Reviews: A Mighty Wind

My second favorite of Guest's work

Best In Show is my gold-standard for Guest's mockumentaries and mockumentaries in general, but this is, as the subject mentions, my second favorite of his works. It's not as laugh-out-loud funny as Best In Show or This Is Spinal Tap, but the characters are warmly relatable. Oh, and the music is awesome. The soundtrack includes several song that don't appear in the film, and they are every bit as good as the ones that do appear on screen. The actors also do a great job with the music, which is critical to making the film work.

And it's not a film without laughs, even if it's a quieter sense of humor. Highlights include Michael Hitchcock's stage manager, Turpin, and Jennifer Coolidge's character of Amber Cole. For me, the one down-note was Fred Willard. Willard is a great actor, but once again is playing the idiot of the film and his character this time around is not funny and just grates.