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Dead Franchise in a shallow grave.
Sad but true. Most people would say that Alien3 (jokingly called Alien cubed by the crew) killed it, but no, it didn't. Alien Versus Predator did. However, Alien resurrection came pretty damn close. It's a well-known fact that the series Tastes Like Dirt, so much so I imentioned it when I wrote that trope.  1 Whedon's script was a Black Comedy with pop-culture references which comes closer to Angel in terms of style, something which does not work with a bleak science-fiction horror series with Freud-inspired monsters.  2 In other words, it was too campy. Resurrection was much reviled because it lacked a true horror element, something which Paul W.S. Anderson attempted and failed horribly. He is the true Franchise Killer, as the Alien franchise did have a miniscule chance of redemption. But this is not the worst he's done. He killed TWO FRANCHISES WITH ONE FILM. The Predator series was still very healthy, if not a bit old when Av P came along and rained death on the two series.  3 On the bright side, Predators was awesome, so now the Predator series is safe once more, but only time will tell when Alien will be watchable again, if ever.
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