and highly original
I wrote this
Good on the first try, but loses steam later.
Decent slice of life work, but nothing that will blow your socks off
Comment by slugyfan
Oooh it's Gorgeous
Comment by Call1992
Earnest, but Disingenuous and Clunky
  • Review by {{Tropers/Horriblefilm}}
  • Simply amazing
An underrated Start Off.
  • A solid crossover
  • From comments
Actually pretty mediocre.
Fun showcase of 60s pop culture
Alright, about the AHdotCom series
  • Read it
  • Seriously, read it.
funy and good
  • By Constantly Comic
  • By The Otaku Ninja
  • By Tropers/AceOfScarabs
  • Ah, My Goddess! Your series is wonderful!
  • Gateway to Heaven
  • Two Episodes I Liked
I do not like it
Two Words: Slow Burn
A dreadful and shmaltzy experience
Original Comments
from comments
ALMOST Perfect
The Las Vegas Arc
Air Gear: A Harsh Critique
  • Funniest movie ever, or double your money back.
  • Random gags thrown onto a normal movie
Black Helicopters during the height of the Cold War
Comment by [=ToThineOwnself=]
A refreshing, wonderful family show
I am inadequate
somewhat fun, but nothing new or good.
Akai Katana for the X-box 360
  • A good concept pushed down to not-good by the characters and the length
  • A manga that takes you for an idiot.
  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Brilliant hopes, crappy anime
  • Solid Shounen Fun
CrypticMirror's review
KhymChanur's review
In a word: Average
Fast review of the main 3 characters from Akatsuki No Yona
More than just music videos
Tries to be something more, but sadly just can't.
  • 1st review
  • I wote this a long time ago toward someone's poster fanart of the show on DeviantART- And I still stand by that statement today.
A masterpiece
yep, sums it all up pretty well.
A Breath Of Fresh Air
My favorite disney movie
Good, but a bit rough around the edges. Also, Genie is annoying.
op's review
Hypest show yo!
Brilliant, but not perfect
  • ''American Nightmare'': A Different Kind of Monster
  • Move Toward the Light
  • This series was great!
  • Writing needs work, but incredible content
  • A Disappointment
  • A Letdown
  • A look upon Aldnoah.Zero Season 1
  • Best to make your own decision
  • Could count as a Gundam AU
  • Or how to not write a mecha anime 101
  • The kind of anime I would love to be able to hate
How do you fuck that up?
Oh, the dangers of SerialEscalation
  • Breathing Life into Wizarding America
  • Decent First Installment, Excellent Afterwards
  • Has issues, but it's readable
  • Magical America's not all it's cracked up to be
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Moving comments to reviews pt 2
From comments
''Scorpia Rising''
don't know how this would work as a bedtime story, awful read
Comment by chibiaries
OP's review
Comment by Fade
Comment by [=YourFormerSelf=]
An experience, not a story
Shinj117's review
  • I didn't really like it
  • Not bad, but not brilliant.
  • A dissapointingly unremarkable waste of potential.
  • Definitely not for Alice lovers
  • I don't get why everyone hates it.
  • Not Burton's best, but not as bad as people say
  • Pretty On the Surface But That's About It.
  • Someone cared about this movie...where did they go?
  • Underland is superior to Wonderland
  • A little off, it seemed
  • Far From "All Bark and No Bite"
  • Wonderful.
Just a reminder, flashfic versus real writing
  • A Great Work That Would be Followed by Lesser Minds
  • Dead Franchise in a shallow grave.
  • Not That Great
  • A Fitting end to a truly Awe-inspiring Science Fiction Series
  • A mediocre standalone film, but a blasphemous sequel.
  • This should not have been.
God awful mess, just like Prometheus
  • Everyone Will Hear You Scream
  • It made me jump
  • Overall an incredibly good game. some minor faults.
  • The ultimate Alien game (with a few shortcomings)
  • As far as licensed lames go: It's so okay it's average.
  • AVP: R was only slight worse- which says a lot
  • Hot Garbage (spoilers)
  • It isn't terrible
Exciting, Atmospheric, and Totally Free!
op's review
  • A crackfic with a sudden dash of seriousness
  • Fix fic, but don't hold that against it
  • Good Read
Marlee Cross' review
Power flower Peanut's Review
Come for a laugh, stay for the psychology. Or vice-versa.
