Reviews: A Second Chance At Life

Worth the wait

I thought it was fantastic, if in need of a good beta. A few of the O Cs in it are quite well developed (Daray and Namach), and are some of my favorite original characters. This could be seen as a super!Harry fic, if it weren't for the fact that, while he is very powerful, he's also surrounded by even more powerful people who could easily kick his ass. If you like sticking to fanfic that sticks closer to canon, then this story definitely isn't for you. Time-traveling visits to an ancient magical people, and demons invading the Earth. Even Harry's name is changed in this (to Rahkesh), and there is very limited interaction with canonical characters. However, it has an amazing plot, and I would definitely recommend reading it. I'm still waiting for Flairgold to update, and it's been over three years.