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What can a man do with an xbox and a couple of action figures? A whole lot
Arby n the Chief is a show like no other. The earlier seasons are as funny as they come and provide a much needed deconstruction of the less than admirable activity on Halo multiplayer and xbox live in general. The titcular characters are an IRL troll and a jaded snaker with a heart of gold...their interactions are about as funny as you would expect. However in season 5, things take a turn. While the series maintains it's wacky humor and deconstructive satire, it becomes apparent that more complex thoughts are brewing. Season 5 and season 6 (the latter is still in progess at the time of writing) both have drama, interesting plot twists, and jaw droping scenes that invoke awe. Jon CJG is truly a master at what he does, his series is more than worth your time.
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