Reviews: Avalanche

Really Good but makes similar mistakes as canin

At the beginning and for quite a while the is beautiful and we'll structured with different characters fleshed out and multidimensional. But it seems that now it is destroying itself like shippuden canon. Where al characters wide reactions motivations and dreams become linked to Naruto and are overly simplistic no naive is the word.hopefully it gets better. But gaara retrieval arc leaves a lot to be desired.

From comments

  • Comments: This is a pretty blatant Fix Fic-the author is very blunt about the fact that this fic is her way of fixing all the things she disliked about the second half of the manga. The fic is also a little bit rushed in places, and several Akatsuki members die too easily for their supposed threat level. However, the rest of what the story does- choosing Team Seven's teachers based on their weaknesses and not their strengths, focusing on teamwork and team bonds- is awesome. (The side stories are also very good- particularly, the long Hinata oneshot, "Cloud Hands", is absolutely brilliant.)