Reviews: Army Men

Army Men: RTS

I've played all the Army Men games, and by far, for me, the 3DO swan song was RTS. It was fun, it was put together pretty well, and it was an interesting look at the series.

For starters, it dropped the plastic world concept in favor of a look at the "Big" world, and it's effect on the Green-Tan conflict. I've been a C&C player for years, so having the player harvest resources was old hat. What was creative was the way you could get said resources. Doggie bowls, frisbees, watches, a PS 2 even! There was even the chance to harvest the plastic of your dead men for resources, which is a little unsettling when you think about it.

Then there's the villain, and as far as Army Men standards go, Blintz is your basic Flanderized Col. Kurtz, who seems to have adopted Deadpool's trait of medium awareness after literally having half his brains blown away. The villain is what you'd expect from the series, a falsely threatening madman with delusions of grandeur who loses thanks to his own hubris, who uses our world's objects to create evil factories and weapons, and turns out to be a wuss when he loses. Plus, I've never seen a villain literally trap a queen ant in one of those giant bug jars to use it.

There are, as par for the course in the series, a few simple problems. For starters, the squad system. 4 squads, that's it. You can make the squads as big as you want, but you're still limited to four of them. Also, the friendly AI is a tad simple. They move, they shoot, and the take down bad guys. The game's construction system is also the somehwat archaic "peasant" system, and it can be a tad annoying when your dump trucks go off into enemy territy in order to find more plastic and electricity. Plus, there was the sudden addition of sentient legos that had never been seen before, and, thanks to the death of the company, will never be seen again. Plus, a lot of it is old RTS hat. If you've had any experience with strategy games before, you may find it a bit to quick to play through.

All in all, however, it is still a solid game with a fun idea behind it. If you can find it, pick it up and give it a try. Just watch out for ants on your way to the store.