Reviews: A Castle Of Silence And Bones

Comment by Tina Banina 96

Personally, this troper finds that this fic heartbreaking. She agrees with the above troper that this is quite a dark fic though (which is why it is under dark fics), but the darkness only serves to fuel the story. It is very much Mind Rape in place, and literal rape and emotional trauma for Chins. However, the writing style is wonderful. This troper (who does not ship Japan x China at all) finds that Dreams.of.Destiny makes this pairing almost intriguely dark, and writes it in a beautiful, if very dark, way. Half A Millennium (mentioned earlier) is also highly highly recommended.

Comment by Solandra

"A little OOC"? Considering that the Japan in this fic is a borderline psychopath who abuses and rapes China at every opportunity solely because he can't admit his feelings for him and the Fanfic page all but admits that the China and Japan in this fic is not the same China and Japan in canon, it's more like an extensive Alternative Character Interpretation in the Darker And Edgier vein of All He Ever Wanted. Which is fine if you're into that kind of fic and I agree that the prose here is gorgeous and liked that Japan at least got some depth that saved him from Complete Monster territory and China wasn't just a helpless moe victim that he is in all too many dark Japan/China fics, but the characterizations are still not what I would call just "a little OOC" and the above comment made the sex in this fic sound like "crossdressing China sexytimes~!" instead of the unpleasant and emotionally manipulative rape that it is. That doesn't necessarily make the fic bad, but readers should be better warned of what they should expect from this fic.

Comment by RNA

The writing in A Castle Of Silence And Bones is gorgeous. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. The author manages to set a very sensual, heavy atmosphere with a few sentences at a time . And it's not mere purple prose; there is a plot unfolding in the background involving the son of Empress Wanrong; multiple re-readings might occur. The sex scenes aren't too shabby either. Be warned, this story features copious amounts of China in drag. Having copious amounts of sex. And Japan is a little OOC by Hetalia standards because of the way his possessiveness is treated. And notice, the chapter titles form a poem. The author has obviously done her research in the mannerisms of Showa Japan, however sparse the word that place the story in its setting. In the right mood the ending could break a few hearts.