Reviews: A Cars Life Sparkys Big Adventure

Hilariously Bad!

Do you like to watch horrible movies that get a laugh out of you? Then go and watch this one! Yes, it's plot is horrible, the characters are one-dimensional AND annoying, and the intentional humor is garbage. But you know what, it's awesome for those reasons! The Accidental Innuendo, Limited Animation, and awful character development are as funny as all hell! Even Speedy, gets a few chuckles out of people, despite giving them migraines. The best part is, you don't have to pay a cent! It's on YouTube (in parts), and there are lots of riffs on it. Even this troper is in the process of doing one. Overall, if you Love to Hate bad movies, then give this one a shot!

-1/5 (oh, and this movie sucks)