Reviews: Atomic Puppet

Tons of Fun

EDIT: Updated review to fit updated opinions

Atomic Puppet is definitely one of Teletoon's best original series in recent years and probably one of the most underrated cartoons of this decade. Unfortunately, a lot of people are very quick to dismiss the show as mediocre, which is terrible because they are actually missing out on a super entertaining show with plenty of highlights. So in this review, I will give out my thoughts on why Atomic Puppet is actually a really great cartoon.

The animation of the show is easily its greatest strength. Unlike a lot of Canadian cartoons, it is not made in low-budget flash. It is done by Mercury Filmworks of Wander over Yonder and Star vs. the Forces of Evil fame, so not only is the show very appealing to look at and really well-designed, the movements are slick, fast, and bendy. This is especially important because it's got a lot of action, so naturally there are some really exciting action sequences in the show. I also like the title cards since they are made to look like Silver Age superhero comics, which fits the show well. The show also has some good music, and I especially love the intro sequence.

Now, a lot of people on the Internet are very critical of writing in cartoons, so they tend to have high standards based primarily on a show's skill at storytelling. This isn't really fair because it means people will instantly dismiss any show that isn't the next Gravity Falls, Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Batman: The Animated Series. Atomic Puppet is no exception. The writing is not as sophisticated as the abovementioned shows, but that's not a bad thing for the show. It is still watchable and extremely entertaining with a fun blend of action and comedy. I will admit that the writing does have flaws, but the good greatly outweighs the bad. The show's unique concept also creates some good character interaction (especially between the main duo) and amusing episodes. I also like the characters, with my favorites being Joey, AP, and Pauline. There are also a lot of enjoyable villains with my favorite being Professor Tite-Gripp.

Atomic Puppet may not be the next Steven Universe or Teen Titans, but it doesn't have to be. It is still an extremely enjoyable cartoon that has simple but entertaining scripts, really well-done animation, awesome action scenes, and great characters. I really hope the show gets a second season (the first season finale will leave you craving for more) and a lot more love. I recommend this cartoon to people who like cartoons like El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera or Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, want a simpler cartoon to enjoy, or want some good Canadian fare. Atomic Puppet is simply one of Teletoon's best and tons of fun to watch.