  • For kids, apparently
  • Heaven or Hell? Priest or prisoner? Acolyte or slave?
  • My Favorite Animated Movie, Hands-Down.
  • The Two Movies
  • It's About as Bad as you can Conceive
  • Mercy Killed at 7 Episodes.
  • Not the worst animated show of all time, but definitely a contender
  • Stay away from this show, period.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Marionetta}}
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
My favorite Christmas movie
The worst Godzilla movie, ever.
A good read: heartily recommended
Comment by Elenor
It's the shooter you've all been waiting for! Sort of...
op's review
  • All Star Batman and Robin - Bloody Good Fun
  • Everyone is insane
  • An incredibly good story
  • Finally, someone who really knows how to write Superman.
  • One of Superman's greatest.
  • The End Of An Era. R.I.P. Dwayne Mc Duffie (Kirbypower's Review of All-Star Superman)
Moved comments
Just my 2 cents...
Worth Every Penny
The movie was better.
feral's review
  • Amishqueen
  • Humorph
Sweet jebus
  • Penguin Massacre said it all.
So much potential
Gemmifer's review
  • Is it underrated? Hard to say.
  • Not for Plot, But for Characters
  • Not perfect, but far from awful
  • One of the worst movies I've ever seen.
  • Take off the nostalgia goggles.
  • Yep, it's pretty bad
  • {{Balto}} without the charisma or likeability
At least there's one awesome Black and White fic out there.
  • Choice is Your Weapon
  • Closest thing we'll ever see to a new Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines.
  • Know what this game is, and is not, and you'll love it.
  • Love this game
  • Shakey, but stirring
  • This generation's overlooked gem
  • This needs to be a cult classic
I hate this movie
Running From Your Premise
  • A lot more than meets the summary
  • Coulda Been A Contender
  • In a word, meh
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • The Tygre's review
Marlee Cross' review
Joysweeper's review
A Luta Contra of Fentisseiros - From his neighbor's POV
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Good, but not great
  • feral's review
  • sauronlulz' review
Romantic love as a deeper friendship
The writing problems don't end with the title.
  • fan fiction at its best
  • op's review
  • Review [yes, I do know that's obvious...]
ClandestineClear's review
Comment by Futsuno
Really good
Comment by Moaku
  • Amusing
  • carla's review
  • Zaptech's review
So great
Amazing free shooter
  • Cannot Recommend
  • Had potential, ultimately disappointing
  • One of the most unbelievable fics I've read, great if you don't mind amoral perversion
  • Pretty Damn Refreshing
  • Too Good for Fanfiction
A Short Piece that Sticks Out
Comes from a genuine place, but a little too eager for its own good
  • I HATE this show!!
  • It's Come a Long Way
  • It's pretty underrated
  • Most annoying show on Earth.
  • On the whole, not so bad
  • Seth MacFarlane's daimond in the rough
  • The American Dad After School Special
  • Weird
  • A Road Trip on Four Flat Tyres
  • Apparently, Neil Gaiman can fail.
  • If you haven't read this book since you were a teen, *hoo boy*...
Should Have Been One Season Only
  • All right, which of you psychiatrists didn't kill someone today?
  • Best season thus far...
  • Fun, but pretty damn stupid
  • My Favourite So Far
  • No spell can make this season not-unwatchable.
  • Dull and aimless
  • Precarious as Always
  • What the other guy said.
  • It's a Graveyard Trash
  • Much better writing, but still comes up short.
  • Style slitting the throat of Substance and drinking its blood...
  • Haunted house hijinks? Hell yeah!
  • Never horrifying, sometimes horrible
  • An Uptick in Quality
  • Oh, sweet, bloody effort
Poor balance, but some good
The only thing better than this show itself, is the messages it sends
Great movie, bland book.
Comment by [=JenKunoichi351=]
Anoymous review from the comments section
Exactly whats on the tin and...
My second favorite of Guest's work
  • *Yawn*
  • Eh.
TheAffableParanoiac's review
In Between
  • A Machine for Sheep
  • Can't believe it's called a sequel
  • Disappointing
  • An uninspired frightfest
  • I'll never be scared of another horror game again.
  • Not Perfect, but Absolutely Terrifying Regardless
  • Probably great, if only I could play it
  • Stupid story; serious scares
  • Linear, scripted, cliched in some ways, but still scary and with some originality
  • Man, that baby is HARDCORE.
