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Reviews Comments: Comment by Solandra A Castle Of Silence And Bones fanfic review by Pszczola

"A little OOC"? Considering that the Japan in this fic is a borderline psychopath who abuses and rapes China at every opportunity solely because he can't admit his feelings for him and the Fanfic page all but admits that the China and Japan in this fic is not the same China and Japan in canon, it's more like an extensive Alternative Character Interpretation in the Darker And Edgier vein of All He Ever Wanted. Which is fine if you're into that kind of fic and I agree that the prose here is gorgeous and liked that Japan at least got some depth that saved him from Complete Monster territory and China wasn't just a helpless moe victim that he is in all too many dark Japan/China fics, but the characterizations are still not what I would call just "a little OOC" and the above comment made the sex in this fic sound like "crossdressing China sexytimes~!" instead of the unpleasant and emotionally manipulative rape that it is. That doesn't necessarily make the fic bad, but readers should be better warned of what they should expect from this fic.


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