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Reviews Comments: Dead Franchise in a shallow grave. Alien whole series review by Tweedly Dee

Sad but true. Most people would say that Alien3 (jokingly called Alien cubed by the crew) killed it, but no, it didn't. Alien Versus Predator did. However, Alien resurrection came pretty damn close. It's a well-known fact that the series Tastes Like Dirt, so much so I imentioned it when I wrote that trope.  1 Whedon's script was a Black Comedy with pop-culture references which comes closer to Angel in terms of style, something which does not work with a bleak science-fiction horror series with Freud-inspired monsters.  2 In other words, it was too campy. Resurrection was much reviled because it lacked a true horror element, something which Paul W.S. Anderson attempted and failed horribly. He is the true Franchise Killer, as the Alien franchise did have a miniscule chance of redemption. But this is not the worst he's done. He killed TWO FRANCHISES WITH ONE FILM. The Predator series was still very healthy, if not a bit old when Av P came along and rained death on the two series.  3 On the bright side, Predators was awesome, so now the Predator series is safe once more, but only time will tell when Alien will be watchable again, if ever.


  • myrdschaem
  • 26th Jul 11
Please note that while Av P is really shit besides maybe glossier, more high-res shot of old designs and Alien3 Resurrection are watchable as long as you can see the not intentioned humor and don't see them as an affront to the first two - Alien and Aliens are two films that are highly recommended if any of these apply a)you're interested in horror b)you're interested in sci-fi c)you're interested in movies d)you're interested in art e)you're interested in having a good time/be captured by characters. Just make sure that you have as many safe blankets as you need in the rooms.
  • Filby
  • 7th Dec 11
I've heard the Alien franchise is going to be handed back over to Ridley Scott, who is doing a prequel about the creatures' creation, Prometheus. Here's hoping it puts the series back on track.
  • Theokal3
  • 12th Mar 12
Sorry but I disagree. Alien Resurrection was, I admit, different from the three previous movies, but it was still a good and likable movie to me. I actually consider it my favourite out of the three. See this that way : Alien 1 was the best horror movie, Aliens was the best in the action sequence, Alien Resurrection was a good black comedy (didn't watch Alien 3). Each movie was good in a different way (except maybe the 3 but since I didn't watch...), so I find it totally absurd to complain about that: as far as my judgement go, all of the ones I saw had good plots and characters, which is especially rare in the horror genre. As for Avp, honestly it wasn't exactly a GOOD movie, but I find it enjoyable, at least the first one. The second one was disappointing.
  • Antartroper
  • 26th Mar 12
I feel like someone has to say this eventually, so... I like Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and both AvP movies! I admit it, I can't help it: my brain is hardwired to like anything about the Alien, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator universes no matter what. That said, I do wish that future films get to redeem those franchises in the eyes of the general public. I'm pretty sure (read: I really hope) that Prometheus will manage to do that for Alien - though if it doesn't I'm probably going to like it anyway, of course.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 27th Mar 12
Av P 2?? That one made me so sick of the whole thing I refused to watch Predators even though I'd only heard good things about it
  • qtjinla15
  • 28th Mar 12
Then that choice was foolish. Someone's opinion of something being good or bad is subjective.
  • JobanGrayskull
  • 28th Mar 12
Predators was actually quite good. It's much more in the vein of the original (although it kind of got the Aliens treatment in that it's more action than suspense). I hated both Alien vs. Predator movies, Alien Resurrection, and Alien 3 was just mediocre (and kind of depressing). I look forward to seeing what Ridley Scott does with Prometheus.

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