Comment by Belladonna
Comment by {{Tropers/Pszczola}}
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Review: A Mother In Law's Love by Perspicacity
Not really worth recommending in retrospect.
  • An intense, fairly well-written fanfic
  • Great beginning, less satisfying ending.
  • Attend
  • Pretty damn good.
One of the best graphic novels I've read...
Cute Girls in Space Save the World
Altogether too brief
Amazing trilogy
  • Mandatory for Shinji/Rei shippers
  • Nitramy's review
  • Willbyr's review
op's review
  • A good visual novel afflicted with a few problems.
  • Good but...
Not Great, but Worth Seeing
  • Aimed at kids, but a solid period peice.
  • Fievel Goes West
  • The Original,The Best
  • The Treasure of Manhattan Island-- Awful? Or just mediocre?
Moving comments to reviews
  • Anti-good science fiction, worth reading (probably)
  • Fascinating if you're willing to take it on.
  • My first Stephenson work
Hearty Recommendations with Caveat
  • GwenStacyWannabe's review
  • TheEvilOboist's review
  • A lot like the first.
  • Not a legend, still a worthy successor
  • Ancillary Sword
  • Overly Hyped.
  • Splendid Cups of Tea for Everyone
A really good story!
  • Crazael's review
  • Too much GunPorn
  • unsigned review
  • Worth a look, especially if you like GenderFlip
from comments
From comments
  • It's Good. Really.
  • OH GOD NO!
  • Your Mileage May Vary
Yeah... NO.
Comment by Hey Its MJ
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Comment by Greatkingrat88
Pretty fun, in a trippy sort of way.
Comment by Zefire
op's review
  • It's Aged Beautifully but...
  • Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope
  • A Novel Idea That Lost Its Luster
  • Agreed with the previous reviewer.
  • A New World The Story Of A Lost Shinobi
  • great
  • Angel Season 1
  • Fawn's review
  • Has no right to be as good as it is
  • Hole in the world.
  • Season Five
  • The Jasmine Arc
  • A lovely series that should have lasted longer...
  • Far Better Than What I Was Expecting
  • The time of your (after)life
  • A different opinion
  • Funniest manga I've ever read
  • I really do not like this series.
An oft-dark and sometimes gloriously soaring piece
Good, but Tragic, although not in the way you would think
  • Dramatic, exciting and even funny at times
  • Pure fantasy fuel
Angel Sanctuary review
A good read
  • Better as a Book...
  • Gonna get killed for this review...
A slightly flawed but highly addictive game
A good game ruined by a greedy company.
Really cool and enjoyable - well done, Rovio!
  • Check it out if you're a fan of AVGN, but don't expect too much.
  • It's hokey, low-budget, and juvenile...vintage AVGN!
  • just no
Comment by North Bay 180
Comment by Elenor
  • Another fan of the game...
  • Fan of the game...
Documentary-heroes fighting each other.
This game is okay for me, while good for others.
  • A classic show, though not without its flaws.
  • The best. Period.
An Otherwise Talented Individual Who Has Some Major Problems
A Creative Cornucopia of Ideas
  • Doesn’t hold up as well as some claim, but not bad.
  • My childhood
  • Read it!... If You Have Patience And Dedication
  • Somehow Better Than When I Was a Kid
  • Visser, K.A. Applegate (Animorphs series)
  • Wonderful
So much idiot ball
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/ShinyBulbasaur}}
  • Good? Bad? Or something else?
  • Great potential, not so good execution
  • It's a badly constructed Fanfic.
  • ''Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter''- A Feminist Perspective
  • Guilty Pleasure turned into Awkward Morning After
Good. Surprisingly, good.
An perceptively accurate mess
Freedom's Landing
Some of the best works by Marvel ever.
2018`s Roadside Picnic
A classic fanfic
  • Simply Gorgeous
  • Tear Jerker for spring 2011
A Short Review
Review for Another Butterfly Effect - By Draconic
from comments
The Links dead somebody fix this.
Another typical Kid/OC fic
  • Aryashi's review
  • Black Charizard's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • Otempora's review
  • @/{{Mew24ever}}'s review
  • sauronlulz's review
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • Good at first
  • Stunning
  • Dhomochevsky's review
  • Don't Waste Your Time
  • GosuroriOtaku's review
  • Unlimited_Archer's review
  • Why?
