Reviews: An Officer And Some Gentlemen

A classic fanfic

This story is Smoker and Tashigi-centric. Smoker is ordered to attend a debutante ball by his superiors as a way of reprimanding him. Add in a gold-digging girl, a bunch of aristocrats and an insidious plot by a criminal agent, and Hilarity Ensues.

Example of writing in this fic:

"What happened to your companion for this evening, Captain?"
Before Smoker could explain that she'd abandoned her commanding officer to dancing, another aristocrat spoke up. "I do believe she was being escorted by Merrick."
The other lords in the room smiled knowingly.
"What's so funny?"
The smiles disappeared. Lord Torrance searched for the right words ones that wouldn't bring about a repeat performance of what the Marine had done to the servant at dinner. "Merrick is often found in flagrante delicto with young women left in his company for too long."
They watched warily as the captain mulled this over.
"Is that all?" he asked. The aristocrats were pleasantly surprised by the Marine's response, not realizing that Smoker thought Torrance was talking about a type of dancing.

The characterization is spot-on and refreshingly subverts a lot of stereotypes. Also, the very tongue-in-cheek narrative and dialogue is extremely fun to read.