Reviews: Are You There God Its Me Canada


Hilarious, funny, intriguing, and seriously I WANT MORE.

Are You There God? It's Me, Canada.

This fill is hilarious, touching, and real all at the same time. The characterization is perfect and somehow even got this fangirl into believing in the power of Pol Can (or Can Pol?) from the bottom of her heart. Perhaps its only flaw is that it still remains unfinished. I'm still holding out hope that the lovely author will come back to complete it someday.

Comment by Frada

Thirded(?) I loved this, and I don't even ship Poland/Canada!

Comment by Naganonamy

Gets extra points for having the first six installments translated into Latin, and the first one additionally translated into Finnish and Welsh.

Comment by RsS

Seconded. This one's a winner.

Comment by Solandra

Contains privatelysnarky!Canada, dysfunctional family fun, awesome "deep" poetry, and skewering of that Emo phase every teenager goes through. If this fic doesn't get you to crack up laughing at least once, then you've misplaced your funny bone somewhere. And the Crack Pairing? Totally works.