Comment by mariic
First Review of This Here
  • A.N.T Farm Review
  • Hey, it's TookALevelInJerkass, the Sitcom!
  • Gary Stu
  • Rand's Novella is Objectively Boring
  • One of the best fanfics in the Equestria universe.
  • Started out strong, and then fell flat on its face
Writing for Loon's review
  • Chaos Reigns, Indeed
  • Nonsensical, Pretentious Garbage
  • Good but...
  • HeartIsAnAwesomePower: TheMovie
  • Comment by Angel Flower
  • Comment by Anonymous
An Unexpected Hit
Comment by Lady Iapetus
  • An Amazing Game
  • An experince that becomes larger than you'd imagine.
Genuinely Creepy.
Sports Series disgused as a romantic comedy
  • A punch in the gut
  • InkkiBookman's review
  • Mai's review
  • Sithking Zero's Review
  • The most heart-wrenching Nail Fic ever!
  • Great Heart but Not All There
  • Subdued masterpiece
Fun concept, bad execution
Blue Castle
  • A Partner
  • A Partner
How sprite comics should be done
Slice of life?
Comment by @/{{Mariecat}}
A Place For Warriors
Comment by @/KorenSteen
  • A Masterpiece with a Marlon Brando-Shaped Hiccup
  • Apocalypse HUH?
  • Apocalypse Now Redux: A Harrowing Psychedelic Journey
A different, interesting take on Ace Attorney
Comment by [=SteamGoth=]
Appleseed Ex Machina: Sci-fi heroic bloodshed fun, all the more impressive given [[SurprisinglyImprovedSequel its predecessor]].
  • Heed the Angry!Harry part
  • It's a big world out there...
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Awesome.
  • Ehh...
  • Simply the best you will find
  • Why does it not have its page yet?
Short but sweet
  • Aquaman / SuperFriends
  • Better Than I Expected.
Deep in the Ocean of Gaming Lies a Pearl...
  • A mixed bag by anyother name
  • Funny, but not for everybody
  • Started Strong. Went Downhill Hard.
Arashi No Yoru Ni (Anime)
What can a man do with an xbox and a couple of action figures? A whole lot
  • Archer - Strongly Recommended
  • it's funny but I hate almost all the characters.
  • Sonic Universe post reboot reaction (55-67)
  • The Fastest Thing Alive
Comment by Looney Toons
Like its namesake, much more than it appears on the surface
  • Best Read
  • Epic
  • An excellent premise
  • An Outstanding Story
  • Intense, Will Blow You Away
  • Really enjoyed this
  • Remarkable in places, but also remarkably long
  • Sacrifices... (Spoilers herein)
Fun, but a lot of room for improvement
Good, once you get past....
In A Word: Delicious
Comment by oathkeeper85
The Tale of the Lonely Ghost
  • Are You There God? It's Me, Canada.
  • Comment by Frada
  • Comment by Naganonamy
  • Comment by [=RsS=]
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • Review
Oscar-worthy and tense, but with a few dull parts
Review of light novels with reference to anime: Clichéd, but strong when originality shines through
Grant Morrison's Metaphysical Epic or Grant Morrison's Epic Misstep?
  • A flawed game with great potential
  • Great fun, but with a huge time investment
  • fsdfsdfsd's review
  • Kazeto's review
  • Lustheron's review
  • ninjadude853's review
  • A little-known classic of the 80s Real Robot scene
  • The Realest of Real - At least on the Mecha front
A truly hardcore motion control game
Army Men: RTS
My Little Review
Comment by Tempscire
loracarol's review
  • Breathtaking Animation and Heartwarming Characters, but Not Much of a Story
  • Miyazaki knocks it out of the park again...but in a different way
  • Worth it, I guess
  • Academic Article: Philosophy of Time in the Film Arrival
  • An Idiot Plot Where Mankind Are the Idiots
  • Thematically, an excellent film. Science is a little iffy, pacing is slow.
  • A good series, for CW.
  • Aims High And Rarely Misses
  • Make this the DC version of the MCU!
  • Train Wreck
  • A Loss of Potential
  • Fun, funny, and worth the read
  • Just stop reading after the third book
  • Not fantastic, but entertaining
  • The First Book Stands on its Own
  • Yay to the first half, boo to the rest
  • Beja's Review
  • BonUs's review
  • Nope.
