Reviews: August Osage County

A Film Review - Did It Work Better As A Play?

This is a review of the film version. I have not, as of yet, seen the theater production.

August: Osage County is a film about an extremely dysfunctional family that is not afraid to go to some very uncomfortable places. Every person in the family has some secrets or vices and in lesser hands, it might feel like a soap opera. Some instances do feel like a soap opera, but a very watchable one. I actually think that this is a movie designed to make the viewer feel uncomfortable, right down to the laughs and the implication by the end that Julia Robertsí character may have become as bad as her mother played by Meryl Street. The big weak point that I see, as loathe I am to admit it because I like him, is Benedict Cumberbatch; I found his character a little too melodramatic, he disappears for almost the entire third act, and itís hard to tell if his southern accent is convincing or not. Iím hesitant to recommend this movie because I feel like itís an acquired taste and you wonít walk away from it feeling joyful, but at the very least, I enjoyed it, so take that for what itís worth.