Reviews: Aspirations

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  • Comments: An interesting take on the Super!Harry cliche. Harry gets dark, but not too quickly. Interesting plans and politics. Recommended for all HarryXGinny fans.

Interesting premise...

Aspiration is nine years old, but spoiler alert anyways. Basically, you know that cliche about how Dumbledore has so much power that he's begun to play god with his subjects? The cliche about how Harry's one of his pawns, just figured it out, and wants to break out of whatever is planned for him?

Combine all that with a touch of slippery slope, and you have Aspirations. If one looks at this fic as a sort of twisted, poetic irony of becoming the monster while fighting one, it's not so bad. If I look at this story as the progression of Harry's slide into slowly becoming what he hates, it's a decent read (if dry). I'm not sure if the author intended it to be that way, but it adds a little something to a fic that feels very God Stu-esque.

Why did we dredge this up.

I too was amazed that this fic popped back up as I was one of the others who supported its takedown. There are many subjects I dislike in fanfiction and there are many fics I turned away from after the first page. This one is neither. It teases, ever so slightly, at depth that just isn't there. This fic's crime is that it isn't terrible, but it is absolutely uninspired. It tells us nothing, it challenges nothing, it accomplishes nothing. Which is impressive considering it's length. There's nothing more horrendous than a story about nothing, and that's what, ironically, aspirations is. A story that that stays as flat as a soda left out in 100 degree weather. This is part of 99% worth passing over and doesn't belong on this page by any means.

Such promise wasted...

I was one of the people that had this recommendation removed back in March 2010 and I don't regret it. Ultimately this story is about Harry becoming a God Mode Sue with blatant character bashing left and right. What Harry (and by extension Ginny) says is right is right and nothing stops them at all. It toys with redeeming people then just gives up for no reason. There are better fanfics out there and this one isn't worth the time.