  • Not Worth It
  • Arthur's (Im)Perfect Christmas
  • Great show for Families and Kids
  • My report on Elwood City (It was founded in Something-03)
  • Realistic depiction of how a child's mind works
  • Used to be great.
Stick to the International Version
  • Arthur Christmas
  • Underrated and utterly magnificent
Whatever You Want Its In Here
Dissappointingly enjoyable.
Difficult to qualify
  • Hylarn's review
  • Kryptik's review
  • Ascendant Review
  • Enjoyable, but with a major flaw
Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
  • Lina Inverse Has the Grand Line Blues
  • Worth Reading
Worth the wait
Moved comments
Hands down the best film of 2011...
A Serbian Tragedy.
  • My Childhood
  • The Entertaining Expedition
  • The film and the (first) book
  • A Not So Fortunate Series
  • Arc The First - A Good Beginning
  • Maybe a Little Too Unfortunate
Comment by Dune
  • Ashes
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • An unsigned review
  • Candelabra's review
Ashes of the Past
Rising from the Ashes
  • Marlee Cross' review
  • Selryam's review
  • I Love It
  • yea
Comment by Nani
  • Interesting Blog
  • Mixed Feelings
Moving comments to reviews
A solid plan
  • A Clash of Kings
  • A Feast for Crows
  • Enjoyable for many, but I've given up.
  • Epic Series to Sold Franchise: 11 Years to Screw Your Fans
  • kinda like Bleach
  • Overall, Fantastic.
  • The Jury is still out
The height of mediocrity.
  • Interesting premise...
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Such promise wasted...
  • Why did we dredge this up.
Casual, laid-back local espionage
  • A surprisingly satsifying blend of eclectic elements.
  • Anime review: Okay series, bad adaptation
  • You'll wish to be in a classroom like this
!!What is exactly the ending??:
  • A Tediously Bad Cutscene
  • Couple rough spots on a great work
  • Flawed, but Admirably Faithful
  • I did not enjoy this movie.
  • WorthIt.
Great Story...
Like Assassin's Creed 2. But More.
  • Gets boring really fast
  • See where it all started
  • The purest game...
Second Rate, Third Person
  • Grandeur and Folly!
  • History in Assassin’s Creed III
  • I Like to be in Ah-mer-ee-ka
  • It's not like I wanted it to be
  • Lots of Potential, Too Many Problems
  • A title I SHOULD despise.
  • An unnecessary novelization which adds nothing
  • Could be better...
  • Of Wooden Ships and Iron Men
  • Possibly the best AC game by far
A notable failure of a game.
First Impressions - Can't really complain
  • Jack the Ripper review
  • Not revolutionary, but a great game and solid installment
Honestly? A lot of fun.
An excellent update and expansion that really should have explained that there was a 'lean' button.
Gundamesque in all the best ways
FireLizardInABottle's review
  • Comment by @/MarleeCross
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Bland with a capital B
  • Great Show, go watch it.
  • Great, Classic Show
No Turning Back
  • Comment by Darkgloomie
  • Comment by Dune
Decent aesthetic, but too repetitive and not very memorable
Chris-Chan Memes Do Not a Fanfic Make
  • A more emotional and interesting film than its crappy marketing lets on
  • Far better than expected, but still feels a bit rushed.
  • A fanfic that fails to use Zootopia for its crossover
  • A Study In Gold
Certainly Interesting and Worth Reading
A refreshing change of pace
Nothing Special, But Enjoyable Nonetheless
  • Asura's Wrath DLC Review
  • While probably not for everyone, Asura's Wrath is a game truly unlike any other.
A fresh spin on this cliché
Good if your a fan of the Bard.
Major Tom's review
The Beast Within Has Nothing To Do With The Beast
What happens when a gay porn director makes a family movie?
Examing Tropes and Stereotypes
An Eye-Opening Experience
Fitz's review
Moved comments
The Actual 'Justice' Happens Early On
A poignant tale of heartbreak and betrayal
  • Needed more polish
  • Overall, a decent movie!
Definitely Worth It
  • Anviliciousness Isn't Always Bad
  • Atlas Shrugged - The first, and hopefully last, of a movie trilogy
  • Atlas Shrugged Part I: Nothing Makes Sense
  • Atlas Shrugged Part II - Electric Boogaloo
  • Atlas Shrugged: Part 3: The Revenge of the Shrugging
  • Good to learn the Philosophy. terrible as a novel
  • This is John Galt
  • This would make for a fun Saturday Morning Cartoon.
