Reviews: Axe Cop

Heartwarming, Funny, and Reminiscent of Your Early Childhood

You know that one hyper little cousin or nephew of yours that no one else wants to look after because they lack the energy to keep up with him? The one who will eventually rope you into his games and imaginary adventures if you let him? Yeah, this was written by that little kid.

Every time something has a butt-related power or ability, every time a character spouts lovingly narmful dialogue, every time Flute Cop changes his form and name, I'm reminded of my little cousins who I play 'Superheroes' with. Notice how every villain is called a 'Bad Guy'? Every little kid I've known does that. This series also does a great job of reminding us of the origins of the "Everything's Cooler with (X)" tropes; we formed these as young children playing make-believe.

I applaud the artist for doing this with his little brother. Seriously, someone give that guy an "Cool Older Brother Of The Year" award. Also, Malachai is quite the creative little guy. "Avacado Cop"? Wish granting unicorn horns? Man in baby suit? This kid has a crazy imagination, and I can only hope he keeps it as he grows up.

And let me give his older gro credit on the artwork, it's pretty darn good. It's pretty neat to see that Ethan loves his little brother's ideas just as much as he does. This isn't just Malachai's six year-old imagination at work, here; Ethan's inner child is clearly present as well.

Axe Cop is simple, entertaining, and a fun read. As it's rather new onto the Webcomics scene an Archive Binge won't take you very long, maybe an afternoon, tops, but it's highly worth it. One of the top ten webcomics I've read in terms of sheer entertainment.