Reviews: A Serbian Film

A Serbian Tragedy.

While paraded around as a horror film, to me, it's a tragedy. A good guy goes into something shady for a good cause. He is used, lied to, and broken down by the bad guys who are doing it for their own reasons - allegedly for new forms of art, most likely just for money by tapping into the sick, evil part of humanity - or even both.

A shady organization preying on humans who need help, a dad trying to do the best for his son, a perverted brother, a twisted 'artist', a big-bad behind the bad, a journey that goes down into the deep voids of humanity - what can I really say? All I can do is warn those of weak heart as it does shock. (Though I found some parts narmy; I was laughing through the middle of the film a bit while hoping the main character got his revenge - or at the least, senses.) I can only really say to look it up and try to watch it.

Don't think of it as a horror film, though, think of it as a tragedy - one where the bad guys do win. That's literally part of the tagline: 'Not all films have a happy ending.'