  • Trees died for this nonsense
  • Variations on a theme
Comment by Looney Toons
  • Looking at it now...
  • Why Betty is One of the Best
Style over substance
Tons of Fun
"Make me proud... El Presidente."
  • A little too negative for my taste
  • Above all else, fun.
  • Funny and worthy of being on the site, but...
  • Mechakara
  • Stagnation is the name of the game
  • The best channel awesome creator
An Earnest Film about Balance (or Lack Thereof)
  • A Bumbling Effort
  • Attack on Titan....good start but it gets bogged down by many flaws
  • DBZ-Level Poor Pacing Really Hurts This
  • Ignoring Hype... Still a Great Yarn. And Read the Manga, Seriously.
  • Interesting and Inventive but not without Flaws
  • Not As Awesome As Fans Say, But Damn Good Manga (NO SPOILERS)
  • The Only Enemy is Pacing >Revised<
  • This Seems Familiar...
  • Unique world-building, unoriginal protagonist
One of the best Frozen/Rise of the Guardians crossovers
From comments
Ryan Lohner's review
  • Painfully Typical
  • Possibly the best autism show out right now
  • No Name On The Bullet (1959)
  • Ride Clear of Diablo (1954)
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Nani
  • Review
A Film Review - Did It Work Better As A Play?
Everything wrong with Kevedd in one convienient package
Good solid prequel
A Bunch of Not Things
MLP meets The Odyssey
Very original.
  • From comments
  • Really Good but makes similar mistakes as canin
  • Comment by Aspen
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Liangnui}}
  • It holds up well.
  • A Beautiful Piece of Work.
  • Great... if you don't mind waiting
  • This is worth checking out
  • ...
  • A common misconception
  • Avatar: Acceptable plot, terrible visuals
  • Cameron has lost his shine
  • Caught me off-guard
  • Characters ARE kind of flat, but I couldn't care less.
  • Crappy plot needed the Evil Overlord's List.
  • Despite its plot issues...
  • Disney's Pocahontas Was Better
  • Entertaining? Absolutely!
  • Fails to bridge uncanny valley but beautiful all the same
  • Good.....Could Be Better
  • Got the Oscars it deserved.
  • Had a Nice Plot Twist, Though.
  • Horrible.
  • I can't think of a title.
  • In Defence of Avatar (and Unoriginality in General)
  • It's better the first time you watch it
  • It's not great because it's great. It's great because it looks great.
  • Just Sit Back and Enjoy The Ride.
  • Need more than 3d glassed to comprehend the stupidity
  • Not for people who want good plot
  • Once the effects fade, a mediocre blockbuster is revealed
  • Physically painful to sit through
  • Preachy. Annoying, Stupid...
  • Predictable but worth it.
  • Pretty isn't the same as interesting
  • so okay it's average
  • Special Edition: 8 minutes that should have been in the original release
  • Stop Hating On It
  • Summing it up.
  • Surprisingly subtle conflict
  • The only reason to see it is for the effects...
  • The Truthiness of Reviews
  • To beat a dead horse...
  • [[strike:James Cameron's]] Joe Letteri's '''''Avatar'''''
  • Ryan Lohner's review
  • SalFishFin's review
  • Piccolosaur's review
  • Ryan Lohner's review
Good premise, elementary school level writing
ProgenyExMachina's review
Review by Nerdman3000
  • A Favorite of Many that Deserves the Love
  • A Truly Marvelous Masterpiece
  • An fine example of a kids' show done right.
  • Avatar TLA Series
  • Balance is the name of the game
  • Basically, believe the hype
  • Good, but not God's gift to western animation
  • Good? Extremely. Great? Absolutely! All time classic? Eh...
  • Greatest Cartoon of all time,....
  • Not for everyone. The impressions from season I
  • Not the best cartoon/TV show/anything ever. In fact, it's pretty awful.
  • One of America's best TV exports
  • One of the best animated series I've ever seen
  • One of the best cartoons of the decade
  • Season 1 - A Rough but Promising Start
  • Season 2 - A Great Improvement
  • Season 3 - Mostly good, with a slightly iffy resolution
  • The best fantasy you'll ever see on television - for young and old
  • The best show to ever have aired on television, ever.
  • This Made Me Believe in American Animation Again
  • Actually pretty good
  • Avatar: RealityEnsues
  • Decent enough, minus two big problems.
  • Enough Ookie already, get with the Story!
  • Good, but disappointing
  • Great, but I have an issue
  • Inadequate
  • Nonsense Plot, Weirdly Pro-White Man's Burden Message
The story would be great... if it made the slightest bit of sense!
  • Night's review
  • Ryan Lohner's review
  • AckSed's review
  • FireLizardInABottle's review
  • Ryan Lohner's review
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Could have been better-spoilers alert
  • Did Marvel jump the shark?
  • Entertaining, but it didn't reach its potential
  • Fetch the Hatchet
  • Good, but failed
  • Hulkbusting Expectations
  • It had a potential to be the best
  • It's not terrible. It's not!
  • My review (Spoilers)
  • Shattered my faith in the MCU. (SPOILERS)
  • Too much of a good thing is still a good thing
  • Too much Whedon
  • Ultimately, a failure in expectations.
Character driven versus plot driven
  • Actually Worse then Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Avengers Assemble, my first impressions
  • Premiere: Actually pretty decent
  • Season 1: 2/5 stars
  • Season 2 Review
  • Thunderbolts story arc: a terrible adaptation of an awesome comic
  • Ultron Arc Review. Spoilers Abound.
  • You Maniacs! You blew it up!
Everything wrong with "Avengers Disassembled" in 400 words or less (spoilers!!) (duh..)
  • 8/10 Movie, 10/10 cinematic experience.
  • All Flash, No Bang (No spoilers)
  • Avengers: Infinity War - Thanos cometh!
  • Better Than the Other Two (cf the Definition of Faint Praise)
  • Big Setup for a Big Payoff
  • Infinity War might finally be too much of a good (or evil) thing
  • It deserves credit for not being quite the unholy mess it could've been...
  • Marvel *still* has something new for us. (Non-spoiler review)
  • Ouch
  • The Greatest Comic Book Film I have Ever Watched
  • Because The Avengers had a successful movie. and Marvel wanted to compete with DC's New 52.
  • Bottom line: Who won? (spoiler warning)
  • They Just Don't Care
  • Flash of Sonic's review
  • Kerreb17's review
  • A Hilarious Performance
  • Fans of the series will not want to miss this!
  • Love, all but one.
  • Overall Outstanding
  • Shamless Gushing (You have been warned!)
  • So much better than I thought it would be...
  • They Look Like They're Having Fun. I'm Not.
Comment by Purple Panther Girl
feral's review
A good [=HiE=]
Avoid it.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Peach_Tea
  • Not the same Awakening
Comment by Across The Stars
See it
Worth the Time.
Absurd, grotesque, yet lovable.
Definitely within [[SturgeonsLaw the worthwhile 10%]] of the MST genre
Not strange enough
Awkward Questions by earthstar
  • Comment by Archangel Unmei
  • Comment by Rain Krystal
  • Comment by {{Tropers/RBMIfan}}
A World Without Rainbows brief review
Annoymous review from the comments section
Heartwarming, Funny, and Reminiscent of Your Early Childhood
  • A love letter to the creepier games of the NES
  • Good on its own merits, but don't listen to the Metroid hype
  • The Metroid Influence is Clear
  • (Mostly) Silly series, "interesting" fanbase
  • Fandom Rules
  • Great Premise Ruined by Execution
  • Has a lot of potential.
  • Has Issues, But Worth a Try
  • Hetalia
  • I don't see why it needs to be in WWII
  • I really like it
  • It was better as a webcomic.
  • Love it or Hate it type of deal; seems to be little middle ground
  • Meh
  • Not for everyone, but if you like it, you'll love it
  • Something that brings back memories...
  • To Be Approached With Caution
  • Well, I like it.
Contingency Lasers. This story needs to have them used on it.
The Aztec by Gary Jennings
  • AckSed's review
  • Inspiring Tale of Adventure
  • J Blaze's review
  • Ryan Lohner's review
  • High School Memories
  • Sweet dreams are made of these
  • Comment by Tropers/FishCalledWaldo
  • Comment by Tropers/KoR
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Selryam}}
Comment by Tropers/DontKillBugs
Less Than The Sum of Its Parts
Comment by Tropers/DontKillBugs
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Tropers/FishCalledWaldo
It looks like it has potential